Promotional Product ROI Solutions (QR code and more)


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With the ability to link custom printed products to digital means, it opens up a whole new world of opportunity for a business' marketing mix! It's all been made possible by the explosion of the smartphone worldwide!

The presentation covers the many new ways marketers can benefit from incorporating promotional products into their campaign!

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Promotional Product ROI Solutions (QR code and more)

  1. 1. Promotional Products Return on Investment Solutions
  2. 2. •Developed in Japan in 1994 •Increase Limited Data/Character Capacity of Barcodes •Print-Based Hypertext Links •Bridge Between the Offline and Online World •Popularized With the Explosion of SmartPhones •Scanned by Downloadable App ScanLife Reader •Barcode Reader Takes a Picture of Barcode •Phone Connects to Website Destination
  3. 3. We’ll help you create/use your promotional product to connect to another promotion: •Facebook Page Promotion •Social Media Activation •Group Deal •Twitter Promotion •Mobile Coupon •And More! Promotional Product 2D Barcode Scanned by Smartphone Unique Mobile Marketing Promotion
  4. 4. Promotional Product 2D Barcode Scanned by Smartphone Distribution of Relevant Information •PDF Documents •Company Website •Restaurant Menus •Financial Reports •E-Commerce Websites E-Commerce Shopping Basket
  5. 5. •One Kind of 2D Barcode is an EZ Code •Website Destination Editablein ScanLife at a moment’s notice •Your Promo Product Can Be a Re-Occurring Promotion •Leads to a Re-Useable Promotional Product Examples of Ongoing EZ Code Campaigns: • Paperless Monthly Reports Accessed via Promotional Product • Monthly Promotions • Daily Social Deals • Weekly Offers • Monthly Newsletters •Social Media Facebook Fan Page Building, •Attracting more Followers on Twitter • Building All Marketing Mediums • Almost anything else you can think of!!!
  6. 6. an Danica Patrick,,the first female professional motorsports racer teams up with Tissot by putting a 2D barcode on her race car that links to an extensive mobile smartsite. Click Here To Watch the Video!
  7. 7. ScanLife also allows you to track certain variables surrounding your 2D barcode add-on: • Total Scans • Unique Users • Handset OS • Scan Location Country • Gender, Age, and Income 10-15% of the time Also Track Using: • Google Analytics •Facebook Analytics •YouTube Insights •SocialMention • Various Other Analytical Services
  8. 8. •Only 53.5% of consumers can recall the name of an advertiser they saw in magazines or newspaper last week, whereas 76.1% can recall the name of the advertiser who gave them a promotional product over the past year •52% of consumers did business with advertisers after receiving the promotional product •55% of consumers generally kept their promotional products for more than a year •Only 27% of consumers can recall a banner ad they recently saw, whereas 76.1% consumers recall the name of the advertiser who gave them a promotional product
  9. 9. ScanLife just released their inaugural report on 2D barcodes on September 28th. The main takeaways are: • Mobile Barcode Scanning in all formats is up 700% since Jan ’10 with the last three months having seen the steepest increase • ScanLife sees a virtual equal amount of scan traffic from different barcode formats • 85% of 2D barcodes link somewhere on the web, 6% to a menu, 3% to a contact, 3% to a lotto, and 3% to other means • Behind the United States, Canada is the second-most active Country when it comes to barcode scanning • Across the age ranges of 18-55, the percentage of users scanning barcodes is evenly distributed. For more: Click Here for the PDF