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Descobri que as empresas brasileiras que pagam imposto nos EUA podem usar esse dinheiro para Projetos sem fins lucrativos em Universidades e tem 100% de isenção fiscal. Que tal usar sabiamente o dinheiro educando pessoas sem recursos do Brasil, montei com Berkeley o primeiro de uma série de projetos de educação com esse incentivo.

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Brazil proposal final

  1. 1. kdmcBerkeley Knight Digital Media Center University of California, BerkeleyBrazil Center of Excellence for Digital MediaPrepared by: Lanita Pace-Hinton, Director, Knight Digital Media CenterMay 1, 2012Knight Digital Media Center ! University of California Berkeley !!
  2. 2. kdmcBerkeley Knight Digital Media Center University of California, BerkeleyBrazil Center of Excellencefor Digital MediaThe University of California Berkeley Knight Digital Media Center will develop a newgeneration of innovators in Brazil. These media professionals will have the vision,framework, digital tools and leadership skills to transform news and communicationorganizations and create new business opportunities to serve media markets.ComponentsThe program will have two interlocked components:• A Residency Fellowship for Brazilian Journalists at UC Berkeley.• A center of Excellence for Digital Media in Brazil.Residency FellowshipThe Residency Fellowship will serve as an incubator for media innovation, providingparticipants with the vision, framework, digital tools, methodology and leadership skillsto create high-impact, multimedia news and information services.Fellows will work with the UC Berkley Graduate School of Journalism’s internationallyrecognized faculty and kdmcBerkeley’s highly acclaimed digital media instructors.Fellows will have access to UC Berkeley’s relationships with Silicon Valley’s leadingtechnology companies and with top-tier news organizations around the world.The Residency Fellowship experience provides participants with an intensive immersionin the application and practice of innovative information and communication technology,and in the execution of advanced digital media storytelling. Fellows in the program willlearn how to leverage techniques from popular culture storytelling to communicateacross economic and social groups, using video, interactive visualization and the soapopera narrative format to reach a mass audience.Brazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media! 1
  3. 3. kdmcBerkeley Knight Digital Media Center University of California, BerkeleyStudents will live together and will produce projects in teams. The bonds of the residencywill provide powerful support for the journalists over their entire professional careers.The connections to faculty and to technology industry professionals will provide lifelongopportunities for the Fellows to continually adapt to the evolving digital mediaenvironment and lead innovation.Fellows will complete their training by returning to Brazil and performing a year of paidprofessional work. This component will focus on serving communities and extending theimpact of the Brazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media. Fellows will establishthemselves as thought leaders in Brazil’s digital media economy.Brazil Center of Excellence for Digital MediaThe Brazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media (BCEDM) is a hub for collaboration,media innovation and business incubation. The Center is a showcase for best practices,an outreach center for community storytelling and a support center for trainingeducators and students from other Brazilian journalism schools and news organizations.The Center will be a high profile, working digital media newsroom and lab for researchand development to produce high-impact, multi-platform content. The Center’s R&Dfunction and professional leadership will accelerate adoption of innovative tools andtechnologies throughout Brazil.To expand the reach of the Center into the communities of Brazil we will develop andimplement a model for bringing digital media training out into the communities. Thismodel will use a mobile lab and be staffed by Fellows from the program. The mobile labwill provide training to remote, under-reported and underserved communities. TheCenter will also incorporate the program ideas of Projecto Balcao do Comeircio Exteriorand Banco do Brazil to integrate small business enterprises and journalism.InteractionkdmcBerkeley Residency Fellows will collaborate with journalists at Center in Brazil toprovide digital media content to the Brazilian media. Faculty and staff will providepractical and programmatic support and collaborate on instructional design andBrazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media! 2
  4. 4. kdmcBerkeley Knight Digital Media Center University of California, Berkeleytechnology transfer. After completion of the Residency Fellowship, graduates will work tosupport the Center in Brazil. Fellows and staff at both sites will supportentrepreneurship and incubation of media businesses.The powerful synergy between the two centers will produce innovation-focusedjournalists who will make a significant impact on Brazilian media.SignificanceInformation drives economic development. A critical component for creating a vibrantinformation infrastructure is developing a cadre of digital journalists. Digital journalistsconvene and engage audiences around compelling information to help create collectivesolutions, directly connecting individuals across distance, time and social status.Knowing how to effectively tell stories using all forms of digital media will have anexplosive effect.The Internet is a proven vehicle for individual advancement and collective action.Continued economic growth and the widespread use of mobile technology puts Brazil atthe tipping point where digital communication is becoming a force for dramaticallyenlarging civic and economic participation. This newly engaged audience is a businessand social opportunity.Training programs in Brazil teach many of the digital tools used for content creation.kdmcBerkeley teaches a comprehensive framework for using the Internet as a newmedium and using content as a catalyst for building community and developing socialsolutions.About KDMCkdmcBerkeley is a professional development program housed at the School ofJournalism at UC Berkeley. It’s located in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to SiliconValley, the world’s premier incubator for technological change. kdmcBerkeley haspioneered using new technologies for news gathering and storytelling, resulting in thedevelopment of new media curriculum. Graduates of kdmcBerkeley programs have goneon to lead innovation in media companies internationally, including the BBC, NationalBrazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media! 3
  5. 5. kdmcBerkeley Knight Digital Media Center University of California, BerkeleyGeographic and NPR. kdmcBerkeley regularly partners with UC Berkeley professionalschools such as the School of Information, the Haas School of Business and theGoldman School of Public Policy and with the leading new media companies of SiliconValley.Brazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media Budget: Two Years Item Cost Fellowship program $1,600,000 Start-up and program management $2,500,000 Brazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media $1,200,000 Business development $700,000 Total (USD) $6,000,000Brazil Center of Excellence for Digital Media! 4