22 ways to turn Rebrandable eBooks into Fat Cash


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22 ways to turn Rebrandable eBooks into Fat Cash

  1. 1. 22 Ways To TurnFree Rebrandable eBooks Into Fat Cash Brought to you by: Samuel McDimar http://www.lucrativeidearesources.com
  2. 2. LEGAL NOTICEYou should have ordered this product from www.lucrativeidearesources.comor an authorized reseller. If you did not, please contact us with details ofwhere you got the product. If you let us know of someone illegally selling theproduct, you may be entitled to a cash reward.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this course may be reproduced or transmitted in any formwhatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, orby any informational storage or retrieval system without expressed written,dated and signed permission from the author.DISCLAIMERSThe information presented herein represents the views of the author as of thedate of publication. Because of the rate at which conditions change, theauthor reserves the rights to alter and update his opinions based on the newconditions.This course is for informational purposes only and the author does not acceptany responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of thisinformation.While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here,the author and his referrals cannot assume any responsibility for errors,inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations areunintentional.
  3. 3. 1 The Power of Free eBooksYou probably purchase this eBook because you wanted to learn about how toturn free rebrandable eBooks and reports that you can find online into bigfat cash, right? Well, you did the right thing… You’ll get 22 great methods inthis eBook!I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in additional autopilot commissions justfrom using a few of these methods, so I know that using rebrandable eBookscan be a good way to jumpstart your income.Let me give you a brief introduction first before we go into the money makingmethods… First, let me ask you a very simple question… “What would you say is the main difference between an eBook and a website? “Both of them can be considered online assets. Both of them contain content.Both of them are forms of information in one way or another. Both of themprovide value. So how are they different?I would say that the main difference is in the power of distribution.When you have a website, it always stays motionless at one URL or domainname. My website will always be located at www.lucrativeidearesources.comYou won’t wake up one day and find it located at WarriorForum.com.Because it will always be unmoving, I have to drive traffic to my website. Ican’t drive my website to the traffic…However, digital eBooks and reports are different… They can havesimultaneous existences, meaning that they can exist in more than one placeon the web at once. You can send an eBook to thousands of websites allacross the web. In other words, you are sending your eBook to the trafficinstead of vice versa.
  4. 4. And because your eBook can have simultaneous existences, you don’tnecessarily have to worry about any one of those websites going down. Itgreatly reduces the risk associated with your online asset (in this case, theeBook).Since it can travel, it can move across the web all by itself with legs of its own.People can share it, and read it on their favorite websites or on their desktops.And you can make some sales if you have some good links in there too.In this lies the power of eBook distribution…
  5. 5. 2 Using Rebrandable eBooksCreating eBooks yourself can sometimes be a pain, and many times, you mightnot know enough about the topic at hand to produce the quality content thatyou need.How much your eBook gets read depends very strongly on how good thecontent is. So it’s in your best interest to give away a quality eBook or reportwith great information.So what do you do if you can’t or don’t want to create your own eBook orreport?The simple answer is to take an existing rebrandable eBook and rebrand itwith your own affiliate links for the product.For those of you who don’t know, rebrandable eBooks are eBooks that comepackaged with software. That software allows you to enter in your affiliate ID,and it then goes on to replace the links in that eBook with our affiliate links.You can then distribute the eBook and earn money from it.Free rebrandable eBooks provide you with the opportunity to make fat moneyfrom great content without having to write the content yourself. All you haveto do is to load up the rebrander, insert your affiliate ID into the eBook, andgive it away again and again.Do it enough and do it wisely, and you’ve just created an online asset foryourself that will keep bringing in some additional autopilot income for youday after day.Once it’s been put out there, you don’t even have to worry about it breakingdown or doing any maintenance or customer service. And if the report thatcontains your affiliate links is really good, the report will start walking byitself, from person to person all across the internet.It’s something that can make you money, even if you:  Don’t have your own website  Don’t have your own blog
  6. 6.  Don’t have your own list  Don’t want to learn SEO  Don’t want to learn PPC  and so on and so forth…Of course, having all of the above definitely does increase your advantages,and you should at least be having some or all of them.Even if you already have your own eBooks or reports, free rebrandableeBooks are right there waiting for you. Why not use them and earn someadditional income?
