Drive Clinical and Financial Performance with McKesson Anesthesia Care


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Drive Clinical and Financial Performance with an Anesthesia Information Management system that helps Anesthesiologists Focus on the Patient

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Drive Clinical and Financial Performance with McKesson Anesthesia Care

  1. 1. McKesson Anesthesia Care™An anesthesia information management system that helpsanesthesiologists focus on the patient — while accuratelydocumenting and optimizing clinical and financial outcomes
  2. 2. Drive Clinical and Financial Performancebest Practices Both hospitals and anesthesiologists for both anesthesiologists and face increasing pressures to hospitals. Inadequate recording of- Access to academic databases improve patient care while cutting comorbid conditions costs hospitals provides real-time evaluation costs. More than 47% of hospitals three times the dollars lost to for best standards of care report a reduction in operating medication errors alone. room hours due to anesthesia- Documentation of medications staffing challenges . Caregivers 1 McKesson Anesthesia Care utilizing First Databank drug must work more efficiently, automatically codes changes in formulary supports medication eliminating unnecessary manual severity levels and diagnostic- administration compliance procedures while safeguarding related groups for billing, helping against medical errors. hospitals avoid potential losses.- Medication reconciliation between care clinicians McKesson Anesthesia Care™ is an supports regulatory compliance Improve care with codified Data intuitive, web-based anesthesia management system designed A sophisticated coding tool within- Integration with preoperative to meet these challenges. McKesson Anesthesia Care uses and PAcu documentation The comprehensive solution both AMA and ASA schemas to enables seamless patient care automatically monitors specify comorbid conditions, such as patients, reveals medication hypertension, that require higher- Throughput data and reporting contraindication, provides allergy levels of care. The tool populates improves decision analysis and notification and speeds billing the corresponding ICD-9 and ICD-10 outcome measurements via effective charge capture — codes, allowing the provider to accept driving better clinical and or reject them before billing system- Professional billing component financial performance. submission. McKesson Anesthesia captures accurate anesthesia Care employs the SNOMED CT charges for proper, timely (Systematized Nomenclature of billing Improve Patient safety Medicine-Clinical Terms) terminology Clinicians are able to document to ensure that care records can be intraoperative activities in real easily transferred and integrated. time — not after the surgery is complete. By supporting fast, Manage Proactively with accurate documentation that Anesthesia Analytics can be easily integrated with the hospital’s electronic health record Data is of little value if it cannot (EHR), McKesson Anesthesia Care be accessed and understood by all ensures that clinicians have all stakeholders. McKesson Anesthesia the information they need during Care employs secure, web-based critical patient handoffs. technology to provide performance analytics of organizational and clinical trends, including utilization, Accurately Document quality and cost. Information is comorbid conditions delivered in convenient, customizable McKesson Anesthesia Care ensures formats, allowing trend analysis down proper documentation of comorbid to the physician and case level. conditions, resulting in fewer rejected claims and faster payments
  3. 3. Users can access data such as care. Sharing real-time patient Hospital benefits:case volumes, milestones and information allows for optimum caredrug utilization, along with time at points of handoff, and prevents - Automated capture of physiologicalintervals, time units and important time wasted updating clinical values. data helps complete eMRmessaging, such as contraindications.Scorecards compare summarized - Real-time integration across eliminate Manual Data entry perioperative care phases enhancesinformation with previous measuresor user-defined targets, allowing Patient physiological data – such as patient safety during transitionseasy performance analysis. Quick gas administration, times and vitalidentification of downward trends signs – is automatically captured from - cross-checking for adverse drugenables decisive intervention. physiologic monitors, establishing events helps reduce errors an accurate electronic record and eliminating error-prone manual - Accurate documentation of comorbidAvoid Adverse Drug events data entry. Anesthesiologists are conditions helps maximize revenueThe Institute of Medicine reports free to focus on delivering excellentthat 1.5 million patients are harmed patient care. By providing a trajectory - Anesthesia analytics promotesby drug errors every year . These of each patient’s progress and the compliance with Physician Quality 2medication errors add an average interventions required, McKesson Reporting Initiative (PQRI) andof $8,750 to the cost of the typical Anesthesia Care helps anesthesiologists surgical care Improvement Projectinpatient hospital visit . By helping demonstrate their true value to (scIP) initiatives 3clinicians anticipate adverse drug patient, McKesson AnesthesiaCare improves both outcomes Improve Reimbursement Physician benefits:and financials. Anesthesiologistscan evaluate medications prior Electronic sign-on of the anesthesia - Web-based preanesthesiato delivery, recording both drug record in preoperative and evaluations speed documentationtype and dosage. Physicians can PACU settings ensures accurate of patient historyavoid adverse drug events with an documentation of anesthesiaautomated, qualified cross-reference beginning and end units, enabling the - bar-code reading of patient,process for dispensed medications, capture of all appropriate professional medications and supplies expeditesincluding formulary reference for fees. Complete documentation speeds data entryallergies and medications. both the billing and revenue collection processes, enhancing satisfaction for - Prophylactic antibiotic alerts promote both private and hospital-employed timely medication administrationProvide Real-time Integration anesthesia groups.Anesthesiologists require tools - Drug formulary reference forthat enable efficiency without allergies and medication promotes contact McKesson Todayimpeding care delivery. Touch- patient safetyscreen charting guides the physician To learn more about how McKessonthrough accurate documentation of Anesthesia Care helps anesthesiologists - Physician-specific note templatesboth short and lengthy procedures. focus on the patient while optimizing speed procedural documentationIntegration across the phases clinical and financial outcomes, contactof perioperative care, including your client executive or visit - seamless integration with nursingpreoperative, intraoperative and and surgical electronic medicalPACU, provides for seamless patient records promotes continuity of care - Anesthesia professional coding tool1 2008 survey by American Society of Anesthesiologists, cited by HFMA Educational Report, Driving Value in improves professional fee capture Anesthesia Services, June 2010.2 Institute of Medicine, Preventing Medication Errors: Quality Chasm Series, www.iom.edu3 Ibid
  4. 4. AbouT McKessonMcKesson Corporation, currentlyranked 14th on the FORTUNE 500, isa healthcare services and informationtechnology company dedicated tohelping its customers deliverhigh-quality healthcare by reducingcosts, streamlining processes, andimproving the quality and safetyof patient care. Over the course ofits 177-year history, McKesson hasgrown by providing pharmaceuticaland medical-surgical supplymanagement across the spectrumof care; healthcare informationtechnology for hospitals, physicians,homecare and payers; hospital andretail pharmacy automation; andservices for manufacturers and payersdesigned to improve outcomes forpatients. For more information, visit McKesson Provider Technologies 5995 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30005 © 2011 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. McKesson Anesthesia Care is a trademark of McKesson Corporation and/or oneof its subsidiaries. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. RMG91-02/11