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Communication Collaboration Mobility Presentation Stn 2 24 11

  1. 1. Welcome…
  2. 2. Introductions The • Rich Dobry • Executive Vice President Signature • Chris Vain • Vice President, Chief Technologist Group • Jose Leary Cisco • Strategic Video Specialist • Eric Washington (WebEx / • Systems Engineer • Kerry Shannon Tandberg) • Account Manager
  3. 3. Who is The Signature Group? SignatureCare Managed Services Turn Key Monitoring, Management & Remediation Help Desk Over-The-Wire Data Protection Real Time Disaster Avoidance/Recovery Business Program and Project Management Strategic PlanningFounded in 1997 as an IT Mergers and AcquisitionsConsulting, Strategy Proof of Concept, R&D and Standards Technology Process and Change ManagementManagement & Systems Regulatory ComplianceIntegration Firm Disaster Recovery Planning Design and Implementation Server Consolidation and VirtualizationThree Primary Practice Areas Storage Area Networks (SAN) Datacenter Design and Consolidation Enterprise Local and Wide Area Networks Small & Mid-Market Wireless Solutions & Networks Network Security and Audits Federal, State, Local Government Unified Communications / IP Telephony IP Call Centers Unified Messaging Corporate Messaging (Exchange) Global Directory Services (AD/NDS) Network operating system migrations Desktop migrations
  4. 4. What is STN? Signature Technology Network (STN) is a free membership based group* of Senior IT Executives in the DC Metro Area from a broad array of industries.Purpose: Benefits:• Social and Peer Networking • Learn from Success and Failures of Peers• Sharing of Best Practices • Understand Do’s, Don’ts and Best Practices• Discuss Technology & Business Solutions • Learn the Solutions that Your Peers are• Access to Independent Industry Experts Using to Improve the Performance of Their• Forum for Ongoing Education Business Dedicated Learning Sessions • Hear What Independent Experts Say About Panel Discussions Various Technologies and Business Roundtable Events Solutions Manufacturer and Vendor Presentations • Gain Direct Access to Manufacturers and Looking to the Future of IT Vendors to Understand their Long Term Road Maps and How These Will Help You Plan And Invest Wisely For The Future Signature Technology Network #STNTSG •NDA’s are required for all participating members
  5. 5. Poll the Audience… By Show of Hands… Need to be Have a smart connected to Use some Work from device the office form of Video Can and home or the (iPhone/iPod, productivity on a have worked road more BlackBerrry, tools more REGULAR from HOME? than 75% of Android, than just basis for the time? Windows when at the work? Mobile) office?
  6. 6. That was then…10 Years ago…Today…
  7. 7. Why?• Why do we need all these ways to communicate? - Isn’t Email good enough? - Why can’t it always be a voice conference call? - Video? Are you crazy? I haven’t gotten ready yet I can’t be on camera!• Research shows that: - 55% of communication is conveyed by the body language we use, i.e.; Use of eye contact, gestures and facial expressions - 38% is conveyed in the voice, its quality, use of tone and inflections - Only 7% is conveyed in the words we use
  8. 8. Communication Sanity Check I DID NOT STEAL HER MONEY
  9. 9. The Future of the Workspace “ People don’t want computers. They want to relate, share, communicate, enjoy, learn, discover, analyze and create. Gartner ”
  10. 10. Collaboration
  11. 11. Communication Tools
  12. 12. Connected
  13. 13. User Experience
  14. 14. Global IP Traffic GrowthExabytes 40% CAGRper Month 60 2008–2013 • Video communications traffic will increase tenfold from 2008–2013 50 90% • In 2013, 90% of traffic on networks will be 40 video 30 50% • By 2013, the equivalent of 10 billion DVD’s will cross networks every 20 month 10 Mobility Consumer Internet Business Internet Consumer IPTV/CATV 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Business IP WAN 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. Cisco TelePresenceCombined Endpoint Portfolio Immersive Multipurpose Personal Solution PlatformsDedicated rooms Optimum TelePresence Core Ciscowith optimized& TelePresence experiences in TelePresencecustomized