'E-learning for tackling Dementia' Ed Shrager, Alzheimer’s Society


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  • It is important to understand the true implications of these statistics in relation to our everyday lives. 750,000 people in the UK have dementia. If we accept that we are all unique individuals with our own life history, beliefs and values, then we must accept that no two people will experience their journey through dementia in the same way.
  • For the 16,000 younger people under the age of 65, the experience of dementia will present very different challenges. Many people within this age bracket will still be working, will still have financial commitments and may also have dependent children still living at home. How might it feel to be told you can no longer do your job because of your memory problems? How do you explain to a child why Mum doesn’t remember their name or tells them to go home? The issues for younger people with dementia are very different and require a different type of support and guidance to that for older people.
  • There are 11,500 people with dementia from black and minority ethnic groups in the UK. Of the huge variety of different languages spoken in the UK many don’t have a literal translation for the word dementia. Simple language barriers can make it extremely difficult to explain what the person is experiencing and how best to support them. Cultural differences also need to be carefully considered to avoid offence and aid understanding.
  • • One third of people over 95 have dementia but this is rarely acknowledged as a physical disease that is slowly destroying brain cells. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing.
  • • 60,000 deaths each year are attributable to dementia yet often the presence of dementia is not recorded on the death certificate. Only once this happens routinely can we more accurately appreciate the actual impact of the disease.
  • • With unpaid carers saving the UK over £6 billion each year, how would the UK economy support people with dementia if they didn’t fulfil this role?
  • • 64% of people living in care homes have a form of dementia but how many actually receive a diagnosis? Without a diagnosis we can’t begin to understand what the person’s individual needs may be. If we don’t understand what parts of the brain are damaged, how can we provide appropriate support?
  • • Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community. Some live alone and are dependent on family and friends to help and support them.
  • We are trialling First Click materials with some groups of our staff to see if this will bring everyone up to a basic level. Very confident that it will!! Great resources to use in sessions and online educational games to improve keyboard, mouse and internet skills. Content of courses: Your understanding of computer jargon Switching on a computer Using a mouse Understanding the desktop and icons Using a keyboard Your understanding of what the internet is Searching the internet Staying safe online Sending and receiving email Accessing the Society bubble
  • 'E-learning for tackling Dementia' Ed Shrager, Alzheimer’s Society

    1. 1. from data protection to dementia ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    2. 2. Hello!! ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    3. 3. Map <ul><li>Alzheimer’s Society </li></ul><ul><li>Learning and development at the Society </li></ul><ul><li>eLearning at the Society </li></ul><ul><li>The future for us </li></ul><ul><li>Shameless plug </li></ul>________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    4. 4. Alzheimer’s Society was founded in 1979 by two carers ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    5. 5. In 2011, we have 2000 staff and 5000 volunteers. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    6. 6. There are currently over 750,000 people with dementia in the UK. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    7. 7. There are currently over 16,000 younger people (under 65) with dementia in the UK. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    8. 8. There are over 11,500 people with dementia from black and minority ethnic groups in the UK. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    9. 9. There will be over a million people with dementia by 2025. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    10. 10. One third of people over 95 have dementia. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    11. 11. 60,000 deaths a year are directly attributable to dementia. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    12. 12. The financial cost of dementia to the UK is over £20 billion a year. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    13. 13. Family carers of people with dementia save the UK over £6 billion a year. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    14. 14. 64% of people living in care homes have a form of dementia. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    15. 15. Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community while one third live in a care home. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    16. 16. Our vision is of a radically improved world for people with dementia. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    17. 17. A world where they have their rights recognised, where they can fully contribute to family and community life and where they can live with dignity, free from discrimination. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    18. 18. A world where they, and those who care for them, have their needs fully met. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    19. 19. A world, ultimately, where dementia can be defeated. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    20. 20. Do you remember these? ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    21. 21. Five years ago we had a paper plus Access database system (and people used OHPs) ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    22. 22. Four years ago we had an Access database system (Powerpoint became the norm) ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    23. 23. Three years ago we had a training administration module on the HR system ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    24. 24. Two years ago we had a training administration module on the HR system and an eLearning system ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    25. 25. Eighteen months ago we started using the eLearning system properly ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    26. 26. Twelve months ago we started our Data Protection Awareness project ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    27. 27. Today we have over 7000 users on the eLearning system ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    28. 28. Over 2500 of them have completed Data Protection Awareness training online ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    29. 29. Over 400 of them have completed all seven modules of the Open Dementia Programme ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    30. 30. We have developed a Core eLearning programme for all staff and volunteers ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    31. 31. They said: ‘It’ll never work…our people don’t do computers…’ ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    32. 32. We found that most people actually do and if they don’t they want to. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    33. 33. First Click Campaign. ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    34. 34. What’s next? ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    35. 35. What’s next? <ul><li>Move to Learning Pool DLE </li></ul><ul><li>Develop blended approach to learning </li></ul><ul><li>Do more for less </li></ul><ul><li>Evaluate and assess </li></ul>________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    36. 36. Shameless plug: We have a training team that delivers to other organisations. More information available from the links on the next slide!! ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    37. 37. [email_address] www.alzheimers.org.uk/workforcedevelopment ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk
    38. 38. Thank you for listening ________________________________________________________________________________________ alzheimers.org.uk