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  7. 7. Adelmo dos Santos Freire, General Counsel at Usiminas, a large producer of steel in the Americas with major steel mills in Brazil, with a postgraduate degree in Business Law at Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Gvlaw. Adelmo works with litigation and general legal advice through dealing with contracts, corpo- rate and trademark law, and with the third sec- tor, among others. More recently, he led the re- organization and unification of legal activities at the company upon change in control .“As for the LEEP -FUNDAMENTALS OF U.S. LEGAL SYSTEM program, given the gorgeous and up to date facili-ties at THOMAS JEFFERSON SCHOOL OF LAW, I have to declare that it exceeded all my expectations, becausein such a short period the staff could put us in touch with all major concepts and practices of the U.S. Law -Common Law - which, as is generally known has expanded greatly around the world. As discussed with manycolleagues throughout the course, we need to seize this unique opportunity in which we have been awardedto both being updated in terms of the business involving the common law countries, which is already a reali-ty prevailing in large organizations, as well as multiply the knowledge acquired and innate condition of opin-ion, we can influence the authorities to apply in Brazil, some concepts aimed at improving our judiciary.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  8. 8. Ana Paula Moreira Roque dos Santos Attorney and Partner at Roque Santos Advoca- cia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ana Paula is post- graduated in Civil Proceedings and Civil Law as she also specialized in Real Estate Law. She is the head attorney in her firm and she deals with the challenges of being a litigator in Brazil on a daily basis. Ana Paula comes from a family of many lawyers and is now widening the areas of expertise of her family internationally .“The LEEP Program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law really changed my life both professionally and person-ally. Highly qualified professors, ethics, professionalism and partnership are the school’s trademarks. Sincemy arrival in San Diego until I received my certificate I could find support in the entire staff. It was truly a fan-tastic experience.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  9. 9. Bruno Rocha Cesar Fernandes, Attorney and Partner at LRG Aranha Advogados Associados, Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Ge- rais, Brazil. Bruno is also a Candidate for the Ju- ris Doctor Degree in Tax Law at Milton Campos School. He specialized in Public at Pontifícia Uni- versidade Católica de Minas Gerais. Teaches Constitutional Law as a Professor at (Centro de Ensino Superior de Itabira). Bruno is also the Ex- ecutive Director for IAMG Instituto dos Advoga- do de Minas Gerais) .“The LEEP program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, one of the most modern U.S. Colleges, actually has agreat heritage as human material. Excellence in teaching and effective exchange in the acquisition of NorthAmerican legal culture, skilled and competent professionals.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  10. 10. Fernanda Caetano Araujo, Attorney at Araujo Advogados, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fernanda has just graduated from Law School though she has been attending hearings for many years now with her father, who is also a lawyer. She intends to deepen her knowledge of both Brazilian and U.S. Law“LEEP is my first specialization course after my graduation that in December, 2011. The LEEP program gaveme a general and great view of the U.S legal system and all the staff people were extraordinary and conduct-ed everything with much ethics and professionalism. I recommend it!”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  11. 11. Francisco das Chagas Batista Leite, Attorney at Guedes Pereira & Duarte Law Firm, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil.Francisco special- ized in Civil Litigation. Also, he worked as a Con- ciliator for the Paraiba State Court. Currently he defends the interests of the teaching staff of UFPB (Federal University of Paraiba) and UFCG (Federal University of Campina Grande). He is a member of the CNASP National Lawyer’s Collec- tive Public Servers in addition to being Legal Co- ordinator for the Secretariat of State for human development in the State of Paraiba .“It is with immense pleasure that I express my admiration for the ethical and didactic under which TJSL hasconducted the LEEP program. The syllabus is perfect and allowed me a vast knowledge. My expectationswere easily overcome. I think the course is amazing and I have learned more in just a few weeks than I havedoing lots of research for months. Congratulations to TJSL for providing us with a wonderful experience inbeautiful San Diego. Thanks for all.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  12. 