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Thiruv aimozhi

  1. 1. à: ઽ§ àºÞªÖ¨Û̵Ӫ۸ ©ì©Úì¸Þª½¦ ¨ª: ઽ§ à £¥½¡ß©ßë ¨ª: ઽ§ à ìߪßÒ¹ßë ¨ª: ઽ§ à ¨Ô¡ªß¨Û§ ª¸ß½§£Ô¡ßë ¨ª: ઽ§ ધߧԮ¦Þ£¥½¡ß© ë§×¨Û§Üì ª¸ß½§£Ô¡ßë ¨ª: ઽ§ ஦ޣ¥½¡ß© à ½®§ß¨Û§½§£Ô¡ ë§×¨Û§Üì ª¸ß½§£Ô¡ßë ¨ª: ઽ§ àºÞªÖ¨Û̵Ӫ۸ §Ô®Üë ©ßÇ¡ß ½£®¡ ஦ޣ¥½¡ß© à ¨ßìßë¦ ë§×¨Û§Üì ª¸ß½§£Ô¡ßë ¨ª: ¨ßßëÓì §Ô®Üë ©Ú쩨ۧªÛ §ÔÌ®ßëÛ¼ªß¯Ó à ó½¸ß©Ó ª¥ §ëßìÓ©ÚÉ (May 2000)This version of 4000 Dhivya Prabhandham is prepared by a group of Sri Vaishnavas from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth for easy recitation of the verses. Use of this MS-Word document for commercial purposes is prohibited. For more information contact Sri Venkat at
  2. 2. à:ઽ§ ìߪßȹßë ¨ª:¨ªÛªß¯Û®ßìÙ §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ªì٨̰ۧÓë §ÔÌ®ßëÛ¼ªß¯Ó§ÔÌ®ßëÛ¼ªß¯Ó§Ü §²Óë²Ý¡°Ü¨ß§Ê²Ó¡°Ü óÌ°Ó£Û¼£ëÛ§Ç:©¡Ü§ßªÛ̧ªÛ ®Ó³Ü® ¹èÒ ½ªß§²ªÛ*µìÙ®ßì٧ܧ§ªÛ à³¥½¡ß© ®ß¢Ü¡ÜªëªÛ*µ¡³Üì ³ß½¡ß© ¨Ô´§Üµªß¡ªªÛ*¨ªßªÛë¸ªÛ §Üì߮ӥ ½®§ µß¡ìªÛ.*¼®¦Þ©ß¡Ü¡°Üö£Û®ìʲӡ°Ü óÌ°Ó£Û¼£ëÛ§Ç:§ÔÌ®Ï§Ô ¨ß¼¥²ÝÑªÛ ¼§²ÝÁÌáìÙ ù²ÝѪÛ,*ªÌ®Ó²Óë ®¦Þ¼©ßÌ ¨¼²ÝѪÛ,* - ó̪¾±¡°Üó¨Û§ß§Ô ¼£ëÛ§ß²Ý ó¥ÕëÓ¿¦½ë* ù©Ú¼©ßÏǪÛ,£Ô¨Û§ÔëßëÛ ¼¨¤Ý½£! ¼§°Ó¨ÛÇ.¼£ß¥Û¾¥ ¨ªÛ©Ó¡°Ü óÌ°Ó£Û¼£ëÛ§Ç:ª²§Ü§ßÍªÛ ®ßëßÍªÛ ®¦ÞÁÌáìÙ ½©ÆªÛ*õ²§Ü§ß¾ìëÜß §Ô¾±¤Ý½£²Ý,* - §²§Ü§ßͪÛúÇªÛ Á¾±®Ó½²Ý* ù¨Û¾§ £¥½¡ß©²Ý,©ß§¢Ü¡°Ü ëßʾ¥ë ©±ÛÑ.ó²¨Û§ß¯Û®ß²Ý óÌ°Ó£Û¼£ëÛ§ÜÇ:úëÛ¨Û§¼©Ì¢Ü¡×ìÙ§Ü§Ô õìߪßңʲӧ²Ý*®ßëÛ¨Û§ªìÙ©Ú ©ß§ªÛ ®¦¢ÜÁ¡Ô²Ý½±²Ý,* - ôëÛ¨Û§¼©Ì¤Ý£Û£×ìßìÙ £¥½¡ß©²Ý ¼£¨Û§ªÓ¯Û ½®§ªÛ§ìÓ¡ÜÁªÛ,*½©ìߧ ÷°Ü°ªÛ ¼©±.©¥Û¥ìÙ óÌ°Ó£Û¼£ëÛ§¾®:®ß²Ý§Ô¡ÏªÛ ½£ß¿ ª§Ô°ì¢Ü¡ìÙ ®¦ÞÉ¡¯Û½ªÜ*ô²Ý± §ªÓ¯Ûª¾±¡°Ü ôëÓìʪÛ,* - ö²Ý±Ê§Ü§ßëÛ £¥½¡ß©²Ý, ¼ªßëÛªÛ©ßÜ ®°ì٧ܧ*õ§§Ü§ßëÛ õìßÊÒ£²Ý.ªÓ¡Ü¡ ®Ó¾±¨Ô¿ËªÛ ¼ªëÛëßªÛ ÷ëÓìÙ¨Ô¿ËªÛ,*§¡Ü¡ ¼¨±ÓËªÛ §¾¥ëß¡Ô§Ü - ¼§ß¡Ü¡ÔëͪÛ,*ø¯Û®Ó¿²ËªÛ ®ß¯Û®Ó¿²ËªÛ ýÇªÛ Á̾¡ëìÙ½¡ß²Ý,*ë߯ӲӾ£ ½®§§Ü §ÔëÜ. §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 2 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  3. 3. ¨ªÛªß¯Û®ßìÙ óÌ°Ó£Û¼£ëÛ§ §ÔÌ®ßëÛ¼ªß¯Ó.§ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ.ʧÜ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2791:##÷ëìÙ®± ÷ëìÙ¨ªÛ* ÷¾¥ë®²Ý ù®²Ý? ó®²Ý*ªëìÙ®± ª§Ô¨ªÛ* óÌ°Ó²²Ý ù®²Ý? ó®²Ý*óëìÙ®ÑªÛ óªììÙ¡°Ü* ó§Ô©§Ô ù®²Ý? ó®²Ý*ÇëìÑ Ã¥ì¥Õ* ¼§ßϼ§Ï ù²Ýª²½²! (2) 1.1.12792:ª²²¡ªª±* ªìÙªÓ¾£ ùϧ̪Û*ª²Ò¦ìÙ ®°®Ó²Ý,* ¼©ß±Ó˦ìÙ ®¾®ëӍ²Ý*õ²Ò¦ìÙ, ÊϨªÛ,* ù§ÔìÙ¨Ô¡¯Û ¡¯Ó®ÓÒªÛ*õ²²Ó²Ý ù²²Ý÷ëÓìÙ,* ªÓÁ¨¾ì ëӍ½². 1.1.22793:õ²Ç ÷¾¥ë²ÓÇ* ù²¨Ô¿² óìÓ뮲Ý*¨Ô²Ó¾¥ ®Óê۩Ӿ¥* ÷̮Ӳ²Ý ó̮Ӳ²Ý*ɍ¼²ßŠɍ²²Ý,* ü¯Ó®Ó²Ý, ©ì¨Û§* ó¨Û¨Ò¾¥ üÌ®¿²* ¨Æ¡Ô²ªÛ ¨ß½ª.* 1.1.32794:¨ßª®²Ý õ®²Ý÷®²Ý,* ó®°Üõ®°Ü ÷®¼°®°Ü*§ßª®ìÙ õ®ìÙ÷®ìÙ,* óÇ®ÓÇ ÎǼ®Ç*®Öª¾®ëÓ¾®Ë¾®,* 󾮨ªÛ, §×¢Ü¡¾®*ôª¾®, ôë¾® ôëÛ* ¨Ô²Ý± ó®½ì.* 1.1.42795:ó®ì®ìÙ §ª§ªÇ* ó±Ó®±Ó ®¾¡®¾¡*ó®ì®ìÙ õ¾±ë®ìÙ* ù²ó¥Õ ó¾¥®ìÙ¡°Ü*ó®ì®ìÙ õ¾±ë®ìÙ* Á¾±®ÓìÙ; õ¾±ë®ìÙ*ó®ì®ìÙ ®Ó§Ô®¯Ó* ó¾¥ë ¨Ô²Ý±²½ì. 1.1.52796:¨Ô²Ý±²ìÙ ǫ̃ۧ²ìÙ* ¡Ô¥¨Û§²ìÙ §ÔìÓ¨Û§²ìÙ*¨Ô²Ý±ÓìÙ ǫ̃ۧԍìÙ* ¡Ô¥¨Û§ÔìÙ §ÔìӨۧԍìÙ*ù²ÝѼªßìÙ õëÜ®Ó²ìÙ* ù²¨Ô¿² ®ìÓë®ìÙ*ù²ÝѼªßìÙ õëÜ¼®ßÅ* ¨Ô²Ý±¼®¨Û§Ô¥½ì. 1.1.62797:§Ô¥®ÓÃªÛ ¼©ìÓ®°Ó* ¨×ì٨ԍªÛ õ¾®ªÓ¾£*©¥ìÙ¼©ßÌ°Ü ÊϮǪßëÛ* ó¾® ó¾®¼§ßѪÛ*÷¥ÜªÓ¾£ ÷ëӼ첡Ü* ¡ì¨Û¼§¢ÜÁªÛ ©ì¨ÛÇ°²Ý*Ã¥ìÙªÓÁ Ã̧ÔË°Ü* õ¾®ë¦Þ¥ Ãì½². 1.1.72798:Ãìì±Ó ®Ì¨Ô¿* ®Ó¦ÞʧÜ ÊϮǪÛ* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 3 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  4. 4. ®ì²Ý ʧßë¾®* ÊÏǦޥ ©ì©ì²Ý*É켪ßÌ Êê²Ý¼±ìÓ§ÜÇ* óªììÙ¡ÜÁ ó±Ó®Óë¨ÛÇ*óì²ë²Ý ù²* ÷¡¯Ó§Ü§¾ª§Ü Ç°½². 1.1.82799:÷°¼²²ÓÜ ÷°²Ýó®²Ý* ÷Ì®ªÛõ®ÜÎÌΡ°Ü*÷°²¼²²ÓÜ, ó®²Ý* óÌ®ªÓ®Ü®ÌΡ°Ü*÷°¼²² õ¼²²* õ¾®Á¦ ʾ¥¾ªëӍÜ*÷°²ÝõÌ §¾¡¾ª¼ëßÅ* ü¯Ó®Ó²Ý ©ì¨Û½§. 1.1.92800:©ì¨Û§§¦Þ ©ì¾®Ë°Ü* ¨×ìÙ¼§ßÑªÛ ©ì¨ÛÇ°²Ý*©ì¨Û§ ó¦Þ¥ªÓ¼§²:* ¨Ô®ÓÃªÛ ¼©ß¯Ó®±*¡ì¨Û§ £ÔÓ¥¨Û¼§ßѪÛ* õ¥¨Û§Ô¡¯Û ¼©ß̰ܼ§ßѪÛ*¡ì¨Û¼§¢ÜÁªÛ ©ì¨ÛÇ°²Ý:* õ¾®Ë¦Þ¥ ¡ì½². 1.1.102801:##¡ì®ÓÃªÛ ¼©ìÓ®°Ó* ¨×ì٨ԍ ªÓ¾®ªÓ¾£*®ì²®ÓÜ §Ô±Ü®Ó* ó°Ó¼©ß¾±ëßëÛ ¨Ô²Ý±*©ì²Ýó¥Õ ½ªÜ* ÁÌáìÙ£Û £¥½¡ß©¤Ý¼£ßÜ*¨ÔìÜ ¨Ô¾± ôëÓì§ÜÇ* õ¾®©§ÜÇªÛ ®Ö½¥. (2) 1.1.11õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2802:##®ÖÅªÓ²Ý Ê±Û±ÎªÛ* ®Öż£ëÛÇ* ÷ªÛÊëÓìÙ®Öž¥ ëß²Ó¾¥* ®Öż£ëÛªÛªÓ½². (2) 1.2.12803:ªÓ²Ý²Ó²Ý ¨Ô¿ëӍ* ª²ÝÒëÓìÙ ô¡Ü¾¡¡°Ü*ù²ÝÒ ªÓ¥§ÜÇ* õ¾± ÷²ÝÒªÓ²Ý ¨×½ì. 1.2.22804:¨×ìÙ黂 ù²Ý±Ó¾®* ½®ìÙʧÜ ªßëÛ§ÜÇ* õ¾±½£ìÙªÓ²Ý ÷ëÓìÙ¡ÜÁ* ó§²Ý ½¨ìÙ¨Ô¾± ëӍܽ. 1.2.32805:õÜÇªÛ ÷°Ü°ÇªÛ* óÜÇ ó®ÒÌ*ùÜ¿ëÓÜ ó¨Û¨ªÛ* ɍÜÁ©±Û±±Û½±. 1.2.42806:ó±Û±Ç©±Û¼±²ÓÜ* ÷±Û±Ç ®ÖÅ÷ëÓìÙ*¼£±Û±Ç ª²ÝұӍÜ* ó±Û±Ó¾± ©±Û½±. 1.2.52807:©±Û±Ó²Ý ö£ÒªÛ* Ê±Û±ÎªÛ ¨Ô²Ý±²²Ý*©±Û±Ó¿ëßëÛ* ó®²Ý Ê±Û±Ó ¥¢Ü½¡. 1.2.62808:ó¥¢Ü¼¡¯ÓÜ £ªÛ©§ÜÇ* ó¥¢Ü¡¡Ü¡¦ÞÅ* ö£²Ýó¥¢Ü¼¡¯ÓÜ óþ¼§²ÝÑ* ó¥¢ÜÁ¡ ÷°Ü½°. 1.2.7 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 4 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  5. 5. 2809:÷°Ü°ªÛ ÷¾ì ¼£ëÜ* ÷°Ü° õªÛÊê²Ý¾±ËªÛ*÷°Ü°Ó¡Ü ¼¡Å§ÜÇ* õ¾± Ë°Ü°Ó¼ßŢܽ¡. 1.2.82810:üŢܡ ó®²Ý¡¦Þ* üÅ¢Ü¡ÍªÛ ùÜßªÛ*®ÓŪÛ; ©Ó²ÝÒªÛ ô¡Ü¾¡* ®ÓŪۼ©ßÏÇ ù¦Þ½¦. 1.2.92811:ù¦Þ¼©Ì¡ÜÁ ó¨Û¨§ÜÇ* ü¦Þ¼©ßÌ°Ü ö±Ó*®¦ÞÉ¡¯Û ¨ß즲Ý* §Ô¦Þ¡¯Ü ½£½ì. (2) 1.2.102812:##½£ì٧ܧ¥§Ü* ¼§²ÝÁÌ áìÙ£Û £¥½¡ß©²Ý ¼£ßÜ*£×ì٧ܼ§ß¾¥ ôëÓì§ÜÇ* ýì٧ܧõ©Ú©§Ü½§. (2) 1.2.11Êê²ÝçªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2813:##©§ÜǾ¥ ó¥Õë®ìÙ¡ÜÁ ù°Ó뮲Ý;* ©Ó±ì١СÜÁ óìÓë®Ó§Ü§¡²Ý* ªìÙª¡°Ü®Ó̪ÛɪÛ* ¨ªÛ ó̪ۼ©±Ü ó¥Õ¡°Ü*ª§ÜÇÑ ¡¾¥¼®¦Þ¼¦ëÛ* ¡°®Ó²ÓÜ ÷ì®Ó¾¥ëß©Ú É¦ÞÅ*ù§Ü§Ô±ªÛ, ÷ìÓ½èÅ* õ¿¦¨Û§Ǫ̂ÛÇ ú¢Ü¡Ôë ù°Ó½®! (2) 1.3.12814:ù°Ó®ÌªÛ õëÜ®Ó²²Ý* ¨Ô¿®ìªÛ ©Ó© ©Ó±©Ú©ßëÛ*ü°Ó®Ì ÊϨªÛ* ʧÓ ½¡¥Õ ®Ö¥ßªÛ*¼§°Ó§ÌªÛ ¨Ô¿¾ªëÇ ü¯Ó®Ó²Ý* ÊϮǪÛ; õ¾±½ëß²Ý*ó°Ó®ÌªÛ óÌ°Ó½èÅ* ó¡§Ü§²²Ý ɱ§Ü§²²Ý 󾪨۽§. 1.3.22815:ó¾ªÎ¾¥ 󱼨±Ó* ÊÏ®ÇªÛ ÷ëìÙ®± ÷ëìÙ¨ÛÇ*ó¾ªÎ¾¥ ʧÜ¼¡¥Ü* ü¥Õ®Ó¾¥ë± ¨ÔªÇ®ßªÛ*ó¾ªÎ¾¥ óªì̪Û* ëß¾®ËªÛ ëß®ÌªÛ §ßèªÛ*ó¾ªÎ¾¥ ¨ß즲Ý* ªß¾ë¾ë ó±Ó©®ìÙ ëß½ì? 1.3.32816:ëßÌªÛ ýìÙ ¨Ô¿¾ªë¼²²* ó±Ó®ìÓë ùªÛ¼©Ìªß²Ý*ëßÌªÛ ýìÙ ¨Ô¿¾ªë¼²²* ó±Ó¼®°Óë ùªÛ¼©Ìªß²Ý*½©ÌªÛ ýìßëÓìªÛ* ©Ó±© ÷¾¥ë ùªÛ¼©Ìªß²Ý*½©ÌªÛ ýìÙ ÷̮ʪÛ* ÷°§ÔÜ¿ õ§ÔÜ¿ ©Ó¦¡Ü½¡. 1.3.42817:©Ó¦¡Ü¡± óÑ®¾¡£Û £ªëʪÛ* ¼¨±ÓË°Ü°Ó ÷¾ì§Ü§*¡¦¡Ü¡Ñ ¨§Ü§²²Ý* ó¨Û§ªÓÜ ô§ÔëªÛ ©¡®²Ý*®¦¡ÜÁ¾¥§Ü §®¼¨±Ó* ®¯Ó¨Ô²ÝÑ É±¼¨±Ó ¡¿°¡¥ÛÅ*÷¦¡ÜÁªÓ²Ý, ©¾£ë±!* ó®Ò¾¥ ÷¦ìÙÎ ¼¡ß¦ÞŦìÙ¨Û½§. 1.3.52818: §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 5 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  6. 6. ÷¦ìÙ¨ÛǦìÙ¨Û§Ô¯Ó¨Û§¡²ÝÑ* ÷ëìÙ¨ÛÇÌ®Óë¨Û§ õ¨Û¨Ô¿¾ª*÷¦ìÙ¨ÛǦìÙ¨ÛǦìÓͪÛ* õ¾±¨Ô¿ ÷¦ìÙ®ìÓÇ ÷ëÓìÙ¡ß°Ü!*÷¦ìÙ¨ÛǦìÙ¨ÛǾì§ÜǾì§ÜÇ* óìÓëë²ì¼²²ÝÒªÛ õ®¾ì*÷¦ìÙ¨ÛǦìÙ¨ÛǾì§ÜǾì§ÜÇ* õ¾±¤ÝÃªÓ²Ý ª²©Ú©¥Û¥¼§ß²Ý½±. 1.3.62819:ü²Ý¼±²©Ú©¼®²* ó±Ó®ÌªÛ ®¥Õ®ÓÒ°Ü ¨Ô²Ý±*¨²Ý¼±¯ÓÜ ¨ß즲Ý* ¨ß²ÝÊ¡²Ý óì¼²²ÝÒªÛ õ®¾ì*ü²Ý±ÈªÛ ª²§ÜǾ®§ÜÇ* ÷°Ü°ÓÈªÛ õÌ©¾£ óѧÜÇ*¨²Ý¼±² ¨¤Ý¼£ëÛ®Ç* ó®²Ó¾¥ ¨ªÛʾ¥ ¨ß½°. 1.3.72820:¨ßÐªÛ ¨Ô²Ý±Å¨ª©¯¾ª* ó¢Ü¼¡ßÅ ®Ó¿²Ë¥½²ªßЪÛ* ýìÙ Á¾±®ÓÜ¿;* ª²²¡ ªª±¡Ü ¡Ï®Ó*¨ßðªÛ ¨ªÛ §ÔÌξ¥ ó¥Õ¡°Ü§ªÛ* ¨¢Ü¡¯Ü ®¦¢Ü¡Ô*ªßÐªÛ ýìÓ¥§Ü§ÔͪÛ* ®¦¡Ü¼¡ßÅ ªß°Ü®Ç ®½ª. 1.3.82821:®§Ü§²²Ý §ÔìÓÉìªÛ ùìӧܧ®²Ý,* õ¥ªÛ¼©±§Ü Ǩۧԧܧ§ÜÇ* ùÏ §Ô¾£Ê¡²Ý ©¾¥§Ü§* ¨Ü͍¡ÊªÛ §ßÒªÛɍ©Ú©¥* ©Ó²ÝÒªÛ §²Ýҍ¡§Ü§ÔÜ* ó¡§Ü§²²Ý §ß½²¼£ß©ÚɡԍÜ* õ¾®©Ó²ÝÒªÛ ®ëÓ±ÛÑ°;* õ¾® ó®²Ý Çë¡Ü½¡. 1.3.92822:Çë¡Ü¡Ñ ª§ÔëӍܨÜ ¤ß²§ÜÇ°Ü* óªì¾ì§Ü Çë¡ÜÁªÛ*ªë¡ÜÁ¾¥ ªß¾ë¡°Ü* ®ß²ÓÍªÛ ¼©ìÓë² ®Ü²Ý*Éë±Û¡Ì ¨Ô±§Ü§²²Ý;* ¼©Ì¨ÔªÛ ¡¥¨Û§ ¨Ü ó¥Õ©Ú½©ßÇ*óëì٩کӍ²Ý ó±ÛÑ®²Ý* §Ïή²Ý ®¦¢ÜÁ®²Ý óªìÙ¨Û½§. 1.3.102823:##óªììÙ¡°Ü ¼§ßϼ§¯* 󿍡¥Ü ¡¾¥¨Û§®²Ý §²Ý¿²*óªìÙ¼©ß¯ÓÜ ®°¢ÜÁÌáìÙ£Û* £¥½¡ß©²Ý Á±Û½±®Ü¡°Ü*óªìÙþ® ôëÓì§ÜÇ* ó®±Û±ÓÒ°Ü õ¾® ©§ÜÇªÛ ®ÜßìÙ*óªì½ìßÅ ÷ëìٮӍܼ£²ÝÑ* óÑ®ìÙ§ªÛ ©Ó±®Óë¤Ý £Ô¾±½ë. (2) 1.3.11¨ß²Ý¡ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2824:##ó¤Ý£Ô¾±ë ª¥¨ßìßëÛ! *ó°Óë§Ü§ßëÛ!