The Leading Solutionin Pharmacy Workflow                                                           Management    LTC      ...
Will Improve Your Operating           Efficiency and Save You MoneyREDUCE COSTS                                           ...
Extensive Functionality to Give     Your Pharmacy a Competitive Edge> Reports                        Alerts: Alerts direct...
Process Orders Faster and                          Monitor ProductivitySTREAMLINE YOUR OPERATIONS                         ...
A Purpose-Built Solution        Tailored for the Healthcare MarketIntegra is unique from many pharmacy service providers. ...
Superior Support and Training with       Personal Account ManagementAll training and support is provided by our award-winn...
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DocuTrack Datasheet


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DocuTrack Datasheet

  1. 1. The Leading Solutionin Pharmacy Workflow Management LTC RETAIL SPECIALTY DME MANY MOREDocutrack is the leading workflow and documentmanagement solution for pharmacies. Built for the “We were inundated with more than 2,000healthcare market, DocuTrack will become your pages a day, including orders, admissionsingle point of reference when handling all pharmacy information, and census sheets. We nowrelated documents and processes. have easily searchable records of what’s coming in and going out. This is great for working with facilities, and it is phenomenalSOLUTION AT A GLANCE for audits. The great thing is that DocuTrack improves workflow in the pharmacy.”> Electronic storage, organization, routing and retrieval of healthcare documents. - Dov Rombro, R.Ph.> Customizable workflow based on your current departments and processes.> Extensive reporting functionality for comprehensive, detailed productivity reports.> Seamless interfaces to nearly all major pharmacy information systems.> Instant access to all orders, delivering Customizable Workflow improved customer service and increased processing speed.> Comprehensive electronic audit trail and order history for efficient audit fulfillment. Phone: (866) 257-4279 Email: sales@integragroup.com1 © Copyright 2010 Integra NV Inc. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Will Improve Your Operating Efficiency and Save You MoneyREDUCE COSTS “Integra and DocuTrack were the clear> Eliminate paper and paper choice for Chem Rx. A pharmacy of our based processes scale needed a solution that provided user friendly design, minimal IT and> Digitize your workflow using a maintenance concerns, as well as robust digital fax and scanner functionality. We were able to achieve these goals with DocuTrack while being trained and supported by Integra’s> Instantly clarify orders with excellent client services team.” various zoom options - Evan Selzer, ChemRx> Utilize one-click routing> Automatically fax back clarifications to facilities> Intuitive workflow created specifically for your pharmacy Zoom Options IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE > No more lost faxes > Instantly locate documents in any stage of processing with intuitive, quick searches > Fewer and shorter telephone calls > Immediate response to inquiries > Complete document history Instantly Locate Documents Phone: (866) 257-4279 Email: sales@integragroup.com2 © Copyright 2010 Integra NV Inc. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Extensive Functionality to Give Your Pharmacy a Competitive Edge> Reports Alerts: Alerts direct the system to automatically> Automatic Fill-in Forms send notifications if certain criteria have> Fax Server been met. Monitoring queues allows potential> Direct ID workflow issues to be> Zoom Options identified before they become problems. Some of the many alert options are triggered on the number of orders built up in a queue or when a document is> Automatic Fax-back older than the time specified as the alert’s criteria.> Static Routing DocuTrack Assistant: Pharmacists no longer> Dynamic Routing have to type in prescription information to pull up the original order. Orders are instantly loaded> Viewer enhancement significantly reducing overall processing time with fewer keystrokes and substantially fewer> Quick search data entry steps. They simply scan a barcoded prescription label, view, verify and complete.> Real Time Status Viewer Full Barcoding FunctionalityBarcoding: This module enables you to automate on-demand and PRN refill processing, delivery manifestindexing and incoming document recognition. Documents can be virtually routed based on document type,sending party, or other decision criteria. Unique barcoding allows for instant association on clarifications andprior authorizations while barcoded refills can be batch submitted. Phone: (866) 257-4279 Email: sales@integragroup.com3 © Copyright 2010 Integra NV Inc. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Process Orders Faster and Monitor ProductivitySTREAMLINE YOUR OPERATIONS “I could not run myUtilize an intuitive workflow created specifically pharmacy withoutfor your pharmacy. Centralize your operations andminimize human error. Utilize DocuTrack’s reporting DocuTrack.”feature to monitor order volume trends and employee – Mark Adler, RPh,productivity levels to help you better allocate Adler’s Pharmacy.resources and make informed decisions.Reports: Eight helpful productivity reports can beautomatically generated and sent to staff members. