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  • 1. Facebook for Business 101 Mary Cate Duffy
  • 2. About Me  Mary Cate Duffy  University of South Carolina  Junior  Public Relations/ Sports and Entertainment Management  Riggs Partners  Part Time Inbound Marketing Specialist  Inbound Marketing Certified  academy.hubspot.com
  • 3. Social Media Revolution  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eUeL3n7fDs
  • 4. Social Media  “Social Media enables rich conversations on what matters and on what doesn’t.  We engage in, listen to, laugh at and think about the many different views and opinions shared in those conversations. Sometimes we act or change our mind or just forget about it but we enjoy the experience and come back for more.  We all like the posts and cool videos. It makes us buy stuff.”  Customers and Clients are spending LOTS OF TIME = Socializing ONLINE
  • 5. Why Facebook?
  • 6. Why Facebook?  66% of people visit Facebook (Business pages to read product news, updates, and promotions  40% view or download music or videos  33% post an opinion; connect with others  There has been a 276% growth increase in consumers aged 35-54
  • 7. What’s the Point?  The point is not just self-promotion.  It’s about the user  Engaging them in conversation about YOU  Encouraging them to talk about YOU on their own  You go to the user these days, not the other way around.
  • 8. What is different about a Facebook “Page”?  Created (only) by an authorized representative of any real business, public figure, artist, or brand  Separate entity from creator’s personal profile – admin(s) are not shown; “action” source is “page”  Other users can become “fans” of  Customize with rich media  Accessible via Google search
  • 9. Getting Started www.facebook.com
  • 10. Cover Photo
  • 11. Right Click, Save Image As, NEW COVER PHOTO
  • 12. Posting
  • 13. How to Post to Page
  • 14. Make Your Business Come Alive on Facebook  Be authentic: Share what you're genuinely excited about and your customers will be excited too.  Be responsive: When people comment on your posts, show that your business is listening and that you care. If you need more time to answer a question, let them know you’re looking into it.  Be consistent: The more regularly you post, the more opportunity you have for connecting with people and building trust. Setting a schedule for your posts can also help maximize your team’s time.  Do what works: Replicate your success on posts that get more engagement.
  • 15. What to Post? Content is King  Blogs  Industry Articles  Videos  eBooks  Whitepapers  Webinars  Presentations
  • 16.  Think visually: Text-only posts and links are great, but fans are more likely to “like” or share a video or photos. Right now, what most brands post on Facebook become the least likely to be shared. This is due mainly to link-only posts being shared. According to Pandemic Labs, photos and videos are five and 10 times more likely to be shared, respectively.  Tell stories: Since you’re now thinking visually, how can you tell your brand’s story? Has your logo evolved? Are you in a period of growth? It’s quite easy to create a video of still shots (if looking at your logo evolution) and present it with a voiceover and music that represents your brand. Video doesn’t have to difficult.  Don’t over self-promote: On any social media site, not just Facebook, it’s super easy to get a little full of oneself: “Look how great we are! Buy our product now!” You wouldn’t run up to a stranger on the street shouting, “Buy my [insert product here]!” Or maybe you would, but either way, it’s not cool. If you want the “likes” share more than buy links to your products are services.  Be authentic: It’s perfectly fine to promote yourself, but make sure it’s not all your brand is doing on Facebook. The best thing you can do is create authenticity.  Be funny: If you can make someone laugh, chances are they’re going to like you more (unless they’re dead inside).  Timing is everything: If you’ve been on Facebook enough, you’ve probably learned that posting around 11 AM is best. You don’t want to post when you’re sleeping (unless your audience is on the other side of the world) and you definitely don’t want to post while your audience is sleeping. Anytime between 8 AM and 4 PM is best, but test to find out what works best for your audience.
  • 17. 80/20 Rule  80 % original and curated content that will provide value  20% Promotional Content  Provide a mix of content related to your products or services.
  • 18. Types of Facebook Posts
  • 19. Headline and Photo
  • 20. Fill in the Blank
  • 21. Timely Posts
  • 22. Linked Post
  • 23. When to Post?
  • 24. How often should you post?  NO MORE THAN 3 TIMES A DAY!  No one wants to hear from you more than that  One in the morning, one at night = great rule of thumb
  • 25. Don’t  Spam your newsfeed
  • 26. Sites That Can Help  Bit.ly (Shrinks links)  Hootsuite.com (Scheduling platform)  Buffer.com (Scheduling platform)  All of these are free
  • 27. Next Steps  “Success in social media comes with the right attitude and intentions. If you make the shift from selling to helping people buy you will find your greatest possible success as an organization”  Spend time understanding social media as it applies to your specific markets  Integrate social media with your website, newsletters, even email signatures
  • 28. Questions?
  • 29. Helpful Links  http://blogs.constantcontact.com/product-blogs/socialmedia-marketing/best-time-post-facebook/  http://dashburst.com/infographic/facebook-businesspage-tips/  http://www.jeffbullas.com/2012/02/29/10-powerful-tipsto-increase-fan-engagement-on-facebook/
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