* ¨×˪ۨԲÝó¤Ý£Ô¾±ë ½£®ÍªßëÛ* ô®ß ù²ÝÑ ù²¡Ü¡Ì°Ó*¼®¤Ý£Ô¾±©ÚÉ°ÜÐëì٧ܧßìÙ¡ÜÁ* ù²Ý ®ÓÅÇï§ßëÛ£Û ¼£²Ý±¡Ü¡ßÜ*®²Ý£Ô¾±ëÓÜ ó®²Ý¾®¡Ü¡ÔÜ* ¾®©ÚÉ¦Þ¥ßÜ ù²Ý¼£ëÛ˽ªß? (2) 1.4.12825:ù²Ý¼£ëÛë §ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ* ¼©ÌªßèìÙ¡ÜÁ ù²ÝÇï§ßëÛ*ù²Ý¼£ëÛËªÛ ÷¾ì§Ü§¡Ü¡ßÜ?* õ²¡ÜÁëӍܡ߰Ü! ¨×ìÓ½ì?*ʲݼ£ëÛ§ ÊϮӿ²ëߍÜ* §ÔÌ®¥Õ¡Ü¡×¯Û¡Ü Á±Û½±®Ü*ʲݼ£ëÛë Êëß½§²Ý* ó¡Ü®Ç½®ß? ®Ó§ÔëÓ²½ª. 1.4.22826: §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 6 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  7. 7. ®Ó§ÔëÓèÜ ¼©¾¥ª¦¡ÜÁªÛ* ¼ª²Ý²¾¥ë ó²Ý²¢Ü¡ß°Ü!*ª§ÔëÓèÜ Á±°ÜªßæëÛ* ÷¡Ôì¨Û§ ¡°Ü®±ÛÁ*ª§ÔëÓ½²Ý ®Ü®Ó¿²½ë* ªß°ß½§ß? ù²ÝÑ ü̧ܧÔ*ª§Ô¼ëÜßªÛ ÷°Ü¡¢Ü¡Ô* ªë¢ÜÁªßÜ ù²Ý²Ö½ì! 1.4.32827:ù²Ý¨×ìÙ¾ª ¡¦Þ¥Õì¢Ü¡Ô* õǧ¡ßÇ ù²Ýè§*ù²Ý¨× ʡԍܮ¦Þ¦±ÛÁ* ù²Ý¼£ßÓëß²Ý ¼£ßÜͽ¡½è?*¨²Ý²ÖìÙ¾ª õ²Óë®ìÙ ¡¦Þ* §¢Ü¡ß¼§²ÝÑ üÌ®ßëÛ£Û¼£ßÜ*¨²Ý²Ö ª¡²Ý±ÓÜ¡ß°Ü!* ¨ÜÁ§Ô½ìß? ¨Ü¡×½ìß? 1.4.42828:¨Ü¡Ô§Ü§ß²Ý ¡ß§Ü§°Ó¡ÜÁªÛ* ¼©ß¯Ó½ÏªÛ; ®Ó¿²½ë±Û½¡*¨Ü¡§Ü§ß²Ý ô¡ß½§ß?* ¨ß즿²¡Ü ¡¦Þ¥¡Ü¡ßÜ*ªÜÁ¨×ìÙ©Ú É²±Û©¥©Ú¾©* õ¾ì½§ìÙ®¦Þ £ÔÑÁ̽¡!*ªÜÁ¨×ìÙ¡Ü ¡¦Þ½¦±ÛÁ ýìÙ* ®ß£¡¢Ü¼¡ß¦ÞÅ óÌ°ß½ë. 1.4.52829:ó̰ߧ ¨×ìÌ°Ó* ó®ìß®Ó Ç®ìßʲÝ*óÌ°ß¯Ó©Ú É¥Û¡¥®ÖìÙ* ó®ìÙ®Ö§Ô üÌ¨ß°Ü ù²ÝÑ*ó̰߯ÓëªÛªß¿²¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¥¡Ü¡ßÜ õǼ£ßÜÓ*óÌ°Ü ô¯Ó ®ìÓ®¦Þ½¥!* ëßÊªÛ ù²Ý ©Ó¾¯§Ü½§ß½ª? 1.4.62830:ù²Ý©Ó¾¯¡Ü ½¡ß©Ú©Ç½©ß©Ú* ©²Ó®ß¾¥ öì١ԲݱÇ*ù²Ý©Ó¾¯½ë ¨Ô¿²¨Û§Ì°Ó* ó̰ߧ §Ô̪ߍßìÙ¡ÜÁ*ù²Ý©Ó¾¯§Ü§ß°Ü §ÔÌ®¥ÕëÓ²Ý* §¡®ÓÒ¡ÜÁ ù²ÝÑ üÌ®ßëÛ£Û¼£ßÜ*ù²Ý©Ó¾¯¡ÜÁªÛ? õ°¢Ü¡Ô°Ó½ë!* ë߲ݮ°ì٧ܧ ¨×뿍½ë? 1.4.72831:¨×뿍½ë? £ÔÑé®ßëÛ!* ¼¨ÅªßßìÙ¡ÜÁ ù²ÝÇï§ßëÛ*½¨ß¼ë²Ç È®¼²Ý²,* È®ß½§ ǫ̃ۼ§ß¯Ó¨Û§ßëÛ*£ß뼍ßÅ ª¦Óªß¾ª* §°ìÙ¨Û½§²Ý ¨ß²Ý* õ²Ó ÷²Ç®ßë¡ÔÜ õ²Ý²¥Õ£ÔÜ* ¾®©Ú©ß¾ì ¨ß¥ß½ë. 1.4.82832:¨ß¥ß§ ªì٨ߥÕ* ¨ß°Ü½§ßÑªÛ ¨ßì¦²Ý §²Ý*®ß¥ß§ ªì¥Õ¡Ü¡×¯Û* ¾®¡Ü¡½® ®Á¡Ü¡Ô²ÝÑ*®Ö¥ß¥Õ ®Ö±Û±Ó̧ܧÜ* ®Ó¿²ë±Û±Ç ù²Ý ¼£ëÛ®½§ß?*ø¥ßÅ ©²Ó®ß¥ßëÛ!* ÷¾ì§Ü§×ìßëÛ ù²Ç¥½. 1.4.92833:÷¥ß¯Ó©Ú ©Ó±©ÚÉ®ÖÅ* ÷ëÓìÙʧß ʱÛѪßëÛ*¡¥ß¯Ó ¨×ìÙ½§ß±Û±Ó* ó§Ò°Ü½° ¡¦Þ®°ÌªÛ*ó¥ß¯Ó óªÛªß¿²¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¥¡Ü¡ßÜ õǼ£ßÜÓ*®Ó¥Ü ô¯Ó ª¥¼¨¤Ý½£!* ®Ó¿²½ëß ü²Ý窰½®. 1.4.102834:##ó°®Óë²Ý± úύ¡§ÜÇ* ó®ìÙ¼©Ìªß²Ý ¡¦Þ¦¿²*®°®ëÜã¯Û ®¦ÞÁÌáìÙ£Û* £¥½¡ß©²Ý ®ßëÛ¨ÛǾì§Ü§* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 7 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  8. 8. ó°®Óë²Ý± ó¨Û§ß§Ô* ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü õ©Ú©§Ü§Ô²Ý*®°Î¾ìëßÜ ¼©±ßÁªÛ* ®ß½è¢ÜÁ ¼©Ì®°½ª. (2) 1.4.11û¨Û§ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2835:##®°½®¯Û ÷¡Ô²Ý ʧßë* ®ß½èìÙ õ¾±¾ë* ó̮ӿ²½ë²Ý¡°½®¯Û ¼®¦Þ¼¦ëÛ ¼§ßÅΦޥ* ¡°Ü®ß! ù²Ý©²Ý; ©Ó²Ý¿²ËªÛ*§°½®¯Û ÊÑ®Ü ©Ó²Ý¿²¡Ü¡ßëÛ* ®Üß²Ý ôëìÙ §¿®èëÛ*õ°½®½±ÏªÛ §Ï®Óë* ù¨Û§ßëÛ! ù²Ý©²Ý ¨Ô¿²¨ÛǾ¨¨Û½§. (2) 1.5.12836:¨Ô¿²¨ÛÇ¿²¨ÛÇ ÷°Ü¡¾ì¨ÛÇÌ¡Ô,* õ¾ª½ëßìÙ ©ÌªÛ ʲӮ̪Û*É¿²¨Û§ ¡¦Þ¦Ó ¨×ì٣ߨۧªÛ* ɾ¡½ëßÅ ú¨Û§Ô ®¦¢Ü¡ÔèÜ*¨Ô¿²¨Û§ ùÜß©Ú ¼©ßÌ°Ü¡¥ÛÁªÛ* ®Ó§Ü§ßëÛ, ʧÓÜ £Ô¾§ëß½ª*ª²¤Ý¼£ëÛ ¤ß²§ÜÇ ÷²Ý¼©Ì¾ª* ªßã潧ß? ªß½ëß½²! 1.5.22837:ªß½ëß²Ó¡°ßëÛ ¨¾¥¡±Û±* ®ß½èìÙ ©ÌªÛ ʲӮ̪Û*¨×½ëß²Ó¡¿°©Ú ©¾¥ ù²ÝÑ* ¨Ô¾±¨ß²Ý Ê¡¿²©Ú ©¾¥§Ü§®²Ý*½£½ëß²Ý ùÜß ó±ÓΡÜÁªÛ;* §Ô¾£¡°Ü ùÜßªÛ §ÔÌ®¥Õëߍܧ߽ëß²Ý* ùÜß ù®ÜÎëÓìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ §ß½ëß²Ý* §ß½èìÙ ÷Ì®½². 1.5.32838:§ß½è Ì̽® §²Ó®Ó§Ü§ßëÛ§Ü* §²Ý²ÓÜ Êê®ì٠ʧßë*®ß½èìÙ ©ÌªÛ ʲӮ̪Û* ª±ÛÑªÛ ª±ÛÑªÛ Ê±ÛѪßëÛ*§ß½èìÙ ¼©Ì¨×ìÙ §²ÝҰܽ° ½§ß±Û±Ó* ó§Ò°Ü ¡¦Þ®°ÌªÛ*®ß½èìÙ ¼©Ìªß²Ý ªßªßë²Ý* ¾®Á¨Û§²Ý ùªÛ ¼©Ìªß½². 1.5.42839:ªß½²ëÛ ½¨ß¡Ü¡Ô ª¥®ß¿°* ªßìÙ®ÓÜ ¼¡ß¦Þ¥ßëÛ! ªß§®ß!*á½² £Ô¾§ë ÷¦Þ¾¥®ÓÜ* ¨Ô±§Ü§ÔÜ ¼§±Ó§Ü§ßëÛ! ½¡ß®Ó¨Û§ß!*®ßèìÙ ½£ß§Ô ª¦Ó®¦Þæ!* ªÇã§ß! ¨× óÌ°ßëÛ* ÷²Ý½§½² ªÌªÛ §Ô̩کߧªÛ* ½£Ì ªßÑ ®Ó¿²½ë½². 1.5.52840:®Ó¿²½ë²Ý ®Ó¿²§×ìÙ ªÌ¨Û§ßèëÛ!* ®Ó¦Þ½æìÙ §¿®ß! ½¡£®ß!*ª¿²½£ìÙ ôëìÙ ÁÊ§½!* ªß ªßë½²! ªß§®ß!*£Ô¿²½ëëÛ §¾¯ë ªìߪì¢Ü¡°Ü* úÏªÛ ùëÛ§ßëÛ! £ÔìÖ§ìß!*õ¿²ëßëÛ! õ¿²ë ¼©ëìÓèëÛ!* ù²ÝÑ ¾¨®²Ý ó¥Õ½ë½². 1.5.62841:ó¥Õ½ë²Ý £Ô±Óë ¤ß²§Ü§²Ý;* ó±Ó§Ü ôìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ óìÓëß¿²*¡¥Õ½£ìÙ §¦Þ¦¨Û ǯßëÛ¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¦Ó É¿²¨Û§ß²Ý §²Ý¿²¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦¿²*¼£¥ÕëßìÙ ô¡Ü¾¡ ó¥Õëß¾ì£Û* ½£ìÙ§Ü §×ìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ §Ô̪߿*ó¥Õ½ë²Ý ¡ß¦Þ©ß²Ý ó±ÛÑ®²Ý;* õ§²ÓÜ ªÓ¡Ü½¡ßìÙ óëìÙΦ޽¥? 1.5.72842:÷¦Þ¥ßëÛ ÷½¡¯Û ʲݲ½ª;* ÷ªÓ¯Û¨ÛÇ ªß¾ëëßÜ É¡ÜÁ*÷¦Þ¥ßëÛ ¼®¦Þ¼¦ëÛ £ÔѪ²Ó£ìÙ* ÷®¿ ô¡Ü¾¡ ¨Ô¿¼ëëÛ§Ô* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 8 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  9. 9. ª¦Þ§ß²Ý ½£ßì٨ۧǦ޽¥ÍªÛ* ª²Ó£ìÙ¡Ü ¡ßÁªÛ ©ÖìÙ* £Ô±ÓǪÛó¦Þ¥ß ®¦Þ¦ªÛ ª¦Þ¡¾ìë* ¼¨ëÛëâ¦Þ ªÌ¨Û½§ß? ªß½ëß½²! 1.5.82843:ªß½ëßªÛ §×뮍®¿©Ú* ¼©Ìªß ®¤Ý£©Ú ½©ëÛ®Öë*Çïë Á¯®ÓëßëÛ ®Ó¥©Ú©ßÜ óʧß* óÊÇ ¼£ëÛ§Ô¥Û¥ªßë²Ý* ®ß½èìÙ §²Ó§Ü§¿®²Ý* ªìß°Ü ¾ª¨Û§²Ý ù®ÜÎëÓìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ§ß½ëß²Ý* §ªÛªß²Ý ù²Ý²ªÛªß²Ý* óªÛªß Êêì٧ܧԾë£Û £ßìÙ¨Û½§. 1.5.92844:£ßìÙ¨Û§ õÌ®Ü ®Ó¿²¡ÐªÛ £ìÓ§ÜÇ* ªßë©Ú ©±Û±Ñ§ÜÇ*§×ìÙ¨ÛÇ §²Ý©ßÜ ª²ªÛ¾®¡Ü¡§Ü* §Ô̧ܧÔ, ®ÖÅ §Ô̧ÜǮ߲Ý*ôìÙ¨Û§ ¤ß²£Û Ã¥ìß¡Ô* ó¡ªÛ ¡×¯Û½ªÜ ó°®Ó±¨ÛÇ*½¨ìÙ¨Û§ ÷Ì®ßëÛ óÌ®ßÁªÛ* õ®±Û±Ó²Ý ÷ëÓìßªÛ ¼¨Åªß½! 1.5.102845:##ªß½! ªßë©Ú ¼©Ìªß½²!* ªß ªßë½²! ù²Ý¼±²ÝÑ*ªß½ ú±Ó ªßÌ°ßÜ* ª²ÝÒ ÁÌáìÙ£Û £¥½¡ß©²Ý*©ß½ëÛ §ªÓ¯ìÙ õ¾£¡ßììÙ* ©§Ü§ìÙ ©ìÎªÛ ôëÓì§Ü§Ô²Ý©ß½* ©¥Û¥ õ¾®©§ÜǪÛ* ®ÜßìÙ¡ÜÁ õÜ¿ ©ìÓ®½§. 1.5.11ôçªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2846:##©ìÓ®§ÔÜ ö£¿²©Ú ©ß¥Õ* ®Óì ½ª®ÍÑ®ÖìÙ!*©ÓìÓ®¾¡ëÓ²Ý±Ó ¨²Ý²ÖìÙÇïëÛ* ÉìÓ®ÇÎªÛ É¾¡ é½®. (2) 1.6.12847:ªÇ®ßìÙ §¦Þ¦¨Û ǯßëß²Ý* Êǽ®§ ʧÜ®Ò¡ÜÁ*ùǽ®? ù²Ý©¦Ó? ù²ÝèÇ* óǽ® ô¥Û¼£ëÛË ªÖ½¥. 1.6.22848:öÅªÛ ùÅ©ÚÉªÛ õÜ ö£²Ý* ªßÅ ®Ó¥ßÇ ù²Ý ª²½²*©ßÅªÛ ù²Ý ¨ß ó®²Ý ©ß¥Ü* ôÅªÛ ù²Ý ó¢Ü¡ªÛ ó¦¢Ü½¡. 1.6.32849:ó¦¢Ü¼¡² ôÅªÛ ù²¢Ü¡ªÛ* ®¦¢Ü¡Ô ®¯Ó©ÅªÛ ö£²Ý*©Ó¦¢Ü¡Ô óªììÙ ©Ó§±ÛѪÛ* Á¦¢Ü¼¡Ï ¼¡ß°Ü¾¡ëÓè½². 1.6.42850:¼¡ß°Ü¾¡ ¼¡ß°ß¾ª õß§ß²Ý* ù°Ü¡Ü õìß¡ªÛ õß§ß²Ý*®Ó°Ü¾¡ ®Ó°Ü°ß¾ª ®Ó̪۩Ó* ÷°Ü¡¨Û§ßìÙ¡ÜÁ ýìʽ§. 1.6.52851:óʧªÛ óªì¡¥Û ¡×¨Û§* ¨ÔªÓì٠åìÙ ô¯Ó ¼¨ÅªßÜ*óʧÔÍªÛ ô±Û± õ²Óë²Ý* ¨ÔªÓìÙ§Ô¾ì ¨×°Ü¡¥ß½². 1.6.62852:¨×°Ü¡¥Üã¯Û õ¢Ü¾¡¡Ü½¡ß²Ý* ½§ß°Ü¡°Ü §¿Ç¦Ó ¼£ë߲ۧÝ*§ß°Ü¡°Ü §¿ëÓÜ ®¦¢Ü¡Ô* ¨ß°Ü ¡¥¿¡Ü ¡¯ÓªÓ½².1.6.7 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 9 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  10. 10. 2853:¡¯ÓªÓ²Ý ¼§ß¦Þ¥ØìÙ¡°Ü ¡¯Ó§ÜÇ* ¼§ßÏªÓ²Ý ó®¿²§Ü ¼§ßϧߍÜ*®¯Ó¨Ô²Ý± ®Ü®Ó¿² ªß°Ü®Ó§ÜÇ* ó¯Ó®Ó²Ý±Ó ô¡Ü¡ªÛ §Ì½ª. 1.6.82854:§Ìª ®ÌªÛ ©ëèë* §Ô̪¡°ßìÙ §²Ó¡Ü ½¡°Ü®²Ý*¼©Ì¾ª ÷¾¥ë ©ÓìßèìÙ* õ̾ª ®Ó¿²¡¥Õ®ß½ì. 1.6.92855:¡¥Õ®ßìÙ §×ë ®Ó¿²¡°Ü* ¼¨ß¥ÕëßÌªÛ ó°¾®¡Ü¡¦Þ*¼¡ß¥Õëß óÅÉ°Ü ÷ëì٧ܧ* ®¥Õ®ßìÙ ªß§®è½ì. 1.6.102856:##ªß§®²Ý ©ßÜ £¥½¡ß©²Ý* §×§®ªÛ õ²Ý±Ó ÷¾ì§Ü§*ú§ªÓÜ ôëÓì§ÜÇ õ©Ú©§ÜÇ* ý§®ÜßìÙ ©Ó±®ß½ì. 1.6.11ú¯ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2857:##©Ó±®Ó§ÜÇëì±* ¤ß²§ÜǰܨԲÝÑ,*DZ®Ó£ÛÃ¥ìÙ®Ó°¡Ü¡ªÛ* §¿©Ú¼©ëÛ®ßìÙ,*󱮿²* ô¯Ó©Ú©¾¥ ó¨Û§¦¿²,*ª±®Ó¾ëëӲݱÓ* ª²§ÜǾ®©Ú©ß½ì. 1.7.12858:¾®©Ú©ßªÛªÌ¨Û§ßªÛ* ó¥Õë¾ì, ®Ü®Ó¿²§Ü*ǩکߪÛɍ¿²¨ÛǪÛ* Ǥݣ¡Ü¼¡ß¥ß²Ý ó®²Ý,*ù©Ú©ßÜë®ìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ* ¨§Ü§ßÍëìÙ¨ÛÇëìÙ¨ÛÇ,*ó©Ú©ß®²Ý ù¢Ü¡°Ü* ôëì١ܼ¡ßϨ۽§. 1.7.22859:ôëìÙ ¼¡ßϨۧßëÛ* ó®ìßÜ É¾¥Ë¦ÞƪÛ,*ªßë©Ú©Óìß¿²* ù²Ý ªß¦Ó¡Ü¡£Û½£ß§Ô¾ë,*Çïë óʾ§* ©Ì¡Ô©Ú©Ì¡Ô,* ù²Ýªßë©Ú©Ó±®Ó *ªëìٮѧܽ§½². 1.7.32860:ªëìÙ®± ù²Ýª²§Ü½§* ª²Ý²Óè²Ý §²Ý¿²,*÷ëìÙ®Ó¿²½ë§ÌªÛ* ü¦ÞÃ¥ìÙ¡Ü¡±Û¾±¾ë,*óëìÙ®ÓÜ óªììÙ¡°Ü* ô§Ô¡Ü¼¡ßϨ۾§,* ù²Ýõ¾£®Ó¿²* ù²Ý¼£ßÜÓ ë߲ݮÓŽ®½². 1.7.42861:®ÓŽ®½è? ù²Ý®Ó°¡Ü¾¡* ù²Ýè®Ó¾ë,*¨Å½®®¨ÛÇ* ÷ëÛë¡Ü¼¡ß°Ü¡Ô²Ý± ¨ß§¿²,*¼§ßŽ®¼£ëÛÇ* õ°®ßëÛ£Û£ÔëìÙ ¡¦Þ¦ÓÒ°Ü,*®Ó¥½®¼£ëÛÇ* ®Ó¯Ó¡ÜÁªÛ©Óìß¿²½ë. 1.7.52862:©Óìß²Ý* ¼©Ì¨Ô¢Ü¡×¦Þ¥®²Ý,* ©Ó²ÝÒªÛ®ÓìßëÛ* ªìÙ§ÜǯßëÛ ½®ëۨۧʥÕë²Ý,* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 10 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  11. 