  7. 7. 3 Getting Your eBook ReadFinding a free rebrandable eBook or report and rebranding it with your ownaffiliate links is the easy part. The hard part for many people is getting it outthere, getting it read, and getting some sales from it.Most people don’t have a clue about what they can do to get their rebrandedeBooks out there and start making some sales. Sometimes, you need a solidplan, and sometimes you just need some options in front of you that you canuse…So now, let’s get into that. Here are some of the most effective ways and placesfor getting your rebranded eBook out there…You’ll find some free rebrandable eBooks scattered throughout this article too.01. Document Sharing Sites
  8. 8. With article marketing no longer being as effective as it once was (it is stillquite effective though, just not as much as years before), the latest type of sitethat is being used by internet marketers and article marketers everywhere isthe document sharing site.These sites allow you to upload and share PDF documents along with clickablelinks, your rebranded eBook included. They rank really highly in the searchengines as well. You can even get backlinks from some of these sites, thoughnot all of them.Here’s a comprehensive list of all the top document sharing sites where youcan distribute your rebranded pdf eBooks. I’ve been through and tested eachand every document sharing site I could find on the web, and these seem to bethe ones that are still working until today.Note: There are some document sharing sites I didn’t include here. Sites notincluded either didn’t allow users to post public documents that can be seen byeveryone, or they had no searchable databases so users can search for and findyour eBook, or they didn’t allow you to have clickable links in your PDF. There’sno point uploading your eBook to a document sharing site that people can’tsearch through or that doesn’t display your eBook properly, right?Another Note: When doing this, don’t come across as being spammy. Take itslow and easy. Mix some non-rebranded free eBooks into your account. Anddon’t make it obvious that you’re giving away a rebranded eBook. Doesn’tmatter which website it is, no one likes to see that… Try to be as low-key aspossible.Here’s the list:  http://docs.com/  http://docs.google.com  http://issuu.com/  http://pdfcast.org/pdf/  http://www.4shared.com/  http://www.calameo.com  http://www.doxtop.com/  http://www.edocr.com/  http://www.esnips.com/  http://www.myebook.com/  http://www.myplick.com/
  9. 9.  http://www.scribd.com/  http://www.slideshare.net/  http://www.wobook.com/  http://www.youpublish.com  http://www.yudu.com/  http://www.box.net/If you don’t have time to submit to all of them, I would suggest using onlyScribd, Box and Slideshare as these three sites have given me the best results.Another thing you will want to note is, when you upload your eBook to thesesites, they allow you to choose the title of your eBook. Don’t just put the titleof the eBook as is. Include some keywords too, because the keyword includedin the title is what your page will rank for in the search engines.You might even want to use a long tail keyword as the title instead of the titleitself. You want your pages to rank for terms that people are searching for.Just submitting your rebranded pdfs to those sites will get you some traffic,and your eBook will most probably rank in the search engines too. However, ifyou want to maximize your results, then you can submit the URL of yourrebranded eBook to some social bookmarking sites as well.Also, if you want to get your eBook URLs indexed quickly, then follow thesesimple steps: 1. Copy and paste the URLs for your eBook and ping them with Bulk Ping. 2. Take those URLs and turn them into an RSS feed using Bulk Ping’s feed creator. 3. Submit the generated RSS feed to RSS directories using Bulk Ping’s feed submitter.Note: Slideshare gives you your on personal profile feed, so you can submit thatwith the feed submitter too. Most other sites don’t give you one.02. Embedding PDF (Powerful!)This is something that almost no one is doing. Some of the document sharingsites like Scribd or Slideshare (I recommend that you use one of these two)allow you to embed your PDF file onto your blog.
