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Brand experience strategy and production to give your events comedy, fun and audience engagement long after the event has finished.

Includes case studies for Sony, Telstra, Microsoft, Epson and the Commonwealth Games.

Contact MCME to give your brand experience.

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MCME gives your brand experience

  1. 1. Give Your Brand Experience A: PO Box 7119 Alexandria NSW 2015 E: P : +61 2 9331 8135
  2. 2. Give Your Campaign Character
  3. 3. give your audience BIG Laughs... ...and unbelievable Experiences
  4. 4. A Single Voice toPersonify Your Brand MCME created the social media strategy, content and video production for Larry the Laugh Out Loud Coach who embodied Sony’s presence at the Opera House’s recent Just for Laughs Festival. Larry personified the target audience: fun loving comedy enthusiasts who were also first-timers to the Opera House. Likeable Larry had his own blog, vlog, links and online competition with a dedicated fan base across the Sony and Opera House Facebook pages. He also appeared live at the festival.
  5. 5. First Class Launches When ANZ touched down at Sydney International Airport our hosties, high flying pilots on stilts, and roving runway crew delivered fun, funky and friendly service to promote the branch and make everyone feel first class. Epson wanted to show their true colours with their latest product range. Our co-hosts had retail partners literally sing Epson’s praises. We gave Epson show script, hosts, Epson-ised songs and pre-show coaching to help contestants shine.
  6. 6. Internal Brand EngagementThe Great Gravox HoaxThe Mission: Celebrate high sales in a competitivequarter for Cerebos with The Great Gravox Hoax.The Evidence: Special Agents Grave and Ox performeda forensic hoax, highlighting the sales team’s keycontributions and how to replicate them.The Blog CoachTelstra, Microsoft and Samsung were looking for anonline coach to engage sales reps in an internalcompetition. We created motivating and challengingblog posts that were in character and on brand.Cool Brand AmbassadorsThe Brief: Create cool comic mascots for Telstra and theAustralian swimming team.The Team: Captain Fintastic and Coach Ken Crikey.The Gold: Initially engaged for the lead up campaign,the duo became so popular they appeared in Telstrastores around the country, swim trials and poolside atthe Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
  7. 7. Give Your Brand Experience Give your brand inspired creative direction, polished presentation, award winning writing, engaging roving entertainment, smart and stylish MCs, cool brand ambassadors, hot comedians, talented musicians, dynamic magicians, stand out speakers, versatile dancers and personable online characters to... Give your conference, kickoff, brand campaign, annual report, internal engagement event, gala awards, staff awards, outdoor event, product launch, sporting event, hoax, video, online campaign, retail promotion or party a creative strategy to bring your brand to life. A high degree of innovative ideas, programming nimbleness, and creative energy.... never failed to impress and delight. Darren Kerr, Director, Factor 168 Events | VP Marketing for ISES, Hong Kong Chapter ‘Thanks again for your great work at our NYE event at Star City. Our guests had a great time which was in no small part due to you!’ Darka de Vries, Events & Tournaments Manager - Star City ‘Characters and scripts that are on brand and bring your brief to life.’ Mary Ann Lum, Senior Stylist and Event Manager, Staging Connections
  8. 8. Contact Us Michael Neaylon +61(0)418 411 P: +61 2 9331 8135 F: +61 2 8252 0820 W: