Students recruit teachers


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What would it happen if you ask students what profile would they be looking for a teacher?
In a school they turned this question into a task for their last year high school pupils.
This is what they told them:
"Imagine you work in human resources and you have to hire a teacher. What profile would you be looking for?"
And those teenagers (you know, the ones everyone describes as being “lost”) worked in teams for a week, and then presented 11 ideas that demonstrate they might not be the ones who are lost after all, but the ones looking for someone who isn’t.

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Students recruit teachers

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  3. 3. It goes something like this…
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  8. 8. like the glimmer of a shiny jewel. Retrieved from Morguefile:
  9. 9. Just follow it… ask the appropiate questions and...there it is!
  10. 10. A while ago I found one of these gems in a great school called Betània-Patmos located in Barcelona.
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  20. 20. This first set of requirements had  complete consensus amongst  the group.
  21. 21. Teachers commited to helping their pupils, who care for them, are close to them, and instill confidence through respect and generosity.
  22. 22. Teachers with a deep, broad and up-to-date knowledge of their subject area.
  23. 23. Teachers that can express themselves clearly and make themselves understood using structured methods. Good communicators, balanced and mentally organized
  24. 24. Teachers that exude emotion about what they are explaining, and are enthusiastic and passionate about their subject and respectful of other disciplines
  25. 25. This second set of requirements had a very high level of consensus
  26. 26. Teachers who have mastered different types of learning - from paper to the latest generation of technologies (drawing, writing, sound, image, and mixed media), following the idea of introduction not substitution.
  27. 27. Teachers who have mastered different languages, with English being considered absolutely necessary.
  28. 28. Teachers that teach critical thinking and promote alternative ways of doing things.
  29. 29. Teachers with patience, modesty, energy and coherence.
  30. 30. Teachers that promote participation, interactivity and practice.
  31. 31. Fun teachers, with a sense of humour that can make teaching and learning a pleasure.
  32. 32. Requirement sine qua non
  33. 33. Teachers that are punctual and don’t miss classes.
  34. 34. The first time that I read this I was struck by two things: Retrieved from Morguefile:
  35. 35. When a teenager says that he is looking for someone stable and mentally makes you wonder about what he has seen Retrieved from Morguefile:
  36. 36. Technology appears in a discreet second place. First people, then gadgets. Retrieved from Morguefile:
  37. 37. So, as you can see here, our youth are just looking for a stable reference in a confusing world. Jan Von Holleben. Retrieved from:
  38. 38. They are looking for educators that can teach their mind and their soul. Someone who can maintain the essence of the educational experience even when all the elements keep changing.
  39. 39. Because essencially our young generation is alone and we are letting them grow up alone with no tribe to guide them. Retrieved from Morguefile:
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  41. 41. @pearsonELTweets https:// ADD US TO YOUR PLN
  42. 42. Marta Cervera Moliner @martacervera Any doubts?…contact me!
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