  10. 10. This way, your readers don’t have to download the PDF in order to read it.They can view it on your blog and even click through any links in the PDF. It’snot a bad idea to embed the PDF in a blog post on a related topic. This will addmore value to your blog post too.Apart from that, embedding the PDF on your blog will help to get it moreviews. This in turn will help it to rank higher in the document sharing site’sdirectory. Users can also download the PDF and share it with their friends.You don’t necessarily have to embed your PDFs on your own blog though. Youcan embed them on free blogs too, like:  Blogger  WordPress (WordPress Embed)  Blog.com (Flash Embed)  Typepad  Xanga  Weebly  Tabulas  and more…Tip: If you have an automated Web 2.0 article submitter like SENuke X youcan put your eBooks’ embed code along with your spinnable article for easyautomated submission to free blogging sites.Some free blogging sites don’t display embedded PDFs correctly though, likeInsaneJournal and LiveJournal, but others do like the ones I mentioned. Thisisn’t really a big deal, because sites that don’t display them correctly normallyjust strip out the code and leave a link back to your main document URL.Doing this should allow you to spread your embedded rebranded eBooks allacross the web as you submit hundreds of articles. You might considercreating separate accounts just for this purpose. Can you imagine the power ofyour rebranded eBook being spread all across the web?Note: Spin your embed code so that your submitter randomly selects from 10 oreven 30 different rebranded eBook embed codes.
  11. 11. 03. The Opt-In GiftThere’s no doubt that you should be using your rebranded eBooks to build alist. Give the eBook away in exchange for your readers opting in. Not only areyou building your list, but you also get the chance to earn money fromsubscribers who purchase things from your affiliate links.Not just on a blog, but you could create a high-converting squeeze page anddrive traffic to that squeeze page too.Tip: What some people are doing is that they give the rebranded eBook totheir subscribers along with giveaway rights. That means that theirsubscribers have the right to give their rebranded eBooks away, thusincreasing the chances of their earning even more.04. Send It To Your ListYou can send your rebranded eBook to your list directly as a present.This may be obvious, but there are a lot of different ways you can do it…You may even want to direct your list to one of your great blog posts thatincludes an embedded PDF instead of sending them the download linkdirectly.Don’t have a list yet? I recommend that you get one with AWeber…
  12. 12. 05. Product ReviewsAgain, something I don’t see other people doing but which can really be verypowerful is writing a product review about your rebranded eBooks.Normally, people do product reviews for affiliate products. But you can do thesame for free products like your rebranded eBook.Write a good review about what the product teaches you, your results andimpressions from it, etc. But don’t give away too much information, becauseyou want your readers to download the eBook and read it for themselves.06. Forum signatures
  13. 13. A good way to get more traffic to your opt-in pages and your reviews in tomake use of your forum signature. This is one of the easiest and fastest waysto drive some good targeted traffic to your site.It can be one of the most important areas of virtual real estate that peopleoverlook.Also, people are always looking for something good and free, so make it clearand enticing in your signature.Note: A bit of traffic here and there is all you need. In a later step, I show youhow you can turn a small bit of traffic into a viral tidal wave. But the mostimportant step is to get that small bit of traffic to your page quickly and easily.That’s why you should keep this step and the following few steps in mind. Keepreading onwards…07. Photo Sharing SitesAnother easy way to get some traffic, but it all adds up. Most rebrandableeBooks come with the product cover image. However, you may want to designyour own unique cover image for your rebranded eBook just so you can use itfor this step if there isn’t one or just to make it look unique to you.You can take this image and upload it to photo sharing sites. In thedescription, have a link to the page where people can see that you used the
  14. 14. product cover image. This, of course, links to where they can download thebook too.Again, use the right keywords for the title, filename, and description of yourimages as these will rank in the search engines, as well as the Google ImageSearch (hot).Here a list of some popular photo sharing sites that you can try posting to.Note: Again, do it in a professional way, as someone wanting to show of theircollection of posters and art. Don’t come across as being spammy…08. CouponsCoupon sharing sites normally have a lot of traffic, and there are a lot ofpeople there from all types of markets. People are always looking for a gooddeal.One thing you can do is to password protect the download link to yourrebranded PDF so that it can only be accessed by exclusive members whohave the coupon code. You can do this by changing the visibility status of yourWordPress blog post from ‘Public’ to ‘Password Protected’.
