Jupiter Medical Center; Meets Heightened Tissue Regulatory Requirements to Assure Patient Safety


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In the past, when patient safety
issues – such as contaminated
tissue – stirred debate in local
and national media, Jupiter
Medical Center (JMC) would
have struggled to quickly pull the
data needed to reassure its
patients that they had not been
affected. Now, after abandoning
paper records and implementing
Horizon Tissue ManagerTM from
McKesson, JMC can assure patients
of their safety and keep pace with
growing regulatory requirements.

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Jupiter Medical Center; Meets Heightened Tissue Regulatory Requirements to Assure Patient Safety

  1. 1. Case Study Jupiter Medical Center At a Glance Meets Heightened Tissue Regulatory Organization Requirements to Assure Patient Safety Jupiter Medical Center In the past, when patient safety dollars and even expired tissue Jupiter, Fla. issues – such as contaminated ending up in the OR. – 169 beds tissue – stirred debate in local – Not-for-profit and national media, Jupiter “When the father of a local OR Medical Center (JMC) would nurse was about to undergo surgery – Large orthopedics specialty have struggled to quickly pull the for a nonhealing wound,” recalls data needed to reassure its Beth Suriano, director of surgical Solution Spotlight patients that they had not been services at JMC, “the tissue came – Clinical Procedure Resource affected. Now, after abandoning into the OR before the circulator SolutionsTM paper records and implementing determined that it had expired. Horizon Tissue ManagerTM from I knew things had to change.” – Horizon Tissue ManagerTM McKesson, JMC can assure patients of their safety and keep pace with Answers Critical Issues growing regulatory requirements. JMC is a longtime user of – Meeting expanded regulatory In fact, JMC maintains complete McKesson’s clinical and financial requirements implant records and is fully solutions. When Suriano discovered compliant with all regulations. Horizon Tissue Manager, a robust – Identifying tissue expiration yet simple software system, she – Assuring patients of their safety Challenges knew she had the perfect solution. JMC, a 169-bed, not-for-profit Horizon Tissue Manager is a Results hospital in Jupiter, Fla., has a large component of McKesson’s Clincial – Compliance for regulatory orthopedics specialty requiring Procedure Resource SolutionsTM, audits a high-volume inventory of which create a more efficient tissue implants. With The Joint workflow process to facilitate – Proactive identification of tissue Commission and FDA expanding reliable delivery of resources – such expiration the regulations and management as surgical trays and instruments, – Accurate and complete tissue requirements of tissue, JMC tissue and device implants, medical records needed to shed its manual scopes and mobile medical equipment – Quick traceability of implant processes to comply. and carts – to front-line caregivers. history and patient use JMC’s manual processes included Horizon Tissue Manager guides – Improved nursing productivity nurses recording tissue data in users to document information – Tissue inventory expense savings loose-leaf notebooks that served required for regulatory compliance as the implant log. With this throughout each step in the tissue method of management, JMC management process. Additionally, could not track its true tissue prompts and alerts notify staff if utilization. Inventory was often required information is missing. reordered when adequate stock JMC’s tissue records are now was available. Additionally, the complete and ready for audits, manual processes made tracking and ongoing quality assurance tissue expirations difficult, which is easily achieved. led to wasted inventory, lost
  2. 2. Case Study “We can now confidently JMC uses Horizon Tissue Manager to and then leafing through its pages manage tissue inventory proactively. to find the tissue record. With the answer the question: ‘Is the With color-coded screens, alerts and integration of Horizon Tissue item you implanted in me other tools to notify staff of item Manager and STAR®, McKesson’s expiration, Horizon Tissue Manager hospital information system, dual safe?’ With Horizon Tissue gives JMC the confidence of sound entry of patient information by inventory. nursing staff is eliminated. Manager, the answer is: Yes.” JMC also benefits from the system’s JMC is looking forward to further ability to identify soon-to-expire enhancing its tissue management Beth Suriano inventory, which enables the process through the integration medical center to return soon-to- between Horizon Tissue Manager Director of Surgical Services expire consignment inventory and Horizon Surgical ManagerTM, Jupiter Medical Center back to tissue banks or vendors McKesson’s surgical information before expiration. system. Duplicate data entry will be eliminated and workflow will Suriano believes Horizon Tissue be streamlined by sharing tissue Manager has saved JMC more than details during pre-, intra- and $10,000 in the last year by either post-operative care. Additionally, eliminating expired inventory or staff time will be saved through reducing reordering of unnecessary the seamless flow of information. inventory. “We have thousands of items in the OR, and with our Results manual processes we were never Horizon Tissue Manager boosted sure that an item was even sitting JMC’s confidence in its ability to in the freezer — let alone about to comply with all regulatory expire,” says Suriano. “With Horizon requirements and successfully Tissue Manager, everything we need complete The Joint Commission and in regard to tissue implants – FDA audits. Nursing productivity patient identification, implanting has improved due to the automated physician, procurement facility, workflow and data capture. And arrival and implant dates, expiration JMC is realizing significant annual of bone – is at our fingertips.” savings in tissue inventory expense. Most importantly, patient safety Nurses, too, find the automated is improved. system simplifies their daily workflow. Horizon Tissue Manager Suriano says, “We can now enables them to locate a tissue confidently answer the question: record by scanning the tissue ‘Is the item you implanted in me bar code versus manually locating safe?’ With Horizon Tissue Manager, a binder stored in a file cabinet the answer is: Yes.” McKesson Provider Technologies Copyright © 2009 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. STAR is a registered trademark of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. Clinical Procedure Resource Solutions, Horizon Surgical 5995 Windward Parkway Manager and Horizon Tissue Manager are trademarks of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. All other Alpharetta, GA 30005 product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT384-06/09 http://www.mckesson.com