11. ªìߪìªÛ ùëÛ§ ªß뮲Ý,* ù²ÝÒ°Üõìß¼²²ÓÜ* ©Ó²Ý¿²ëß¼²ß¥ÛŽ®½è? 1.7.62863:ëß¼²ß¥Û¥Õ¼ë²ÝÒ°Ü* õ̧ÜÇ®¼ª²Ý±Ó²Ý,*§ß¼²ß¥Û¥Õ®¨ÛÇ* ù²Ý§²Ó ¼¨¤Ý¾£ ®¤Ý£Ô§ÜÇ,*ø¼²ß¥Û¥Õ¨Ô²ÝÑ* ù²Ý ÷ëÓìӍܡ¨ÛÇ,* õëÜ®ß¼²ß¥ÛŽªß?* õ²Ó ù²Ý¿² ¼¨¡Ô¯Û¡Ü¡½®. 1.7.72864:ù²Ý¿²¼¨¡Ô¯Û¡Ü¡ÔͪÛ* ù²ÝÒ¾¥ëÛ¨Ü¼²¤Ý£¨Û§²Ý¿²,* ó¡Ü®Ó¡Ü¡§Ü §ßÒªÛ*¡ÔÜß²Ý õ²Ó,*©Ó²Ý¿²¼¨ÅªÛ©¿¦§Ü ½§ß°Ü* ª¡Ô¯Û©Öž¥,*ʲݿ² óªììÙ* ÊÏʧß½². 1.7.82865:óªììÙÊÏʧÜ* ô¡Ôë ô§Ô¾ë,*óªììÙ¡ÜÁ óʧרۧ* ôëì١ܼ¡ßϨ۾§,*óªì®ÏªÛ©§Ü* Ç¯ß®Ó ù²Ýè®Ó,*óªìì٧ܧϮӱÛÑ* õ²Ó ó¡Í½ªß. 1.7.92866:ó¡ÓÜ ó¡ÍªÛ* óÆ¡ÔÜ óÆÁªÛ,*É¡ÍªÛ óìÓë²Ý* ¼©ßÌ®Ü²Ý ùªÛªß²Ý,*¨Ô¡ìÓÜ ó®²Ý É¡¯Û* ©ß¥Õ ùëÛ¿°©Ú©ÓªÛ,*©¡ÍªÛ õìΪÛ* ©¥Õ¨ÛÇ Á¾¥¨Û½§. 1.7.102867:##Á¾¥¨ÛÇ®¦ÞŦÞƪÛ* ǯßëÛÊ¥Õëß¿²,*󾥨ۧ ¼§²ÝÁÌáìÙ£Û* £¥½¡ß©²Ý,*ªÓ¾¥¨Û§ ¼£ßÜ¼§ß¾¥* ôëÓì§ÜÇ õ©Ú©§ÜÇ,*÷¾¥¨ÛÇ ½¨ßëÛ¡¿°* ýŮӡÜÁ½ª. 1.7.11ù¥Û¥ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2868:##ýŪÛɰܽ°±Ó,* ãÅªÛ §¦Þ ǯßëÛ,*¨×ŨԲݱ¾®,* ôÅªÛ óªÛªß½². 1.8.12869:óªÛªßèëÛ©Ú©Ó²ÝÒªÛ,* ùªÛªß¦ÞÉªÛ ôè²Ý,*¼®ªÛªß®ßëۡצޥ,* ¼£ªÛªß ¡¦Þ¦½². 1.8.22870:¡¦Þæ®ß¼²²ÝѪÛ,* ª¦Þ½æìÙ®Ó¦Þ½æìÙ¡ÜÁ,*§¦ÞæìÙ½®¢Ü¡¥,* ®Ó¦Þ½æìÙ¼®±Û©½². 1.8.32871:¼®±Û¾©¼ë߲ݼ±Å§ÜÇ,* ü±Û¡ªÓ²Ý±Ó½ë,*¨Ô±ÛÁªÛ óªÛªß²Ý£×ìÙ,* ¡±Û©²Ý¾®¡½. 1.8.4 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 11 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  12. 12. 2872:¾®¡ÍªÛ¼®¦Þ¼¦ëÛ,* ¾¡¡¨ÛǦޥ߲Ý,*¼©ßëÛ¡®ßÇ,* ù²Ý ¼ªëÛ¡¨Û§ß½². 1.8.52873:¡¨ÛÇ ù²Ýè®Ó,* ¨¢Ü¼¡ß°Ü¨ß§²Ý,*ɍ¢Ü¼¡ß°ÜªßæëÛ,* ¨ÔªÛ¼¡ß¦Þ¥ß½². 1.8.62874:¼¡ß¦Þ¥ß²Ý ú¯Û®Ó¾¥,* ÷¦Þ¥ß²Ý ú¯Û¾®ëªÛ,*§¦Þ§ßªªÛ¼£ëÛÇ,* ù²Ý ù¦Þ§ßèè½². 1.8.72875:ôèèèë²Ý,* ªÖ½è½¥²ÊªÛ;*§ßèè¼²²Ý²ÓÜ,* §ßè룢ܽ¡. 1.8.82876:£¢ÜÁ£¡Ü¡ìªÛ,* ó¢Ü¾¡ëӍܼ¡ß¦Þ¥ß²Ý,*ù¢ÜÁªÛ§ßèë,* ¨¢Ü¡°Ü¨ß§½². 1.8.92877:¨ß§²Ý¤ß¢Ü¼¡ß°Ü* ©ß§²Ý, ù²Ý²ªÛªß²Ý,*ý§ªÛ½©ßÜ¡Ô°ìÙ,* ½®§¨×ì½². 1.8.102878:##¨×ìÙɾ쮦ަ²Ý,* £×ìÙ£Û£¥½¡ß©²Ý,*½¨ìÙ§ßëÓì§ÜÇ,* ýìÙ§Ó¾®½ë. 1.8.11ü²Ý©§ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2879:##õ¾®ËªÛ ó¾®ËªÛ ÷¾®ËªÛ* õ®ÌªÛ ó®ÌªÛ ÷®ÌªÛ,*ë¾®ËªÛ ë®ÌªÛ §²ÝҰܽ°* ô¡ÔËªÛ ô¡Ü¡ÔËªÛ ¡ß¡ÜÁªÛ,*ó¾®Ë°Ü §²ÓʧÜ ùªÛªß²Ý* ¡¦Þ¦©Óìß²Ý ù²Ý²Ê§ªÛ,*þ®ë²Ý §Ô̮Ӳݪ氲Ý* ù²ÝÒ¾¥£Û ã¯Í°ß½². 1.9.12880:㯍ܩ©®Üß²Ý* ¼§ßÜ¿ë¢Ü¡ß§ÜÇ ÷¾¡*½¡¯Ü ü²Ýç¡ÔëÓ¥¨Û§* ½¡£®²Ý ù²ÝÒ¾¥ë óªÛªß²Ý,*½®¯ªÌ©Ú¾©¼ëߣԧܧ߲Ý* ®Ó¦Þ¦®ìÙ¡ÜÁ ù¦Þ¦ìÓëß²Ý*ô¯¼¨Å¢Ü¡¥Ü½£ì٨߲ۧÝ* ó®¼²²Ý²Ì¡Óß½². 1.9.22881:óÌ¡Óß뼩̤ݣ×ìÙ* óªììÙ¡°ß§ÔʧÜ®²Ý,*¡Ì¡Ôë ¨× ¨²Ý ½ª²Ó ®¦Þ¦²Ý* ¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ¦²Ý,*¼©ßÌ£Ô¾±©ÚÉ°ÜЮ¨Û½§ÑªÛ* 骡°ßìÙ§²Ó¡Ü½¡°Ü®²Ý,*üÌ¡§ÔëÓ²Ý Ã¾®§¨Û§Ô¥ÛÅ* ü¯Ó®Ó²Ý ù²Ý½èÅ ÷¥½². 1.9.32882:÷¥²ªì١ܡߧÜª¡°ÓìÙ* §Ô̪¡°Ü ª¦Þª¡°Ü ôëìÙª¥ª¡°Ü,* ù²Ý±Ó®ìÙÊê®ìÙ ôЪÛ* ÷¡ÊªÛ Êê²Ý½±,* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 12 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  13. 13. ÷¥²¾®¼ëß¡Ü¡®ÓϢܡÔ* ôÓ¿£Û ½£ìÙ¨Û§®²Ý ùªÛªß²Ý,*¡¥ÜªÓ ªßë©Ú ¼©Ìªß²Ý* ¡¦Þ¦²Ý ù²Ý ü¡Ü¡¿ ëß½². 1.9.42883:ü¡Ü¡¿ ¾®§ÜÇ Ê¿©Ú©ßÜ ÷¦Þ¼¦²ÝÑ* §¨Û§Ô¥®ß¢Ü¡Ô,*¼£¡Ü¡¤Ý¼£¡ ó²Ý±®°Ü©ßÜ* ÷ëÓìÙ¼£¡Î¦Þ¥¼©Ìªß²Ý,*¨¡Ü¡©Óìß½èÅ óëÒªÛ *õ¨Û§ÔìÒªÛ Ê§ß¡,*ü¡Ü¡ÎªÛ ½§ß±Û±Óë ö£²Ý* ªßë²Ý ù²Ý¼²¤Ý£ÔÒ°ß½². 1.9.52884:ªßë²Ý ù²Ý¼²¤Ý£ÔÒ°Ü°ß²Ý* ª±ÛѪÛë®ìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ óǽ®,*¡ßëÊªÛ £×®ÒªÛ §ß½²* ¡ßÍªÛ ùìÓËªÛ ó®½²,*½£ë²Ý ó¦Óë²Ýë®ìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ* £Ô¨Û¾§¡ÜÁªÛ ½¡ß£ìªÜ²Ý,*Çïë²Ý Çë¡Ü¡²Ý ªë¡Ü¡²Ý* ù²ÝÒ¾¥§Ü ½§ß°Ó¿¦ëß½². 1.9.62885:½§ß°Ó¿¦½ªÍªÛ ¨²Ýªßì٩ӲݽªÍªÛ* Ã¥ìÙÊ¥Õ½ªÍªÛ,*§ß°Ó¿¦½ªÍªÛ É¿²¨Û§* §¦Þ¦¨Ûǯß˾¥ëªÛªß²Ý*½¡°Ó¿¦¼ëß²ÝѪӍߧ߲Ý* ¡Ô°ÌªÛ Ã¥ìÙ ü°Ó Êêì٧ܧÔ,*¨ß°¿¦¨Û¼§ß²ÝÑªÛ ó¡ß²Ý* ù²ÝÒ¾¥¨ß®ÓÒ°ß½². 1.9.72886:¨ß®ÓÒ°Ü ¨Ô²ÝÑ ªÌªÛ* ¤ß²¡Ü ¡¿¡Ð¡Ü ¼¡ÜßªÛ,*ô®ÓËªÛ ô¡Ü¾¡ËªÛ§ß½²* ó¯Ó©Ú½©ßÅ ó°Ó©Ú©®²Ý §ß½²,*é®ÓëÜ¨ßÜ§¥¨Û½§ß°²Ý* ¼©ßÌ©¾¥ ô¯Ó £¢Ü½¡¨ÛǪÛ,*¡ß®Ó ¨²Ý ½ª²Ó¡Ü ¡ª¡Ü¡¦Þ¦²Ý* ù²Ý¡¦Þ¦ÓÒ°ß½². 1.9.82887:¡ª¡Ü¡¦Þ¦²Ý ù²Ý¡¦Þ¦ÓÒ°Ü°ß²Ý* ¡ß¦Þ©²Ý ó®²Ý¡¦Þ¡°ß½,*󪍢ܡ°ß¡®Ó¯Ó¡ÜÁªÛ* ûªÛÉÒªÛ ó®²Ý Êêì٧ܧÔ,*¡ª§Ü§ë²Ý¨ªÛ©Ó§²Ý¿²¡Ü* ¡¦ÞƧß¼²ßŪ۽§ß±Û±Ó*óª§Ü ¼§ëÛ®§Ü½§ßÅ ÷¡ªß¡Ü¡Ô* ù²Ý¼¨±Û±ÓË°ß½². 1.9.92888:¼¨±Û±ÓË°Ü ¨Ô²ÝÑ ù²Ý¿²ëßЪÛ* ¨Ô¾ìªìÙ©Ú ©ß§¢Ü¡°Üã¥Õ,*¡±Û¾±§ÜǯßëÛʥաܽ¡ß¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¦©Óìß¿²§Ü¼§ßÏ®ßìÙ,*ü±Û¾±©Ú©Ó¾±ë¦Ó¨Û§ßÒªÛ* ¨ß²ÝÊ¡ÒªÛ õ¨Û§ÔìÒªÛ,*ª±Û¾±ë óªìÌªÛ ùÜßªÛ ®¨ÛÇ* ù²Ç ÷£Û£ÔË°ß½². 1.9.102889:##÷£Û£Ô˰ܽ° ¨Ô±ÛÁªÛ ½§®½§®±ÛÁ¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¦©Óìß±ÛÁ,*õ£Û¾£Ë°Ü ¼£Ü ÷¦ì٧ܧÔ* ®¦ÞÁÌáìÙ£Û£¥½¡ß©²Ý,*õ£Û¼£ß²Ý²®ßëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü* õ¾®ËªÛ ýìÙ©§ÜÇ ùªÛ©Óìß±ÛÁ,*¨Ô£Û£ÍªÛ ®Ó¦Þ¦©Ú©ªÛ ¼£ëÛë* ¨×°Ü¡¯Ü¼£²Ý²Ó¼©ß̽ª. 1.9.11©§Ü§ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2890:##¼©ß̪ߨװܩ¾¥* ô¯Ó£¢Ü¡§Ü¼§ßÅ,*§Ô̪ߨװܡ¯Ü* úύÁªÛ¼§ß¯,*ü̪ߦӡÜÁ±°ß¡Ô*¨ÔªÓìÙ¨Û§,* ó¡Ü §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 13 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  14. 14. ¡Ìªß¦Ó¡Ü¡ªÛ* ù²Ý ¡¦ÞÆ°§ßÁ½ª. 1.10.12891:¡¦Þưܽ° ¨Ô±ÛÁªÛ* ¡ß§²Ý¾ªëߍܼ§ß¯ÓÜ,*ù¦Þ¦Óͪۮ̪Û* ù²Ý õ²Ó½®¦ÞÅ®ªÛ?*ª¦ÞÆªÛ ¨×̪Û* ùìÓ˪ۨÜ®ßËΪÛ,*®Ó¦ÞƪßëÛ ®ÓìÓ˪Û* ùªÛ©Óìß¿²½ë. 1.10.22892:ùªÛ©Óìß¿²* ù¨Û¾§ §¨Û¾§ §¨Û¾§¡ÜÁªÛ§ªÛ©Óìß¿²,* §¦Þ§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ¦¿²,*¼¡ßªÛ©ìßÎ* Ȧ޽¦ìÓ¾¥ªßìÙ®¿²,*ùªÛ©Óìß¿²§Ü¼§ß¯ßëÛ* ª¥¼¨¤Ý£½ª. 1.10.32893:¼¨¤Ý£½ª ¨Ü¿ ¨Ü¿* ÷²Ý¿²©Ú¼©±ÛçÜù²Ý¼£ëÛ½ëߪÛ?* õ²Ó¼ë²Ý²Á¾±®Ó²ªÛ?*¾ª¨Û§¿² ªìß°Ü* ª¦®ß°¿²,*ǤÝê۽©ßǪÛ* ®Ó¥ßÇ ¼§ß¥ìÙ ¡¦Þ¥ßëÛ. 1.10.42894:¡¦Þ¥ß½ë ¼¨¤Ý½£* ¡Ìª¢Ü¡°Ü®ßëÛ¡Ü¡Ô²ÝÑ,* ýìÙù¨Û§ßҪӲݱӽë* ®¨Û§ÔëͪßÑ,*÷¦Þ¥ß¿²* ÷½¡ÏªÛ ýìÙ Êꮥռ¡ß¦Þ¥ß¿²,* ¡¦ÞÅ ¼¡ß¦Þ¥¿²¨×˽ª. 1.10.52895:¨×ËªÛ ¨ßÒªÛ* õ¨Û ½¨ì٨ԱۡԍÜ,* ½ªÜª±Û½çìÙ,½¨ß˪ۣßì١ܼ¡ß¥ß²Ý* ¼¨¤Ý£½ª ¼£ß²Ý½²²Ý,*§ß˪ۧ¨Û¾§ËªßëÛ* õ®Ü΍¡Ô²ÓÜ,*®ßËªÛ ö£²Ý* ª¦Ó®¦Þ¦²Ý ù¨Û¾§½ë. 1.10.62896:ù¨Û¾§½ë¼ë²ÝѪÛ* ùªÛ¼©Ìªß¼²²ÝѪÛ,*£Ô¨Û¾§Ë°Ü¾®©Ú©²Ý* ¼£ßÜÍ®²Ý©ß®Ó½ë²Ý,*ù¨Û¾§ ùªÛ¼©Ìªß²Ý ù²ÝÑ* ®ß²®ìÙ,*£Ô¨Û¾§Ë°Ü ¾®§ÜÇ£Û* ¼£ßÜÍªÛ ¼£Ü®¿²½ë. 1.10.72897:¼£Ü® ¨ß즼²²Ý±* ¼£ßÜ ½¡¥Û¥ÍªÛ,*ªÜÁªÛ¡¦Þ©²Ó* ¨ßÅ®²Ýªß뽪,*óÜÍªÛ ¨²Ý©¡ÍªÛ* õ¾¥®Ö¥Õ²Ý±Ó,*¨Ü¡Ô ù²Ý¿² ®Ó¥ß²Ý* ¨ªÛ©Ó ¨ªÛ©Ó½ë. 1.10.82898:##¨ªÛ©Ó¾ë§Ü* ¼§²Ý ÁÑ¢ÜÁ¥Õ¨Ô²Ý±,* ó£Û¼£ªÛ¼©ß½²§Ô¡ÏªÛ* §ÔÌÊêì٧ܧԾë,*÷ªÛ©ìÙ ®ß²®ìÙ* ô§Ôë¤Ý½£ß§Ô¾ë,*ùªÛ©Óìß¿²* ù²Ý ¼£ßÜÓ ª±©Ú©½è?. 1.10.9 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 14 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  15. 15. 2899:ª±©Úɪ߲ۤʪÛ* ¨ß²Ý ü²ÝÑ ÷¦ì٨ۧԍ²Ý,*ª±¡ÜÁ¼ª²ÝÑ* ¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ¼¦ßÅ,*ª±©Ú©± ù²ÝҰܽ°* ª²Ý²Óè²Ý §²Ý¿²,*ª±©Ú©½è? õ²Ó* ëß²Ý ù²Ý ª¦Ó¾ë½ë. 1.10.102900:##ª¦Ó¾ë ®ß²®ìÙ ¡¦Þ¦¿²§Ü* §²Ý²½§ßìÙ-ó¦Ó¾ë,* ¼§²ÝÁÌáìÙ£Û£¥½¡ß©²Ý,* ¼£ßÜ©¦Ó¼£ëßëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü* õ¾®©§ÜÇ¥²Ý,*§¦Ó®ÓìÙ ¡±Û©½ìÜ* ¡Ü®Ó®ß˽ª. 1.10.11 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó ʧ±Û ©§ÜÇ - Page 15 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  16. 16. õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ Ê§Ü §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2901:##®ßËªÛ §Ô¾ìˡЪÛ* ¡ß²Ü ª¥¨ßìßëÛ,*ôËªÛ óªÌÁªÛ* ǤݣÔÍªÛ ¨×ǤݣßëߍÜ,*½¨ßËªÛ ©ë¿¾ªËªÛ* ªÖÇïì ùªÛ½ª½©ßÜ,*¨×ËªÛ §Ô̪ߍߍÜ* ¼¨¤Ý£ªÛ ½¡ß¥Û©¥Û¥ß½ë?. 2.1.12902:½¡ß¥Û©¥Û¥ £Ô¨Û¾§ëßëÛ¡Ü* áìÙ®ßë ó²Ý±Ó½,*½£¥Û©¥Û¥ëߪ¢Ü¡°Ü* ½£ìߧÔì¢ÜÁ§ÔëߍÜ,*ô¥Û©¥Û¥ ùªÛ½ª½©ßÜ* ¨×ËªÛ ó쮿¦ëß²Ý,*§ß¥Û©¥Û¥ §¦Þ ǯßëÛ§Ü* §ßªªÛ ¡ßʱÛç½ë. 