  15. 15. This may be a bit clunky, so here’s a short tutorial on how you can edit thedisplay of your password-protected post.Another thing you can try is using this WordPress plugin. It’s quite cool, but abit buggy at the moment because it has just been released so it may or maynot work for you. But I have no doubt that the author will be fixing it up morein the future.People will then need to enter a coupon in order to download the PDF.You can then share this coupon on coupon sites, giving you more traffic andbacklinks as well.Some of the more popular coupon sharing sites that you can submit toinclude:  http://www.couponchief.com  http://www.couponcraze.com  http://www.dealhunting.com  http://www.ezcouponsearch.com  http://www.naughtycodes.com  http://www.retailmenot.com  http://www.vouchercodes.com  and more: click here…09. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing & Torrent Sites
  16. 16. Torrent sites and peer-to-peer file sharing sites are really popular places forgiving away rebranded eBooks. People use them to share all sorts of files andmedia, mostly illegally though…Here’s a list of some file sharing applications that you might want to have alook at. Some more other resources relating to torrents here.The way these sites work is that they allow you to share the files that you haveon your computer with other people in the network. Normally, you will haveto download software, and keep that software running so that people can seewhat they can download from your folder or your computer, depending onwhat you’re using.There are people on these networks searching for all sorts of information, soyou can share your rebranded PDF and allow people to find it and downloadit.Tip: One trick you can use is to create multiple copies of the same PDF andrename it with different file names and keywords.That way, it increases the chances that someone will find the copy of the PDFthat you have and downloading it from your PC. Keeping the file sharingsoftware running will lead to thousands of downloads of your eBook andperhaps a lot of sales too.However, use this type of software at your own risk, as there is always somerisk of getting your PC infected. If you are a pro and have used these services alot in the past, you are probably not worried about that though…10. Giveaway Sites
  17. 17. Giveaway sites are sites where multiple internet marketers come together andgive away a ton of stuff in order to build their lists.You can participate in these giveaways with your rebranded eBook, and buildyour list at the same time as people participating in the event will need toopt-in to get your product.However, you will need to participate in promoting the giveaway as well.This site will give you updates on all the latest giveaway events that you cancontribute to.11. Widget sitesSlideshare offers a custom RSS feed for your profile that will be updated everytime you add a new document to the site.You can take this RSS feed and go to Widget Box to turn it into a widget. Theprocess is simple.
  18. 18. Simply go to their website, click on the widgets tab, then click on the blog/feedbutton under the Make a Widget section. It’s simple, and gets done in a coupleOf clicks. Choose the basic tab to get it done for free, since you probably don’twant to pay for pro.You can then submit it to widget directories for extra exposure.Here are some widget directories that you can submit to:  http://eco.netvibes.com/widgets  http://widgets.yahoo.com/  http://www.friendster.com/widgetdirectory.php  http://www.google.com/ig/directory  http://www.rateitall.com/wt-widgets.aspx  http://www.widgetbox.com/widgets/gallery/  http://www.widget-directory.org/  http://www.widgetswordpress.com/  http://www.widgipedia.com/  and more: click here…12. Personal Exclusive Websites
  19. 19. You can create exclusive websites where people can download your freerebranded eBooks. Some of the sites that you can create include:  free membership sites  free PLR sites  free eBook directories  free IM giveaway sites  And more…When it comes to creating a membership site, perhaps you might want tocreate a free membership site that gives away one report every week. Youcan then give away one new rebrandable eBook every week to members ofyour site.On the other hand, you may want to create your own personal eBookdirectory that only hosts eBooks that have been rebranded with your affiliatelinks. These might also be giveaway sites where you provide people whodownload your eBooks with giveaway rights so that they can share them withtheir subscribers, thus getting your rebranded eBook even more exposure.13. Twitter