12. Jamille Fernandes Ferreira Soubihe, Attorney at the Brazilian Post Office, Bauru, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jamille’s job is to safe- guard the interests of the Brazilian Post Office specifically before Labor Courts.“My days in San Diego have been very productive and I am sure that the overview and introduction aboutthe North American Law will give me a great experience and a background. Thomas Jeffersons Professorswere always open to questions and they really helped me to get through the American Law for the first time.Im glad I have participated in the LEEP. Thank you Thomas Jeffersons Professors and thank you Ms. CarlaMc Ewen for everything!”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  13. 13. Juliana Molinari de Almeida Santos Cunha, Senior Lawyer at Itau Unibanco, Sao Paulo, Bra- zil. Juliana advises several areas in the Bank such as loans, leasing operations, purchasing pools and other ways to finance the purchase of vehicles, drafting of contracts and answers to notifications from public authorities (mainly the Central Bank of Brazil), compliance and regula- tory issues, among others. While a student, Juli- ana was part of an exchange program in Cana- da.“At Thomas Jefferson School of Law, I had the opportunity to improve my technical vocabulary in English,what was the main purpose of my participation in this course. Besides that I had the chance to know moreabout the American Legal System, history and economy. In fact, my knowledge was increased after my timehere. I am sure that I will go back to Brazil with more knowledge than when I arrived here. I would just like tohave had more time to study contract law and the opportunity to write elementary documents in English.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  14. 14. Marcelo Barros da Cunha, Director, 3rd Divi- sion,, 2nd Secretariat for Oversight of Privatiza- tion and Regulation, Brazilian Court of Audit, Brasilia, Brazil. Marcelo specialized in Oversight of Public Utilities Regulation at Instituto Serze- dello Correa, Brazil (2011) and participated in the Minerva Program at George Washington University, School of Business, Washington D.C. in 2012 .“ LEEP was a great opportunity to get in touch with fundamentals of the U.S. Legal System and with conceptsof legal writing and research in a common law jurisdiction. I am sure it will help me in future comparativestudies and analysis on emerging legal issues.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  15. 15. Marion Sanches Lino Botteon: Attorney at Miranda de Carvalho e Lopes de Moraes Sociedade de Advogados, Santos, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Marion has a post gradua- tion in Civil, Criminal and Labor Law Procedures. Currently, she deals with Civil (Torts) and Labor cases. She plans on pursuing a Master Degree in Civil Law this year .“You only determine that a particular way is better for your destination when already experienced all theroads that lead to the same place. The course for foreign students developed by Thomas Jefferson School ofLaw is an excellent way for those who wish to enhance their knowledge and make changes in their own legalsystem. Here I had the opportunity to exercise these comparisons. Teachers managed brilliantly and concise-ly make this immersion in the world of the North American Legal System, so I could easily understand theoperation of that machine. It is obvious that every legal system has positive and negative mechanisms, butthese conclusions only happen when we come to concrete results and its laws. It remains for me now a mo-ment of reflection and introspection that somehow I can insert in my system the practicality of the AmericanLegal System and the ability in the solution of legal disputes before they become huge legal battles. I amhappy and proud to be part of this University who welcomed me with such warmth and wisdom.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  16. 16. Patricie Barricelli: Attorney at Banco Bradesco SA, Sao Paulo, Bra- zil. Patricie has also a degree in consumerist law. In her own words, her best gift is to write, since motions and complaints to romances and poetries and use the power of the words to con- tribute to make the world a better peaceful place . “Having the chance of participating of the LEEP was an amazing experience that provided us not only thechance to study in a high qualified school and improve our knowledge of law, but also to find out the im-pacts of two extremely different cultures, in and out of the classes, and learn how to deal with thesematters, making a great exchange of information and procedures which can be adapted in order to bringreal facilities to our daily work and also improve our legal system. Thank you to all teachers and organizersfor the unforgettable opportunity.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  17. 17. Poliana Sedlacek Moraes Attorney and Coordinator of the Labor Law Area at Barretto e Carbone Advogados Associados, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. When Poli- ana was 18, she went on an exchange program where she studied Administration, International Public Relations, Spanish and Italian at Univer- sidad del Valle de Mexico in Queretaro/QRO- Mexico . She currently holds a post graduation degree in Labor Law from PUC-SP.