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Geometric Properties
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Geometric Properties


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Geometric PropertiesOf Geometric Shapes
    Dustin McMains
    1st Block
  • 2. Point
    Something that has no size and names a location; dot.
  • 3. Line Segment
    A piece of a line that has been cut into a certain distance
  • 4. Plane
    A flat surface that extends forever
  • 5. Angle
    The space in between two line segments or lines.
  • 6. Perpendicular lines
    Two lines that intersect, that make four angles and all four angles made by the intersecting lines measure Ninety Degrees.
  • 7. Parallel lines
    Two lines that run side by side and never intersect no matter how far they go in either direction.
  • 8. Triangle
    A three sided Polygon.
    Regular triangles have three 60 degree angles.
  • 9. Right Triangle
    A triangle that has one right (90 degrees) angle.
  • 10. Pentagon
    A polygon that has 5 sides.
  • 11. Hexagon
    A polygon that has 6 sides.
  • 12. Square
    A four sided polygon.
    A square has all sides same length and all angles on a square are 90 degrees.
  • 13. Rectangle
    A square that has four 90 degree angles but all four sides do not have to be the same length.
    A square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t a square.
  • 14. Trapezoid
    Like a rectangle but all angles don’t have to be 90 degrees.
    A rectangle is a trapezoid but a trapezoid is not a rectangle.
    A square is a trapezoid but a trapezoid id not a square.
  • 15. Parallelagram
    Like a Trapezoid but the sides must be parallel.
    Ex. Left must be parallel to Right and Top must be parallel to Bottom.
    Square is a parallelogram but a parallelogram is not a square.
    A rectangle is a parallelogram but a parallelogram is not a rectangle.
  • 16. Circle
    A line that is the same distance in every direction from one point inside the plane that the circle is in.
    The point is in the direct middle of the circle.
  • 17. Cylinder
    A circle that has height.
  • 18. Sphere
    A three dimensional circle.
  • 19. Cube
    A three dimensional square.
  • 20. Triangular Pyramid
    A pyramid with a triangle as a base.
  • 21. Square Pyramid
    A pyramid with a square as a base.