  20. 20. Getting your eBook shared by tweeting it out on Twitter is something easythat you can do within a matter of seconds. On the other hand, you might wantto create a Twitter account that is dedicated to giving away free stuff, and useit as a means for giving away your rebranded eBooks on a regular basis.However, don’t limit yourself to just that. You can make your eBook go viralon Twitter with ease!The method for accomplishing this is by using a viral Twitter box on your site.Let me give you a live demonstration of this below:I got this script as a packaged bonus for purchasing Exit Splash, and so farthat’s the only place I know where you can get it from. There may be others,but I couldn’t really find them… It’s quite good though, because peopleretweeting your message will also be following you.Other than, something simpler you can use is the Pay With a Tweet service. Itis a service that allows you to sell a product. However, instead of selling it withmoney, visitors pay for your product by retweeting it.An example is the button below. If you click on the button and tweet this blogpost, I’ll give you a very special free rebrandable eBook on the topic ofmassive traffic generation:14. Facebook
  21. 21. Creating a Facebook fan page dedicated to giving away your free eBooks is agood way to go. Or maybe you might want to create one fan page per eBook ifyou just have a few of them.However, there are certain things that you should do with your fan page andyour blog in order to get maximum exposure from Facebook and increase thetraffic to your rebranded eBook virally. Here are some tips and tricks that youcan implement and start seeing results right away.The first trick is based on creating a viral Fanbook page. This page contains afan gate, meaning that visitors will have to click on the like button of yourpage in order to see the download link or whatever you may have in store forthem. This could be a link to your rebranded eBook.I just created a page myself, and this is done using the latest iFrametechnology that Facebook is using so click here to see my Facebook Fan Page.Try clicking on the like button and you will be able to access the downloadpage for the product. The product is a rebrandable eBook on a very powerfularticle marketing and backlinking secret, so make sure you get it.Pretty neat, right? And I did it in just a few minutes…
  22. 22. Well, that’s my first live demonstration. I’ll tell you how I did it soon, butfirst, I’m going to show another live demonstration of something else you cando to increase your traffic from Facebook.So let me give you a live demonstration of the second trick. I have some veryvaluable content in the protected area below. In order to access this content,you will have to click on the like button and like this post on Facebook.If you want to find out how I did it, you’ll have to click the like button. Iincluded the secret to doing this in there, so give it a like and discover how Idid it. Apart from that, I also included the secret for creating the viral fan pageiframe gate thingy too…Now, you can seal the download link to your rebranded eBook with a likebutton too. Every time your visitors like your page, you will get even moreviews to your page, and they’ll like your page too in order to get your eBook.In a matter of days, you will get more free viral traffic coming straight to yoursite… Awesome!15. Exit SplashIf you’re users are leaving, you can give them a little something before they goby using an exit splash.
  23. 23. Redirect them to a squeeze page giving away your rebranded eBook.16. Free Classified AdsFree classified ad sites will allow you to post your ad up for free.Some sites will allow you to post an ad for your free eBook, and get it rankedhighly in the search engines.It’s a good way to get some free advertising for your download. One of myfavorite free classified ads sites is 3 Step Ads. Not only are they quite lenientwith you putting up your ads, but you this site ranks very highly in the searchengines as well.You can often see it ranking in the search engine during product launches, asmany people like to use it for ‘launch jacking’. A very powerful site, I kid younot… Just this one advertising site alone should be enough for you.However, if you are looking for more, simply search Google for free classifiedads sites. Also, free classified sites that are run with WordPress are usuallyvery good to post on as well. You can find these in Google by clicking here.
