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Robinson crusoe jeopardy

Robinson crusoe jeopardy



Review game of the book Robinson Crusoe.

Review game of the book Robinson Crusoe.



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    Robinson crusoe jeopardy Robinson crusoe jeopardy Presentation Transcript

    • Hosted by Mrs. Chertos Jeopardy
    • 100 100 200 200 400 400 300 400 Characters Events Vocabulary The Island 300 300 300 200 400 200 100 500 500 500 500 100
    • Row 1, Col 1 Who is the narrator? Robinson Crusoe
    • 1,2 Where is Crusoe from? York, England
    • 1,3 What word means “regret for one’s past deeds”. repentance
    • 1,4 Where does Crusoe get most of his supplies from? Wrecked ships
    • 2,1 Who becomes Crusoe’s friend and servant on the island? Friday
    • 2,2 What does Crusoe promise during his first voyage? Return home if God saves him from the storm
    • 2,3 Another word for “to plant seeds” Sow
    • 2,4 How does Crusoe survive on the island? Builds shelter, grows corn, hunts for meat, has guns, raises goats, etc.
    • 3,1 He was shipwrecked and doomed to be eaten by the cannibals Spaniard
    • 3,2 What does the “evil hour” refer to? Date he left home and encountered hardship
    • 3,3 the quality of living carefully and avoiding extremes. moderation
    • 3,4 Why doesn’t Crusoe despair and give up? God has supplied his needs, he has been saved from death
    • 4,1 Takes Crusoe to Brazil and buys Xury. Portuguese Captain
    • 4,2 What does Crusoe do in Brazil? Own successful sugar and tobacco plantations
    • 4,3 To save from destruction Salvage
    • 4,4 How does Crusoe get off the island? He seizes an English ship and some of its crew
    • 5,1 He is with Crusoe on his escape from Sallee—slave boy Xury
    • 5,2 What is the purpose of Crusoe’s voyage back to Guinea? To buy slaves and take them back to Brazil
    • 5,3 Define Bower an outdoor retreat, often hidden by vegetation
    • 5,4 Once Crusoe leaves the island is he forever poor? How does he gain wealth? No, he gets money from his partner in the plantation business back in Brazil