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  • 1. Global Warming What can we do to help?
  • 2. Categories for Global Warming
    • Greenhouse Gases
    • Walking or Biking
    • Trees
    • Saving Energy
    • Recycling
  • 3. Greenhouse Gases
    • Greenhouse gases are the reason there is Global Warming which is trapping heat in the earth.
    • Greenhouse gases are caused naturally and covers the earth in a blanket, and is caused by Carbon Dioxide and fossil fuels.
    • See The Rest Of The Slideshow To See How You can Help Stop Greenhouse Gases.
  • 4. Walking or Biking
    • Fossil fuel gives off the most greenhouse gases.
    • To use less fossil fuel, you should walk or bike to school or work if you are near.
    • It will save energy and cause less greenhouse gases which will be a big help to stop Global Warming.
  • 5. Trees
    • Trees help by absorbing 26 pounds of greenhouse gases each year.
    • They can give us oxygen to help us breathe.
    • One tree produces enough oxygen for a family of four!
  • 6. Saving Energy
      • -In order to stop global warming we have to save energy. Fossil fuel energy produces greenhouse gases. They are the main thing we need to stop. Shut things that use fossil fuel off after you are done using it as much as possible. It will help!
  • 7. Recycling
    • Recycling helps save energy and lets you reuse things over and over again.
    • To make things fun you can make crafts out of the stuff you recycle.
    • So please recycle cans, bottles, and aluminum to save energy.
    • You can recycle old products that use a lot of energy to get energy efficient things. So Please Save Energy.
  • 8. Thanks for Viewing this Slideshow Now you know what you can do to help stop Global Warming Bibliography: