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Dateline Chaos
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Dateline Chaos


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presentation given to journalism class at the University of Cincinnati

presentation given to journalism class at the University of Cincinnati

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  • If consumers are replicating their offline behaviors online and we come and simply talk to them, instead of talking to them, it ’s going to have little to no impact.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Dateline: Chaos» the future?!» content, consumers and chaos» the state of paid, owned and earned media» brands in crisis» tools/concepts to remember
    • 2. the future?!A Five-Year Prediction, from 2005Facebook will have 600MM members, a movie and more display adrevenue than Yahoo. The newly launched YouTube will get moresearches than Yahoo.»Foursquare: 2009»iTunes App Store: 2008»Twitter: 2006»YouTube: 2005»Facebook: 2004»LinkedIn: 2003»iTunes: 2001
    • 3. Content» content includes blog posts, images, video, 140 characters, comments and status updates» as content/devices expand beyond comprehension, our time and attention remain finite • movie night = Cable/Dish, DVR, Netflix, Amazon, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, DVD, Blu-ray, Roku, Apple TV, Hulu, Boxee or Youtube • 30 billion+ pieces of content shared on Facebook every month
    • 4. Content» People using technology to do online…Platforms Blogging Social Video/ Photo/ Communities/ Online Networks/ Audio Sharing Wikis Gaming/ Geo-Location Virtual WorldsSites Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr Wikipedia, Club Blogger, MySpace, Cincy Moms Penguin, Wordpress LinkedIn Like Me Second Life…many of the things they do offlineBehaviors Create Connect Collaborate React OrganizeAmplified
    • 5. Consumers» consumer habits change to meet their time- starved needs • mobile • Multi-screen experiences • (over)sharing
    • 6. Consumers • documenting the experience means as much as the experience itself 7
    • 7. Chaos» mobile phones make citizens journalists» media need consumer reporters & readers» media are accountable for accuracy and quality» how does this impact speed and credibility
    • 8. Chaos / Privacy» From a “1984” fear of one organization monitoring our every move to actively recording our every move for multiple organizations: • Status updates • Check-ins • Food/Music/TV/Movies • Travel schedule • Bathroom habits
    • 9. Chaos / Privacy» Personal vs. Professional • 9 to 5 vs. 24/7 • Freedom vs. always on • Facebook vs. LinkedIn
    • 10. Chaos / Privacy
    • 11. Paid / Owned / Earned» paid: as resources dwindle, need/creativity is escalating» owned: brands create better content to gain consumer attention» earned: public relations and community relations combine
    • 12. Digital is Dissolving Media BoundariesNo Channels
    • 13. Brands in Crisis
    • 14. BP Failed Before Oil Spilled» The CEO single-handedly polarized government, public and activists» No prior social media presence» A fake BP PR Twitter account made it tough to gain attention and point to their well-detailed side of the story» Flickr-based logo contests
    • 15. Facebook Hires Burson-Marsteller» Facebook goes after Google via global PR firm» Backfires because Google exposes them» Facebooks brand changes over night» Privacy becomes greater concern
    • 16. Netflix CEO Handles Business Shift» Reed Hastings, famed CEO sends out email and blog post about new brand Quickster to separate DVD mail service vs streaming» Good intentions lead to back lash even if it is the right business decision for Netflix
    • 17. Brands in Crisis» this is not an option
    • 18. tools/concepts to remember» transmedia storytelling» portable content, easily shared and consumed» curation tools» it’s not about every channel, just the right ones» sources/automagic sites are directional, not definitive
    • 19. search (paid and organic)
    • 20. concepts to remember» change is constant» consider new rules for new tools» test and learn» never throw out the golden rules» follow the consumer to follow the story