How to woo a woman


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how to woo a woman

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How to woo a woman

  1. 1. HOW TO WOO A WOMANHow to Woo a Woman When You Know What She Likes How to Woo a Woman
  2. 2. HOW TO WOO A WOMAN• Learn how to woo a woman you need to know what the most important thing is that women find attractive in men.• How to attract females is easy when you realize it is all about YOU.
  3. 3. BODY LANGUAGE• Body language is a major part of the way you perform sex appeal. If you shy or “hide” from other people by not looking up, linger away and make yourself invisible you will never have a chance to know how to woo a woman. It takes some balls to get away from that conform zone but you need to stand tall, keep your head high and have a posture that says something “here I am and I have no problem everybody knows”.
  4. 4. EYE CONTACT• One aspect that works wonder on girls is the Eye contact. Keeping eye contact between men can mean trouble because we see it as a threat, maybe because it makes us feel uncomfortable, but girls probably don’t know that, they see it as natural having eye contact constantly.• If you want to take things further with a woman in a romantic context or just have a lasting social relations up with another person, eye contact will deepening the connection. Eye contact invites people into your reality and embrace them, and the longer eye contact you have, you will send a signal that you are very interested (don’t take it overboard otherwise people will think your creepy). Work on eye contact at strangers – Just hold eye contact for 10-20 seconds with people you’re walking to, at the office, the train, the mall etc.
  5. 5. YOUR INNNER GAME• How to woo a woman comes from your inside. If you don’t know what you’re good and bad sides of your personality are, then you should start working on those. For doing that you should consider what women don’t like.• Women don’t like when men are weak, maybe they won’t say it out loud but unconsciously they really don’t like weakness. Women are programmed to be turned on by alpha men, so if you’re shy, insecure, nervous or needy women will very quickly lose any attraction.• How to woo a woman will never work if you make this one big mistake a lot of men do. Don’t be needy to a woman ever. If you are needy you will destroy any chance because attraction will be gone – You will seem desperate!
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