2.1.22903:¡ßʱ۱ ¾¡ë±½®ßÅ* ùÜ½ õìß©Ú©¡Ü,*¨×ʱ۱¡Ü ¡¦ÞÇëӍßëÛ* ¼¨¤ÝÃÌ¡Ô ú¢ÜÁ§ÔëߍÜ*§×ʱ۱§Ü ¼§²Ý²Ó¢Ü¾¡* ø¥Û¥Õè²Ý §ß°Ü ¨ë¨Û§,*ëßÊ±Û±Ç ÷±Ûç½ëß?* ®ß¯Ó ¡¿²¡¥½. 2.1.32904:¡¥ÍªÛª¿ËªÛ* ®ÓêÛÉªÛ Ç¯ß¼ëªÛ½©ßÜ,*Ã¥ìÙ ¼¡ß°Ü õìß©Ú©¡Ü* ǤݣßëßÜ §¦Þ®ß¥ßëÛ,*ó¥Ü¼¡ß°Ü ©¾¥ë߯Ó* óªÛªß¿²¡Ü ¡ß¦Þ©ß²Ý¨×,*÷¥ªÛ ½¨ß˱Ûç½ëß* ø¯Ó½§ßÑï¯Ó½ë. 2.1.42905:ø¯Ó ½§ßÑï¯Ó* ÷Á¡ÜÁ ¨×ì١ܼ¡ß¦ÞÅ,*½§ß¯ÓëÌªÛ ëßʪ۽©ßÜ* ¨×ìßëÛ ¼¨¡Ô¯Û¡Ô²Ý±,*®ß¯Óë ®ß²½ª* ¨×ËªÛ ªÇ㧲Ý,*©ß¯Ó¾ªëÓ±Û©¥ÛÅ ó®²Ý¡¦Þ* ©ß£§Ü§ßÜ ¾¨®ß½ë. 2.1.52906:¾¨®ßë¼®ªÛ½ª½©ßÜ* ¨ß¦Þª§Ô½ë ¨× õ¨Û¨ß°Ü,*¾ª®ß²ÓÌ°Ü ó¡±ÛçëÛ* ªß¯ß¨ÛÇ ½§ªÛɧÔëߍÜ,*û®ßëÛ ó쮿¦½ªÜ* ô¯Ó©Ú¼©ÌªßèìÙ,*¼ªëÛ ®ß£¡ªÛ ½¡¥ÛÅ* ÷²Ý ¼ªëÛ¨Û¨×ìÙ¾ª ½§ß±Ûç½ë. 2.1.62907:½§ß±Û½çªÛ ª¥¼¨¤Ý£ªÛ* ùªÛ¼©Ìªß²Ý ¨ß즱ÛÁ* ùªÛô±Û羪 ¼£ßÜÓ* óϽ®ß¾ª ¨×¨Å½®,*½®±Û½çìÙ ®¾¡ëӍÜ* ¼¡ß¥Õ§ßëÛ ù¿²ëâ¯Ó,*ªß±Ûç¦Þ¾ª ¨Ô±Û±Ó½ëß* ®ß¯Ó ¡¿² õ̽°. 2.1.72908:õÌ°Ó²Ý §Ô¦Ó ®¦Þ¦ªÛ* ªß¨×ìÙ¡Ü¡¯Ó½ë ½©ßëÛ,*ªÌбÛÑ õìß©Ú©¡Ü* ǤݣÔÍªÛ ¨× ǤݣßëߍÜ,*÷ÌÐªÛ £¡¥ªÛ* ÷¾§§Ü§ ¼©ÌªßèìÙ,*óÌ°Ó²Ý ¼©Ì ¨¾£ëߍÜ* ô¯ß¨ÛǼ¨ß¨Û§ß½ë. 2.1.82909:¼¨ß¨Û§ßìß¡Ü ¡ß§Ü ½¨ßëÛ* ¼ªÜß®ÓË°Ü ÷ì٧ܧ,*¨¨Û§ß ®Ó°¡Ü¡½ª* ¨×ËªÛ ó°Óë§Ü§ßëÛ,* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 16 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  17. 17. ¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì§Ü §¥¢Ü¡¦Þ* ¼£¢Ü¡²Ó®ßëÛ ùªÛ¼©Ìªß²Ý,*ó¨Û§ßª§Ü§¦ÞǯßëÛ* ô¾£ëߍܽ®®ß½ë. 2.1.92910:½®®ßìß ½®¥Û¾¡½¨ßëÛ* ¼ªÜß®ÓË°Ü ÷ì٧ܧ,*ý®ßÇ õìß©Ú©¡Ü* ÷²Ý©ß½ ®Ö¯Û§Ç ü¯Ó¨Û§ßëÛ,* ܪ߮ßëÛ ©Ó°¨ÛÇ* ªÌ§Ô¾¥ ½©ßëÛ ª¦Þ¦°¨Û§,*Êê®ß ʧÜ®ß* õ²Ó¼ëªÛ¾ª£Û ½£ß½ì½. 2.1.102911:##½£ßìߧ ù©Ú¼©ßÌ¥ÛÁªÛ* ô§ÔëßªÛ ½£ß§Ô¡Ü½¡,*ôìߧ ¡ß§Ü* ÁÌáìÙ£Û £¥½¡ß©²Ý,*ýìßëÓìªÛ ¼£ß²Ý²* ó®±ÛÑ°Ü õ¾® ©§ÜǪÛ,*½£ßìßìÙ ®Ó¥ßìÙ ¡¦Þ¥ØìÙ* ¾®Á¨Û§ªÛ §Ô¦Þ¼¦²½®. 2.1.11 õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2912:§Ô¦Þ¦²Ý ®ÖÅ* ʧÜ ÊÏǪßëÛ,*ù¦Þ¦Ó²Ý ªÖ§Ôë²Ý* ùªÛ¼©Ìªß²Ý,*ª¦ÞÆªÛ ®Ó¦ÞƼªÜßªÛ* ÷¥Ò¦Þ¥,* ¨ªÛ¡¦Þ¦²Ý ¡¦Þ¦ÜÇ* õÜ¿½ëßìÙ ¡¦Þ½¦. 2.2.12913:ú©ß®ªÛ ©ì½ª* ú¯Û ÷ÁªÛ,*ö©ß®ªÛ ¼£ëÛÇ* óÌ°ßÜ ó°Ó©Ú©ßìßìÙ,*ªß©ß®ªÛ ®Ó¥* óì±ÛÁ©Ú ©Ó£Û¾£¼©ëÛ,*½¡ß©ß½¡ß°ìÓ* ú±²Ý±Ó½ë. 2.2.22914:ú±¿²©Ú 鮿²©Ú* 骡°Ü §²Ý¿²,*½®±Ó²Ý±Ó ®Ó¦Þ ¼§ß¯§Ü* §²ÝҰܾ®§ÜÇ,*½ªÜ§²Ý¿² ªÖ§Ô¥* ¨ÔªÓìÙ¨ÛÇ ª¦Þ¼¡ß¦Þ¥,*ªßÜ§²ÓÜ ªÓ¡ÜÁªÛ ýìÙ* ½§ÎªÛ ÷°½§. 2.2.32915:½§ÎªÛ ù©Ú¼©ßÌÐªÛ ©¾¥¡Ü¡,*é®ÓÜ ¨ß²Ý Ê¡¿²©Ú ©¾¥§Ü§,*½§®²Ý ùªÛ ¼©ÌªßÒ¡ÜÁ óÜßÜ,*éÎªÛ é£¿²ËªÛ §Á½ª. 2.2.42916:§ÁªÛ £×ìÙ§Ü* §²Ý§²Ó ʧÓҰܽ°,*ªÓÁªÛ½§ÎªÛ* ù©Ú¼©ßÌЪ۩¾¥¡Ü¡,*§ÁªÛ½¡ß§Ü* §ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ¦²Ý ùªÛªß²Ý,*ªÓÁªÛ½£ß§Ô* ½ª±Ó®ßìÙ뮽ì. 2.2.52917:ù®ÌªÛ ëß¾®ËªÛ* ùÜß©Ú¼©ßÌЪÛ,*¡®ìٮӲݱӧÜ* §²ÝÒ°Ü üŢܡ¨Ô²Ý±,*©®ì١ܼ¡ß°Ü¤ß²* ¼®°Ü°£Û Ã¥ìÙ Êêì٧ܧÔ,*ó®ìÙ ùªÛªß¯Ó* óªÛ©°Ü°Óëß½ì. 2.2.62918: §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 17 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  18. 18. ©°Ü°Óëߍӿ* úύÁªÛ ¼¡ß°ÜЪÛ,*®°Ü°Ü* ®Ü ®ëÓ±ÛÑ©Ú ¼©Ìªß²Ý,*÷°ÜаßìÙ ó±Ó®ßìÙ* ó®²Ý§²Ý,*¡°Ü°ªßë* ª²¡Ü¡Ì§Ü½§. 2.2.72919:¡Ì§Ü§ÔÜ ½§ÎªÛ* ùÜß©Ú¼©ßÌЪÛ,*®Ì§Ü§Ô§Ü§* ªßë©Ú ©Óìß¿²ë²Ý±Ó,* ô½ì§Ô̧ܧԧÜ* §Ô¦Þ¦Ó¿ Êê΍ÁªÛ* §ªÛÊ°Üõ̧ܧÔ* ¡ß¡ÜÁªÛ õëÜ®Ó²½ì. 2.2.82920:¡ß¡ÜÁªÛ õëÜ®Ó²²Ý* ¡¦Þ¦¼©Ìªß²Ý,*½£ì١ܾ¡ ¼£ëÛÇ* §²ÝÒ¨Û§Ô˰ܽ°,*®ßëۧܧ §Ô¾£Ê¡²Ý* õ¨Û§Ôì²Ý ®ß²®ìÙ,*ô¡Ü¡Ôè²Ý* ¼§ëÛ® ÷Á¡½°. 2.2.92921:¡°Ü®ß ùªÛ¾ªËªÛ* úύÁªÛ,* ¨Ô²ÝҰܽ° ½§ß±Û±Óë* õ¾±®! ù²ÝÑ,*¼®°Ü½°±²Ý ¨ß²ÝÊ¡²Ý* õ¨Û§Ôì²Ý ®ß²®ìÙ,*É°ÜðìÙ§Ô* ¡¯Ü ©¦Ó¨Û½§§ÜÇ®½ì. 2.2.102922:ú§Ü§ úύÁªÛ ¼¡ß¦Þ¥* ½¡ß¡Üá§Ü§¿²,* ÁÌáìÙ£Û£¥½¡ß©²Ý¼£ßÜ,*®ßëۧܧ ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü* õ¾®©§ÜÇ¥²Ý,*ú§Ü§®Ü®ìÙ¡ÜÁ* õÜ¿½ëßìÙ ø²½ª. 2.2.11 Êê²ÝçªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2923:ø²ÓÜ ®ßÏëÓ½ì* ¨Ü¿½©ß÷²Ý¿²©Ú¼©±ÛÑ,*®ßÒ°ßìÙ ¼©Ìªß²Ý* ªÇã§²Ý ù²Ý²ªÛªß²Ý,*§ßÒªÛ ëßÒ¼ªÜßªÛ* §²ÝҰܽ° ¡¨Û¼§ß¯Ó¨Û½§ßªÛ,*½§ÒªÛ ©ßÍªÛ ¼¨ëÛ˪Û* ¡²Ý²ÍªÛ óÊǼªß§Ü½§. 2.3.12924:ü§Ü§ßìÙ ªÓ¡Ü¡ß¾ì* õ¿ëßë ªßªßë,*ü§Ü§ßëÛ* ù©Ú¼©ßÌ¥ÛÁªÛ ÷ëÓìßëÛ,* ù²Ý¿²©Ú¼©±Û±ó§Ü §ßëßëÛ §¨Û¾§ëßëÛ* ó±Óëߧ² ó±Ó®Ó§Ü§,*ó§Ü§ß, ¨×¼£ëÛ§²* ó¥Õ½ë²Ý ó±Ó½ë½². 2.3.22925:ó±Óëß¡Ü ¡ß§Üǰܽ°* ó¥Õ¾ª¡Ü¡¦Þ ó²ÝÉ ¼£ëÛ®Ó§ÜÇ,*ó±Óëß ªßªßë§ÜÇ* ó¥Õ½ë¿² ¾®§Ü§ßëߍÜ,*ó±Óëß¾ª¡Ü Á±°ßëÛ* ¨ÔªÛªß®Ó Êꮥռë²ÝÑ,*ó±Óëß¾ª ®¤Ý£Ô§Ü§ßëÛ* ù²§ß®ÓË°Ü ¡¨Û½§. 2.3.32926:ù²§ß®ÓË°Ü ¡¨Û§* ¼©Ì¨Üͧ®Ó¡Ü¾¡ªÛªßÑ,*ù²§ß®Ó §¨Û¼§ß¯Ó¨Û½§²Ý* õ²ÓªÖ°Ü®¼§²Ý©Ç ÷¦Þ½¥,*ù²§ß®Óëß®ÓËªÛ ¨×* ¼©ß¯Ó½ÏªÛ ÷¦Þ¥ ù¨Û§ßëÛ,*ù²§ß®ÓëßìÙ ëß²Ý ôìÙ?* §¨Û§ ¨× ¼¡ß¦Þ¥ß¡Ü¡Ô¿²½ë. 2.3.4 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 18 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  19. 19. 2927:õ²ÓëßìÙ ¤ß²¢Ü¡°ßÜ* ùÅ¡Ü¡¼¯ß§ ù¨Û§ßëÛ,*¡²Ó®ßìÙ ®Ö¥Û¥Õ²Ý©½ª* ù²Ý¡¥Ü©¥ß óʽ§,*§²Ó½ë²Ý ®ß¯Ûʧ½* ¼©ß¯Ó½ÏªÛ ú²¼ªß²ÝçëÛ,*ȲÓëßìÙ ½¡ß¥Û¥ÕÜ ¾®§Ü§ßëÛ* ÷²Ý©ß§ªÛ ½£ìÙ¨Û½§½². 2.3.52928:½£ìÙ¨Û§ßìÙ §×®Ó¿²¡¥ÛÁ* ǫ́¤Ý¾£§Ü§Ô¦Þª§Ô¾ë,*§×ìÙ¨Û§ßìÙ §ªÛª²§ÜÇ©Ú* ©ÓìÓëߧ®ìÙ ÷ëÓ¾ì,*½£ßìÙ¨Û½§ ½©ß¡Ü ¼¡ß¥ß£Û Ã¥¾ì* óì¡Ü¡Ô¾ëÊê¡ÜÁöì٨ۧ߾ë,* ó¥Õ½ë²Ý 󾥨۽§²Ý* ʧÜʲݲ½ª. 2.3.62929:ʲݨÜë߯۩ëÓÜ ÈïÜ* ¨ìªÛ©Ó²Ý ʧÔì٠þ®½ë,*©²Ý²ßìÙ ©ëÓͪÛ* ©ì½² ©®Ó§Ü§Ôì½²,*¡²Ý²½ óʽ§* ¡ßìÙÊ¡Ô½ ù²Ý¡¦Þæ,*¨Ô²Ý²ßÜ õ½²Ý¡ß¦Þ* ù²Ý¿²¨×Á±Ó¡Ü¼¡ß°Ü½°. 2.3.72930:Á±Ó¡Ü¼¡ß°Ü ¤ß²¢Ü¡°ßÜ* ù¿²ëâ¯Ó¼£ëÛ§®ÊªÛ,*¡Ô±Ó¡Ü¼¡ß¦Þ¥Õ©Ú©Ó±©Ú½©* £Ô¨ß°ÓÜ ùëÛ§Ô²²Ýëß²Ý,*÷±Ó¡Ü¼¡ß¦Þ¥ ¼®¦Þ¼¦ë۩ߍÜ* ü°Ó§ÜǦÞÆªÛ óªÛªß²Ý ©Ó²Ý,*¼¨±Ó¡Ü¼¡ß¦Þ¥¼¨¤Ý£èëÛ* ©Ó±®Ó§ÜÇëìÙ¡Ü¡¥Õ¨Û½§. 2.3.82931:¡¥Õ®ßìÙ§¦Þ¦¨ÛǯßëÛ* ¡¦Þ¦²Ý ®Ó¦Þ¦®ìÙ¼©Ìªß²Ý,*©¥Õ®ß²ÝªÓ±¨Û§* ©ìª²Ý ©®Ó§Ü§Ôì²Ý£×ìÙ,*¼£¥ÕëßìÙ½¨ßëÛ¡°Ü¼¡¥©Ú* ©¥Õ¨ÛÇÁ¾¥¨Û§ß¥Õ,*ó¥Õ½ë²Ý ®ßë۪ŧÜÇ©Ú* ©Ì¡Ô¡Ü ¡°Ó§Ü½§½². 2.3.92932:¡°Ó©ÚÉªÛ ¡®ìÙÎªÛ ó±ÛÑ©Ú* ©Ó±©ÚÉ©Ú ©Ó¦Ó Êê©ÚÉ õ±©Ú©±ÛÑ,*ü°Ó¡Ü¼¡ß¦Þ¥ ½£ß§Ô˪ßëÛ* ÷¥²ÝáÅ®¼§²ÝѼ¡ß½ß,*ǰӡܡԲݱ ®ß²Ý õ¨Û¨ÔªÛ* Ã¥ì߯ӣ¢Ü½¡¨Û§Ô,*ó°Ó¡Ü¡Ô²Ý± ªßë©Ú©Óìß²Ý* ó¥ÕëßìÙ¡°Ü Á¯ß¢Ü¡¿°½ë. 2.3.102933:Á¯ß¢Ü¼¡ß°Ü ½©ìì¡Ü¡²Ý* ÁªÛ ®Öë ʲӨۧ®¿²,*Á¯ß¢Ü¼¡ß°Ü ¼§²ÝÁÌáìÙ£Û* £¥½¡ß©²Ý¼§ìÓ¨ÛǾì§Ü§,*Á¯ß¢Ü¼¡ß°Ü ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü* õ¾®©§ÜÇªÛ ÷¥²Ý©ß¥Õ,*Á¯ß¢Ü¡°ßëÛ ó¥ÕëÖÌ¥²Ý* á¥Õ¨Ô²ÝçŪӽ². 2.3.11 ¨ß²Ý¡ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2934:ô¥ÕëߥÕ* ó¡ªÛ¡¾ì¨ÛÇ,* õ¾£©ß¥Õ©Ú©ß¥Õ¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¦ÖìÙªÜ¡Ô,* ù¢ÜÁªÛ¨ß¥Õ¨ß¥Õ* ¨ì£Ô¢Ü¡ß ù²ÝÑ,*®ß¥Õ®ßŪÛ* õ®Ü®ßƧ½. 2.4.12935:®ßƧÜ* õªÛª¥®ìÜ,* ÷ªÛ¾ª¡Ü¡ßÆªÛ ô¾£Ë°Ü* ¾¨¡Ô²Ýç°Ü,* ®Ó±Ü®ß¦²Ý* ôëÓì¨Û½§ß°ÜǦӧܧ×ìÙ,* ÷ªÛ¾ª¡Ü¡ß¦* ¨×ìÙ õì¡Ü¡ªÓÖ½ì. 2.4.2 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 19 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  20. 20. 2936:õì¡Ü¡ ª²§Ü½§ßÅ* ùìÓ뿦,*óì¡ÜÁªÛ ¼ªÏÁªÛ* ü¡ÜÁªÓ®°Ü,*õì¡Ü¡¼ª¯ÓìÙ* õ§±ÛÁ ù²Ý¼£ëÛ½¡²Ý,*óì¡Ü¡²Ó¢Ü¾¡* ¼£±Û±Ö̡ܽ¡. 2.4.32937:õ¢Ü¾¡¼£±Û±®½² ù²ÝÒªÛ,* ©Ó²ÝÒªÛ®¢Ü¼¡ß°Ü* É°ÜÐëì٧ܧßëÛ ù²ÝÒªÛ,* ÷°Ü°ªÛª¢Ü¡* ¼®®ÜÎëÓìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ,* ¡¦Þ¦ÖìÙªÓ¡¡Ü¡¢Ü¡Ô¡Ü* ¾¡¼§ßÏªÛ ¨Ô²ÝÑ õ®½°. 2.4.42938:õ®°Ü õìß©Ú©¡Ü* ®ßëÛ¼®ìÖõ,* §²Á®¿°¼ëߦÞ* ¡¦Þ¦¨×ìÙ ¼¡ß¦Þ¥ß°Ü,* ®¦ÞŧԮЪÛ* §¦Þ¦¨Û ǯßëÛ¼¡ß¥ØìÙ,* ù²§®°®¦Þ¦ìÙ* §¡Î¡½°. 2.4.52939:§¡Î¾¥ë®½² ù²ÝÒªÛ,* ©Ó²ÝÒªÛªÓ¡®Ó̪ÛɪÛ* ©Óìß²Ý ù²ÝÒªÛ,* ù²Çó¡ÎëÓìÙ¡ÜÁ* óʽ§ ù²ÝÒªÛ,* ÷°Ü°ªÛ÷¡ÎÌ¡Ô* ¨Ô²ÝÑ ÷°Üн°. 2.4.62940:÷°Üа߮Ó* ÷ìÙ¨ÛǍìÙ¨ÛÇ,* ù²®°Ü°½* ¡¦Þ¦½² ù²ÝÒªÛ,* ©Ó²ÝÒªÛ¼®°Ü°¨×ìÙ¡Ü* ¡Ô¥¨Û§ßëÛ ù²ÝÒªÛ,* ù²¡°Ü®Ó§ß²Ý* ©¥Û¥ ®¤Ý£¿²½ë. 2.4.72941:®¤Ý£½² ù²ÝÒªÛ* ¾¡¼§ßϪÛ,* §²¼¨¤Ý£ªÛ½®®* ¼¨¥ÕÇëÓìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ,* ®Ó±Ü¡¤Ý£¿²* ®¤Ý£¿² ¼£ëÛ§×ìÙ,* ÷ªÛ¾ª§Ü§¤Ý£¼ª²ÝÑ* õ®°Ü ©¥Û¥²½®. 2.4.82942:©¥Û¥½©ßÇ* ùÏ ½©ß§±Óëß°Ü,* ®Ó¾ìª¥Û¥ìÙ* §¦ÞÇ¯ß ¼ë²ÝÒªÛ,* Ã¥ìÙ®¥Û¥®ßëÛ* È§Ô ½¨ªÓëÖìÙ,* ȪÇõ¥Û¥ªÛ ù²Ý¼¡ßÜ* õ®Ü½®¾¯¡Ü½¡.2.4.92943:ú¾¯½©¾§* õìß©Ú©¡Ü,* §²½¡¯ÓÜ ü¦Þ* ¡¦Þ¦¨×ìÙ ¼¡ß¦Þ¥ß°Ü,* ¡Ô°ìٮ߯۾®½®®* õ¢Ü¾¡ ¼£±Û±ÖìÙ,* õ®°Üªß¾¯½¨ß¡ÜÁ ü²ÝѪÛ* ®ß¥Û½¥²ÝªÓ½². 