“When I heard about the LEEP Program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, I didn’t think twice to come here.It’s a great opportunity to know more about the U.S. legal system, the common law, the Presidential elec-tions, tax law, arbitration, an overview of practice criminal and civil procedures. In fact, besides all the legalknowledge, which is so important, it’s a huge chance to meet other attorneys and law professionals and ex-change experience with them. As a result, I have to say that I really enjoyed studying here, having the feelingthat I’m coming back to Brazil carrying on a great knowledge, networking and friends for life.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  18. 18. Rodrigo Silva Coelho, Attorney and Business Consultant/Founder at Business Investment Eagle where he focuses on Tax Law, Salto, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He ob- tained an MBA (2012) in Business Management at FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He is also a writer and the author of 3 books on top of some articles to selected magazines. One of those books is called“O Peregrino” and he donated a copy to Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He also taught at some tax semi-nars: “It was with great satisfaction that I finished the course at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.It exceeded all my expectations and I leave here with an excellent view of the North American legal system,with a great cultural background and with new colleagues and friends. Congratulations to Professor CarlaMc Eween and all the other professors for their professionalism, their respect and their attention given to us.Cintia also for the delight and excellence that has developed her work and great affection for our class.Congratulations to Thomas Jefferson School of Law for the wonderful initiative with the LEEP and congratu-lations to Professor William Byrnes who represented very well this school of law.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  19. 19. Salete Maria de Carvalho Pinto, Attorney and Partner at Carvalho Pinto & Batelli Sociedade de Advogados, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Spe- cialized in Civil, Family and Corporate Criminal Law .“The LEEP program at Thomas Jefferson was for me a pleasant surprise. The quality of the course and thededication of the professors in making us understand the content, even their passion for their fields of exper-tise, made it possible for us to have an overview of the American Law arising out of their daily practice, andthe experience of each one of them was taught through a very complete and realistic panel of the Americansystem. An unique and academically invigorating experience. Thank you all very much. “LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  20. 20. Vanderleia Moreira Dionizio, Private Attorney specialized in Intellectual Prop- erty and Life Sciences, also volunteering as a pro bono lawyer for non-governmental organi- zations, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. While a law student Vanderleia worked as an intern in a well-known intellectual property law firm in Sao Paulo and in an environmental law department in Brazil biggest corporation; she was also accepted at World Intellectual Proper- ty Organization (UN specialized agency) at Ge- neva and participated on an International Law study group, among other activities.“I surely recommend LEEP to Brazilian lawyers. You will learn the basis of American Law directly from spe-cialists. Add that to the beautiful and warm city of San Diego and you will have made a great investment inyourself.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  21. 21. A “Special Thank You“ to Julie Myres from San Diego Superior Court. Once again she instructed the Brazil Bar Association LEEP participants. The Brazilian attorneys were impressed by her knowledge and presentation concerning the court rules and proceedings. After Ms. Myers’ presentation the attorneys had the privilege to watch part of a trial at Department 69, Judge Jeffrey Barton presiding. It was unanimous the high standard that all the attorneys gave to Judge Barton : “ We wish that all judges preside a hearing like him “.LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  22. 22. Thomas Jefferson School of Law—LEEP Legal Education Exchange Program honors officer Omar Siclair. Police officer Omar T. Sinclar lectured the Brazilian attorneys regarding US Safety Rules and their effects on the community. The participants elected his class one of the most practical and essential to all foreign attorneys that many times are confronting difficult situations due to unknown laws and rules that diverge from coun- try to country.LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  23. 