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Sharon McCue - Online Resume

Sharon McCue - Online Resume

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  • 1. SHARON M. MCCUE Data Analyst Cellular: 347.880.1526 Email: mccuesharon@gmail.com
  • 3. APPLICATIONS Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access PICIS Microsoft Word Adobe MIDAS Adobe Light Room Microsoft PowerPoint STAR STAR Adobe Photo Shop Microsoft Visio
  • 4. PERFORMANCE Identify problematic areas and conduct research to determine the best course of action to ensure accurate data. Why is the same data being entered multiple times in the Infection Control Reports? Why are the rates being manually calculated? Can the reports be uniformed?
  • 5. PERFORMANCE • Developed highly dynamic excel workbook for the Infection Control Department with quarterly breakdowns and rolling annual data of all monitored hospital wide infections. *Please note, actual data has been edited for this presentation and not to be misinterpreted for actual hospital rates.
  • 6. QUARTERLY COMMITTEE REPORTS As required by The Joint Commission, generate quarterly committee reports, monitoring volumes, spotting trends and preparing individual physician event for OPPE reporting. In addition, report and reconcile any miscoded cases with the Medical Records Department. Autopsy/ Organ Donation Anesthesia EPS/ Ablation Endoscopy Interventional Cardiology Open Heart Surgery ICD/ PPM Peripheral Intervention Pediatrics Unplanned Extubations Vascular
  • 7. REGISTRIES • Analyze and problem solve issues with current registry applications and planned systems as they relate to the integration and management of patient data. • Developed user forms matching data interface for abstractors with corresponding sequence numbers/ field names and graphic images for easier abstraction • Monitor for timely and accurate completion of select data elements, Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets. • Lesion to outsourced data collection vendors to ensure data is being accurately collected and transposed. • Prepare analysis reports for Appropriate Use Criteria. • Perform data entry, either manually or using scanning technology, when needed or required.
  • 8. CORE MEASURES Generate quarterly Scorecards for Hospital Wide Core Measures Developed monthly unit tracking reports for Core Measures which have resulted in improved outcomes Generate quarterly OFI Reports for all hospital units Examine data quality for the Core Measures associated with the ED
  • 9. EAGERNESS TO LEARN What is Cdiff, MRSA, What is MI, CHF, Afib, Ejection Fraction...? CLABS, VRE, CAUTI...? What is a Standard Deviation, Trend Line, Control Charts, CPHQ Exam...?
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