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T 7 (Healthy Muse)

  1. 1. The Fountain of Youth Health & Wellness Caroline Alexander is an International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) certified Instructor of colon hydrotherapy and the Caroline Alexander is dedicated to partnering with medical owner of Athanor Hydrotherapy Center states, “our objective is to change and healthcare professionals in bridging the art of healing the face of self care in this country by offering the health oriented consumer and science. She is a wellness consultant and professional the tools and information they need to overcome chronic health issues, lose weight, and live a life that is full of vibrant health and vitality. Diseases speaker specializing in digestive health in cleansing, restoring and functional disturbances of the digestive organs are the most frequently and strengthening the body’s natural immune function. complained about health issues today. The health of most organs as well as our overall well‫﷓‬being depends upon how well our digestive system functions. A change in diet after many years of unhealthy eating habits does not assure optimal colon health. While colon hydrotherapy is neither a cure nor a treatment for disease colonic hygiene gently washes the colon of debris and in my opinion, greatly enhances our overall health. I believe that our digestive health, specifically as it relates to colon Juan Ponce de Leon never found health is one of the most neglected areas when considering our overall the “fountain of youth”, health and well-being. One of the major indications for colon hydrotherapy is constipation; however, anyone who suffers from bloating, abdominal I’ve found the closest thing to it, distention, gas pains, stomach aches, or someone who gets filled very he just didn’t sit on the right fountain quickly after eating and can only eat small amounts of food may be a candidate for colonic hygiene as well. There are medical professionals that believe colonic hygiene may assist in enhancing the ability of our body to – Caroline Alexander absorb minerals and essential fatty acids. We do not treat diseases, nor is it within our scope of practice to recommend that clients discontinue use of prescription medications. Our clients have experienced a positive health outcome and only under the supervision of their physician, have they been able to eliminate their prescription medications. T he ancient health practice of colon hydrother- Offering Washingtonians the Angel of Water® sophisticated, state-of-the- art technology for colon hydrotherapy. apy is fast becoming one of the most dynamic areas of interest in the field of complementary Millions of people in our country suffer from colon health issues such and alternative health practices. The primary as colitis, ileitis and diverticulitis all of which are conditions I believe can service that we offer to our clients involves the use be directly addressed and improved by colonic hygiene. Colonic hygiene of FDA registered, Class II prescription medical is not a panacea and should be complimented with an increase in instrumentation for the irrigation of the colon with probiotic foods, drinks and/or supplements to replenish friendly micro flora purified water using sterile, disposable nozzles in and electrolytes (minerals) in the digestive system. It is our, opinion that a comfortable setting in order to evacuate the con- regular cleansing of the colon, along with dietary changes, an increase in tents of the bowel. Through our colon hydrotherapy quality water intake, exercise and restorative rest can greatly impact and practice, Athanor Hydrotherapy Center a division improve your health status in a positive manner. of Healthy Muse, Inc. we offer personal colonic My experience with clients and their arthritis challenges have been hygiene to Washingtonians choosing to incorporate helped tremendously with a series of colonic hygiene sessions. I believe the health practice of colon hydrotherapy into their that this is due in part to the fact that arthritis clients suffer from some fitness regime. Our clients maintain their personal form of internal toxemia whereby toxins are continually being absorbed privacy and dignity during their colonic procedure into their systems (i.e. the colon) causing further inflammation and while experiencing a positive health outcome to aggravation of their joints. calm and balance the body and mind. I always say that Juan Ponce de Leon never found the fountain of Many medical professionals are verifying the youth but I’ve found the closest thing to it! He just didn’t sit on the right value of colon hydrotherapy (also referred to as fountain! What are the colors of toxins? What do parasites look like? In colonics, colonic hygiene, and colon irrigation my opinion, what you don’t see coming out in the water leaving the body or high enemas) as colon hydrotherapy is once in a colonic session is more important than what you do see. again gaining recognition due to the technological Therefore, I believe colonic hygiene assists in deep tissue cleansing advancements of modern colonic instrumentation. allowing the organs of the body to safely release impurities that have been While the procedure is commonly used for forced into the internal organs, thus weakening the immune response and cleansing of the colon before endoscopic or allowing disease to develop in our body. When we wake up in the morning radiological examination; reasons for doing colon we know that we have a proliferation of unfriendly bacteria in our mouths. hydrotherapy vary across the world and among We can feel this on our teeth and tongue as well as smell the odor of medical professionals. Public interest has increased our breath. Therefore, I encourage my clients to think of the other end of as celebrities such as Matt Damon, Madonna, their digestive track and what may be festering in their colon allowing all Usher, Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer manner of diseases to develop. Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, and motivational speaker Anthony “Tony” Robbins as well as many professional athletes publicly discuss their personal Tel +1.703.953.3323 use of colonic hygiene. www.HealthyMuse.com 267 Best of DC Best of DC 268 Clients maintain their personal privacy and dignity during their colonic hygiene procedure while experiencing a positive health outcome to calm and balance the body, mind and spirit. Colonic hygiene is recognized and practiced by individuals as a fundamental and essential aspect for health.