X 4 (Shadow Room)


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X 4 (Shadow Room)

  1. 1. 10 Million Lines of Code Dancing & Clubs Enter Shadow Room, K Street’s top-of-the-line lounge, where luxury amenities are paired with the latest technologies to create a truly unbelievable experience. “Basically, we wanted to create something that was better than anything else in the world—especially Vegas,” says the mastermind behind Shadow Room, 31-year-old CEO and President, Swaptak Das (a.k.a. Das). “To do that, we came up with 28 new innovations to remedy the problems that typically go hand-in-hand with sub-par service.” And when you first step inside Shadow Room, those modernizations are pretty hard to miss. Paul Wharton from MTV’s hit series “MADE” , interviewed by “Bachelor” star Andy Baldwin at Shadow Room for ‘Fashion Forward’ charity event So, how do you get in to Shadow Room? Admission is prioritized with table reservations topping the list. Next come the VIPs, “people in the know” and regular customers which means that admission is not guaranteed to the general public—but don’t let that stop you from trying. Every table comes with its own flat-screen, where you can play Playstation, XBox or watch satellite TV. If you’re there for a party, upload photos of you and your friends to the lounge’s web site and, upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a personalized slideshow at your table. Each area has its own waitress with their own iTouch. Step right up, and they’ll gladly order your drink for you, from $8 cocktails to $1,000 bottles. If you are curious about your bar tab, sign in on the touch-pad screens to view your bill at any time. And when you’re ready to go, just pay by credit card at your table or request change from the bar if you are paying with cash. To always remember your night at Shadow Room, simply request the cameras be mounted on the wall to record The interior of Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery was designed by award-winning architect, Hugh Newell Jacobsen you and your friends over the course of the night and send you a DVD in the mail. And When you’re ready to leave, you can even alert the valet with the touch screen or P oliticians, celebrities, athletes, CEOs and socialites party iPhone and have your car wating. with the rest of us (except in the VIP area), a service- If you come carrying your own iPhone, you can simply log on to ShadowRoom. oriented hotspot has been long overdue because grabbing a com and order a drink from the dance floor—a text message will be sent to you when drink in DC doesn’t come easy anymore. In fact, just making your drink is ready at the bar. And they’re not done yet, just getting started... with his your way up to the bar at a crowded club or lounge is next to im- two partners, longtime friends Steve Acott and Pat Khunachak, Das has big plans for possible, not to mention actually getting the bartenders attention the future of Shadow Room. and placing an order. Even flagging down the cocktail waitress “We cater to high-end professionals, not hardcore clubbers, so the little details can be virtually impossible. The Shadow Room lounge is a blend that make this place so unparalleled are really important,” he says. Some of those of clean lines and contemporary décor (the leather-upholstered ideas include projection screens, complete with holographic images (think “C.S.I.” seating was actually designed to be danced on) mixed with clas- style) and mirrored walls, so those on the dance floor can see themselves and those sic elegance, thanks to the mesmerizing chandeliers hung from in the VIP section can, well, watch. the 22-foot ceilings. Take a closer look, and you’ll notice that every one of the 24 tables is equipped with its own touch-pad Tel +1.202.887.1200 screen, which can be used to do pretty much anything you can www.ShadowRoom.com imagine, from ordering drinks to requesting songs. 319 Best of DC Best of DC 2