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  • Transcript

    • 1. Bosnia By: Celia Sio Wenhao Luo Lavinia Kanongataa Joanabella Soyon
    • 2. Introduction of Bosnia Genocide 
      •     -On April 5,1992 the government of Bosnia declared its independence from Yugoslavia. Immediately, Bosnian Serb leaders launched a war to create a separate state
    • 3. Who killed who?
      • -Serbs killed the bosnian Muslims and Croatan civilians in areas that they controlled. This was called "ethnic cleansing".
      • --The leader of the Bosnian Serbs was Radovan Karadzic. 
    • 4. Where did the genocide happen?
      •          It happened in the Yugoslavia's republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina . A place that had a population of 4 million in 1991. 
      •           It has population that was composed of four ethnic groups: Bosniak, Serb, and Croat, as well as Yugoslav. 
    • 5. How many people were killed?
      • About 200,000 Muslims were killed.
      • Why they were killed?
      • 1.RELIGION and LAND
      •   -The Muslim people were killed 
      • because of land and religion. 
      • -There has been historical events
      • between Serbs and the Muslims
      • in Bosnia. Some of it is based on land,
      • and much on religion.
    • 6. Why did the Bosnian genocide occur?
      •           The risk for mass killing is driven by the 
      • presence of ongoing internal conflict or regime
      • crises, combined with relatively poor socioeconomic 
      • conditions, or frequent leadership turnover. These
      • are also the reasons of the Bosnian genocide.
    • 7. How were they killed?
      •                 Bosnia suffered mass killing episodes through    violence, starvation, or death in prison camps.
    • 8.  
    • 9. Who stopped the Bosnia genocide?
      • I t was and agreement that stop the Bosnia Genocide and it 
      • known as the DAYTON AGREEMENT.
      • It was on the November 21 1995.
      • It is a peace deal  by US President Clinton
      •   and his Secretary of the State Christopher between the 
      • Presidents of Bosnia. 
      • So the US bring peace to this country. 
    • 10. Conclusion
      • For genocide to happen, there must be certain preconditions.
      • -National culture that does not place a high value on human life.
      • -A totalitarian society, which there is only one political party that has complete power and control over people.
    • 11. Work Cited
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      •      Museum, Feb 4, 2010, WEB. 5/6/2010.
      • "Director of National Intelligence Emphasizes Risk in Southern 
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