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Trailer Anaylsis

  1. 1. A Night In The WoodsTrailer Analysis
  2. 2. A night in the woods is a horror movie produced by Vertigo Films. Thetrailer shows three young people (early 20), Brody, his girlfriend Kerry andher friend Leo, who go to the English countryside for a camping trip. Theycamp in Dartmoors Wistmans Woods, which has an infamous pastrelated to Witches. But after the first few hours there is tension and trustissues because of everyones past. It all comes to a head when paranormalthings start to happen around them. There is something going on in thewoods, and their night turns from adventure to terror, It is all caught onvideo tape and shown in a documented format similar to the ‘’Blair WitchProject’’
  3. 3. A night in the woods Codes and conventionsThe Night in The Woods trailer shows thetell tale signs of a horror movie by Same age as the characters Primary target audience –incorporating the key codes and male/ female 15-30conventions for a horror into their trailer, Certificate 15 15 or 18 Certificationthese are shown through out the trailerallowing the audience to identify the Three main characters Three act narrative structuregenre easily. These conventions are very (relationship between two)important in a production trailer as they Set on the Dartmoor mores/ Isolated locationallow the audience to identify the genre woodsquickly and easily as well as Characters are killed Murdersunderstanding the narrative for the film allin a short space of time. Female victim (Kerry) Female victim Paranormal/ haunting Distorted diegetic sound Typical vulnerable sounds female victim Characters scream Screams The ‘’huntsman’’ Paranormal being/ force present All three aged young 20s Young/teenage characters All of the film is filmed on a Use of hand-held camera hand held cameras gives the audience the Camping in an identification of realism isolated location, group of young A lot of point of view shots Point of view shots adults are use (handheld camera) You see blood on one of the Uses of Gratifications characters face
  4. 4. The ‘’Night In The Woods’’ trailer runs for 2 minuets and 18seconds which is similar to a lot off horror trailers which runbetween the 2 – 2.25 mark. Although some of the better ratedtrailers such as the Blair Witch project and Paranormal Activity4 run for less than two minuets giving less information aboutthe narrative but creating more fear and a larger code ofenigma by condensing quick short clips of the film into a smallspace of time. There are a total of 79 different shots used inthe trailer which are all filmed from a hand held camera. Theproducers use different transitions through out the trailer to editthe shots together. Fade to black is used a lot to as wells asthe camera distortion/ cutting out.
  5. 5. The Night In The Woods trailer shows three young adults aged in theirearly 20s Brody, Kerry (his girlfriend) and her cousin Leo, who go to theEnglish countryside for a camping trip on the Dartmoor mores we areintroduced to them at the start of the trailer where it is made clear thatBrody and Kerry are in a relationship as we see them kiss. They pick upKerrys cousin Leo and set of on their trip. From the start it seems thatall three characters have a positive relationship and get on fine untilBrody notices that Kerry is acting strangely to the point the her and Leobecome very close. These type characters are stereotypical for a horrormovie as there is often seen a young group with a relationship betweentwo of the members and at least one female who is targeted as a victim.The character group is very similar to the Blair Witch Project wherethree student film makers disappear in a forest while investigating aparanormal legend the Blair Witch. Blair Witch A Night In The Woods Very similar characters/ cast
  6. 6. Both diegetic and non diegetic sounds are used throughout thetrailer to inform and connect to the viewer. It is very important touse both diegetic and non diegetic sounds in a trailer as it allowsthe audience to connect, experience and understand the narrativein more detail. But it is important to get the right balance of diegeticand non-diegetic otherwise the trailer losses its quality for exampleif there is one continues background song through the whole trailer.In the trailer ‘’A Night In The woods’’ all the expected horror soundsare used such as screams, shouts, crying, distraught anddisturbing noises etc. are heard. These are all diegetic soundswhich are very important as they represent and emphasise thehorror of the film. I thought that the film trailer used the specialsound and camera effect of the camera static very cleverly as itbrakes the trailer up creating a stop start effect so that the viewercan not focus on the paranormal force etc. it also gives the ideathat there is something messing with the camera causing it tohappen. At the start of trailer there is a non-diegetic upbeatacoustic folk song to set the idea up of a group adventure . At 40seconds the song changes to a darker acoustic song which setsthe expectations for the horror which is to follow creating suspensefor the audience.
  7. 7. From the trailer the audience learns that three young adultsBrody, Leo and Kerry are traveling to the Dartmoor mores for acamping trip, but as there trip goes on tensions arise betweenall three and Leo and Kerry become very close to the pointwhere they sleep together . The trio visit a local pub wherethey are waned about the woods but still they continue and setup camp in Whitmans woods where they are hunted by the socalled ‘’huntsman’’. From the trailer the audience can gather alot of information about the narrative of the story whichcompares very similar to the Blair Witch Project. The trailercreates a code of enigma because the audience do not find outwhat happens to the three main characters for example we areleft with questions such as ‘’do they survive?’’ and ‘’what ishunting them?’’
  8. 8. Through out the trailer the audience are informed about the back story and other extrainformation through intertitles. These intertitles all use the same theme and font -white writing black background to create a constant professional look throughout thetrailer. Some of the titles have special effects edited over them similar to the static onthe camera keeping the idea that there is a paranormal force at work. The same theme and style is used through out the trailer
  9. 9. From the start to the finish the trailer builds the expectations and theidea that the film is a classic horror/ ghost story where a group of youngadults enter the woods and are killed by some sort of paranormalcreature. Even though we do not see any one be murdered in the trailerit sets up our expectations that they will all die at some point in the film.Any one who has seen The Blair Witch Project will see a definiterebalance between the two films/trailers. Very similar shots of the female character being chased both used in the Blair witch and night in the woods trailers
  10. 10. The whole film is filmed on a hand held camera giving theviewer a sense of realism. A variety of shots are usedthroughout the trailer although all of them are viewed as a pointof view shot as it is filmed through a hand held camera. This isnot the first film to be filmed through a hand held camera, manyother successful films have such as Cloverfeild, GraveEncounters and The Blair Witch Project. These are some of examples of the kind of shots used in the trailer all of them are point of view shots from the person with the camera
  11. 11. Vertigo Films has used a film trailer to promote its feature film ‘’A NightIn The Woods’’ because it is the most effective way of engaging thetarget audiences and getting them from their couches and into thecinema. Although they also use other marketing strategies such asposters and articles in the magazine. I personally think that this trailertargets the audience well as the audience can relate to the charactersand their back stories, although the film is very similar to the BlairWitch Project which was extremely successful and would be hard totop meaning some of the target audience wouldn’t go because theywould feel like they may have already seen the film.A well made film trailer now a days is an extremely successfulpromotional device as this is what makes the majority of public wantgo to the cinema. If the audience can engage with the trailer and itmakes an emotionally link they are much more likely to go for exampleif a comedy trailer makes you laugh it will make you want to go andsee the movie.