Day of the dead quest sheets


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Day of the dead quest sheets

  1. 1. Day of the Dead Quest SheetsNombres Cesar McKeeth y Raul Gudger Clase 26/10/2011 Periodo 1stDay of the Dead Quest SheetOctavio Paz writes the Mexican has no problems with death that he "... chases after it, mocks it, courtsit, hugs it, sleeps with it, it is his favorite plaything and his most lasting love." In your opinion, how isthis idea similar to or different from our "United States" view on death?It is different from the United States view on death because it is viewed as a long lasting love in Mexico,while it is viewed as a tragedy in the United States.When is All Saints Day and All Souls Day celebrated?November 1st is All Saints Day. November 2nd is All Souls Day Even though each region in Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead differently, what are things that theydo have in common.All regions go to the burial sites that their loved ones are. They also put up skeleton and otherdecorations around stores.November 1 is reserved to remember deceased infants and children.November 2 is reserved to remember deceased adults.From mid-October to the first week in November, what are some of the items markets and shops stockup on?Skeletons, macabre toys, intricate tissue paper cut-outs, elaborate wreaths, crosses decorated withpaper or silk flowers, candles, fresh seasonal flowers, and different foods.List 5 edible goodies enjoyed on Day of the Dead.Sugar skulls, chocolate, amaranth seeds, pan de muerto, and coffins made of surgar.What are some things that are used to create an altar?Empty boxes, table, white tablecloth, four candles, copal incense, water, salt, bread, washbasin, soap,towel, comb, hand crafted skeletons, and colorful tissue paper.What occurs on November 2?Family members gather in local cemeteries while stands are set up outside of the cemetery gates. Theycelebrate the passing of their loved ones.
  2. 2. How do Aztecs view death?They believed that it was the ultimate experience of life and it was a better option when struggling forsurvival.In Mixquic, what takes place to celebrate Day of the Dead?Merchants set up street stands, and people gather in cemeteries and place earthly delights in hopes toattract spirits. At 2 PM, everyone mourns for their deceased loved ones.Food Quest SheetNombre Cesar McKeeth Raul Gudger Clase 28/10/2011 Periodo 1st Who is la Catrina?A skeletal figure in a plumed hat and dress that signals the Day of the Dead.What are some foods that are made during Day of the Dead?Skull candies, pumpkin candies, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, and bread of the dead. What are the different types of Pan de Muertos or Bread of the Dead?They shape them into different humans, animals or rabbits. Sugar is sometimes sprinkled on the top ofthe bread.What do children love to eat?Sugar skulls, chocolates, and pumpkin candy.What is the purpose of having a glass of water at the altar?After the spirit journeys to the altar, it is tired and thirsty.In your own words, describe the cemeteries in Mexico? What do you like or dislike about the cemeterydecorations?The tombstones are repainted, musicians play songs to sing along to, arcs of flowers are created next tothe graves where pictures of the deceased are placed. I don’t like the fact that they repaint thetombstone, but like the candles.
  3. 3. Look at the two recipes along the right side of the page. Would you eat either one of these recipes?What do you like and do not like about each?I would eat the caramel flan and the chicken tamale filling. The caramel flan because it is just like cake,and the chicken tamale because chicken is chicken.Nombre Cesar McKeeth y Raul Gudger Clase Spanish 3 Periodo 1st Wordplay Quest SheetUnscramble the vocabulary word, then using the glossary, write the definition. 1. avlasecr calaveras 2. oelm mole 3. lpoalic copalli 4. otlae Atole 5. gatnielso angelitos 6. tacera Careta 7. acavler calavera 8. fodraen ofrenda 9. qfelnaieu alfenique 10. apn ed osl ermtuso pan de los muertos 11. zpamchtcleui CempazuchitlDefinitions 1. Calaveras – songs and poems about the festivals 2. Mole – A thick sauce 3. Copalli - a scented resin used to make incense 4. Atole - an ancient drink made from corn meal and water and flavored with various fruits 5. Angelitos – Little angels 6. Careta - Mask 7. Calavera- skull 8. Ofrenda – An offering; Altar
  4. 4. 9. Alfenique – a special confection used to fashion skulls, fruits and other figures 10. Pan de los muertos – Bread of the dead 11. Cempazuchitl – a yellow marigold; symbol of death Day of the Dead vs. HalloweenHalloween Same Day of the DeadCreated by the Celts Created by the AztecsBelieved that on October 31st, Believed that on November 1stspirits of the dead would come and 2nd their loved ones thatand cause havoc throughout the passed away would travel backcivilization. to their altar.People celebrate Halloween by People celebrate the Day of thegoing up to peoples doors Dead by going to localdressed up and asking for a trick cemeteries where they mournor treat. for their deceased loved one.One night Celebrate around the same Two days datesPeople set up Jack-O-Lanterns Set up decorations for the event People set up altars in theiraround their house for house for the remembrance ofdecoration. their dead loved ones. Attempts to mock something that is frightening