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About SocialTimeline by AlphaBoost

About SocialTimeline by AlphaBoost



The first technology platform to measure Facebook content Attention Velocity™ over time, and in real-time. Get yours: http://bit.ly/Sknu1H

The first technology platform to measure Facebook content Attention Velocity™ over time, and in real-time. Get yours: http://bit.ly/Sknu1H



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    About SocialTimeline by AlphaBoost About SocialTimeline by AlphaBoost Presentation Transcript

    • WHAT IS SOCIALTIMELINE! The first technology platform to measure Facebook content Attention Velocity ™ over time, and in real-time.
    • ABOUT SOCIALTIMELINE!The Facebook Newsfeed is a crowded place! Less than 20% of your fans are paying attention to thecontent you are publishing. SocialTimeline is here to help.  Each new piece of content published on Facebook within agiven set of pages is analyzed by SocialTimeline’s AttentionVelocity algorithm and then visually displayed respective to allother content receiving attention at that moment in time.
    • CALCULATING!ATTENTION VELOCITY! Attention Velocity is calculated by measuring the likes, comments, and shares on a piece of content from time unit to time unit normalized for audience size.  
    • HOW DO YOU!GET MORE ATTENTION! }   EdgeRank Metaphor  
    • KNOWING ABOUT ! ATTENTION VELOCITY!Enables marketers to find content to generate maximum attention for their page on Facebookby learning from and beating EdgeRank.
    • ABOUT EDGERANK!Facebook decides which content to display in the Newsfeed usingan algorithm called EdgeRank.
    • ABOUT EDGERANK!EdgeRank predicts which content has the highestpropensity to generate user engagement and givesthat content the most impressions in the Newsfeed. Content with high EdgeRank relevance gets moreimpressions in the Newsfeed and thus, more attention. Simple.
    • WHY ALPHABOOST BUILT SOCIALTIMELINE! Marketing has taught us that attention equals revenue. & EdgeRank relevance results in more attention. & Attention Velocity is the main driver of EdgeRank relevance.
    • WHAT DOES GREAT CONTENT! LOOK LIKE?! Great content visual, timely, and consistent with a high Attention Velocity as soon as it published and a sustained Attention Velocity for an extended period of time.
    • WHY SOCIALTIMELINE! IS SUPER AWESOME !Marketers can discover content when it starts trendingwith a high Attention Velocity. Facebook automatically gives preference to thatcontent, and the audiences of similar pages havealready demonstrated that the content is highlyrelevant. This eliminates the guess work in page management,and makes quality content creation as simple aschecking out your SocialTimeline just before publishingto your page.
    • EXAMPLE ! SOCIALTIMELINES ! Brand Portfolios Agency PortfoliosBusiness Categories Media Outlets
    • SOCIALTIMELINE! USE CASE 1! Competitive IntelligenceWant to see what the competition is doing well?A SocialTimeline built with competitor’s pages will tell you exactly how thecompetition’s content is doing, in real-time, and let you adjust your contentstrategies accordingly.Want to know how you stack up to the competition?Adding your own pages to a SocialTimeline focused on your competitors willshow you exactly how you’re doing. If you don’t see your content surfacing, itmight be time to build an inspiration-focused SocialTimeline.
    • SOCIALTIMELINE! USE CASE 2! Content InspirationStruggling to engage your fanbase? Tired of the same old content?By building a SocialTimeline of pages your fanbase identifies and associateswith, you can see exactly which trending content is ripe for cherry-picking.
    • SOCIALTIMELINE! USE CASE 3! Brand MonitoringDo you need instant feedback on the effectiveness of your social initiativesacross multiple brands, but don’t have the time or resources to monitor them24/7?Put all of your brand pages on one board and toss in a few competitors tobenchmark against. SocialTimeline will help you identify exactly which contentstrategies are proving most effective.
    • SOCIALTIMELINE! USE CASE 4! Knowledge ImprovementDo you want to learn about a new space and quickly understand the trends inthat space?Keep abreast of a lot of information, all relevant right now, about a particularindustry or group of brands with a SocialTimeline focused on that industry.