23. Scott McEwen is a TJSL adjunctive professor, besides his success career as a trial attorney and a teacher Mr. McEwen is the writer of the most recent best seller book in the U.S. “ American Sniper “ . The book is becoming a movie with the Hollywood star Bradley Cooper. The LEEP participants will have the privilege of having their developing arti- cle being review by Mr. McEwen, a writer for excellence.LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  24. 24. LEEP June 2012 honors District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia, Magistrate Judge Jan M. Adler, Assistant U.S. Attorney Mr. Christopher Alexander, Federal Defender Leila Morgan. A "Special Thank You" to the U.S. District Court in San Di- ego, CA where the Brazilian attorneys were so warmly received by the team of District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia , Magistrate Judge Jan M. Adler, Assistant U.S. Mr. Christopher Alexander, Federal Defender Leila Mor- gan following by a wonderful presentation overviewing the Federal System of Civil and Criminal Practice. The presentation was extremely helpful and informative in order to provide all those professionals with a broad overview of civil and criminal procedures.LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  25. 25. Tribute“Carla and Cintia ... If I spoke before without the express consent of my colleagues, I doit now with the expressed certainty through a wave of emails, triggered by Fernandaand Ana Paula’s idea that soon gained body and voice, where they suggested a symbol-ic appreciation tribute in honor of the two of you. EACH ONE OF US, with no exceptions,was undoubtedly in accordance that it was the least we could do after we had been sonicely received in San Diego.Dear Carla and Cintia, always so thoughtful, nice, concerned, I would even say ... protec-tive. You guys were in that program, regardless our age, our mothers, teachers, tu-tors ... More than that, FRIENDS. IF THOMAS JEFFERSON is the most modern universityin the U.S., with you it becomes much richer. Having such valuable facilities is not easy,but money can buy it though human beings like yourselves are not for sale, you are spe-cial, the kind that you cannot find nowadays. In times where HAVING stands out, youmake a difference in BEING. And you are indeed all of that, beyond the intoxicatingcompetence, you are strong women that perfectly fit into the famous quote by Che Gue-vara: "Hay que endurecerse, pero sin perder la ternura jamas (“One must harden with-out ever losing tenderness")”.We must say that this program was very productive, successful and useful, but life is likea box of surprise, you were the gifts that we had waiting for us. I (Bruno), Francisco, Po-liana, Marion, Fernanda, Ana Paula, Adelmo, Rodrigo, Salete, Pattie, Jamille, Juliana,Marcelo and Vanderléia, ALL of us, thank you for the kindness shown towards each ofus as we appreciate the close watch dedicated to our whole class and to each studentindividually, the care in solving our problems and difficulties, the full-time assistance!And so that it does not sound like a speech, because this text would not meet suchstandards... I close by saying that you, the Brazilian roses that embellish this Universitycould not be honored otherwise but with a symbolic bouquet of flowers.On behalf of the class here is registered our applauses, thank you.”LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION
  27. 27. TJSL is very proud of its 2012 Summer LEEP students!It was truly an honor to receive each one of the Brazilian participants in San Diego for a 3-week programembracing an Introduction to the U.S. Legal System.As one of TJSL values, we are always innovating and this summer’s LEEP couldn’t be any different. Wechose a different path to enable a closer interaction between students and faculty members. Sometimesit is a complex challenge to identify every aspect of the program in a big classroom. A smaller group madeall the difference as TJSL was able to evaluate each participant and each professor or speaker individuallyand the result was nothing less than impressive.Student’s interaction with all the materials presented in class and at the Federal and State Courts wasoutstanding as this group of distinctive attorneys was always excited about learning something new.TJSL is really grateful to everyone who helped us to make this program a success, including our staff, fac-ulty and external contacts at both Courts. Also to OAB-SP hereby represented by Mr. Luiz Flavio BorgesD’Urso, Mr. George Niaradi and Mr. Fabio Canton for giving TJSL the opportunity to closely select suchdistinctive participants from several different fields of law. TJSL strongly believes that those attorneys arethe future of Brazil! A closer selection led to spectacular results in terms of absorbing all the informationprovided for in all of our classes and external visits.We take this opportunity to also thank all of you, our latest LEEP students, for your unquestionable com-mitment, your irreprehensible behavior as true agents of the Law. TJSL is certainly enriched by your par-ticipation in the 2012 Summer LEEP program!LEEP—LEGAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE PROGRAM— FIVE STARS EDITION