  24. 24. 17. Viral MarketingYou might want to use viral marketing to further leverage the power of yourrebranded eBook giveaway. Apart from the Twitter and Facebook methodsthat I showed you before, there are scripts that you can install that allow youto virally multiply the amount of traffic to your page.The way this works is, for example, I offer you a free gift; in this case it mightbe your rebranded eBook. You will have to refer another few visitors or opt-ins to this page in order to get that gift.It’s a good way to use your eBook in order to get yourself more traffic andbacklinks, as well as more sales.I have a signup form here. If you sign up and refer 3 friends to sign up aswell, I’ll send you a free viral traffic generation script like the one I’m usingthat you can use to drive traffic to your rebranded eBook. So… that’s how itworks!This is a really powerful concept, and I hope you can see the potential in this…Once you get the script, try it out yourself.18. Pay Per Download SitesSo far, we talked about methods where you can increase the amount of peopledownloading the eBook, and thus directly increase your chances of gettingaffiliate commissions from your rebranded affiliate links.
  25. 25. However, there is another way to earn money from your rebranded eBooksand that is to upload them to pay per download sites. These sites pay you acertain amount of money each time your files are downloaded.By using these sites, you will be able to earn money directly from your eBookdownloads, in addition to any affiliate commissions you get from your eBook.There are a lot of sites that offer pay per download, but so far the one withhighest payout and best reputation is ShareCash.19. Bonus GiveawaysOne very powerful method of getting your eBook out there is by giving itaway as a bonus. Perhaps you could give it away as a bonus for someonepurchasing your product. A valuable rebranded eBook will add heavily to thecustomer experience.On the other hand, you could give it away as part of a bonus package forpeople who purchased items from your affiliate link.This is very powerful because you are getting your rebranded eBook in frontof real buyers, and not just freebie seekers.
  26. 26. 20. Packaged Flipping WebsitesIf you are someone who counts on flipping websites as your main businessmodel, then this is a strategy that you can take advantage of.When creating websites to flip, you could use a rebranded eBook as the freegift for getting opt-ins. When you sell that website, you include that eBookalong with it, and it will most probably be something that the new owner ofthe website still uses.And if you create a ton of new websites for sales, then you’re definitely goingto get a lot of downloads for those eBooks, far into the future.You might even want to give away some rebranded eBooks as part of anadditional bonus for buyers of your website, and they can take and give awaythose books if they wish.21. RepackagingSomething that you can do to make your rebranded eBook to stand out fromthe crowd is to repackage it.Instead of just giving away the eBook as is, just like everyone else is doing, youmight want to package it together with other related giveaway products as acombination package.
  27. 27. This adds more value to your giveaway, and differentiates you from the crowdof people giving away the same eBook.You might even want to package it together with other products on the sametopic, and call it the “Email Marketing Expansion Pack” for instance…22. See What Others Are DoingYou can always benefit from seeing what others are doing, and how they areearning money by giving away their rebrandable eBooks.In order to do this, simply take the name of any rebrandable eBook and searchfor it in Google. Look at the websites where that rebrandable eBook is beingposted, and you will learn a lot about how other people are giving away theireBooks.You might even want to create a Google Alert for your query so that you getnotified by email every time someone posts that particular rebrandable eBooksomewhere else on the web. This will keep you up-to-date with the latestrebrandable eBook distribution strategies.
  28. 28. ConclusionThanks again for taking the time to read this comprehensive article, and Ihope that it benefits you in many ways.I’ve earned hundreds of dollars on complete autopilot by simply givingaway rebranded eBooks. I could earn even more if I really put more effort intoit using the tips listed above.Good luck to your future endeavors, and all the best.If you liked this article, please support me by sharing it, bookmarking it, andlinking to it.It took me a week to create this, day and night. Crazy, no?I present you with these 29 pages of solid money-making content…Also, if you are someone who already has your own free rebrandable eBooksthat you are giving away in the hopes that it will spread far and wide acrossthe internet, you are actually leaving a lot of money on the table.This is because most people who download rebrandable eBooks don’t reallyknow what to do with them, because they don’t have a solid plan. The endresult is that they just download it and never even open the file.Increase the exposure of your rebrandable eBooks by directing youraffiliates to my blog post at http://www.lucrativeidearesources.com so thatthey know what to do with their rebranded copies and how they can makemoney from them.What would you rather be…