2.4.102944:®ß¥Û¥ªÓÜÉ¡¯Û* ®ßª²¿²,* õ¾£á¥Û¥Õ* ®¦Þ£¥½¡ß©²Ý ¼£ßÜ,* 󾪩ߥÛÅ* ýìßëÓì§ÜÇ õ©Ú ©§Ü§ßÜ,* ó¥Õã¥Û¥ßÁªÛ* ó¨Û§ßª½ª. 2.4.11 û¨Û§ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 20 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  21. 21. 2945:ó¨Û§ßª§ÜÇ ó²Ýɼ£ëÛÇ* ù²Ýè®Ó½£ìÙ óªÛªßÒ¡ÜÁ,*ó¨Û§ßª®ß¯ÛÊ¥Õ£¢ÜÁ* ô¯ÓÈïÜ ôìÊ°,*¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì§Ü §¥ªÛ¡¦Þ* ¼£¢Ü¡²Ó®ßëÛ ¼£¢Ü¡ªªÛ,*¼£¨Û§ßª¾ìë¥Õ¡Ü¡°Ü* ¼£ªÛ¼©ß²Ý §ÔÌÎ¥ªÛ½©. 2.5.12946:§ÔÌÎ¥ªÛÉ®ß²Ý Ã¥ìÙ* ¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì¡¦Þ ¾¡¡ªªÛ,*§Ô̮ӥ½ª ªßìÙ©ªÛ* óë²Ó¥½ª¼¡ß©Úé¯Û,*ü̮ӥʪÛ* ù¨Û¾§ ¼©Ìªß±ÛÁ óì½²½ëß,*ü̮ӥªÛ ü²Ý±Ó²Ý±Ó* ù²ÝÒ°Ü¡¨Û§ßҡܽ¡. 2.5.22947:ù²ÝÒ°Ü¡¨Û§®²Ý* ¼£¢Ü¡²Ó®ßëÛ¼£¢Ü¡ªªÛ,*ªÓ²ÝÒªÛ Ã¥ìÙ ª¿¡ÜÁ* ¡¦Þ©ß§ªÛ¾¡¡ªªÛ,*ª²ÝÒÊϽ®¯Û ÷ÁªÛ* ®ëÓ±Û±ÓÒ°,*§²ÝÒ°Ü¡®ß§Ç* ù©Ú¼©ßÌЪ߲ۧӿ½ë. 2.5.32948:ù©Ú¼©ßÌÐªÛ §ßèëÛ* ªì¡§¡ÜÁ²Ý±¼ªß¡ÜÁªÛ,*ó©Ú¼©ßϾ§§Ü§ßª¾ì©Úé¡Ü* ¡¦Þ©ß§ªÛ ¾¡¡ªªÛ,*ù©Ú¼©ßÏÇªÛ ¨ß°Ü§Ô¢Ü¡°Ü* ô¦Þå ø¯Óëâ¯Ó¼§ßѪÛ,*ó©Ú¼©ßϾ§¡Ü ó©Ú¼©ßÏÇ* ù²Ýèì߮ʧ½ª. 2.5.42949:ôì߮ʧªßëÛ* óÜß®ÓË°Ü¡¨Û§,*¡ßìßìÙ ¡Ìʡԍܽ©ßÜ* ù²Ý²ªÛªß²Ý ¡¦Þ¦Ò¡ÜÁ,*½¨ìß®ßëÛ ¼£ªÛ©®°ªÛ* ¡¦Þ©ß§ªÛ ¾¡¡ªªÛ,*½©ìßì ¨×°Ü Ê¥Õ¨ß¦Þ* ©Ó²ÝÒªÛ õ¾¯©½®. 2.5.52950:©©½® ô©ì¦ªÛ* ½©ÌªÛ ©©½®,*©©½® ½£ß§Ô* ®¥ÕÎ ©¦ÞÉ ù¦Þ¦ÓÜ,*©© ¡¦ÞŦÞÅ* ½¡¥ÛűÛѽªß¨Û§Ô²Ý©ªÛ,*©©½® ¤ß²ÊªÛ* ©ßªÛ©¿¦½ªß±Û½¡½ëß. 2.5.62951:©ßªÛ©¿¦½ªÜ ©ß±Û¡¥Í°Ü* ©°Ü°Ó óªìÙ¨Û§ÇΪÛ,*¡ßªÛ©¿¦½§ß°Ü ©Ó²Ý¿²¡Ü¡ß* úÑ¥²Ý ú¯Û¼£±Û±ÇΪÛ,*½§ªÛ©¿¦ë ½£ß¿* ªìߪìªÛ ú¼¯ëÛ§ÇΪÛ,*éªÛ©Ó¿¦ë §¦ÞǯßëÛ* ¼©ß²ÝÊ¥ÕëªÛ ½©ß½ì½±. 2.5.72952:¼©ß²ÝÊ¥ÕëªÛ ½©ß½ì±Û¾±* ùªÛªß¿² ¨ßÜ§¥¨Û½§ß°Ü,*§²ÝÊ¥Õ ü²Ý±ÓÜß§* §²Ý ǯßëÛ ªß¿ë¿²,*ù²ÝÊ¥ÕÎ ¡ß潧* ù²ÝÒ°Ü ¡¨Û§ß¿²,*¼£ßÜ Ê¥ÕÎ ¡ß½¦²Ý¨ß²Ý* ¼£ßÜꨂ ù²Ý ¼£ßÜÖ½ì. 2.5.82953:¼£ßÜÖìÙ ù²Ý²ªÛªß¿²* ù²Ýè®Óë߮ӧ¿²,*ùÜ¿ëӍܣ×ìÙ* ù²Ý ¡Ìªß¦Ó¡Ü¡£ÛÃ¥¾ì,*¨Ü®Ê§ªÛ* ¼©±±Û¡ìÓë ®ÖŪßëÛ,*óÜÓªìÙ ®Ó¾ì¼ëߧÜÇ* ô¦Ü²Ý ¼©¦Þ¦Ü½². 2.5.9 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 21 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  22. 22. 2954:ô¦Ü²Ý ¼©¦Þ¦Ü²Ý* óÜß óÓ˪Ü²Ý,*¡ß¦Íªß¡ß²Ý* ÷°²Ü²Ý õÜ¿ëÜ²Ý,*½©Æ¢Ü¡ßÜ½©ÆªÛ* ÷Ì®ßÁªÛ óÜÒªßªÛ,*½¡ß¿¦ ¼©ìÓǾ¥§ÜÇ* ùªÛ¼©ªÛªß¿²¡Üáѧ½. 2.5.102955:áѧ¼ß²Ýçìß¡Ü* Á¥¡Üá§Ü§ óªÛªß¿²,*áѧ½ ½ª®Ó¡Ü* ÁÌáìÙ£Û£¥½¡ß©²Ý,*á±Ó² ó¨Û§ß§Ô* ýìßëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü õ©Ú©§ÜǪÛ,*áѧÜ ®ÜßÌ°½ìÜ* áÅ®ìÙ ¾®Á¨Û§½ª. 2.5.11 ôçªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2956:¾®Á¨Û§ß ª¦Ó®¦Þ¦½²* ù²Ý¼©ßÜß§Ü§ÔÌ¡ÜÁ±°ß ù²ÝҰܪ²Ý²Ó,*¾®ÁªÛ ¾®¡Ü½§ßѪÛ* óʧßë ®ß½²½±,*¼£ëÛÁ¨Û§ß®Ì¨Û§×¾ª* ÷²Ý²¥ÕëßìÙ¡ÜÁ§Ü §×ìÙ§ÜÇ* óÃììÙ¡ÜÁ§Ü§×¾ª¡°Ü¼£ëÛÁ¨Û§ß,* ÷²Ý¿²¨ß²Ý ©Ó¥Õ§Ü½§²Ý ¼¡ß°Ü £Ô¡Ü¼¡²½®. 2.6.12957:£Ô¡Ü¼¡²£Û£Ôѽ§ßìӥʪÛ* ɱ©Ú©¥ß§Ü§²ÝҰܽ°,* ÷Á¡°Üü¡Ü¡½® ®ÓϢܡԩÚ* ÉÁ¨Û§ß²Ý ÉÁ¨Û§§±Û©Ó²Ý,*ªÓ¡Ü¡ ¤ß² ¼®°Ü°£ÛÃ¥ìÙ ®Ó°¡Ü¡ßëÛ§Ü* Ç°¡Ü¡±ÛÑ óʧªßëÛ,* ù¢ÜÁªÛ©¡Ü¡ªÛ ½¨ß¡Ü¡±Óëß²Ý* ù²Ý ¾©¨Û§ßª¾ì¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦½². 2.6.22958:§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ¦¿²* ®Ó¦Þ½æìÙ ©ìÎªÛ §¿ª¡¿²,* ǯßëÛ®Ó¾ì©ÚéªÌÎ ¡¦Þ¦Ó* ùªÛ©Óìß¿²©Ú ¼©ß²Ýª¿¾ë,*¨ßªÌ®Ó¨²Ý½¡§Ü§Ô* ÷°Ü°Ó ®¦¢Ü¡Ô ¨ßªÛª¡Ô¯Û¨Û§ß¥,* ¨ß®ìÙ©ßªÌ®Ó ¨Ô±Û¡§Ü§¨Û§* ©ß²Ý¾ª½ëëÛ ®°Ü°½. 2.6.32959:®°Ü°½ ªÇã§è* ù²Ýªì§¡ª¿½ë,* ÷¿²¨Ô¿²¨ÛÇ,ù°Ü¡Ü§¨Û§ ù¨Û§ßëÛ* ÷²Ý¿² ù¢Ü¢²ªÛ ®ÓŽ¡²Ý,?*¼®°Ü°½ª ɾì¨Ô²ÝÉ¡¯Û Á¾¥¨Û§ß¥Õ©Ú©ß¥Õ* ¡°Ó§ÜÇ ÷¡¨ÛÇ¡¨ÛÇ*÷°Ü° ½¨ßëÛ¡°Ü ùÜßªÛ Çì¨ÛÇ* ÷ëÛ¨ÛÇ ½©ß¨Û§Ǫ̂۽§. 2.6.42960:÷ëÛ¨Ûǽ©ß¨ÛÇ ù²Ýҍ©Ú©Óß§* ¼®¨Û§× ®Ó¿²¡¿° ¨ß£¤Ý¼£ëÛÇ* ÷²Çó¨Û§ªÓ¥Õ¾ª* 󾥨۽§²Ý ®ÓŽ®½è,?*û¨ÛǾ©¨Û§¿ ô¥ ó쮿¦½ª®Ó©Ú* ©ß±Û¡¥Ü ½ëß¡¨Ô§Ü§Ô¾ì,*£Ô¨Û¾§ ¼£ëÛ§ ù¨Û§ßëÛ* ÷²Ý¿²£Û £Ô¨Û¾§ ¼£ëÛǼ£ëÛ½§. 2.6.52961:÷²Ý¿²£Û £Ô¨Û¾§ ¼£ëÛǼ£ëÛÇ* ÷²Ý¼¨Åªß ¼ªß¯Ó õ¾£©ß¥ÕëߥÕ* ù²Ýʲݿ²§Ü §×®Ó¿²¡°Ü* ÊϽ® óìÓ¨Û§²²Ýëß²Ý,*÷²Ý¿²£Û £Ô¨Û¾§ëÓèÜ õ¡¯Û¨Û§* õì¦Óë² ¡ÜªßìÙ®ªÛ ¡×¦Þ¥* ù²Ýʲݿ²¡Ü ½¡ß°ìÓ½ë* Ê¥Õëߧ¼§²Ý ù²¡Ü½¡. 2.6.62962:Ê¥Õëߧ¼§²Ý ù²¡Ü½¡Ü õ²Ó?* ÊϽ®ÏÁʦޥ߲Ý* ÷¡¨ÛÇ®¨ÛÇó¥Õ½ëÒ°Ü ÉÁ¨Û§ß²Ý* ó¡Ü®ßÒªÜ²Ý õ²Ó,*¼£¥ÕëßìÙ ½¨ßëÛ¡¼°ÜßªÛ Çì¨ÛÇ* ùªìÙ¡Ü¡×¯Û ½ª¼Ï ©Ó±©ÚɪÛ,*®Ó¥Õëß ¼®¨Û¨ì¡§ÜÇ ù²ÝѪÛ* ½£ìÙ§Üªß±Ó²½ì. 2.6.7 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 22 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  23. 23. 2963:ªß±Óªß±Ó©Ú ©©Ó±©ÚÉªÛ ©Ó±¨ÛÇ* ó¥Õ¾ë 󾥨ÛÇ ÷°Ü°ªÛ ½§±Ó*ö±ÓÜ õ²Ý©§Ü§Ô̼®°Ü°ªÛ* ëß²Ý Êê¯Û¡Ô²²Ý,*©ß±Ó©Ú©ß±Ó óÃììÙ§ªÛ* ©ÜÁ¯ß¢Ü¡°Ü ¨×¼±¯,* ©ßëÛ©±¾®¼ëß²ÝÑú±Ó®Ö±Û±Ǫ́ۧßëÛ* ÷²Ý¿² ù²ÝҰܨסܽ¡Ü ù¨Û§ßëÛ. 2.6.82964:ù¨Û§ßëÛ! §¦Þ§Ô̽®¢Ü¡¥§ÜÇ°Ü ¨Ô²ÝçëÛ* õ¢Ü¾¡ ¼£±ÛçëÛ,* ªìߪìªÛ¾©¨Û§ß½°ÏÌ® * üÌ ®ß°Ó½¡ß§Ü§ ®ÓÜß,*¼¡ß¨Û§ßìÙ §¦Þ¦¨ÛǯßëÓèëÛ óʽ§* ÷²Ý¿² ù²ÝҰܽ° Á¾¯§Ü§ ùªÛ-¾ª¨Û§ß,* ®ß½²½±* õ²Ó¼ë¢ÜÁ©Ú½©ß¡Ô²Ý±½§?. 2.6.92965:½©ß¡Ô²Ý± ¡ß¢Ü¡°Ü ½©ßë ¡ß¢Ü¡°Ü* ½©ßÁ ¡ß¢Ü¡°Ü,* §ßëÛ§¨Û¾§ ÷ëÓ-ìß¡Ô²ÝçëÛ* ÷²Ý¿² ¨ß²¾¥¨Û½§²Ý ®ÓŽ®½è,?©ß¡Ô²Ý± ¼§ßÜÉ¡¯Û Êê΍Á¡ÜÁªÛ* ¨ß§½²! ©ìªß,* §¦Þ½®¢Ü¡¥ªÛ½ª¡Ô²ÝçëÛ* §¦ÞǯßëÛ ®Ó¾ì¨ßÑ¡¦Þ¦Óë½². 2.6.102966:¡¦Þ¦Ó§Ü §¦Þ¦¨ÛǯßëÛ Ê¥Õ¡Ü* ¡ª§Ü§¥ªÛ ¼©Ì¢Ü ¡¦Þ¦¿²,* É¡¯Û¨¦Þ¦Ó§Ü¼§²ÝÁÌáìÙ£Û* £¥½¡ß©²Ý ªß±²Ý¼£ß²Ý²,*ù¦Þ¦ÓÜ ½£ßìٮӍ¨Û§ß§Ô* ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü õ¾®ËªÛ ýìÙ©§Ü§Ô¾£¼ëßŪÛ,*©¦Þ¦Ó²Ý ©ß¥®Üßì®ìÙ* ½¡£®²Ý§ª½ì. 2.6.11 ú¯ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2967:½¡£®²Ý§ªìÙ* ¡×¯Û½ª¼ªìÙ ú¼¯Ï©Ó±©ÚɪÛ,*ªß£ §ÔìÓǼ©±ÛÑ* ¨ªÛʾ¥ ®ß¯ÛÎ ®ßëۡܡԲݱ®ß,*ö£²Ý ù²Ý¡Ìªß¦Ó¡Ü¡ªÛ ù²Ý ¼£¢Ü½¡ß¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦²Ý* ®Ó¦Þ½æìÙ¨ß롲Ý,* ùªÛ©Óìß²Ý ùªÛªß²Ý* ¨ßìßë¦è½. 2.7.12968:¨ßì¦²Ý ÊϽ®ÏÁ¡ÜÁªÛ* ¨ß§²Ý ½®§ªë²Ý,*¡ßì¦ªÛ ¡ÔìÓ¾£ ¡ÌªªÓ¾®* ʧÜ®²Ý ù¨Û¾§,*£×즢ܡªììÙ ©Ó±ìÙ ©ÌªÛ* ¼§ßϽ§§Ü§¨Ô²ÝÑ,*®ß즧ܾ§ ªÌ©Ú¼©ß£Ô§Ü§ ©Óìß²Ý* ù²Ý ªß§®½². 2.7.22969:ªß§®²Ý ù²Ý±½§¼¡ß¦ÞÅ* ù²Ý¿² õ²Ó õ©Ú©ßÜ ©¥Û¥Ç,*ëߧ®¢Ü¡ÐªÛ ½£ì١ܼ¡ß½¥¼²²ÝÑ* ù²ÝÒ°Ü ÉÁ¨Û§Ǫ̂ÛÇ,*§×§®ªÛ ¼¡Å¡ÜÁªÛ óʧªÛ* ¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ Á²Ý±ªÛ,*½¡ß§®ªÓ¼²Ý ¡²Ý²±Û¡¥Û¥Õ* ùªÛªß²Ý ù²Ý ½¡ß®Ó¨Û§½². 2.7.32970:½¡ß®Ó¨Û§²Ý Á¥¡Üá§Ü§²Ý* ½¡ß®¼²²Ý¼±²Ý½±Á²Ó§ÜÇ*½§ÎªÛ§²Ý¿²ËªÛ* ©ß¥Õëߥ§Ü§Ô̧ܧÔ,* ù²Ý¿²¡Ü¼¡ß¦ÞÅ ù²Ý©ß®¨Û§²Ý¿²ËªÛ* ©ß±¡Ü¾¡§ÜÇ ùª½ì¼¯Ï©Ó±©ÚɪÛ,*½ªÎªÛ §²Ý¾ªëªß¡Ü¡Ôè²Ý* ®Ü²Ý ùªÛ©Óìß²Ý ®Ó¥ÛŽ®. 2.7.42971:®Ó¥Û¥Õ¢ÜÁ¼£¤Ý½£ß§Ô§Ü* §ßª¾ì©ß§ªÛ ¾¡¡°Ü ¡¦Þ¡°Ü,*®Ó¥Û¥Õ¢ÜÁ ¡Ì¤ÝÃ¥ìÙ* ª¿½ë §ÔÌÎ¥ªÛÉ,*®Ó¥Û¥Õ¢ÜÁ ª§ÔëªÛ£×ìÙ* £¢ÜÁ£¡Ü¡ìªÛ©ìÓ§Ô,*®Ó¥Û¥Õ¢ÜÁ Ê¥ÕëªÛªß²Ý* ªÇ㧲²Ý §²¡Ü½¡. 2.7.5 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 23 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  24. 24. 2972:ªÇ㧿²ë²Ý±Ó ª±Û±Ó½¼²²ÝÑ* ù§Ü§ßÍªÛ ¡ÌªªÓ²Ý±Ó,*Ç§Ô ã¯Û¨Û§ ©ß¥Ü¡°Ü ©ß¥Õëߥ* ¨Ô²ÝÑï¯Óëâ¯Ó¼§ßѪÛ,*ù§ÔìÙ㯍ÜÉ¡ÜÁ ù¿²§Ü½§ßìÙ ©Ó±©ÚɪÛ* ù²¡Ü½¡ óÌ°Ü¡°Ü ¼£ëÛë,*®Ó§Ô ã¯Û¨Û§§ßÜ ù²¡Ü½¡Ü óªÛªß²Ý* §ÔìÓ®Ó¡Ü¡Ô쪿²½ë. 2.7.62973:§ÔìÓ®Ó¡Ü¡Ôìª²Ý ¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ* ùªÛªß²Ý ù²Ý ¼£¢Ü¡²Ó®ßëÛ*÷Ì®ÓÜ ¼©ßÓ¨Û§ ¼®°Ü¿°©Ú ©°Ó¢ÜÁ* ¨Ô±§Ü§²¼²²Ý¼±²ÝÑ,* ÷°Ü°Ó©Ú©ì®Ó©Ú ©¦Ó¨ÛÇ* ©ÜÍï¯Óëâ¯Ó ¨Ô²Ý©ß§©¢Ü¡ë½ª,*ªÌ®Ó§Ü ¼§ßÏªÛ ª²½ª §¨Û§ßëÛ* ®Ü¿¡ß¦Þ ù²Ý ®ßª²½². 2.7.72974:®ßª²²Ý ù²Ý ªì§¡®²²Ý* §ßª¾ì¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦Ó²²Ý¡ßª¿²©Ú©ë¨Û§ßëÛ,* ù²Ý¼±²Ý±Û ÷²Ý¡¯Ü ©ß¥Õ½ë ©¦Ó¨ÛÇ,*Ç者§Ü§²èëÛ* ©Ó±®Ó§Üǯ§Ô¨×¢Ü¡,* ù²Ý¿²§Ü§×ª²¢Ü¼¡Å§Ü§ßëÛ *÷²¡Ü¼¡²Ý¼£ëÛ½¡²Ý? ù²Ý£Ôì֧콲. 2.7.82975:£ÔìÖõ§ì²Ý ¼£ëÛë§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ¦²Ý* ù²Ý¼±²ÝÑ õìß©Ú©¡Ü®ßëÛ¼®ìÖõ,* 󍪨ÛÇ ¡¦Þ¡°Ü ¨×ìÙªÜ¡Ô* ¼®®ÜÎëÓìÙ§ÜÇëÓìÙ§ÜÇ,*ªìÖõë§×®Ó¿²ªß° õ²Ý©ªÛ®°ì* ¾®¡Ü¾®¡ÜõìÖõ,* ÷²Ý¿² ù²ÝÒ°Ü ¾®§Ü§¿²* ù²Ý õ̥ؽ¡£½². 2.7.92976:õ̥ؽ¡£²Ý ùªÛ©Óìß²Ý* õ¢Ü¾¡ óì¡Ü¡ìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ,*ÊÌÅ §×ì٧ܧ©Óìß²Ý ùªÛªß²Ý* óªììÙ ¼©ªÛªß¼²²Ý¼±²ÝÑ,*¼§Ì¥Õëß¡ÔÜ ¼¨¤Ý½£®¦¢ÜÁ* §Ô¦Þ¦ªÛ ó±Ó ó±Ó¨ÛÇ,*ªÌ¥Õ½ëÍªÛ ®Ó½¥Ü¡¦Þ¥ßëÛ* ¨ªÛ©Ó ©±Û©¨ß©¿²½ë. 2.7.102977:©±Û©¨ß©²Ý ÷ëìÙ®±Îë̪Û* ¼©Ì¨Û§Ô±½ß²Ý,*ù±Û©ì²Ý ù²Ý¿²ëߡܡԡܼ¡ß¦ÞÅ* ù²¡Ü½¡ §²Ý¿²§Ü§¨Û§¡±Û©¡ªÛ,* ù²Ý²Ê§ªÛ ¡ßìÙʡԍܽ©ßͪÛ* ½®¢Ü¡¥¨Ü¼®±Û©²Ý,* ®Óê۽©ßìÙ©Óìß²Ý* ù¨Û¾§ §ß½ªß§ì½². 2.7.112978:§ß½ªß§ì¿²§Ü §²ÓʧÜ®¿²* ¤ßªÛ ÷¦Þ¥®¿²,*ô½ªß§ìª±Óë* üÌ®ì١ܼ¡²Ý¼± ¼§ßϪ®ìÙ¡°Ü,*§ß½ªß§ì²Ý ÷̮ߡÔë* £Ô®±ÛÁªÛ §Ô¾£Ê¡±ÛÁªÛ,*ô½ªß§ìª±Óë* ùªÛªß¿² ù²Ý ô¯Ó®¦Þ¦¿²½ë. 2.7.122979:®¦Þ¦ªßª¦Ó£Û½£ß§Ô¾ë* óªììÙ §¿ª¡¿²,*¡¦Þ¦¿² ¼¨Åªß¿§Ü* ¼§²ÝÁÌáìÙ£Û£¥½¡ß©²Ý,*©¦Þ¦Óë §ªÓ¯Ûªß¿* ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü õ¾® ©²Ý²Óì¦ÞŪÛ,*©¦Þ¦Ó±Û ©²Ý²Ǫ́ߪ©Ú ©ß¥ÛÅ* ó¦Þ¦Ü§ß°Ü 󿦮ӡÜÁ½ª. 