How To Pair Bluetooth Device with A Vehicle McKaig Chevrolet Buick

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  • 1. *GM BlueTooth Press and hold “Push To Talk” button for 2 seconds to use the following voice commands: ***(if your CTS is equipped with NAV, then you must say HANDS FREE prior to saying...) 1) BLUETOOTH – to connect with the following BlueTooth features a: PAIR - to pair a new phone, up to 5 b: LIST - list all paired/connected phones c: CHANGE PHONE – to change to another paired phone d: VOICE – to access cell phone's voice commands e: DELETE – to delete a paired phone 2) DIAL, DIGIT DIAL, REDIAL, or CALL – to make a phone call 3) STORE or DIGIT STORE – to store a phone number with a name tag (30 shared with OnStar and BlueTooth) 4) DIRECTORY – to list all stored name tags 5) DELETE – to delete a stored named tag 6) DELETE ALL NAME TAGS – to delete all stored name tags 7) THREE WAY CALL – then to push talk to link all three 8) MUTE CALL – to toggle between mute and cancel mute 9) TRANSFER CALL – from vehicle to cell phone, (*HANDS FREE, if CTS has NAV) 10) Press and hold Push To Talk for 2 seconds to transfer call from cell phone to vehicle (say *HANDS FREE, if CTS has NAV) 11) For Call Waiting use Push To Talk to toggle between calls and Phone on Hook to hang up on current call 12) For phone extensions or pass codes: while on active call press Push to Talk say DIAL or SEND NAME TAG then say the numbers or the name tag Go to and for more information.