ALO: Tracking conversions
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ALO: Tracking conversions






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ALO: Tracking conversions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Tracking conversionsInside an email marketing campaign with Google AnalyticsTicketing solution: PaciolanEmail marketing: Pacmail (Lyris HQ)Analytics: Paciolan, Google Analytics
  • 2. Email DetailsDateMarch 22, 2012SubjectSave 20% off Turandot in the next 72hours!List segment“No Turandot ticket yet”Unique open rate16.4% (1,931 opens)Unique click through2.3% (272 clicks)
  • 3. Traditional results(sales report from Paciolan) Distribution of Sales“72HOUR” tickets sold Box Office104 seats 12%RevenuePhone: $1,931.20 (23)Box Office: $1,017.60 (12) PhoneInternet: $5,822.40 (69) 22% InternetTotal: $8,771.20 (104) 66%
  • 4. Tag your links in your emails with campaign parameters …Visit the Google Analytics URL Builder tool
  • 5. and Google Analytics will tell you a bigger story …Notice how total online revenue is higher than expected Paciolan reported $5,822.40
  • 6. The campaign directly delivered 39 regularly priced tickets at an additional $1,770.50* in revenue …* Unlike previous screen, product revenue does not include taxes and fees ($32.00 total).
  • 7. and there is a second direct source and medium in the campaign … Direct sales from Facebook post and ad
  • 8. A supporting role for Facebook …A quick Page post
  • 9. … amplified by Facebook Ads Ad from Page post (two-day run) Increasing CPM = $0.48 reach ROAS = $9.78CPM = Cost per thousand impressions | ROAS = Return on Advertising Spending | CTR = Click Through Rate
  • 10. But wait, there’s more! Multi-Channel Funnels and Assisted Conversions Sometimes the conversion is not directly sourced from a campaign. This is how Google Analytics tracks a conversion path … Our “72HOURS” campaigncan be an “Assist Interaction”
  • 11. Indeed, there are three “Assist Interactions”at an additional $215.00 in revenue Why not include “Direct” traffic as “Assist Interactions”? In the Multi-Channel Funnels reports, if a person converts on your site during a "direct" visit (i.e. used a bookmark or typed your site URL into his or her browser), the conversion is attributed to the "direct" channel. This differs from other Google Analytics reports in which the conversion is attributed to the previous non-direct campaign or source, if there is one.
  • 12. Total revenue$8,771.20 + (Reported in Paciolan: Internet, phone, and box office sales)----------$1,770.50 + (Reported in Google Analytics: additional regular Internet sales)-- - - - - - - - -$215.00 + (Reported in Google Analytics: “assist interactions”)----------$10,756.70 (Total revenue reported across systems *)* While close, the Google Analytics data is not completely consistent with Paciolan. Fine tuning andcalibrating is always part of the analytics and measurement process; next steps include eliminating thosepoints that skew data (for example links etc.).
  • 13. Questions?Connect with me