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Building a pro volunteer habitat
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Building a pro volunteer habitat



Talk delivered to the Northwest Oregon Volunteers Administrators Association (NOVAA)

Talk delivered to the Northwest Oregon Volunteers Administrators Association (NOVAA)



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Building a pro volunteer habitat Building a pro volunteer habitat Presentation Transcript

  • Building a pro-volunteer habitat Margie Bradley Abigail Elder Jennifer Johnson
  • Volunteer Ecosystem Who is at the top of the food chain?
  • Who does your boss answer to?
  • Share an experience you’ve had as a volunteer. What did you get from that experience? How did the organization help (or hinder) you meet that intellectual/emotional need?
  • • Expensive • Time-consuming • High turnover • Take up space • Unskilled • Undependable • Security risk • “Free labor” • Fear of dependency • Fear of unions Volunteers as Free Labor
  • • Engagement • Grow skills • Socialize • Meet new people • Try something new • Be recognized • Give to a worthy cause • Fulfill a requirement • Valued customers • Part of our mission Volunteers as People We serve
  • Tualatin Public Library
  • Tualatin Culture Change Expectations of staff for how we serve volunteers Betty Stallings Training Grant- funded; year-long training
  • MANAGE UP! • You are the experts! • Ask for what you need! • Be specific! • Show me the possibilities! • Manage me and the rest of the staff!
  • Kid President Pep Talk
  • Change & The Brain The Elephant has the strength to move The Rider attempts to direct the action
  • Good: Long-term planning, direction Bad: Indecisive, limited power
  • Good: Energy, drive, instinct, motivation Bad: lazy, skittish, short-sighted
  • People problems may really be situation problems
  • Laziness may be exhaustion
  • Direct the Rider
  • Keep it simple
  • Resistance may be lack of clarity
  • Follow the bright spots What’s working well?
  • Script the critical moves
  • What are some small moves that you could ask of staff? What are some small moves that you could ask of your boss?
  • Tualatin’s Small Moves • Smile and greet volunteers • Wear your nametag • Ask someone what they did the last time they volunteered.
  • Point to the destination
  • Motivate the Elephant
  • Find the Feeling Punishment loses its sting; help me feel good about my role in serving volunteers
  • Find the Feeling Help me to know volunteers as individuals
  • Shrink the Change Tualatin: Don’t need to be best friends with volunteers. Ask volunteers about their pets. Ask them about the weather.
  • Grow people
  • Link identity to serving volunteers
  • Shape the Path
  • How can you make the RIGHT thing the EASIEST thing?
  • Tweak the Environment Margie brought tours to me, rather than relying on me to initiate greetings.
  • Build Habits Daily Stand-up Meetings
  • Rally the Herd: Behavior is contagious We are off to a great start! Let’s build on that success!
  • Pro-Volunteer Habitat MANAGE UP! Shape the Path Motivate the Elephant Direct the Rider