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Check out our quick overview of how e-learning could help not only with the costs of training and supporting carers but provide them with a more interactive and efficient learning experience.

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  • The word organisation is a link in this slide – clicking it brings up a slide with the community map
  • Stats from http://www.carersuk.org/scotland
  • Stats fromhttp://www.carersuk.org/scotland
  • Stats from http://www.carers.org/key-facts-about-carers
  • Stats from http://www.carers.org/key-facts-about-carers
  • Learning Pool and Carers

    1. 1. Who is Learning Pool?
    2. 2. An online learning provider• Exclusively for the public sector• For employees, councillors, governors• Content, tools and platform• Everything low cost• Everything to deliver a real return
    3. 3. A community• 6,000 people in 300+ organisations• 80% of UK councils are members
    4. 4. Where are we?
    5. 5. • Learning Pool’s services are used by public sector organisations throughout the UK and Scotland• We are currently working alongside the Improvement Service in Scotland to help deliver agile working training to Local Gov
    6. 6. What do we do?
    7. 7. We provide content• 300+ e-learning modules• Video and image library• We build interactive content for customers
    8. 8. We’ve got a community at heart• Develops and shares content• Contributes advice & good practice• Active forums
    9. 9. Carers and Community Collaboration?• Would prevent trainers reinventing the wheel• Could unite carers isolated as a result of their caring responsibilities, perhaps exasperated further by their geographical location
    10. 10. • In less than one month, Wrexham County Council had their response for an e-learning module on the topic of Young Carers answered by Cambridgeshire County Council through Learning Pool’s Community
    11. 11. Tools to help you do the job• Authoring tool so you can create your own content• Template driven• Aimed at non-technical users• Free online support• Face to face training when you need it• SCORM output guaranteed
    12. 12. What is E-learning
    13. 13. • e-learning is simply learning delivered through the use of technology.• Effective e-learning will use a range of media (words, pictures, audio, animation and video) to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience.
    14. 14. Benefits of E- learning
    15. 15. Learners Benefit From• Anytime, anyplace learning• Using bite-sized learning to fit in with busy schedules• Taking greater ownership of their development• More retentive learning experience• Training which can be re-visited as needed
    16. 16. Organisations Benefit From• Creating efficiency savings• Increased capacity• Can respond to changes in legislation through the use of authoring software
    17. 17. E-learning and carers
    18. 18. More carers to train• There are 660,000 carers in Scotland - 1 in 8 of the population• By 2037 the number of carers in Scotland will have increased to around 1 million• e-learning helps build capacity and our DLE is scalable
    19. 19. Young carers are online carers• 16,701 of carers in Scotland are young carers• Young people and therefore young carers are growing up in the digital age• They expect to be able to access online information traditionally found in books or the classroom• They are used to consuming information in an interactive way
    20. 20. Time for training• 115,674 carers care for 50 or more hours per week meaning they will have little time to attend face to face training but still need this support• e-learning can be completed around their caring commitments
    21. 21. Carers as agile workers• Agile working is an umbrella term used to refer to mobile, flexible and home working, all transferrable to the work format of carers• Carers can complete their training from their home/care place at a time convenient to them• Removes the stress of attending face to face training
    22. 22. Care for carers• More than 80% of carers say that their caring role has damaged their health• e-learning and community collaboration could be used to ensure carers are more fully informed about their caring role• e-learning module on ‘care for carers-how to look after your health when you’re a carer?’
    23. 23. e-learning in action
    24. 24. Format of great e-learning• Grabs the learner’s attention• Explains the topic and puts it in context for the learner• Incorporates scenarios and role-plays• Gets the learner to think and tests knowledge• Bite-sized chunks of information which is easily digested
    25. 25. Next Steps• Request guest access to Learning Pool’s e-learning catalogue by emailing breda@learningpool.com• Join our online community; www.learningpool.com/register• Find out more about Learning Pool by visiting www.learningpool.com
    26. 26. Thanks!