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Process more orders per FTE with instant access to all orders. Management can eliminate or reassign paper related tasks and re-task staff to more important jobs. Expedite audits with instant access to each documents complete history. View the number of documents processed per hour to better allocate and schedule staff based on incoming workload. See how many documents are in each queue and monitor which queues need attention. Phone: (866) 257-4279 Email: sales@integragroup.com4 © Copyright 2010 Integra NV Inc. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. A Purpose-Built Solution Tailored for the Healthcare MarketIntegra is unique from many pharmacy service providers. DOCUTRACK SUSTAINSPurpose-built for the healthcare market, Integra provides PROVEN INTERFACES TOinnovative, tailored solutions that fit seamlessly into yourcurrent processes. > All major pharmacyDocuTrack employs an open architecture allowing it to information systemsinterface with a variety of different systems. All softwareand interfaces are built on industry standards without > eMAR systemsproprietary underpinnings that will lock your organization > Forms providersinto rigid structures. This architecture, along with our ongoingcommitment to provide advanced, stable applications, allows > ePrescribing solutionsyour organization to realize levels of integration not foundwith other systems. Our open architecture allows global > Integra’s deliveryaccess to DocuTrack from spreadsheets to accounting management solution,systems. This allows you to employ DocuTrack in advancedprocesses that are limited only by your imagination. DeliveryTrackDocuTrack’s Interface Standard, DirectConnect 2.0, allowsvendors to directly interface their application to DocuTrackcircumventing the problems found with Image Enablingsoftware and screen scraping technologies. REGULATORY SUPPORT: “DocuTrack is clearly the most functional, easiest to use, and best Integra works extensively supported pharmacy management system available.” with most state regulation agencies to be sure to meet - Steve Carlton, Spectrum Pharmacy state board requirements. Phone: (866) 257-4279 Email: sales@integragroup.com5 © Copyright 2010 Integra NV Inc. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Superior Support and Training with Personal Account ManagementAll training and support is provided by our award-winning Client Services Team consisting of fieldengineers and account managers who take each of our “I consider your customer service responsecustomers individually through the implementation superior to any I have ever worked with inprocess and product go-live. 32 years of being a pharmacist. I sent an email and in less than 5 minutes I had 2-3 replies. Thanks…other companies would beDocuTrack & DeliveryTrack were designed, developed served well by taking a few lessons fromand tested by Integra’s on-site Development and Quality Integra.”Assurance Teams, allowing for open communicationbetween Client Services, Product Management, – Andy Hill, R.Ph.Development and Quality Assurance. ElderCare PharmacyPersonal Account Management: A manager will be assigned to your pharmacy to take you throughpre-implementation, on-site training, product go-live and serve as your main contact thereafter. They willresearch and design a workflow specifically tailored to your pharmacy. Through constant follow-up they willbecome familiar with your pharmacy processes and can respond to your needs accurately and efficiently.Technical Support: Integra support engineers are assigned individual account responsibility to ensure thateach and every customer receives rapid response, expert support and personal attention from someone whois dedicated to meeting their needs and knowledgeable about system architecture and knowledgeable about‘each pharmacy’s’ system architecture.Multiple Support Plans: Integra customer serviceplans include a variety of tailored programs delivering24-hour, seven days per week support. The GetOneTrack Learning Center is provided to all Integra customers. Users willUser Training Seminars: Integra hosts an Annual have access to extensive Training Videos,User Training Seminar to provide current DocuTrack& DeliveryTrack customers with additional education, User Guides, Product Tips & Tricks, Supporttraining and information. An Integra team of Client Request Forms, User Seminar InformationServices members, IT and Support Staff lead courses and Customer Marketing best practices, forms, barcoding, reports, workflow,IT troubleshooting and Pharmacy Information System 24 hour support available!breakout sessions.Monthly Newsletters: E-newsletters are sent monthly containing product notices, feature tips, bestpractices, support updates and other useful information. Phone: (866) 257-4279 Email: sales@integragroup.com6 © Copyright 2010 Integra NV Inc. All Rights Reserved