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The Secrets to Performance Marketing On Facebook!
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The Secrets to Performance Marketing On Facebook!



Can advertisers actually make money using Facebook ads? YES... ...

Can advertisers actually make money using Facebook ads? YES...

...if you use the right ad formats, placements, targeting, and optimization tactics.

There has never been a better time to make your direct response marketing initiatives profitable on Facebook.

This presentation tells you everything we have learned by working with tons of performance oriented clients over the years.

Facebook's own Dhiraj Kumar from Performance Solutions and Susan Buckner from Product Marketing will be discussing performance marketing on Facebook this Thursday 1/31/12 on this topic here:



Please note: we could not make our hyperlinks clickable on slideshare -- please email us if you have questions or comments: hello at alphaboost dot com



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  • What, no mention of retargeting on FB via FBX, the #1 performance ad product FB offers?

    To further share FBX retargeting & News Feed data as well as increase the industry dialogue on this important new channel, Triggit's continuing its round-the-world FBX Retargeting Landrush roadshow. Next dates/locations are:

    -NYC Tue Sep 24
    -Los Angeles Wed Oct 9
    -Chicago Tue Oct 15
    -Dallas Thu Oct 17

    Details: http://blog.triggit.com/facebook-news-feed-roadshows/
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  • Hi everyone. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the Facebook Media Kit? googling doesn't come up with the specific book? Just others referencing it? Thanks all!
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  • Glad to see other people are using facebook as a direct marketing tool not just a 'brand/awareness' money pit. Have you done any research on driving customers to custom facebook landing pages vs. self-hosted landing pages?
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The Secrets to Performance Marketing On Facebook! The Secrets to Performance Marketing On Facebook! Presentation Transcript

