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Advice on PowerPoint Advice on PowerPoint Presentation Transcript

  • Some Advice on Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Creating a Great Presentation
    • Remember what you are putting in, why, and what it brings to the presentation as a whole
    • It’s not just about the information
    • It’s about how you present the information.
  • PowerPoint Design
    • The following slides depict ways to improve a PowerPoint with some simple techniques
  • When Using Images, make sure they relate to the text
    • Poor Alignment:
    • The film Indiana Jones uses religious icons and symbols
    • One example: The Ark of the Covenant.
    • Good Alignment:
    • The film Indiana Jones uses religious icons and symbols
    • One example: The Ark of the Covenant.
  • Make Sure that the Text is Easily Readable
    • Cannot be easily read
    • Cannot be easily read
    • Cannot be easily read
    • Can be easily read
    • Can be easily read
    • Can be easily read
    • Make sure that the colors do not blend in with the background easily.
    • Even if you can read in on your screen, it may be difficult to read when presenting.
  • Repetition
    • Do not use different fonts and colors throughout the PowerPoint.
    • It can be very distracting to the learner.
    • The presentation can quickly lose it’s influence on the audience.
    • Use the same fonts and font colors throughout.
    • It helps a great deal in keeping the audience from getting distracted.
  • Make it Flow
    • Keep slides that relate to one another grouped together.
    • Can aid in getting the message across by not going off-topic.
  • Making the Presentation Work
    • The following slides give some additional advice on what one should do when creating a PowerPoint presentation
  • Be Concise Whenever Possible
    • Herman Goering
    • Born Jan. 12, 1893
    • Hitler’s chosen successor, and commander of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force)
    • Herman Wilhelm Goering was born on January 12 th in 1893. He was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi party. He was not only Hitler’s chosen successor, he was also the commander of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).
    This Not This
  • What to do When Animating your PowerPoint (Adding an Effect)
    • Slide Animation -> Custom Animation
    • Keep a few things in mind.
    • If you choose to animate the text, make sure that you have it animate by text box or sentence
    • Never by word or letter
    • It will become tedious if you do.
    • Do not animate too much on one slide
  • Make sure that not everything you’re going to say is in your PowerPoint
    • Keep certain things brief and concise
    • Feel free to add more verbally when giving your presentation.
    • Don’t make it look like you’re reading off your PowerPoint.
  • Make Sure it Flows
    • Do not simply post slides randomly
    • Try to make each slide lead to the next
    • Put the different slides into categories.
    • Make sure you begin with a proper introduction, and end with a conclusion
    • (not including the reference slide).
  • Including references to Pop Culture, etc.
    • If appropriate, use something in Popular Culture such a movie television show, or song.
    • Can help keep audience’s attention
    • For example, if you had a Presentation on the religious belief of Karma
    • You could do some slides with such references.
    • (See following slides for visual examples).
  • Seinfeld : Series Finale
    • The episode lists the numerous things that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer have done during the series.
    • This is literally a judgment of their sins on earth.
  • Monk : “Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever”
    • Natalie: “I see now, it’s not bad Karma, it’s good Karma.”
    • Stottlemeyer: “What?”
    • Natalie: “Monk. Bad things happen, and he’s there to fix them, that’s a good thing, right?”
    • Stottlemeyer: “Yeah, yeah it’s a good thing.”
  • “ Instant Karma”: John Lennon
    • The song describes how many people in society spend their lives mocking and demeaning other in order to give their own lives meaning.
    • From the song:
    • “ Instant karma’s gonna get you. Gonna knock you right on the head.” “Well we all shine on. Everyone come on.”
  • Mock Presentation
    • It’s always good to go through a little trial and error before the final presentation.
    • Have a group of people that fit your demographic watch your PowerPoint presentation.
    • Afterwards, have them give you some feedback on what was good and what can be improved in your presentation.
    • Practice makes perfect!
  • Remember to Have Fun
    • Remember to have fun with it.
    • Be creative and imaginative when doing your PowerPoint presentation.
    • Makes doing the project so much more enjoyable.
  • Good Luck!
    • I hope this was useful in the creation of your own PowerPoint presentation.
    • Do your best and it will come out wonderfully!