Mainstay Mktg Brochures (9 Pages)


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Controlling Labor Costs - The Mainstay Solution (9-pages)

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Mainstay Mktg Brochures (9 Pages)

  1. 1. in the world of labor costs going the distance requires proper tools, expert training, perseverance and a road to start on WORKERS’ COMPENSATION SAFETY & LOSS CONTROL PAYROLL & TAX ADMINISTRATION HUMAN RESOURCES EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
  2. 2. PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION HR Consulting W-4 forms & W-2s Employment Applications Direct Deposit Time Sheets STATE UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION Respond to EDD Inquiries Handle Claims Administration Thoroughly Review & Appeal Adverse Determinations Provide Competent Hearing Representation payroll / hr / tax admin Audit Benefit Charges to Ensure Compliance when it comes to payroll, NEW HIRE PROCESSING/ TERMINATION PROCESSING human resources & Recruitment & Hiring tax administration Proper Procedures Federal & State Government Forms we’ve got COMPLIANCE your back Wage & Hour ADA FMLA Labor POLICIES & PROCEDURES Sexual Harassment Employee Handbooks I-9 Compliance REPORTING & TAX FILING Quarterly & Annual Federal/State W-2 FICA Social Security FICA Medicare, FIT New Hire Reporting Unemployment ADDITIONAL SERVICES Direct Deposit up to 3 Accounts Unlimited Earnings & Payroll Tax Deductions Vacation/Sick/Personal Tracking New Hire Reporting Child Support, Garnishments & Wage Assignments Third Party Payment Checks Certified Payrolls Job Costing & Labor Distribution Payroll Overnight FedEx or Overnight Express delivery conquer the cost of labor
  3. 3. HARD COSTS Direct costs of employment: contorlling labor costs • Salaries/ Taxes (FICA / FUI / SUI, Medicare), it takes strength, • Workers’ Compensation Insurance • Benefit Contributions stamina and a whole lot of training to SOFT COSTS Soft costs are the minutes, hours, and days k.o. the costs you and your staff spend dealing with employment- related issues when your service provider should, of labor and could, handle them for you. Payroll & Tax Processing: Worker’s Compensation & Claims Administration • Human Resources/ Personnel Management • Benefits Administration • Safety & Loss Control • HIDDEN COSTS Fines, penalties, lawsuits and other claims are the hidden costs of employment — sometimes crippling expenses that strike when you least expect it. Spikes in insurance costs • Penalties and fines for government non-compliance • Legal defense fees and fines for non-compliance • OPPORTUNITY COSTS Opportunity costs are what the business could accomplish if the non-productive, administrative tasks of employment were handled for you. Streamlined Operations • Improved Customer Service • Sales & Marketing • conquer the cost of labor
  4. 4. WIDE RANGE OF PLAN OPTIONS health benefits Robust plans to mini-med keeping your Custom Plans bottom line fiscally COMPETITIVE RATES Benefit from our group rates fit requires a Custom Benefit Plans healthy team Full Market Analysis of players EMPLOYEE ENROLLMENT ADMINISTRATION Onsite Enrollment Meetings Full Online Administration Change & Notification Claims Bill Reconciliation COBRA and HIPAA Compliance ONE STOP ADMINISTRATION Fully Accessible Benefits Expert Toll Free Benefits Help Line Bilingual Service conquer the cost of labor
  5. 5. REMOVE WORKPLACE HAZARDS risk management Dedicated Safety Specialists workers’ comp Job Hazard Analysis is all about OSHA / Risk consulting cause & Worksite Evaluations Safety Training 24/7 Safety Hotline effect GET RID OF FRAUD Special Investigation Unit Fraud Prevention Training EDEX reports REDUCE THE COST OF CLAIMS Early Return to Work Program Wellness Center Program Medical Provider Network Advanced Utilization Review Wellness Centers Nurse Case Management / Advocacy Injury Incident Tracking conquer the cost of labor
  6. 6. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS early return to work Significantly reduce the cost of lost time let us take injuries at your worksites the phrase Accelerate employee’s return to work by “lost time” addressing the physical, emotional, and environmental factors that may otherwise hinder the return-to-work process out of your Minimize the financial impact felt by an injured vocabulary worker while they are out on claim Transition the employee from a temporary work assignment back to their usual and customary position Increase the employee’s morale and motivate the employee to return and stay at work conquer the cost of labor
  7. 7. safety incentive / PULSE at the end of the day... was it worth it? SAFETY INCENTIVE conquer the cost of labor
  8. 8. Our Field Safety Specialist will work with you to significantly improve the safety environment of safety & loss prevention your worksite through: sometimes the PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION best offense is a Injury and Illness Prevention Program great Employee Safety Orientation Training Worksite Injury Incident Tracking Safety Team Building defense EVALUATIONS & COMPLIANCE TRAINING Worksite safety evaluation Job hazard analyses Risk management consulting and support Consultation on Applicable OSHA Regulations Employer liability training Workplace Violence Accident and Injury Investigation Protocols SAFETY TRAINING MATERIALS Hazard Communication Machine Guarding Lockout/Tag out Confined Space Entry Ergonomics And much more….. conquer the cost of labor
  9. 9. There are three types of claims that you will face in workers’ comp. types of claims it is easier to soar MEDICAL ONLY Injuries where the worker has no lost time. 70% Volume 5% Costs when you TEMPORARY DISABILITY Injuries where workers have time away from understand how work but will eventually return to full capacity. 27% Volume 50% Costs PERMANENT DISABILITY Injuries where workers are permanently hurt, and will never be able to get back to full health. 3% Volume 45% Costs conquer the cost of labor