Peer Mentor Flex Session 3 - 247 life


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Slideshare from our peer mentor-led flex session for the class of 2016: How to manage the 24/7 life at McDaniel

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Peer Mentor Flex Session 3 - 247 life

  1. 1. Prioritizing Always put homework first! There is no due date on hanging out with your friends. There is a due date on that assignment you have been putting off. Realize that your health may be jeopardized by staying up late and/or stressing out.
  2. 2. Calendar = BFF In college, it may be difficult to keep things straight. Using a calendar is a valuable asset. You may think that you’ll remember your assignments, until the morning they’re due. And you don’t have them. And you fail. Goodbye. Moral is: buy a calendar.
  3. 3. Your Health The human body has a bedtime, although you may not. It can only handle a certain lack of sleep. Stress is a natural part of college. There are a lot of things to do in a short 4 years. Take your time and try to relax. The Wellness Center deals with sickness, but also with stress through its counseling office.
  4. 4. College Papers  When you enter college, the idea of a paper will change. Papers in college can reach up to 12-15 pages! You have no idea how long it will take you to complete this paper, so don’t put it off. Work on it a little each day.
  5. 5. Syllabi This student lost his syllabus! ^In college, professors will provide a syllabus toeach and every student.Use the syllabus to plan ahead for assignments,tests, and papers.
  6. 6. Club, Groups, Activities If you find yourself ahead of the game in class, join a group or organization. Intramural Sports Greek Life Outdoors Club, Cheese Club, Drama Club, etc. There is an activity period built into the college schedule that allows for students to get involved in whatever activity they please.
  7. 7. Don’t Over-do it! People think that a resume should be filled with a thousand different extracurricular activities. Do what you want to do, and do what you can handle. Join one group, make sure your schedule can handle it. Then, decide if you can join another.
  8. 8. Athletics At McDaniel, you are a STUDENT-athlete. Managing your time becomes even more difficult, and prioritizing becomes key.
  9. 9. Any questions?Please ask questions so you are not staring at us likewe have 4 heads!The sky is the limit for your education at McDaniel 