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Online Collaboration Music
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Online Collaboration Music


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online music collaboration creative commons creativity education

online music collaboration creative commons creativity education

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Gavin McLean March 2008 Integrating Media Literacy into the Curriculum Music and Online Collaboration
  • 2. The Net Generation 90 million+ young people who have grown up or are growing up in constant contact with digital media. Don Tapscott has, through extensive interviews, identified a number of changes in the way these students work and think, the key characteristic of which is interactivity. Tapscott has identified eight shifts caused by interactivity learning :
  • 3. from linear to hypermedia learning from instruction to construction and discovery from teacher-centered to learner-centered education from absorbing material to learning how to navigate and how to learn from schooling to lifelong learning from one-size-fits-all to customized learning from learning as torture to learning as fun from the teacher as transmitter to the teacher as facilitator .
  • 4. media-rich society students are exposed to ever-increasing variety of traditional and nonprint texts media literacy skills have become critical to the academic development of our students.
  • 5. By developing media literacy skills : more sophisticated & critical readers and consumers of media, also increase their involvement and literacy skills in other areas of the curriculum
  • 6. “ The key communicative discourse of the 21 st Century is not the written word or the musical note, it is the broad playing field where creative media forms smash into each other.” Mike Jones Powerhouse Museum Sydney
  • 7. text rarely exists on it’s own Language is something that exists abounded in images, music, graphics and sound effects And interactivity
  • 8. It exists on the TV it exists in the surround sound of their computer games . It exists in films and videos on screens small and large. Their mobile phones have digital cameras and mini loop sequences in them side by side. Interactivity is everywhere
  • 9. integral part of the socio cultural interactions between young people increasingly more comfortable as authors and producers of media.
  • 10. personalisation of the internet young people are now able to manipulate , create and upload their own media using simple software & a digital camera combining and enhancing the media developed by others is central to youth culture
  • 11. What is web 2.0 Wikipedia Definitions of Web 2.0 a supposed second-generation of Internet-based services – social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies – that let people collaborate and share information online in ways previously unavailable. (source Wikipedia) Web 2.0
  • 12. Sergei Eisenstein Eisenstein was a pioneer in the use of montage, a specific use of film editing. editing could be used for more than just expounding a scene or moment "linkage" of related scenes created context He experimented with “ slowing down time ” "collision" of shots could be used to manipulate the emotions of the audience and create film metaphors. He developed what he called " methods of montage " where he experimented with context. “Battleship Potempkin” Odessa Steps Scene (1925) The first Media Literacy Teacher
  • 13. “ Meaning is created in the mind of the audience” Sergei Eisenstein
  • 14. Creating meaning for an audience through context. Audience sees hunger Grief horror Shot of actor Shot of actor Audience sees
  • 15. Creating meaning for an audience through context. Audience sees Fear Anger rage Shot of actor Shot of actor Audience sees
  • 16. Creative Commons Movement What Is Creative Commons Licensing? Video Showcase Helps You Find Out Flash based movies This movement acknowledges that in our society, creativity involves the use of existing media being combined and remixed in new contexts to create new meaning. The term “Remix Culture” was first coined by Lawrence Lessig. Free Culture Movement video
  • 17. TED Lecture 2007 Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law 3 arguments
  • 18. John Philip Soussa 1906 “ These talking machines are going to ruin the artistic development of music” “ When I was a boy, in front of every house in the summer evenings, you would find young people together singing the songs of the day or the old songs” “ Today you hear these infernal machines going night and day” US Capitol “ Talking Machines” 1
  • 19. John Philip Soussa “ We will not have a vocal chord left. The vocal chords will be eliminated by a process of elimination, as was the tail of man when he came from the ape.” 1
  • 20. 19 th Century Culture Culture Creation Re-Creation Participate = RW “ Soussa’s fear was that we would loose that capacity because of these ‘infernal machines’ “ 20 th Century Culture = RO A culture where Creativity is consumed but the consumer is not a creator, a culture which is top down, owned, where the vocal chords of the millions have been lost”. 1 21st Century Culture Re-Creation Participate Creation = RW
  • 21. Lord Blackstone Land is protected by Trespass law “ All the way down below And to an indefinite extent upwards” Worked for most of the history of regulated land until… An indefinite extent upwards 2
