The Life and Times of Kelly


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The Life and Times of Kelly

  1. 1. The Life and Times of Kelly McDougall
  2. 2. My Life in a Nutshell Family Dad Mom Sister Me Brother Work Tutor @ Sylvan Learning Center Substitute Teacher in Longwood CSD & Sachem CSD Bailey, our dog Interests Friends & Family Cooking/Eating Reading Traveling Music Miscellaneous Live in East Setauket Want to move to Wilmington, NC Want to get a dog Went to college @ SUNY New Paltz BS in Elementary Education 1-6 Beach
  3. 3. Bailey Favorite Place to Relax Brother & Sister Best Friend Parents Teaching
  4. 4. Life Before TEAM 1. Was in college at SUNY New Paltz from 2002-2006 2. Did not know how to create a website, podcast, or Web Quest. 3. Had more free time 4. Had less money 5. Only worked 1 job 6. Did not realize all of the connections technology, art, and science have. 7. Had an old and slow laptop. 8. Had no clue what Studio 8 or Marratech was. 9. Not very interested in nature photography (or photography in general). 10. Did not know all of the great members of the HHH TEAM (and others).
  5. 5. Life Now 1. Pursuing MS in Educational Technology at CW Post, part of the HHH TEAM 2006-2008. 2. Can easily create a website, podcast, and Web Quest. 3. Have less free time. 4. Have more money. 5. Working 2 jobs. 6. Realized and experienced the various connections between technology, art, and science. 7. Have a new and fast laptop. 8. Still working on learning all Studio 8 programs and uses of Marratech. 9. VERY interested in nature photography and photography in general. 10. I have made a bunch of new friends since joining TEAM and met some really great people.
  6. 6. My Old Collaboration Reach Out Mission: To influence students to "Reach Out" to their peers and make a difference in their school and local community. This will occur when students: 1) Act as role models. 2) Act responsibly. 3) Spread feelings of pride and respect. 4) Persevere through tough situations. 5) Turn negative actions and words into positive ones. 6) SMILE! Founders: Kelly McDougall, Crystal Cantley, John Webb, Jessie Garabedian, Mike Zwicker, and Brittany Carriero I am very proud of what we accomplished in Reach Out. We started from scratch and ended up with an unofficial school club, many students eager to make a change at Sequoya, and many students who finally did make a change at Sequoya both personally and socially.
  7. 7. My Biggest Success in TEAM So Far Creating a website has been my biggest success in TEAM so far. Prior to TEAM I was always so puzzled as to how websites were made and never realized how complicated creating one can be! However, I learned how to keep things simple but sophisticated which I am truly grateful for.
  8. 8. What I Want to Learn This Semester 1. How to Use Flash 2. How to Create a Vodcast 3. More ways to Use SMART Software 4. How to Use Cascading Style Sheets 5. How to Use a Database
  9. 9. Now for the caricature that looks nothing like me but was the closest thing to being me...
  10. 10. An Inspirational YouTube Video Do you think it will make a difference?