WCCLS exec group retreat presentation may 1


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  • Reading culture. Promote reading and provide individual advice for readersWCCLS has 2 million + items for shared use. That includes paper and digitalLevel Playing Field- free access for everyone-no exceptionsNo Spin- not selling one point of view or productPrint Books AND eBooks
  • All libraries need to meet basic customer expectations for services.The key services need to have priority funding and be in every library, existing and new and every branch. These services can then be scaled up where need, funding and space allow.Strength in being a cooperative; every library doesn’t have to own every single title
  • Trend: Research shows being read to from an early age is the single most important factor in setting a foundation for later reading success.
  • Culture of reading; promote readingSummer reading for kids, teens, and adults
  • 2.6 million holds placed in 2012 Can place hold, retrieve hold, and checkout without staff assistanceLibrary patrons appreciate having both self-service and full-service options. 24 hour access to website, databases and e-content.
  • Return customersGenerally well-educated, engaged Mostly have newish buildings– 10 years of remodeling, new buildingsCurrently Hillsboro and Banks remodelingExpect Beaverton and Cornelius to build/expand soon. Libraries are good anchor tentants
  • WCCLS libraries and central services have professional staff who are leaders in the field, taking leadership at state, regional and national levels Each library has a unique combination of staff with different skills, knowledge, and duties. For a library to perform effectively, staff must have core skills:Information and Research CapabilityTechnical ExpertiseContinuing-Education TrainingCompetitive Salary and BenefitsLeadership within the state and region.
  • Hillsboro Symphony Storytime20% of children in county participate in summer reading in some way. 231,705 people attended a program at a WCCLS library in 2012
  • WCCLS libraries are supported by cities, advisory boards, Friends groups, Foundations, volunteers and votersFantastic support for the 2010 levyCivic engagementLevel of transparency Feeling ownership of libraryAdvocates for future funding measuresFriends, Foundations, Partnerships
  • Economic statusLanguages spokenLibrary is great equalizer; Schools have high drop-out rate; Huge extremes– immigrant populations, PhD scientists Have to scale services for the range of patrons who are not familiar with According to Oregonian article Dec 19, 2012: Latinos make up 50% of Cornelius residentsAsians are 32% of population in Bethany area Beaverton is the most diverse city in the stateWashington County is now more diverse than Multnomah County
  • High expectationsAging in place – lifelong learningComfortable with technology
  • Data from Office of Economic Analysis,Department of Administrative Services, State of Oregon Apr 2004Implications for early literacy services2020, Wash Co will surpass Mult. Co for highest number of children (not as a %)
  • School libraries are being eliminated; how do we respond? Information literacy is a hole. Don’t see trend reversing any time soon.
  • Photo from Crestview BulletinSocial security benefits, Medicare Part D, taxes, applying for job Helping people find government help and entitlements brings money directly into our community e.g. earned income tax credit
  • Cell phones, laptops– importance of wi-fiEcontent, ereaders, cell phones, DRM Libraries checking out laptops, kindles, etc. Wi-fi bandwidth Nearly half (46%) of US adults own smartphones(Pew Internet)34% of low-income (< $30K) adults own smartphones57% of US adults own laptops (Pew Internet)"Digital literacy" includes creating and sharing, not just access (Media Education Lab)
  • Openparachute.wordpress.comPrint on Demand– solution for interlibrary loan, rise in self-publishingAsk Peter about media lab trainings Twitter comments about Tigard Library, including FourSquarecheckin
  • There are some essential needs of every library no matter the size or budget. These are a set of services all citizens of Washington county expect to find in every library:Sufficient open hours for just about everyone to find a time to use the library. This includes crucial evenings & weekends.Basic services available at all libraries that meet a majority of customer needs. Staff trained at a variety of skill levels to satisfy rapidly changing customer needs.Facilities large enough with a variety of spaces to meet a wide range of customer needs and library services.Community involvement to combine resources and extend our strengths to community partners and the local economy.
  • Book covers of Harry Potters in different languagesLibraries provide programming and materials in many different languages. Spanish is the biggest countywideTualatin’s Dia de los ninos event had 175 attendees this week
  • Overdrive, monitoring situation, BCL, CML, Hillsboro loaning e-readers: kindles, nooksMedia production labs at CML starting next week Hillsboro Facebook Page: 266 likes and 51 comments!