2.7.13 ù¥Û¥ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2980:ó¿¦®Ç ó쮿¦½ªÜ* éªÛ©ß¾®ëß¡ªÛɦìÙ®Ç,* õÌ®ì®ì٠ʧ߽ͪۧ²,*õ¿¦®èªÛ* ù©Ú¼©ßÌ¥ÛÁªÛ ®ÖÅʧßªÛ,*É¿¦®²Ý* ©Ó±®Ó¡Ü¡¥Ü ¨×¨ÛÇ®ßì١ܽ¡. 2.8.1 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 24 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  25. 25. 2981:¨×¨ÛÇªÛ ÇëìÙ©Ú ©Ó±®Ó* ÷¥Û©¥ ª±Û¼±®Ü¼®¾®ËªÛ,*¨×¨ÛÇªÛ ÇëìӍ܍ß* ®ÖŠʧßªÛ,*é¨Û§¦Þ ɲÜ ¼©ßëÛ¾¡* ëß¿² õ¥ìÙ¡Ü¡¥Õ¨Û§,*é¨Û§¦ÞǯßëÛ* ù²Ý§²Ó¨ß롲ÝɦìÙ©Ú½©. 2.8.22982:ɦìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ óëèªÛ* ó¯Ó¡ÜÁªÛ óìèªÛ,*ɦì٧ܧ §²ÝÒ¨Û§Ô½ëßÅ* ô¡§ÜǪ²Ý²Ó,*ɦì٧ܧ §Ô̮ߡԧÜ* §²ÝªßìٮӍܧ߲ݽ£ìÙ,*ɦìÙ©Ú©²Ý ¼©ÌªÛɦìÙ©ÚÉ* ù¢ÜÁªÛɍ½². 2.8.32983:ɍ¿²¨ÛǽªËªÛ* ¼©ß±Ó¾ë¨ÛÇªÛ ¨×¡Ü¡Ô,*¨ª¨Û§ªÓÜÇ ýìÙ* ¨ßÅ ÉÁ®ÖìÙ,*󍪨ÛÇ ®Öë* óÃì¾ì£Û ¼£±Ûç²Ý,*©Ê¨ÛÇ£×ìӍÜ* ©¥ÕªÓ²Ý ý®ß½§. 2.8.42984:ý®ß§Ü ÇëìÙ©Ú ©Ó±®Ó* ÷¥Û©¥ ª±Û¼±®Ü ¼®¾®ËªÛ,*Êê®ß§Ü §²ÓʧßëÛ* Êê΍ÁªÛ ¡ß®½ß²Ý,*ªß®ß¡Ô ô¾ªëßëÛ* ªÖè¡Ô ªß²Ó¥ªßªÛ,*½§®ß§Ô ½§®¼©Ìªß²Ý* ù²Ý§×ì٧ܧ½². 2.8.52985:§×ì٧ܧ²Ý ÷¡°¨Û§* ½£®¥Õ½ªÜé¨Û§ßªªÛ,*½£ìÙ§Ü§Ô ó¾®½ë* £Ô®²ÝÊ¥Õ½ªÜ §ß²Ý¡¦ÞÅ,*©ßì٧ܧ²Ý ¼§°Ó¨Û¼§ß¯Ó¨Û§* ¾©¨Ûǯßëß²Ý ¼©Ì¾ª,*½©ìÙ§ÜÇªÛ üÌ®ìߍÜ* ½©£¡Ü¡Ô¥¨Û§½§?. 2.8.62986:¡Ô¥¨Û§Ǫ̂ÛÇ ¨Ô²Ý±°¨ÛÇ* ½¡¯ßëۡܡׯÛÉ¡ÜÁõ¥¨Û§ÔŪÛ,* §²ÝÒ°Ü ¡ì¡ÜÁªÛ ÷ªÓϪÛ,*§¥ªÛ ¼©Ì¨Û½§ß°Ü ôì§Ü§ÏΪÛ* ©ß¼ì²ÝÒªÛª¥¨Û¾§¾ë,* ªßÜ ¼£ëۡԲݱ* ªßÜ ôìÙ ¡ß¦Þ©ß½ì?. 2.8.72987:¡ß¦Þ©ßìßìÙ? ùªÛªÖ£²Ý* ¡¦Þ¦¿² ù²Ý¡ßƪßÑ,?*ø¦Þ½©£ÔÜ ùÜß* ÷ÁªÛ ýì٠DZÛç±Ûç,*½£¦Þ©ß®Ö½¥ß* ÷ëÓ½ìß ª±Û¼±©Ú ¼©ßÌ¥ÛÁªÛ,*ú¦Þ©ßÍªÛ ½£ßìß²Ý* ©ì¨ÛÇ°èªÛ ù¢ÜÁ½ª.2.8.82988:ù¢ÜÁªÛÊ°²Ý ¡¦Þ¦¼²²Ý±* ª¡¿²¡Ü¡ßëÛ¨ÛÇ,*õ¢Ü¡ÔÜ¿ëß¼²ÝÑ* õì¦Óë²Ý Çï¦Þɾ¥©Ú©,*ó¢ÜÁ ó©Ú¼©ßϽ§* ó®²Ý ®Öë§Ü ½§ß²Ý±Óë,* ù²Ý£Ô¢Ü¡©Ú©Óìß²Ý ¼©Ì¾ª* ôìß˪ۣ×ìÙ¾ª§Ü½§. 2.8.92989:£×ìÙ¾ª¼¡ß°Ü®ÖÅ* îìÙ¡Ü¡¨ì¡×ç,*öìÙ¾ª¼¡ß°Ü ½§®ìÙ*¨Å®ß ª±Û¼±©Ú ¼©ßÌ¥ÛÁªÛ,*½®ìÙʧßëÛ ®Ó§Ü§ßëÛ©Ú* ©ì¨ÛÇ §²Ó¨Ô²Ý±,*¡ßìÙʡԍܽ©ßÜ ®¦Þ¦²Ý* ù²Ý ¡¦Þ¦¿² ¨ß²Ý ¡¦Þ½¥½². 2.8.102990: §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 25 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  26. 26. ¡²Ý §¢Ü¡°Ü ¼£ëÛë* ¡Ì½ª²ÓëªÛªß¿²,*®¦Þ¥ªÛɪ۽£ß¿* ®Ï§Ô®°¨ß¥²Ý,*©¨Û§¿ëÓÜ ¼£ß²Ý²§ªÓ¯Û* ôëÓì§ÜÇ õ©Ú©§ÜÇªÛ ®ÜßìÙ,*®Ó¦Þ §¿ëÓÜ ®Ö±Û±Ǫ́ۧ߰ܮìÙ* ùªÛªß®Ö½¥. 2.8.11 ü²Ý©§ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó2991:ùªÛªß®Ö¥ÛŧÜ* §Ô±ÊªÛ¼£©Ú©ªÛ,* ¨Ô²Ý¼£ªÛªß ©ß§©±ÛɧÜ* §¿½£ìÙ§ÜÇ üÜ¿,*¾¡ªÛªßDzݩªÛ* ¡¥Õ¨Û§©Óìß½²,*óªÛªß ó¥Õ½ë²Ý* ½®¦ÞÅ®Ç ö½§. 2.9.12992:ö½§ ëßҲݿ²¡Ü* ¼¡ß°Ü®Ç ù¤Ý¤ß²ÝѪÛ,* ù²Ý¾ª½§ßëÛ½£ß§Ô* ª¦Ó®¦Þ¦ ù¨Û§ßëÛ,*ùëÛ§ß ¨Ô²Ý¡¯Ü* ëß¼²ëÛ§,* ¤ß²¡Ü¾¡§ß* ¡ß¡Ü ¡¯ÓÎ ¼£ë۽뽍. 2.9.22993:¼£ëÛ½ëÜ §×®Ó¿²¼ë²ÝÑ* ó̰ܼ£ëÛ˪Û,* ù²Ý¾¡ëßìÙ£Û £¡Ü¡ì¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¦©Óìß½²,*ûëßìÙ ¡¦Þ¥ªÛ 󾥡ܡÔͪÛ* ¨Ô²Ý¡¯ÜùëÛëßÇ ú§Ü§,* óÌ°Ü ¼£ëÛ ù²¡Ü½¡. 2.9.32994:ù²¡Ü½¡ëߥۼ£ëÛ* ù¡Ü¡ß§ÜÇªÛ ù²ÝÑ,* ù²Ýª²¡Ü½¡ ®¨ÛÇ* õ¾¥®Ö¥Õ²Ý±Óª²Ý²Ó,*§²¡Ü½¡ëß¡* ù¿²¡Ü¼¡ß°ÜÐªÛ ö½§,*ù²¡Ü½¡ ¡¦Þ¦¿²* ë߲ݼ¡ß°Ü£Ô±©Ú½©. 2.9.42995:£Ô±©Ú©ÓÜ ®ÖÅ* îìÙ¡Ü¡ªÛ ¨ì¡ªÛ,*õ±©Ú©ÓÜ ùëÛÇ¡* ùëÛ§±Û¡,* ëßÒªÛ©Ó±©Ú©ÓÜ* ©Ü©Ó±®Ó©Ú ¼©Ìªß¿²,*ª±©Ú¼©ß²Ý±Ó²Ý±Ó* ù²ÝÑªÛ ª¡Ô¯Û½®½². 2.9.52996:ª¡Ô¯Û¼¡ß°Ü ¼§ëÛ®ªÛ* ÷½ß¡ªÛ ó½ß¡ªÛ,*ª¡Ô¯Û¼¡ß°Ü ½£ß§Ô* ªìÙ¨Û§ óªÛªß½²,*ª¡Ô¯Û¼¡ß°Ü £Ô¨Û¾§* ¼£ßÜ ¼£ëÛ¾¡ ¼¡ß¦ÞÅ,* ù²ÝѪ۪¡Ô¯ÛαÛÑ* ÷²Ý¿² ®¦¢Ü¡®ßìß½ë. 2.9.62997:®ßìßëÛ* ÷²Ý §Ô̩کߧ ªì١ܡׯÛ,*½©ìß½§ ëß²Ý ®¨ÛÇ* ó¾¥ËªÛ©¥Õ§ßìߧßëÛ,* ÷²Ý¿² ù²ÝÒ°Ü* ¾®©Ú©ÓÜ ù²ÝѪÛôìߧßëÛ,* ù²¡ÜÁ ù²ÝÑªÛ ù¡Ü¡ß½. 2.9.72998:ù¡Ü¡ß§Ü¼§¨Û¾§ëßëÛ* ù²ÝҰܪ²Ý²ÓÜ,* ª±ÛÑù¡Ü¡ß§Ü§ÔͪÛ* ëß¼§ß²ÝÑªÛ ½®¦Þ½¥²Ý,*ªÓ¡Ü¡ßìÙ ½®§* ®ÓªìÙ®ÓÏ¢ÜÁªÛ,* ù²Ýó¡Ü¡ßì¡Ü¡²Ó½ë* ÷²Ý¿²ëß½². 2.9.82999: §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 26 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  27. 27. ëß½² ù²Ý¿²* ó±Óë¡Ôß½§,*ëß½² ù²Ý§²½§* ù²Ý±Ǫ́۽§²Ý,*ëß½²¨×* ù²ÛÒ¾¥¾ªËªÛ ¨×½ë,*®ß½²½ë§ÜǪÛ* ùªÛ®ß²®½ì½±. 2.9.93000:ú½±Ü úϪÛ* ¼®²ÝÑ úì١ܼ¡ß°Ó¢Ü¾¡¾ë,*¨×½±¼£ëÛ§* ¼¨Å¤ÝÃ¥ìÙ£Û½£ß§Ô,*½§½±Ü ù²Ý¿²* ÷²Ý ¼©ß²Ý²¥Õ£Û½£ìÙ§ÜÇ* üÜ¿,½®½±½©ß¡* ù¤Ý¤ß²ÝÑªÛ ®Ó¥½. 2.9.103001:®Ó¥ÓÜ £¡Ü¡ì§ÜÇ *ó¦Þ¦¿,½ª®Ü*®Ó¥ÓÜ ®¦ÞÁÌáìÙ£Û* £¥½¡ß©²Ý¼£ßÜ,*¼¡¥ÓÜ ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü* õ¾®©§ÜǪÛ,*¼¡¥ÓÜ ®Öż£ëÛ˪Û* ¡Ô°ìÙ®ßì١ܽ¡. 2.9.11 ©§Ü§ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó3002:¡Ô°¼ìß°ÓëÓ°¾ª* ¼¡Å®§²Ý ʲݲªÛ,*®°¼ìß°Ó ªß½ëß²Ý* ªÌ®Óë ½¡ßëӍÜ,*®°ìÓ°ªÛ ¼©ß¯ÓÜã¯Û* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*§°ìÙ ®Óìß¡Ô£Û* £ßìٮǣ§Ô½ì. 2.10.13003:£§ÔìÓ° ª¥®ßìÙ* §ß¯Û£Û£Ô¾ë ª§ÔëßÇ,*ó§ÔìÙ ÁìÜ £¢Ü¡§ÜÇ* ó¯¡ìÙ§ªÛ½¡ßëӍÜ,*ª§Ô§®¯ÛÁŪÓ* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*©§ÔëÇ ú§Ü§Ô* ù쨂 ©ë½². 2.10.23004:©ë²Ü ¼£ëÛÇ* ©ë²ÓÜ¿ ¼¨¤Ý½£,*ÉëÜª¾¯ ®¦Þ¦ìÙ* ÉìÓ¨ÛǾ±½¡ßëӍÜ,*ªëÜªÓÁ ¼©ß¯ÓÜã¯Û* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*óë²Ýª¿ ó¾¥®Ç* óǡ̪½ª. 2.10.33005:¡Ìª®²Ý©ß£ªÛ* ¡¯Ó§Üǯ²ÝÑëÛë½®,*¼©Ìª¿¼ëŧܧ߲Ý* ©Öž±½¡ßëӍÜ,*®Ìª¾¯ §®ÏªÛ* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*§Ô̪¿ëǽ®* 󾥮ǧԱ½ª. 2.10.43006:§Ô±Ê¾¥ ®§Ü§ßÜ* §×®Ó¿² ¼©Ì¡Ü¡ßÇ,*ó±Êëß¯Ó©Ú* ©¾¥ë®²Ý ½¡ßëӍÜ,*ªÑ®ÓÜ ®¦Þÿ² ã¯Û* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*ɱª¿ £ßì©Ú* ½©ß®Ç¡Ô±Ó½ë. 2.10.53007:¡Ô±Ó¼ë² ¨Ô¿²ªÓ²Ý* ¡×¯Û¾ª ¼£ëÛëß½§,*÷±ÓëªìÙ ¼®¦Þ¼¦ëÛ* ÷¦Þ¥®²Ý ½¡ßëӍÜ,*ª±Ó¼ëßÅ ©Ó¿¦½£ìÙ* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*¼¨±Ó©¥ óǽ®* ¨Ô¿²®Ç¨½ª. 2.10.63008: §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 27 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  28. 28. ¨¼ª² ¨Ô¿²ªÓ²Ý* ¨ì¡Ï¨Û§ß½§,*¨ÔÊ²ªÓ¥¨Û§ß²Ý* ¨×ž± ½¡ßëӍÜ,*ªªÑª§Ô½£ìÙ* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*®Ê¾±¼ëëÛ§Ô* ªÌΧÜ ®½ª. 2.10.73009:®ªÛ¼£ëÛÇ ¾®¡Ü* ®¢Ü¡¯Óëß½§,*®ªÛ¼£ëÛËªÛ ôë* ªßë®²Ý ½¡ßëӍÜ,*®ªÛ¼£ëÛËªÛ ®ß½èìÙ* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*®ªÛ¼£ëÛÇ ¨ßЪÛ* ªÌΧÜ ®¯¡Ü½¡. 2.10.83010:®¯¡Ü¼¡² ¨Ô¿²ªÓ²Ý* ®Ü®Ó¿² Êê¯Û¡ßÇ,*ó¯¡Ü¼¡ß¥Õë¥Û¥ß²Ý* óªìÙ ¼©Ì¢Ü ½¡ßëӍÜ,*ª¯¡Ü¡°Ó±Û±Ó²ªÛ ½£ìÙ* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*¼§ßÏ¡Ü ¡ÌÇ®½§* Ç¦Ó®Ç ã½§. 2.10.93011:㼧²ÝÑ ¡°ÎªÛ* ãÇªÛ ¼£ëÛëß½§,*½®§Ê²Ý ®Óìӧܧ߲Ý* ®Ó̪۩Óë ½¡ßëӍÜ,*ªßÇÑ ªëӍܽ£ìÙ* ªßÓ̤ݽ£ß¿,*½©ß§®Ó¯Û ª¿½ë* ÉÁ®Ç ¼©ß̽°. 2.10.103012:¼©ß̼°²ÝÑ õ®Ü΍¡ªÛ* ©¾¥§Ü§®²Ý É¡¯Û½ªÜ,*ªÌ°ÓÜ ®¦ÞÁÌáìÙ* ®¦Þ£¥½¡ß©²Ý,*¼§Ì°Ü¼¡ß°Ü°£Û ¼£ß²Ý²* ýìßëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü õ©Ú©§ÜÇ,*óÌо¥ë®²Ý §ß°Ü* 󿦮ӡÜÁªÛ ʥէܽ§. 2.10.11 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 28 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  29. 29. §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇʧÜ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó3013:##Ê¥Õ£Û½£ß§ÔëßëÛ* ÷²Ç Ê¡£Û½£ß§Ô ª¨Û§Ç½®ß,*ó¥Õ£Û½£ß§Ô ¨×¨Ô²Ý±* §ßª¾ìëßëÛ óì٨ۧǽ®ß*,©¥Õ£Û½£ß§Ô ô¾¥¼ëßŪÛ* ©Ü¡èëÛ,* ¨Ô²Ý¾©ªÛ¼©ß²Ý¡¥Õ£Û½£ß§Ô ¡¨Û§Ç½®ß?* §Ô̪߽! ¡¥Ûžì½ë. (2)¡¥Ûžì¡Ü¡ÔÜ §ßª¾ì* ¨Ô²Ý ¡¦Þ©ß§ªÛ ¾¡¼ë߮ܮß,*Ã¥Ûžì§Ü§ ¨²Ý¼©ß²Ý* ÷²Ý §Ô̽ª²Ó ü°Ó ü®Ü®ßÇ,*ü¥Ûžì§ÜÇ õ®Ü΍Á ÷²Ý¿²* É¡¯Û¼®ÜßªÛ ¼©ÌªÛ©ßͪÛ,*©¥ÛžìëßëÛ©Ú É±Û¼¡²Ý½±* ¡ß¥ÛÅªßÜ ©ì¤Ý½£ß§×!