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Perma notes

  1. 1. perma notes.docx 1 of 33Jan and Len outside the garage. Extreme left is window sill on which greenhouse will stand adjacent.
  2. 2. perma notes.docx 2 of 33Little horse at the CSA near Bowden
  3. 3. perma notes.docx 3 of 33Jocelyn and Willow
  4. 4. perma notes.docx 4 of 33That horse again!
  5. 5. perma notes.docx 5 of 33John coming up from U-Pick area at Corn Maze farm near Bowden, same site as CSA
  6. 6. perma notes.docx 6 of 33Some other young guys coming up from the lower fields, looking west, Rockies over there.
  7. 7. perma notes.docx 7 of 33The halcyon rural life again.
  8. 8. perma notes.docx 8 of 33Water catchment container at community garden in Olds. That morning some of us placed and screwedtogether the wooden beams for a base for the tank, under Barb’s leadership. Mel joked her satisficingdesign style as “PCD,” pretty crappy design, however in the end we got it done in the time allotted andyou could really ask for anything more functional.They are harvesting the water from this very large roof. The community garden is a partnership betweenthe town and Old’s College. Barb is the consultant and prime mover.
  9. 9. perma notes.docx 9 of 33Leaving the community garden site, task accomplished. It was important to bring the drill back to theclassroom site as it was needed for the greenhouse project.
  10. 10. perma notes.docx 10 of 33Jan or Lindsie? I think this is an Olds College campus building in the background, and communitymembers’ plot in the foreground in various degrees of care, design and cultivation.
  11. 11. perma notes.docx 11 of 33Some tools and materials used on the chicken “tractor,” a moveable protective framework for thesetruly free-range chickens that Barb and Hendrick keep for eggs.
  12. 12. perma notes.docx 12 of 33Lindsie, Ron and Sol (standing) working on the chicken tractor.Jan observes.
  13. 13. perma notes.docx 13 of 33Mel watches the chicken tractor construction while Robert approaches.Barb and Hendrick’s house in the background.
  14. 14. perma notes.docx 14 of 33I added the yellow box because Willow looks like a Renaissance cherub..
  15. 15. perma notes.docx 15 of 33Robert stands rapt while Lindsie paints, Hendrick in the background.
  16. 16. perma notes.docx 16 of 33Sol invents the wheel.
  17. 17. perma notes.docx 17 of 33Learning may have occurred when we regain our balance after not being balanced.
  18. 18. perma notes.docx 18 of 33Ron working on the tractor door while Mel and David observe.
  19. 19. perma notes.docx 19 of 33The aquaculture nursery near Sundre. Biologist hippie owner Heinjo shares his passion for water plants.
  20. 20. perma notes.docx 20 of 33Heinjo relating his and his partner’s homesteading efforts on this land. Regina and Robert front andcentre listening.
  21. 21. perma notes.docx 21 of 33Outdoor talk, July afternoon, summer holiday
  22. 22. perma notes.docx 22 of 33A fuzzy plant that looks like Enlightenment period headpieces.
  23. 23. perma notes.docx 23 of 33The hugeness of the tiny…
  24. 24. perma notes.docx 24 of 33A bug’s butt and the intricate stamen structure…
  25. 25. perma notes.docx 25 of 33This but is a pollinator too, but being wingless will not be getting around very much compared to ourhoneybee benefactors.
  26. 26. perma notes.docx 26 of 33Lindsie’s pregnant belly, and the tilted work of learning and the pool of water lilies covered by hail cloth,and a foot speaking to the mountain of people listening.
  27. 27. perma notes.docx 27 of 33David prepares to see through his camera, Sol holding his hat, they are outside the tent wherein thewater plants are covered from hail.
  28. 28. perma notes.docx 28 of 33Lilly, 1
  29. 29. perma notes.docx 29 of 33Lilly, 2
  30. 30. perma notes.docx 30 of 33Lilly, 3
  31. 31. perma notes.docx 31 of 33Lilly, 4
  32. 32. perma notes.docx 32 of 33Geometry all over again…
  33. 33. perma notes.docx 33 of 33David’s gonna buy something that will stack functions. What though?