  • Self-check has reduced the patron’s time to checkoutAMH will reduce time when the item is returnedAutomatic checkin will take items off patron’s account immediately– good customer service, plus patron can see their account in real time (avoids follow-up calls when items haven’t been checked in yet)AMH will slow growth in staffing; repurpose staff for more direct customer serviceHolds are very convenient for patrons; labor-intensive for staff
  • Shared catalog: e-commerce, mobile devices, integration with e-content, customizable, hyperlocal community informationOff-site storage to create more flexible spacesCourier-level checkin/holds management/AMHCentralized cataloging and collection development
  • Photo: gizmodo.com.auPhoto:brodartEvanced robotic thing for MAX stops (Branch Anywhere)Library Express: unstaffed library, use card to enter and checkout
  • A library building cannot succeed as a book warehouse. Our communities need gathering places that meet a large range of needs.People ProgramsE-resourcesCollectionsArchival storageWe need spaces for:people to work collaboratively or study quietly, a place to play and socialize or find comfort in a safe haven.Programs that promote and apply our services.resources using technologysuch as:Public computerstablet & laptop usersE-meetings like Skype, webinars and distance collaborationEntrepreneurs & makers of digital contentAnd we can’t forget the large space needs for print and media collections that have yet to go the way of the scroll or 8-track.We also want to consider space for off-site and long term storage to make the most efficient spaces in our libraries.
  • Reflect the diversity of the CountyInformation and Research CapabilityTechnical Expertise and Web SavvyContinuing Education TrainingCompetitive SalaryEach library has a unique combination of staff with different skills, knowledge, and duties. For a library to perform effectively, staff in a library must have core skills:Assist and instruct customers on how to find what they need in environment with too much information.Technical expertise:to assist and troubleshoot on both library and customer’s personal equipment that is increasingly complexskilled in social software to maintain Facebook pages, blogs, e-newsletters and more.Continual training to keep up.Ability to recruit and retain excellent employees
  • To maintain our viability, we will have to continue to step outside the library walls to:Reach citizens with barriers to library resourcesContribute back to communityBuild partnerships and collaborate with other educational and cultural institutions
  • WCCLS exec group retreat presentation may 1

    1. 1. WCCLS Libraries:Now and tomorrow
    2. 2. What is WCCLS doing now?What does the future hold?How can WCCLS respond?
    3. 3. • Scalable services• Early literacy• Reading and lifelong learning• Convenience and service• Beautiful buildings• Smart staff• Public supportWhat is WCCLS doing now?
    4. 4. WCCLS libraries provide scalableservices for all size communities
    5. 5. WCCLS libraries prepare children toenter kindergarten ready to learn
    6. 6. WCCLS patrons readwidely in all formats
    7. 7. WCCLS patrons appreciateconvenient servicesSelf-service options with RFID 24 hour access to e-resources
    8. 8. WCCLS libraries are housed inattractive and accessible buildings
    9. 9. WCCLS library staff are competent,tech savvy and customer-oriented
    10. 10. WCCLS library programsare well-attended
    11. 11. WCCLS libraries areenthusiastically supported
    12. 12. • Demographics• e-government• Mobile devices• e-contentWhat does the future hold?
    13. 13. Washington County is diverse
    14. 14. Washington County is well-educated and aging in place.
    15. 15. 0500001000001500002000002500002000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030Ages 0-18 Population Projections 2000- 2030Clackamas CountyMultnomahCountyWashingtonCountyWashington County is young.
    16. 16. School libraries are being eliminated byWashington County school districts.
    17. 17. Washington County residents turn tolibraries for help with e-government
    18. 18. WCCLS patrons use their own devicesto access library resources
    19. 19. UserBookCDDVDeContenteBooks eAudio StreamingKindle iPad Nook AndroidWCCLS users prefer multiple formatsand delivery systems for content
    20. 20. E-content is licensed, not purchased
    21. 21. Library patrons are interested increating and sharing digital content.
    22. 22. • Programs• Collections• Efficiencies• Flexible spaces• Trained staff• OutreachHow can WCCLS respond?
    23. 23. Programs and collections thatreflect community interests
    24. 24. New e-content options
    25. 25. Recently realized efficienciesAutomatedMaterialsHandlingRFID TagsOptimized Courier Routes
    26. 26. Possible future efficienciesOff-sitestorageCentralized catalogingCourier-level checkin and AMHImprovementsin the sharedlibrary catalog
    27. 27. Grab and go convenience
    28. 28. Flexible facilitiesPeople, Programs, E-resources, Collections, Archival Storage
    29. 29. Responsive staffing
    30. 30. Outreach and partnerships
    31. 31. What is WCCLS doing now?What does the future hold?How can WCCLS respond?
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