  • 22. New Technology challenged traditional concepts Trespasser? Were these instruments trespassers as they flew over land without clearing the rights of the farms below as they flew across the country? 2
  • 23. 1945 US Supreme Court 2
  • 24. 1945 Thomas Lee & T Cosby Chicken Farmers asserted that their chickens followed the paths of the planes and flew into the walls of their barns and said that the planes were trespassing, the law said that you can’t fly over the land without permission of the land owner. 2
  • 25. 1945 “ The doctrine protecting land all the way into the sky has no place in the modern world, otherwise every trans Atlantic flight would subject the operator to countless trespass suits. Common Sense revolts at the idea”. 2 Justice Douglas
  • 26. Before the Internet The last great terror of the content industry Broadcasting Therefore a battle over the control of the businesses that would spread content 3
  • 27. 3 Legal entity ASCAP controlled the broadcast rights for most recorded performances, with exclusive rights on the most popular content. Between 1931 and 1939 rates rose 448%
  • 28. 3 1939 Sydney Kaye Broadcast Music Incorporated Democratic Included African American music Took public domain works, made arrangements of them and gave them away for FREE to their subscribers
  • 29. 1940 ASCAP doubles rates ASCAP threatened to double rates “ The people will revolt” BMI is “2 nd best” Broadcasters switched to BMI en masse 1941 ASCAP cracked “ The competition broke the legal cartel over access to Music” 3
  • 30. argument “ In my view the most significant thing to recognise about what the internet is doing is the opportunity to revive the Read/Write culture that Sousa romanticised. Digital Technology is the opportunity for the revival of these vocal chords that he spoke so passionately to congress about. Use Generated Content celebrates amateur culture (not amateurish), where people produce for the love of want they are doing and not for the money.”
  • 31. For the Love not the Money
  • 32. “ In Soussa's romantic vision of the kids gathering together to sing the songs of the day and the old songs you should recognise what your kids are doing today, Taking the songs of the day and the old songs and remixing them to make them something different It’s how they understand access to this culture” Play Video clip
  • 33. “ This is how our kids speak This is how our kids think This is how our kids are”
  • 34. Remix Culture? Cultures t h at R eM i x media coNtenT.
  • 35. cultural and lifestyle arenas music, fashion, design, art, web applications, user created media, food - are governed by remixes, fusions, collages, or mash-ups.
  • 36. John Galliano fashion designer for the house of Dior mixed vagabond look, Yemenite traditions, East-European motifs, and other sources that he collected during his extensive travels around the world in his 2004/2005-winter collection. 2005-6 Men's Collection. Fall winter 1999 Collection
  • 37. DJ Spooky created a feature-length remix of D.W. Griffith's 1912 film "Birth of a Nation” appropriately named "Rebirth of a Nation."
  • 38. The Grey Video 1968 Beatles – The White Album 2003 – Jay Z – The Black Album 2004 – DJ Dangermouse – Mixed both and created The Grey Album Play video
  • 39. Acid Planet Remix Projects Using Sony Acid – Loop based production tool Bands provide rights to songs for free Song broken into separate instruments and parts called “Loops” Individuals download zipped file Remix song in Acid Upload their own version Competition prizes like software
  • 40. Brazilians' Spin: Remix Music Biz Re:combo web site The remixes are called "Boasting Delirium" and include " Version 1 " and " Version 2 ." Re: Combo Re:combo (think of recombining the music) is based on two ideas: sharing the work of making music for free, and inviting people from all over the world to create something different. Re:combo members first create music and then share it freely over their website using the MP3 format. "People are not only invited to download the files but to modify them, creating different samples, remixes and stuff," said Miguel Pedrosa, singer and history professor. "That is, creating new music experiences with different styles and sounds."
  • 41. Orpheus Remix Awards The Orpheus Remix Awards are awards for new 4-minute musico-dramatic works for radio. In 2007 it was 400 years since the premiere of the world's first acclaimed opera, Monteverdi's L'Orfeo. To celebrate, the ABC invited listeners to compose their own response to both the Orpheus myth and the notion of 'opera', in the form of original 4-minute works for radio. Over 100 new Orpheus Remix works were produced by creative listeners from around Australia and internationally. Entries closed on 31 January 2008. Two weeks of on-line audience voting and intense listening and debate among the two ABC program teams led to the selection of three award-winning entries. The three Orpheus Remix Awards given were: Listeners Choice 'Death is only the beginning' by Orfeo1988 The Night Air Choice 'There aint but one kind of blues' by Venn New Music Up Late Choice 'Black Orpheus / Little Richard In The Underworld' by Dr. Drew vs Tooly feat. Juan J.
  • 42. Onslow College & Wellington High School year 13 students Remix Project with Justin Pearce Set up wiki space Students post arrangements as Sibelius files Students play each other’s files at school and critique Upload comments in forum Students provide peer assessment and feedback Watch this space/to be continued