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Let's Get Jing-Y With It: Creating Quick Instructional Videos
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Let's Get Jing-Y With It: Creating Quick Instructional Videos


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Presentation for Hack the Classroom 2013

Presentation for Hack the Classroom 2013

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  • 1. Let's Get Jing-y With It: Creating Quick Instructional Videos Presented By: Mary McMillan for Hack the Classroom 2013
  • 2. What is this Jing thing? Jing is a FREE screen capturing and recording program made by Techsmith (producer of Camtasia). It is used to create short and simple screen recordings that can be saved to a hosted digital space or computer to be easily shared with others.
  • 3. What all can it do? Using Jing you can create basic demonstrations or tutorials of anything you can show on your computer’s screen. Options include: Capturing & Editing Images Capturing Screen Recordings
  • 4. How is it being used in classrooms? Directional Support  Show how to navigate a resource  Demonstrate how to use the features of a program  Answer frequently asked questions  Provide directions to an assignment or event Teaching & Learning  Explain a difficult concept  Highlight important aspects of an assignment  Illustrate strong & weak models  Provide a digital introduction to projects  Provide feedback on student work
  • 5. Here’s a Directional Jing:
  • 6. Here’s a Feedback Jing: olders/Jing/media/94f48791-1320-4774-a7f9a92dd6823138
  • 7. The Pros of Jing  You receive 2 GB of storage space and 2 GB of monthly bandwidth on  Videos can also be saved onto a computer hard drive  Image capture includes basic editing tools  Video recordings can be easily shared by email or embedded into web pages
  • 8. It’s Super Easy to Use Step 1: Launch Capture: Step 2: Select Video
  • 9. Step 3: Capture screen: Step 4: Record Video
  • 10. Oh Yeah…
  • 11. Jing Does Have Limitations • Jing recordings are limited to 5 min. max. • Recordings cannot be edited using Jing. You must purchase other screen capture software such as Camtasia • You cannot add titles to your video
  • 12. Some Tips for a Quality Jing  Address no more than 1-2 topics per video  When planning, write a script  Practice, Practice, Practice  Record in a quiet location & reduce noise  Close all unneeded applications on your computer  Keep your recordings short
  • 13. So, it’s now time… Let’s get Jing-y With It!
  • 14. Breakout Instructions: 1. Get a partner or two who have predownloaded Jing onto their laptop 2. Pick a basic topic that you can address in under 5 minutes 3. Record a simple video 4. Share your video with our group