  • Making direct response work onFACEBOOK
  • CONTENTS• The Myth• Ad Formats• Placements• Targeting• Optimization
  • Direct Response on Facebook works.Most marketers think direct response advertising does not work onFacebook. AlphaBoost has proven for numerous clients that isabsolutely-100%-without-a-doubt incorrect. Facebook works fordirect response marketers, and it works very well...Several business verticals have achieved noteworthy return oninvestment using Facebook advertising products with a target costof customer acquisition between $25 - $75.There is a precise formula for success. The correct placement, adformat, targeting, and optimization levers must combine to driveimmediate, measureable revenue with Facebook’s advertisingproducts for direct response marketers.We will break down the 4 levers to help make your Facebookmarketing more profitable.
  • Straight from Facebook’s Media Kit Facebook made this nifty graphic to outline the various products they offer and their intended use. We’re going to focus on direct response in this presentation. In future presentations, we’ll speak to tactics and strategies that address other marketing objectives.Image Source: Facebook Media Kit
  • Placement Marketers can select various parts of Facebook’s desktop and mobile experiences to serve their ads to users. We call these various parts of the Facebook experience “placements”. Each placement has a unique user experience, expected performance, and purpose. In this section, we will highlight each available placement and then focus our attention on the placement we have seen the most success for direct response advertisers.
  • Today, Facebook has 5 different placements that can be utilized by advertisers to support marketing objectives. Each placement was built with one or more objectives in mind – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, or Loyalty.Image Source: Facebook Media Kit
  • For direct response marketers, the “News feed Desktop” placement is the most powerful for driving signups and sales. Why? Because it can be highly visual and feel organic to the user viewing the advertisement. Click through Rates can be as high as 5% in this placement, with an average of around 2%.Image Source: Facebook Media Kit
  • You can buy the News feed Desktop Placement in the Power Editor. Go to the Power Editor, select “Placements”, and make the selection as seen below.Image Source: Facebook Power Editor
  • Ad Formats Facebook offers numerous ad formats to marketers. Each ad format has its own purpose too. Ad format choice should be made based on your goals per the nifty graphic Facebook created on slide 4. In this section, rather than focus on all available options, we’ll focus on the ad format that is best for direct response marketing on Facebook.
  • The absolute best ad format for direct response advertising is a Page Post Photo Ad displayed in the News feed on a consumer’s desktop Facebook experience. Page Post Link Ads also work well and use Facebook’s built in Conversion Tracking to auto-magically optimize for conversions, but we have seen the most success using Page Post Photo Ads. Ad Format Details Tex t : 5 0 0 c h a ra c t e r s , re m a i n d e r truncated. Specs and formatting for photos dependent on how many photos are available.   Single photo: Cap at 400 pixels (400w for landscape, or 400h for portrait). Usually means 400x300 px or 300x400 px.   Nearly square photos are cropped to 320x320 px 2 or 4 photos: 196x196 px for each photo 3 photos, or between 5 and 9: 129x129 px thumbnails.   Album created stories: 3 photos in 129x129 px, and one larger photo at 398x264 px  *We have not yet seen Facebook Conversion tracking work for bitly links, but that could change any day, and when it does using Facebook conversion tracking in conjunction with Google analytics is recommended.
  • We suggest using a Page Post Photo Ad with 4 images uploaded as an album, compelling text injected into the image, a short caption with a shortened URL with built-in Google UTM tracking. Some tips for creating a Post Photo Ad: 1.  Upload a new album with 4 photos to your page. 2.  Make the caption text two lines and easy to read. 3.  Make sure there is a CTA in the caption. 4.  Add a text in up to 20% of the image 5.  Use Bitly or another url shortener with a Google UTM code appended to the URL for conversion tracking.  *We have not yet seen Facebook Conversion tracking work for bitly links, but that could change any day, and when it does using Facebook conversion tracking in conjunction with Google analytics is recommended.
  • To create a Photo Post Ad in the power editor, go to Creative and set the destination to advertise your page. Under Story Type select: Page Post. Then you will enter the Page Post ID of the post you wish to promote.Image Source: Facebook Power Editor
  • Targeting Facebook offers unprecedented targeting opportunities built on the social graph, through custom Facebook technology, and through 3rd party data partners. In this section, we will provide an overview of each targeting option, and which to choose for your direct response goals.
  • We always recommend targeting your ads to your ideal audience, but sometimes it takes some experimentation to discover the attributes of that audience. General Age Gender Market Personal City/State/Zip Birthday Education Workplace Relationship Status Social Likes & Interests Friend Connections Activity (i.e.- Check-ins) Custom Audiences Email Addresses Phone NumbersImage Source: Facebook Media Kit
  • Custom Audiences are a very powerful tool for direct responsemarketers. Facebook’s Power Editor allows you to upload lists of emailaddresses or phone numbers to be matched to Facebook UIDs as newsegments for targeting.We have seen the most success when uploading lists of one timepurchasers to drive incremental transactions, and when targeting non-purchasers to convert into purchasers.The custom audience segment you use should be reflected in the PhotoPage Post you are advertising.For more information on Custom Audiences click here or contact us.
  • Optimization Facebook ads can be optimized by bid type, creative, and frequency.In this section, we discuss some best practices for direct response marketing.
  • Facebook offers Optimized CPM bidding for its ads, meaning it programmaticallyoptimizes the ads to be displayed to the user that are most likely to take theaction.For more advanced marketers, you can define the action you wish to optimize for,and the price you are willing to pay per action.
  • We always start a direct response campaign with a test. We use RightHand Side ads containing various images, copy, and targeting to seewhich combination gets the highest CTR before we publish a Page Postto be promoted as an Ad.
  • After we use a multivariate testing approach to creative, copy, andtargeting, we identify the combination that works best for specificsegments. We use that intelligence to make sure our Photo Post Adshave ideal messaging and are served to the users with the greatestreturn on investment.
  • After you have tested image, copy and targeting, you should develop a photo post strategy that allows you to leverage that intelligence. The images and call to action you choose for each post will vary depending on the target audience and desired outcome. Targeting 1   Targeting 2   Contact us if you have questions.
  • When you create and implement a Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixelin the Power Editor, Facebook will optimize your campaign towards thedesired conversion auto-magically. This works for Post Link Ads rightnow, but that could change. For Post Photo Ads, you will need to useGoogle UTM variables appended to your shortened URL to trackconversions.There is a great video here that explains how to implement theFacebook Conversion Pixel. Contact us if you have questions.
  • Good Luck! We want to help!Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have questions orcomments at hello@alphaboost.comWe did not cover the opportunities available through FBX, promotedposts, or the many other ad formats and placements availablethrough Facebook.This is not meant to be comprehensive, but a guide for directresponse marketers that want to use best practices when kicking offtheir campaigns.Of course, we are here to help if you need us.