BOOST YOUR BUSINESS: (11) using inventory knowledge to close mo…


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BOOST YOUR BUSINESS: (11) using inventory knowledge to close mo…

  1. 1. Boost Your BusinessUsing Inventory Knowledge to Close More Deals
  2. 2. Check In What did you do? What happened? What results did you get? What do you think you’ll do next time? Refer to your Sales Planner from last workshop
  3. 3. Knowing Your Market InventoryWould you consideryourself an expertNeighborhood Specialist?
  4. 4.  What doSecuring Your you do to Position increase your knowledge of market inventory? How do you secure your position as Neighborhood Specialist?
  5. 5. Neighborhood SpecialistWho has an example of howknowing the market inventoryhelped you to be moreeffective? Success Story
  6. 6. Avoid Becoming a Taxi Driver Do a Buyer Consultation to uncover buyers’ needs and establish their motivation. Select properties from the market inventory that meet buyers’ needs and motivation.
  7. 7. Help Buyers and Sellers Take Action ile  Prove to buyers that real estate is alive and well. sF er’ uyB - Show properties that have been sold. - Encourage buyers to make offers – Any Offer is a Good Offer.  Set realistic expectations with sellers. ile r’s F - Show properties currently listed, and point out the long days on lle Se market. - Ask if they want their house to sit on the market as long as the others. - Convince sellers that they are lucky to get an offer - You will thank me today.
  8. 8. Call to Action Challenge yourself every day to learn more about our market inventory. Do the market inventory activities to increase your knowledge and secure your value to customers and clients. Focus your efforts by uncovering buyers’ needs and motivation. Use the Weichert brochure to help focus buyers. Log on to the Weichert Toolkit for additional resources. Use the buyer and seller files concepts to help buyers and sellers take action.
  9. 9. Boost Your BusinessWhy Should I List with You?
  10. 10. Check In What did you do? What happened? What results did you get? What do you think you’ll do next time? Refer to your Sales Planner from last workshop
  11. 11. How will Clients Differentiate You from other Agents?When your clients view YOU as being:  Unique  Knowledgeable  Thoughtful  Organized  Professional You gain their trust and build rapport.
  12. 12. It’s All About Positioning How you position the information changes everything: – “I’ve prepared a customized Marketing Plan for you.” – “Weichert Lead Network is an exclusive system we’ve developed . . .” – “Our Price trend Analysis is unique in the industry. Let me show you . . .” – “At Weichert we do things differently. Here’s something you may find of interest . . .”
  13. 13. What are the Objectives of the Weichert Listing Process? Get to know the client. Get to know the home. Explain the customized marketing plan for the home. Share the value of you and Weichert! Discuss and agree on price. Secure the listing.
  14. 14. Examining our Full Sales Process Why do we do Getting to Know You versus getting to the Listing agreement? Why do we do a customized Listing Presentation versus a canned proposal? Why do we do a Price Trend Analysis versus pulling comps or doing a “CMA?”
  15. 15. The Weichert Sales Process The value story for working with YOU and Weichert is embedded within our sales process. It allows you to: – Personally, emotionally connect with your client. – Build trust. – Demonstrate your value. – Show how you’re DIFFERENT. – Show why you’re worth it.
  16. 16. Getting to Know the SellerSellers Think: Do I like you? Do I trust you?Use the “Getting to Know You” tool to: Build rapport. Demonstrate your professionalism. Show sincere interest in the sellers. Learn about the sellers and their home. Separate yourself from the competition.
  17. 17. Share the Weichert Value StorySellers Think: Are you competent? Can you representme? Can you bring me buyers? Will you work hard forme?Use the Weichert Listing Presentation to: Demonstrate value. Show you have a plan. Express your commitment. Gain their confidence.
  18. 18. The Weichert Difference . . . Six Distinct Advantages
  19. 19. Using Value Statements Statements that contain a feature or fact. Statements that contain a benefit or meaning to the client. Use bridges to connect the two. – This means that . . . – What this means for you is . . . – With this you get . . . – Because of this, you will be able to . . .
  20. 20. Example Value Statement Feature Bridge BenefitWhen buyers This means . . . Our response time tosearch online, we interested buyers ishave the ability to minutes compared todirectly connect days, getting morethem to a Sales buyers previewingAssociate like me. your property sooner.
  21. 21. Value Statement Exercise Listing Presentation pages are needed to complete this exercise. Work in pairs. Review your assigned page of the Weichert Listing Presentation. Create 2 value statements (fact, bridge, and benefit) for that page. Think of past seller needs, preferences, or situations that will help to formulate the value statement. You will have 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you will your share value statements with the full group.
  22. 22. Close Throughout the Presentation “Is this a service you would want?” “Would you find this of value?” “Does this work for you?” “Is this helpful?”
  23. 23. Why is the Value Story so Critical? You distinguish yourself from the competition. (The competition WANTS to be the same so the only difference becomes commission.) Helps you overcome the brokerage fee issue. Seller knows what to expect because you share EVERYTHING you’ll do to sell their home. Sell Value FIRST. Defer the commission conversation so you can share the full Value Story.
  24. 24. Grow Your Skills and Business Call until you get 1 appointment – do this 3 times before next session. Goal is to secure 3 appointments. Attend 1 appointment – appointment can be a buyer consultation, listing appointment (1st or 2nd), FSBO, expired or price improvement. Come prepared to make 50 calls at next workshop. Preview homes and take notes on property features. Work an Open House. Follow up with all guests in 24 hours. Take online training – “Listing Presentation Dialogue” and “Tips and Effective Closing Techniques”.
  25. 25. “The path to success is totake massive, determinedaction.” - Anthony Robbins
  26. 26. Sales Planner1. Add the assignments we just reviewed to your new Sales Planner.2. Write down what you will commit to do by next session.3. You have five minutes to complete this.4. Ask me or a colleague for ideas and help. Distribute blank copies of Sales Planner
  27. 27. Quickest Way to Boost Your REMEMBER… Business Work an Open House every week. Aim for an Know the inventory! Appointment a Day! Get Price Improvements on listings 30+DOM. Make 100 iCalls every week. Work FSBO’s and Expireds every week. Follow up! 1=18% 2=34% 3=62% 4=78%
  28. 28. “Success is almost totally dependentupon drive and persistence. Theextra energy required to makeanother effort or try anotherapproach is the secret of winning.” – Denis Waitly Thank You