©ì¤Ý½£ß§Ô! ¨×©ìªßëÛ* ¨Ô²Ý²Ó¡¯Û¨ÛÇ ©Ó²Ý,* ª±Û½çìÙ©ì¤Ý½£ß§Ô õ²Ý¾ªëÓ²Ý* ©¥Õ½ëß®Ó ¨Ô¡¯Û¡Ô²Ý±,*©ì¤Ý½£ß§Ô ¨Ô²ÝҰܽ°* ©¥Ì¡ªÛ ©¾¥§Ü§,* ùªÛ©ì¤Ý½£ß§Ô ½¡ß®Ó¨Û§ß!* ©¦Þɾì¡Ü¡ ªß¥Û½¥½².ªß¥Û¥ß½§ ô¡ÔͪÛ* õªÛ ªìÙ§¿ ªß¤ßªÛ,*¨Ô²Ýªß¥Û¥ßë ªìÙ©Úɾì˪Û* §ÔÌÎÌÎªÛ ª²ªÛ¾®¡Ü¡*ªß¥Û¥ß§ ©£ªë* ª§Ô¼¡ßŧܧßëÛ, ªìÙ§ÜǯßëÛ*ªß¥Û½¥¨× ª²ªÛ¾®§Ü§ßëÛ* ªß¤ßªÛ ®Ì¨Û§ß½§?®Ì¨Û§ß§ ǫ́ۧ®§Ü§* ªìÙ¡Ü¡§ÔìÓ²Ý Ã¥ìÙ ÷¥ªÛ©ßëÛ,*®Ì¨Û§ß§ ¤ß²ªßëÛ* ®ìªÛ©Ó²Ý±Ó ÊϧÔë²ÝçëÛ,*®Ì¢Ü¡ßªÛ ¨Ô¡¯Û¡ßªÛ* ¡¯Ó¡ßªßëÛ,*÷¾¡ü̢ܡߡ ó°Ó©Ú©ßëÛ £×ìÙ* ù¢ÜÁ ÷¡Ü¡ ýÇ®½²?ýÇ®ßìÙ ý§Ü¼§ÜßªÛ* ù®Ü΍¡§ÜÇ ù®Ü¼®¾®ËªÛ,*£ßÇ®ßëÛ ¨Ô²ÝÉ¡¯Ó²Ý* §¾¡ëÜßÜ ©Ó±Ó§ÔÜ¿,*½©ßÇ®ß¯Û É²¨ÛǯßëÛ* Ê¥ÕëÓèëÛ,* é®Ó²Ý½ªÜªßÇ®ß¯Û ªßìÙ©ÓèëÛ!* ù²Ý¼£ßÜÓëß²Ý ®ß¯Û§ÜÇ®½²?®ß¯Û§ÜÇ®ßìÙ ©ìß¡* ¨Ô²ÝҰܽ° ¨ß²ÝÊ¡¿²,*Êê¯Û§Ü§ ¨×ìÙ ÷¼¡ÜßªÛ* ©¾¥¼ë²ÝÑ Ê§Ü©¾¥§Ü§ßëÛ*½¡¯Û§Ü§£×ìÙ óì²Ýʧß¡Ü* ¡Ô°ìÙ¼§ëÛ®ªßëÛ¡Ü ¡Ô°ìÙ¨ÛÇ,*ã¯Û§Ü§ óªìì٠ǧԧܧߍÜ* ÷²Ý ¼§ßÜÉ¡¯Û ªßã潧?ªßãæ£Û Ã¥ìÙ ÷¥ªÛ©ßëÛ* ªìßÇ Á®ÓëßÇ,*ªßãæ ¤ß²ªßëÛ* ÊÏǪßëÛ ÊϧÔë²ÝçëÛ,*ªßãæ®ß²Ý½¡ß§ÜÇ* óªìì١ܽ¡ß²Ý ®¯Ó©¥Û¥ßÜ,* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 29 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  30. 30. ªßãæ ÷²Ý©ß§* ªìÙ½£ß§Ô ªÏ¢Ü¡ß½§?ªÏ¢Ü¡ß§ ¾®¨ÛȧÔë* £¡Ü¡ì¨Ü ®§Ü¾§ëßëÛ,*¼§ßϢܡߧÜ ¡°Ó±°Ó©Ú©ß²Ý* É°ÜðìÙ¨ÛÇ ½§ß²Ý±Ó¿²½ë,*ªÏ¢Ü¡ß§ ¤ß²½ª* ©¾¥ëß¡, ªìÙ ÷¡ÔÜ*¼§ßϪ۩ßëßìÙ¡ÜÁ ó°Ó§Ü§ßÜ* ÷²Ý Ã¥ìÙ£Û½£ß§Ô ª¾±ëß½§?ª¾±ëßë ¨ßÜ½®§§ÜÇ°Ü ¨Ô²Ý±* ªìÙÃ¥½ì,*ʾ±ëßÜ õ®Ü΍¼¡ÜßªÛ* ©¾¥§Ü§Ô¥¨ÛǦÞÅ ÷ªÓ¯Û¨Û§°¨Û§ßëÛ,*©Ó¾±½ëÑ £¾¥ëßÒªÛ* ¨ß²ÝÊ¡ÒªÛ õ¨Û§ÔìÒªÛ*õ¾±ëߧÜ ó±Ó¨Û½§§Ü§* ®Ö±Û±Ó̧ܧÜ õÇ®Óë©Ú½©?®Óë©Ú©ßë ®Óë©Ú©ÓÜß* ¼ªëۤݤ߲ ½®§Ô뿲,*£ë©ÚÉ¡¯ßìÙ ©ìÙ®ßϪÛ* §¥¢ÜÁÌáìÙ £¥½¡ß©²Ý,*Çë¡Ü¡Ô²Ý±Ó§Ü ¼§ßÏǾì§Ü§* ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü õ©Ú©§ÜǪÛ,*÷ë¡Ü¼¡ß¦ÞÅ ©Ó±©Ú©Ñ¡ÜÁªÛ* üÓʨۨ×ìÙ ¤ß§Ü½§. (2) 3.1.11õì¦Þ¥ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó3024:##ʨۨ×ìÙ ¤ßªÛ ©¾¥§Ü§* ùªÛ ʡԍܮ¦Þ¦½²,*ó¨Û¨ß°Ü ¨× §¨Û§* ô¡Ü¾¡ëÓ²Ý ®¯Ó ÷¯Ü½®²Ý,*¼®¨Û¨ß°Ü ½¨ßëÛ ®Öë* ®Ó¿²¡¿° ½®ì±©Ú©ßëÛ¨ÛÇ,*ù¨Û¨ß°Ü ëß²Ý ÷²Ý¿²* õ²Ó®¨ÛÇ áÅ®½²? (2)®²Ýªß ¾®ëªÛ ó°¨Û§* ùªÛ ®ßªè,* ¨Ô²Ý©²Ýªß ªßë©Ú* ©Ü©Ó±®ÓëÓÜ ©¥Õ¡Ô²Ý±ëß²Ý,*¼§ß²Ýªß ®Ü®Ó¿²§Ü* ¼§ß¥ìÙ¡¿° ʧìÓ¨ÛÇ,*¨Ô²Ý ªß§ß°Ü ½£ìÙ¨ÛÇ* ¨Ô±Û©Ç ù¤Ý¤ß²ÝѼ¡ß½ß?¼¡ßÜß ªß¡Ü½¡ßÜ* ¼¡ß¿¼£ëÛÇ ©ß짩ڽ©ßìÙ,*ùÜß£Û ½£¿²ËªÛ* ǫ̃ԍ§ÜÇ ó®Ó§Ü§ ù¨Û§ßëÛ,*¼©ßÜß®ß¡Ü¾¡ëÓ²Ý* ɦìÙ®Ó¿² óÑ¡Ü¡ç,*¼£ßÜßëÛ ëß²Ý ÷²Ý¿²£Û* £ßìÙ®½§ßìÙ ã¯Û£Û£Ô½ë.ã¯Û£Û£Ô ¤ß²£Û* Ã¥¼ìß°Ó ëß¡Ô,* ù²ÝѪÛú¯Û£Û£Ô¡Ü ½¡¥Õ²Ý±Ó* ù¢Ü¡ÆªÛ ¨Ô¾±¨Û§ ù¨Û§ßëÛ,*§ß¯Û£Û£Ô ª±Û¼±¢ÜÁªÛ §®ÓìÙ¨ÛÇ* ¨Ô²Ý §ß°Ó¦¡Ü¡×¯Û®ß¯Û£Û£Ô,* ëß²Ý ½£ÌªÛ* ®¾¡ëÌ°ßëÛ ®¨Û½§.®¨Û§ßëÛ½©ß½* ®¨ÛÇªÛ ù²Ýª²§Ü§Ô¿²¨×,*£Ô¨Û§ßªÜ ¼£ëÛëßëÛ* õǽ® õǮߡԍÜ,*¼¡ß¨Û§ßìÙ ¡ßë߮ӲÝ* ¼¡ßϪìÙ§Ü §Ǫ̂Ա§Ü§ù¨Û§ßëÛ,* ëß²Ý ÷²Ý¿²* ù¢ÜÁ®¨Û§Æ¡Ô±Û©½²? 3.2.5. §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 30 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  31. 31. 3029:¡Ô±Û©²Ý ¡ÔÜ½²Ý* ù²Ý±Ó²Ý ʲ¨ß°ßÜ,*ó±Û© £ßì¢Ü¡°Ü ó¾®* þ®§Ü§ ¡²Ý¼±ß¯Ó¨Û½§²Ý,*©±Û©ÜßëÓìªÛ* ÷ëÓìÙ¼£ëÛ§ ©ìªß,* ¨Ô²Ý¨±Û¼©ß²Ý ½£ß§Ô§Ü§ß°Ü* ¨ÆÁ®Ç ù¤Ý¤ß²Ý½±?ù¤Ý¤ß²ÝÑ ¨ßªÛ ǫ̃ۧǪ̂ÛÇ* õì¢Ü¡Ô ¼¨¤Ý½£!*¼ªëۤݤ߲ªÓ²Ý±Ó* ®Ó¿²ëÓëÜ ©Ó±©Ú©Ï¨Û§Ô,*ù¤Ý¤ß²ÝÑªÛ ù¢ÜÁªÛ* ü¯Ó®± ¨Ô¾±¨ÛǨԲݱ,*¼ªëۤݤ߲£Û½£ß§Ô¡Ü* ¡¦Þ¦¿² ½ªÎǽª?½ªÎ Dzݩ ®Ó¿²¡¿°* ®ÓŧÜǪӽ²Ý,*ýΧÓ²Ý±Ó* ÷²Ý¡¯Ü ®¦¢Ü¡Ô±Û±Ó½²Ý,*©ßμ§ßÜ £×ìÙ¡Ü¡¦Þæ!* ù²Ý ©ì¤ÝÃ¥½ì,*áΡԲݽ±²Ý ¡ß¦Þ©ß²Ý* ù¢Ü¼¡ëÓ§¡Ü áή½²?á®Ó¡Üá®Ó¡Ü* ¼¡ßŮӿ²§Ü Çï±ÛÑ°Ü ¨Ô²ÝÑ*©ß®Ó½ë²Ý ©¡ßªÛ* ®¯Ó§Ô¾¡§ÜÇ óªì١ܡԲݽ±²Ý,*½ª®Óë²Ýç¨Ô¾ì¡ß§Ü§®²Ý* ÷¡¼ªÜßªÛ,*§ß®Óë óªÛªß¿²* ù¢ÜÁ õ²Ó§Ü §¿©Ú¼©ëÛ®½²?§¿©Ú¼©ëÛ ¡ßªÛ* ¨ª²Ý§ªìÙ ©ß£ªÛ®Ó¥Û¥ßÜ,*󿍩ÚéƦÞƪÛ* ó®Ü®ÜÜ ùÜßªÛ ó¡,*¡¿©Ú©Ü ¤ß²§ÜÇ* ù²Ý ¡¦Þ¦¿²¡Ü ¡¦Þż¡ß¦ÞÅ,*¨Ô¿©Ú¼©±ÛÑ ù²Ý ¼¨¤Ý£ªÛ ¼©±Û±Ç* ¨×ÅëÓ½ì.÷ëÓìÙ¡¼°Üß* ÷¡ªÛ ÷¾¥ë®¿²,*ÁëӍܼ¡ß°Ü ½£ß¿§Ü* ¼§²ÝÁÌáìÙ£Û £¥½¡ß©²Ý,*¼£ëÓìÓÜ ¼£ßÓ¾£ªß¿* ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü õ©Ú©§ÜǪÛ,*÷ëÓìÓ²Ý ½ªß¡Ü¾¡* ø²Ó¾¥ ü¯Ó®Ó¡ÜÁ½ª. (2) 3.2.11Êê²ÝçªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó3035:##ü¯Ó®ÓÜ ¡ß¼ªÜßªÛ* ÷¥èëÛ ª²Ý²Ó,*®Ï®Óß* ó¥Õ¾ª ¼£ëÛë ½®¦ÞÅªÛ ¨ßªÛ,*¼§¯ÓÁìÜ ó̮ӧÜ* §Ô̽®¢Ü¡¥§ÜÇ,*ù¯ÓÜ¼¡ß°Ü ½£ß§Ô* ù¨Û¾§§¨Û¾§ §¨Û¾§¡Ü½¡ (2) 3.3.13036:ù¨Û¾§ §¨Û¾§ §¨Û¾§* §¨Û¾§ §¨Û¾§¡ÜÁªÛʨ۾§,* ®ß²®ìÙ* ®ß²®ì١ܽ¡ß¼²ßŪÛ,*£Ô¨ÛÇé ª¡ÔϪÛ* §Ô̽®¢Ü ¡¥§ÜÇ,*ó¨Û§ ªÓÜÉ¡¯Û¡Ü* ¡ß¼ì¯ÓÜ ó¦Þ¦½. 3.3.2 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 31 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  32. 32. 3037:ó¦Þ¦Ü ªßë²Ý* ó¦Ó¼¡ß°Ü ¼£¨Û§ßª¾ì¡Ü¡¦Þ¦²Ý,* ¼£¢Ü¡²Ó ®ßëÛ¡Ü* ¡Ìªß¦Ó¡Ü¡ªÛ,*¼§¦Þ¦Ó¾±£Ûÿ² ¨×ìÙ§Ü* §ÔÌ ½®¢Ü¡¥§ÜÇ,*ù¦Þ¦ÓÜ ¼§ßÜÉ¡¯Û* ®ß²®ìÙ ö£½². 3.3.33038:ö£²Ý ®ß²®ìÙ¡ÜÁ* ù²Ý©²Ý ù²ÝçÜ,* óǽ§£½ªß* §ÔÌ ½®¢Ü¡¥§Ü §ßÒ¡ÜÁ?,*¨×£½²²Ý* ¨Ô¾±¼®ß²ÝѪӽ²Ý,* ù²Ý¡¦Þ©ß£ªÛ ¾®§Ü§* ©ì¤ÝÃ¥ìÙ£Û ½£ß§Ô¡Ü½¡. 3.3.43039:½£ß§Ôëß¡Ô* ùÜß΍ÁªÛ ¼§ßϪÛ,*ô§Ô Êêì٧ܧԼë²ÝçÜ* ó°®ßÁ½ªß?,*½®§ÔëìÙ* ÊÏ ½®§§Ü§Ê§§Ü¾§,*§×§ÔÜ £×ìÙ§Ü* §ÔÌ ½®¢Ü¡¥§Ü §ß¿²½ë. 3.3.53040:½®¢Ü¡¥¢Ü¡°Ü* ¼ªëÛªÛ½ªÜ®Ó¿² ʱ۱ΪÛ,*§ß¢Ü¡°Ü §¢Ü¡¥ÛÁ* ¨Ü²½® ¼£ëÛ®ßìÙ,*½®¢Ü¡¥§ÜÇ ÷¾±®ßìÙ¡ÜÁ* ¨ª¼®²Ý²ßªÛ¡¥¾ª,* óÇê¨Û§ßìÙ¡Ü¡¥Û½¡. 3.3.63041:ê¨ÛÇ ªßªìÙ* ¨×ìÙÃ¥ìÙ §×©ªÛ¼¡ß¦ÞÅ,*óªìÙ¨ÛÇ ®ß²®ìÙ* ®ß²®ìÙ ½¡ß¼²ßŪÛ,*¨ª²Ý¼±ÏªÛ* §Ô̽®¢Ü¡¥ªÛ ¨¢Ü¡¥ÛÁ,*£ª²Ý¼¡ß°Ü ®Öŧ̪Û* §¥¢ÜÁ²Ý±½ª. 3.3.73042:##Á²Ý±ªÛ ú¨Û§Ô¡Ü* Á°ÓìÙª¾¯ ¡ß§Ü§®²Ý,*ó²ÝÑ ¤ßªÛ* ó°¨Û§ ©Óìß²Ý,* ©ì²Ý¼£²ÝÑ ½£ìÙ* §ÔÌ ½®¢Ü¡¥ ªßª¿,*ü²Ýѽª¼§ß¯* ¨ªÛ®Ó¿² ý˽ª. (2) 3.3.83043:ýËªÛ Êê©ÚÉ©Ú* ©Ó±©ÚÉ õ±©ÚÉ©Ú©Ó¦Ó,*®Ö˪ßÑ ¼£ëۮ߲Ý* §ÔÌ ½®¢Ü¡¥§ÜÇôë²Ý,* ¨ß°ÜªìߪÛ* ó¥Õ§Ü §ßª¾ì,*®ßË°ÜЪ۪²§ÜÇ°ÜЪÛ* ¾®©Ú©ßìÙ¡¥Û½¡. 3.3.93044:¾®§Ü§ ¨ß°Ü®¾ì* ùÜ¿ ÁÑ¡Ô£Û¼£²ÝÑ,*ùëۧܧԿ°©Ú©§²Ý* ʲݲªÛ 󾥪ӽè,*¾©§Ü§ ©ßªÛ©¿¦ëß²Ý* §ÔÌ ½®¢Ü¡¥ªÛ,*¼ªßëۧܧ ½£ß¿* ¼ªßëÛé¨Û§¥ªÛ §ß¯Û®½ì. 3.3.103045:##§ß°Ü ©ì©Ú©Ó* ª¦Þ §ß®Óë ö£¿²,*¨×°Ü¼©ß¯ÓÜ* ÁÌáìÙ£Û £¥½¡ß©²Ý¼£ßÜ,* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 32 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  33. 33. ½¡¯ÓÜ ôëÓì§ÜÇ* õ©Ú©§ÜÇªÛ ®Ü®ìÙ,®ß¯Û®ìÙ ®ß¯Û¼®ëÛ§Ô* ¤ßªÛ É¡¯½®. (2) 3.3.11¨ß²Ý¡ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó3046:##É¡ÏªÛ ¨Ü üÌ®²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!* ¼©ß̮Ӎܣ×ìÙ©Ú éªÓ ù²Ý½¡ß,*§Ô¡ÏªÛ§¦Þ ©ì¾® ù²Ý½¡ß!* §×¼ë²Ý½¡ß! ®ß˼®²Ý½¡ß,*¨Ô¡ÏªÛ ô¡ß£ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß!* ¨×°ÜÃ¥ìÙ õì¦ÞÅªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*õ¡¯Û®ÓÜ õ®Ü®¿²§ÜÇªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß* ¡¦Þ¦¿²¡Ü áΪ߽±! (2) 3.4.13047:áΪ߱±Óë ªß¥Û½¥²Ý* Á²Ý±¢Ü¡°Ü 󿲧ÜÇªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*½ªÎ£×ìÙ ªßìÓ ù²Ý½¡ß!* ®Ó°¢ÜÁ §ß쾡¡°Ü ù²Ý½¡ß,*¨ß®ÓëÜ ¡¿¡°Ü ù²Ý½¡ß!* ¤ß²¨Üß®Ó ù²Ý½¡ß,*©ßΣ×ìÙ¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦²Ý ùªÛªß²Ý* ©¢Ü¡ë¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦¿²½ë! 3.4.23048:©¢Ü¾¡ë¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!* ©®°£Û¼£®Ü®ßë²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß,*ó¢Ü¡§ÔìÙ ó¥Õë²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!* ó¤Ý£² ®¦Þ¦²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß,*¼£¢Ü¡§Ôì٠ʥÕë²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!* §ÔÌªÑ ªßìÙ®²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß,*£¢ÜÁ£¡Ü¡ì§Ü§²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!* £ß§Ôªß¦Ó¡Ü¡§Ü¾§½ë! 3.4.33049:£ß§Ôªß¦Ó¡Ü¡ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß!* £®Ó½¡ß°Ü¼©ß²Ý ʧܧªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*£ß§Ô¨Ü®ëÓìªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,* §®Ó®ÓÜ£×ìÙ ®Ó°¡Ü¡ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*ô§Ôë¤Ý ½£ß§Ô ù²Ý½¡ß!