experience for personal office, at components forenvironments for widest range of home for customized andface-to-face virtual group conference telecommuting vertical applicationscommunications& rooms& applications, andcollaboration environments while traveling 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. What is it About the Cius…? • Transparent mobility – WiFi; 3G/4G • Virtual desktop client for cloud computing • High-definition video and Cisco TelePresence™ solution interoperability • Anywhere access to Cisco collaboration applications • Android Marketplace applicationsTechnological fulfillment of the human affinity to tell its story – naturally, and with superior experience
  17. 17. The Scenario…• DC based Association• Working on our Annual Event Invite• Chris Vain – Membership Director• Rochelle Bratton – Graphics Design/Marketing• Rich Dobry – Publications Director
  18. 18. The Scenario…• So who are we?• Underwater Basket Weavers Association
  19. 19. Underwater Basket Weavers Association• "Underwater Basket Weaving“ - a process of making wicker baskets which involves dipping reeds or stalks of plants into (or, as the name suggests, under) water and allowing them to soak. This process will provide a very supple and flexible reed which can then be woven into a basket given enough time. The baskets then will be allowed to dry and provide a sturdy container
  20. 20. Underwater Basket Weavers Association• ALSO… - Used as a synonym for easy, impractical college courses - Newspaper Archive, May 9, 1960, Pasadena Independent trivia column "Son Herbert reports that underwater basket weaving is all the rage among college students who want to spare the brain cells." - Did you know… Underwater basket weaving is challenging, rewarding, and reported to be offered by at least two American universities: UCSD, and Saint Josephs College Indiana
  21. 21. Underwater Basket Weavers Association
  22. 22. Teleworker / Home Office• Environment - High Speed Internet - Fixed Home office - Very similar to Office Environment - Can be setup, tested and remain fairly static in configuration• Solution Elements - Laptop in Docked Mode or Desktop - Dedicated Home IP Phone OR Softphone - Laptop Video - Collaboration software on Laptop
  23. 23. Teleworker / Home Office PSTN FIOS / Cable Modem Gateway SaaS / Cloud Services Business ClassCollaboration Server(s)
  24. 24. Travel by Train• Environment - Office in a bag - Mobile - Setup and Tear down fast Don’t want to miss that stop!• Solution Elements - 3G Speed Internet - Laptop - Softphone / Cell Phone - Laptop Integrated Video - Collaboration software on Laptop
  25. 25. Travel by Train PSTN 3G Gateway SaaS / Cloud Services Business ClassCollaboration Server(s)
  26. 26. On the Road…• Environment - Beach / Park Bench - Extremely Mobile / Lightweight - Instant on/off• Solution Elements - 3G Speed Internet - Intelligent Mobile Device iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile - Collaboration software on iPhone/iPad/Android - Cell Phone
  27. 27. On the Road PSTN 3G Gateway SaaS / Cloud Services Business ClassCollaboration Server(s)
  28. 28. Follow me / Find Me• More powerful than Call Forward• Single Voicemail Box - Fails back to business voicemail if not answered• User Customizable• Works with any cell/home phone
  29. 29. Next Steps?Market acceptance of these solutions comes through useon a daily basis.If you are invited to a WebEx, join from youriPad/iPhone/Android/BB and tell everyone about it.Use Video when you have conf calls that support it (don’thide!)If you have an audio conferencecall, use screen sharing and do itfrom the road to show everyone itis real and here today!
  30. 30. Contact Information Rich Dobry Jose Leary Executive Vice President Strategic Video Specialist The Signature Group, Inc. Cisco 703-748-9531 / (408) 894-1384 / Chris Vain Eric Washington Vice President, Chief Technologist Systems Engineer The Signature Group, Inc. Cisco 703-748-9543 / Kerry Shannon Account Manager Cisco / WebEx (978) 936-0254/
  31. 31. The Signature GroupA Culture of Excellence The Signature Group, Inc. 8229 Boone Boulevard Suite 820 Vienna, Virginia 22182 Phone: 703.734.8720 / 800.953.3692 Fax: 703.734.9477 Email: