Learning Pool Finance: E-learning for budget managers


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Here's the presentation used to deliver the webinar for Learning Pool Finance.

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Learning Pool Finance: E-learning for budget managers

  1. 1. Learning Pool Finance
  2. 2. Learning Pool• The online learning community• Exclusively for the public sector• For employees, councillors, governors,• Content, tools and platform• Everything to deliver a real return
  3. 3. The need for finance training• Financial management has always been important for financial control and value for money reasons• The current savings climate in local government makes finance skills even more important• Budget managers are key players in the council’s financial control, but• Budget managers find finance a challenging topic – even understanding the jargon is a challenge!
  4. 4. Learning Pool Finance• Developed in partnership with LG Futures, specialists in local government finance• Based on existing successful classroom courses provided by LG Futures for public sector officers and councillors• Can be used as part of a blend or standalone
  5. 5. Subscription contentInitial content:1. A Year in the Life of the Budget Manager (approx 3 hours) – available now2. Local Government Finance Explained (approx 1 hour) – available 30 Nov
  6. 6. A Year in the Life of the Budget Manager• learn about – the role of the budget manager, – how budgets are set, – best practice budget management and – preparing for year-end• This course features 5 modules, plus a separate quiz
  7. 7. Local Government Finance Explained• You will learn – where a council gets its money from – how it agrees a budget and – how it monitors spendingThis course features 1 hour of content
  8. 8. The e-learning approach• Concisely written with an emphasis on activities, questions and feedback, and ‘putting it into practice’• Use of videos to support a storytelling approach• Designed as a series of short topics to facilitate dip in and dip out approach• Some longer interactive exercises to challenge the learner and encourage them to really engage with the material
  9. 9. Why it’s great• You can train lots of people quickly• Make your training budgets work harder• Ensure your learners get the same messages, as often as they need• Support new budget holders with immediate training – no waiting for the next classroom session• Can be revisited by learners to top up learning throughout the year
  10. 10. How much does it cost?Up to 200 people £3,000 (£15 per person)Up to 400 people £4,000 (£10 per person)Up to 1,000 people £6,000 (£6 per person)• Two year subscription – these figures are for 1 year• Number of people refer to numbers of staff accessing the content, rather than total number of employees
  11. 11. Guest access• Pop your email address into the comment box• We’ll send you guest access• Nominate a colleague too, if needed
  12. 12. Questions...