* ô§ÔëªÛ ÉÌ¥²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß,*ôÇªÓÜ ¡ß§ÜÇ ù¨Û¾§* ó£Ûç²Ý 󪍿²½ë! 3.4.43050:ó£Ûç²Ý óª²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß,* ó¥Õë®ìÙ ®Ó¿²¼¡Å¡ÜÁªÛ,*¨£ÛÃªß ªÌ¨Û§ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß!* ¨¢Ü¡¥Ü óʧªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*ó£Ûþ®¡Ü ¡¥Û¥Õ ù²Ý½¡ß!* óÑþ® ó¥Õ£ÔÜ ù²Ý½¡ß,*¼¨ëÛ£Ûþ®§Ü ½§±Ü ù²Ý½¡ß!* ¡²Ó¼ë²Ý½¡ß! ©ß¼¢Ü½¡½è! 3.4.53051:©ß¼²Ý½¡ß!* ¨ß²ÝÁ ½®§©Ú ©ë¼²²Ý½¡ß,* £ªë ¨×§ÔÈ-²Ý½¡ß!* È¥¢ÜÁ ½¡°Ü®Ó õ¾£¼ë²Ý½¡ß!* õ®±ÛÑ°Ü ¨Ü½ª¼²Ý½¡ß,* ®Ó¿²ëÓ²Ý ªÓ¡Ü¡ ©ë¼²²Ý½¡ß,* ¡¦Þ¦²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!-ªß¼²Ý½¡ß! ªßë²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß* ®ß²®ìÙ ô§Ô¾ë½ë! 3.4.63052:®ß²®ìÙ ô§Ô ù²Ý½¡ß!* ®ß²®ìÙ ¼§ëÛ®ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*®ß²®ìÙ ½©ß¡ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß!* ®ß²®ì٠ʱÛÑªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*ø²ªÓÜ ¼£Ü®ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß!* ø²ªÓÜ îìÙ¡Ü¡ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß,*ø²ªÓÜ ½ªß¡Ü¡ªÛ ù²Ý½¡ß!* ü°Óª¦Ó ®¦Þ¦¿²½ë! 3.4.73053:ü°Óª¦Ó ®¦Þ¦²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!* üÌ®¼²²Ý½±§Ü§ ¨Ô²Ý±*¨°ÓìÙª§Ô£Û £¾¥ë²Ý ù²Ý½¡ß!* ¨ß²ÝÊ¡¡Ü ¡¥Î°Ü ù²Ý½¡ß,*ó°Óª¡Ô¯Û¨ÛÇ ÷¡¼ªÜßªÛ* ©¾¥§Ü§¾® ú§Ü§ ¨Ô²Ý±,* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 33 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  34. 34. ¡°ÓªìÙ§Ü Ç°®²Ý ùªÛªß²Ý* ¡¦Þ¦¿² ªß뿲½ë! 3.4.83054:¡¦Þ¦¿² ªßë²Ý §²Ý¿²¡Ü* ¡¥Ü¡¾¥¨ÛÇ óʧ¢Ü ¼¡ß¦Þ¥,*ó¦Þ¦¿ ó£Û翲* ó²¨Û§¿² ó²¨Û§²Ý §²Ý½ªÜ,*¨¦Þ¦Ó¨¢ÜÁ ÷¾±¡Ô²Ý翲* ¤ßªÛ ÷¦ÞŪӯۨۧ ªß¿,*ù¦ÞƪßÑ ó±Óë ªß¥Û½¥²Ý,* ëß¾®ËªÛ ë®ÌªÛ §ß½². 3.4.93055:ëß¾®ËªÛ ë®ÌªÛ §ßèëÛ* ó®ì®ìÙ £ªë¨Û ½§ßѪÛ,*½§ßëۮӍ²Ý ɍ²Ý û¨ÛÇ¡ÜÁªÛ* ¼£ß©Ú©¥ß²Ý ÷¦ìÙ®Ó²Ý Êêì٧ܧÔ,*ô®Ó½£ìÙ ÷ëÓìÓ²Ý ÷°Ü°ßÜ* óǽªßìÙ ©±Û±Ó ß§,*©ß®¿² 󧿲¡Ü á¥ÕÜ* ó®¿²ËªÛ á¥ ß½ª. 3.4.103056:##á¥Õ®¦Þ¥¾±ËªÛ §¦Þ§ßìÙ¡Ü* ¼¡ß¦Þ¥Ü½©ßÜ ®¦Þ¦²Ý §²Ý¿²*ªß¥ìÙ ¼©ß¯ÓÜ* ÁÌáìÙ ®¦Þ£¥½¡ß©²Ý ¼£ß²Ý²,*©ß¥½ßìÙ ôëÓì§ÜÇ°Ü* õ¾®Ë½ªßìÙ ©§ÜÇªÛ ®ÜßìÙ,*®Ö¥Õ ½©ß¡ ¼ªëÛ§Ô* ®Ó̪ÛÉ®ìÙ óªììÙ ¼ªßëۧܽ§ (2) 3.4.11û¨Û§ßªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó3057:##¼ªßëÛªÛªßªÛ éªÛ¼©ß¯ÓÜ ¼©ßëÛ¾¡* ʧ¿£Û £Ô¾±©Ú©¥ÛÅ ¨Ô²Ý±,*¾¡ªÛªßΡÜÁ óÌ°Ü ¼£ëÛ§* ¡ßìÙÊ¡ÔÜ ½©ßÜ®¦Þ¦²Ý ¡¦Þ¦²Ý,*ùªÛªß¿²£Û ¼£ßÜÓ©Ú ©ß¥Õ* ùϨÛÇªÛ ©±¨ÛÇªÛ Ç°Ü°ß§ßìÙ,*§ªÛªßÜ ¡Ìª¼ª²Ý ¼£ßÜÖìÙ* §¦Þ¡¥Ü ®¥Û¥§ÜÇ°Ü°Ö½ì! (2) 3.5.13058:§¦Þ¡¥Ü ®¥Û¥§ÜÇ°Ü°ß¾ì§Ü* §ª¡Ü¡Ô¾ìëß§Ü §¥Õ¨Û ǦÞƪÛ,*§Ô¦Þ¡¯±Û¡ßÜ óÃììÙ¡ÜÁ§Ü* §×¢Ü¡Ô¾¯¡ÜÁªÛ §Ô̪߿,*©¦Þ¡°Ü §¿¡Ü¼¡ß°Ü°©Ú ©ß¥Õ©Ú* ©±¨ÛÇªÛ Á²Ó§Üǯß§ßìÙ,*ª¦Þ¼¡ß°Ü ÷¡ÔÜ ©Ó±©Ú©ßìÙ* ®Ü®Ó¿² ½ªß§ ª¿¨Û½§. 3.5.23059:ª¿¾ë ùŧÜÇ¡Ü ¡ÜªßìÓ ¡ß§ÜÇ©Ú* ©Ã¨Ô¾ì §²Ý¿²,*¼§ß¿Î §®Óì٧ܧ ©Óìß¿²£Û* ¼£ßÜÓ£Û¼£ßÜÓ ¨Ô²ÝÑ ù©Ú½©ßǪÛ,*§¿ëÓ½è¥ß§²ªÛ §¥Û¥§Ü* §ÅÁ¥Û¥ªßëÛ©Ú ©±®ß§ßìÙ,*󿍼¡ß°Ü ¨ì¡§Ü§Ï¨Û§Ô¡Ü* ¡Ô¥¨ÛÇ ÷¾¯¡Ü¡Ô²Ý± óªÛ©½ì. 3.5.33060:®ªÛ©®Ó¯Û ½¡ß¾§ ¼©ßÌ¥Û¥ß* ªßÜ®Ó¾¥½ëÏªÛ ó¥ì٧ܧ,*¼£ªÛ©®°§Ü §Ôì°Ü ®ßë²Ý* £ÔìÖ§ì²Ý ¼§ßÜÉ¡¯Û ©ß¥Õ,*ÁªÛ©ÓÅ ¨¥Û¥ªÓ¥Û¥ß¥Õ¡Ü* ½¡ßÁ¡¥ÛŦÞÅ ÷¯ß§ßìÙ,*§ªÛ©Ó±©Ú©ßÜ ©ë¼²²Ý½²* £ßÇ £²¢Ü¡°Ó¾¥½ë? 3.5.43061:£ßÇ £²§Ü¾§ ¨Ó˪Û* ¡¤Ý£¿²£Û £ß§Ô©Ú©§±ÛÁ,*ô§Ôë¤Ý ½£ß§ÔË̾®* ó¢ÜÁ¾®§ÜÇ õ¢ÜÁ©Ú ©Ó±¨Û§,*½®§ ʧÜ®¿²©Ú ©ß¥Õ* ®Ö§Ô¡°Ü ½§ßÑªÛ Ç°Ü°ß§ßìÙ,*ý§Ô˦ìÙ¨Û§®ì٠ʲÝè* ù²Ý£®Ó©Ú©ßìÙ ª²Ó£½ì? 3.5.5 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 34 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  35. 35. 3062:ª²Ó£ÌªÛ ª±ÛÑªÛ Ê±ÛѪßëÛ* ªßë©Ú ©Ó±®Ó ©Ó±¨Û§,*§²Óë²Ý ©Ó±©Ú©ÓÓ §²Ý¿²§Ü* §¥¢Ü¡¥Ü ½£ìÙ¨Û§ ©Óìß¿²,*¡²Ó¾ë¡Ü ¡ÌªÛ©Ó²Ó²Ý £ß±Û¾±¡Ü* ¡¥Û¥Õ¾ë§Ü ½§¿² óʾ§,*Ê²Ó®Ó²Ý±Ó ú§Ü§Ô¡Ü Á²Ó©Ú©ßìÙ* ÊÏǦìÙ ¨×ìÙ¾ªëÓè½ì. 3.5.63063:¨×ìÙ¾ªëÓÜ Èï±ÛÑ®ìÙ ®Öë* û®ìÙ¡ÜÁ ó̰ܼ£ëÛÇ ¨Ô²ÝÑ,*©ßìÙªÜÁ ½£¿² ó®Ó§Ü§* ©ì¤ÝÃ¥¾ì ¨Ô¿²¨Û §ß¥Õ.*¨×ìÙªÜÁ ¡¦Þ¦Ó²ìß¡Ô* ¼¨¤Ý£ªÛ Á¾¯¨ÛÇ ¾¨ëß½§,*øìÙªÜ¡Ô ½ªßÅ ©Ì©Ú©ßìÙ* ÷§Ü§ªìÙ¡Ü¡¥ÛÁ ù²Ý¼£ëۮ߽ì? 3.5.73064:®ßìÙɲÜ ó¨Û§¦Ì®Ó* ®¥§Ô̽®¢Ü¡¥§ÜÇ ù¨Û¾§,*½©ìÙ© ¼£ßÜÓ©Ú ©Ó§±Û±Ó©Ú* ©Ó§Ü§ìÙ ù²Ý½± ©Ó±ìÙ¡Üá±,*øìÙ© É¡ÜÁªÛ É¡ßǪÛ* ÷½¡ßìÙ £ÔìÓ¡Ü¡ ¨Ô²Ýç¥Õ,*ôìÙ®ªÛ ¼©Ì¡Ô¡Ü Á²Ó©Ú©ßìÙ* óªììÙ ¼§ß¯©Ú©Å®ß½ì. 3.5.83065:óªììÙ ¼§ß¯©Ú©Å®ß¿²* 󿲧ÜǍÁ¡ÜÁªÛ ©Óìß¿²,*óªììÙ ª²§Ü§ÔÒ°Ü ½ëßÁ ɦìÙ¨ÛÇ* ó®²Ý §²Ý½èÅ ü²Ýç¡,*óªì§Ü ǦÓë ®ÜßìÙ¡°Ü ü¯Óë* óÜß§®ìÙ ùÜßªÛ,*óªì ¨Ô¿²¨Û¼§Ï¨Û§ß¥Õ* ó±ÛÑ®½§ ¡Ìª½ª. 3.5.93066:¡ÌªÊªÛ ¡Ìª©ÒªÛ ô¡Ôë* ¡ßì¦²Ý §²Ý¿²,*§Ô̪¦Ó ®¦Þ¦¿²£Û ¼£¢Ü¡¦Þ ªßÓ¿²§Ü* ½§® ©Óìß¿²,*ü̾ª ª²§Ü§ÔÒ°Ü ¾®§ÜÇ* ÷°Ü°¢ÜÁ¾¯¨ÛÇ ùϨۧߥÕ,*¼©Ì¾ªËªÛ ¨ßÆªÛ §®ÓìÙ¨ÛÇ* ©Ó§±ÛÑªÓ²Ý ½©§¾ª §×ìÙ¨Û½§. 3.5.103067:§×ìÙ¨Û§ ó¥Õë®ìÙ §ªÛ¾ª§Ü* §ÔÌ§Ü§Ô©Ú ©¦Ó¼¡ß°Ü°®Ü,*ôìÙ¨Û§ É¡¯Û ó£Û翲* óªììÙ ©Óìß¿² ùªÛªß¿²,*®ßëÛ¨Û§ ®°®ëÜã¯Û* §¦Þ ®°²Ý ÁÌáìÙ£Û£¥½¡ß©²Ý,*½¨ìÙ¨Û§ ýìßëÓì§ÜÇ õ©Ú©§ÜÇ* ó̮ӿ² ¨×Ñ ¼£ëÛ˽ª. (2) 3.5.11ôçªÛ §Ô̼ªß¯Ó3068:##¼£ëÛë §ßª¾ì¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦èëÛ* ÷Á úÏªÛ ÷¦Þ¥ ó®²Ý¡¦Þ¥ØìÙ,*¾®ëªÛ ®ß²ªÛ ª²Ó£ìÙ ¼§ëÛ®ªÛ* ª±ÛÑªÛ ª±ÛÑªÛ ª±ÛÑªÛ Ê±ÛѪßëÛ,*¼£ëÛëã¯Û Ã¥ìÙ ¤ß²ªßëÛ* ¼®°Ó©Ú ©¥Û¥Õ¾® ©¾¥§Ü§ß²Ý* ©Ó²ÝÒªÛ,¼ªßëÛ¼¡ß°Ü ½£ß§Ô½ëßÅ ôëÓè²Ý* üÌ Êê®ìß¡Ôë Êêì٧ܧԽë. (2) 3.6.13069:Êê®ìß¡Ôë Êêì٧ܧԾë* ʧÜ Êê®ìÙ¡ÜÁªÛ ʧÜ®²Ý §²Ý¿²,*£ß® Ê°Ü°² ¨×¡ÜÁ ®ß¿²§Ü* §¥¢Ü¡¥Ü ¡Ô¥¨Û§ß²Ý §²Ý¿²§Ü,*½§® ½§®¿²§Ü ¼§²Ý²Ó¢Ü¾¡* ùìӼ믣ۼ£±Û± ®ÓÜÓ¾ë,*©ß® ¨ß£¿²©Ú ©¢Ü¡ë§Ü§¥¢Ü ¡¦Þ¦¿²©Ú* ©ìΪӽè. 3.6.2 §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 35 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -
  36. 36. 3070:©ì®Ó ®ß²®½ì§Ü§ ¨Ô²Ý±* ©ìª¿²©Ú ©ì¤Ý ½£ß§Ô¾ë,*Áì¾® ½¡ß§Ü§ Á¯¡¿²* ª¦Ó ®¦Þ¦¿²¡Ü Á¥¡Ü á§Ü§¿²,*ó쮽ª±Ó 󿍡¥Ü óªÌªÛ* ÇëӍܼ¡ß¦Þ¥ ó¦Þ¦¿,*õìÎªÛ ¨²Ý©¡ÍªÛ ®Ó¥ßÇ* ù²ÝÑªÛ ú§ÜǧÜ ª²ªÛ ¾®ªÛªÓ½è. 3.6.33071:¾®ªÛªÓ²Ý Ȫ۪²§Ü¼§²ÝÑ* ëßÒ¾ì¡Ü¡Ô²Ý± ªßë®²Ý £×ìÙ¾ª¾ë*ùªÛª½èìÙ¡°Ü ÷¾ì©Ú©¼§²Ý?* óÇ ¨Ô±Û¡ ¨ß°Ü¼§ßѪÛ,* ®ß²®ìÙ§ªÛ¾ª ëßÐªÛ ó®ÒªÛ* ¨ß²ÝÊ¡ÒªÛ £¾¥Ê¥Õ ó¦Þ¦ÍªÛ,*¼£ªÛ¾ªëßÜ ó®²Ý ©ß§ ©¢Ü¡ëªÛ* £Ô¨Û§Ô§ÜÇ ú§Ü§Ô §ÔìÓ®½ì. 3.6.43072:§ÔìÓËªÛ ¡ß±Û½çÅ ó¡Ü®ÓêÛÉ* §Ô¦Ó¨Û§ ª¦Þ¡Ô¥¨Û§ ¡¥Ü,*ùìÓËªÛ §×½ëßÅ õÌÃ¥ìÙ ¼§ëÛ®ªÛ,* ª±ÛÑªÛ ª±ÛÑªÛ Ê±ÛѪßëÛ,*¡ìÓë ½ª²Óë²Ý ¼£ëÛë §ßª¾ì¡Ü ¡¦Þ¦²Ý* ¡¦Þ¦²Ý ®Ó¦Þ½æìÓ¾±,*ÃìÓËªÛ ©Ü¡Ì¢ÜÁ¤Ý£Ô* ù¢Ü¡°Ü Ã¥ìÙÊ¥Õë¦Þ¦Ü ½§ß±Û±½ª. 3.6.53073:½§ß±Û±¡Ü ½¡¥¾®ëӍ܍®Ò¾¥ëß²Ý* ó®²Ý üÌ Êêì٧ܧÔëßëÛ,*£×±Û±§Ü½§ßÅ óÌ°Ü ¼©±Û±®²¥Õ¡Ü¡×¯Û©Ú*É¡¨Ô²Ý± ¼£¢Ü¡¦ÞªßÜ,*¨ß±Û±§Ü ½§ß±Û±£Û þ®¼ëߍÓ* ÷±ß¡Ô ¨Ô²Ý±,*ùªÛ ®ß²®ìÙ ú±Û¾±½ëë²Ý±Ó* ª±Û¼±ßÌ®¾ì ëß²Ó½²Ý ùϾª¡ÜÁ½ª. 3.6.63074:ùϾª¡ÜÁªÛ ù²§ß®Ó¡ÜÁ* õ²Ý²Ê§§Ü§Ô¿² ú²§ßÌëÓìÙ,*¼¡ÏªÓë ¡§ÔìÙ£Û ½£ß§Ô¾ë* ª¦Ó ®¦Þ¦¿²¡Ü Á¥¡Üá§Ü§¿²,*®ÓϪÓë óªìì٠ʲӮìÙ ®ÓÏ¢ÜÁªÛ* ¡²Ý²±Û ¡²ÓëÓ¿²,*¼§ßÏªÓ²Ý Çïë ª²§Ü§ìßëÛ* õ¾±ËªÛ¨ÔÜß Çëì¢Ü¡½°. 3.6.73075:Çë콪§Ì Dzݩ õ²Ý© ®Ó¿²¡°ßëÛ* ó¾® óÜèëÛ,*÷ëì ¨Ô²Ý±½§ßìÙ ½£ß§ÔëßëÛ* ÷úÏʦÞÅªÓ¯Û¨Û§ß²Ý §²Ý¿²,*óëì ®ß¢ÜÁ ¨ª²Ý §ªìÙ¡ÜÁ* óÌ ¨¤Ý£Ô¿² ó£Ûç²Ý§²Ý¿²,*§ë짱ÛÁ ª¡²Ý§²Ý¿² ó²Ý±Ó* ª±Û±Ó½²Ý §¤Ý£ªß¡½®. 3.6.83076:§¤Ý£ ªß¡Ôë §¨Û¾§ §ß¼ëßÅ* §ßÒªßëÛ ó¾® óÜèëÛ,*ù¤Ý£ÓÜ óªììÙ ÁÊ§Ü* Êê®ìÙ §ªÛÊ°ÜÐªÛ ô§Ô¾ë,*ó¤Ý£Ô ¨×̍¡§ÜÇ°Ü°ÖìÙ¡°Ü!* ó®²Ý õ®¼²²ÝÑ á½¯²ÝªÓ²Ý,*¼¨¤Ý£ÔèÜ ¨Ô¿²©Ú©ß²Ý 뮲Ý* ó®²Ý ôÁªÛ ¨×°Ü¡¥Ü ®¦Þ¦½². 3.6.93077:¡¥Ü®¦Þ¦²Ý ¡¦Þ¦²Ý* ®Ó¦Þ¦®ìÙ ¡Ì ªß¦Ó¡Ü¡ªÛ ù²§ßÌëÓìÙ*©¥®ì®Ó²¿¦¡Ü ¡Ô¥¨Û§* ©ì¤ÝÃ¥ìÙ ©¦ÞÅ Èï±ÛÑ®ìÙ,*ó¥®ÌªÛ ©¾¥ ª¢Ü¡* û®ìÙ¡Ü¡¥Û ¡ß¡Ô ¼®¤Ý£ª§ÜÇ,* ó²Ýѽ§ìÙ¡¥®Óë ¼©Ìªß²Ý* ¡¿²¡¯Ü ¡ß¦Þ©Ç ù²ÝѼ¡ßÜ ¡¦Þ¡½°? 3.6.103078:##¡¦Þ¡°Ü ¡ß¦Þ¥±Û¡ìÓëèëÛ¡Ü* ¡Ì§ÜÇ¡ÜÁ ¨²ÝÑªÛ ù°ÓëèëÛ,*ª¦Þ¼¡ß°Ü ¤ß§ÜÇ ÷ëÓì١ܼ¡ÜßªÛ óÌ°Ü ¼£ëÛ˪Û* ®ß²®ìÙ ö£¿²,* §ÔÌ®ßëÛ ¼ªß¯Ó Êê²ÝçªÛ ©§ÜÇ - Page 36 of 143 Prepared by devotees from Bahrain for Sri Ahobila Muth -