Scripting for GoogleForms


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Scripting for GoogleForms

  1. 1. Providing Feedbackfrom your GoogleFormWalkThru Observation Derek McCoy
  2. 2. • This is a multi-step process• Highly technical but very doable• Worth the work – Gathering classroom data – Providing feedback to teachers• Change how you teach Derek McCoy
  3. 3. From your GoogleDrive, create a ‘Form’ Derek McCoy
  4. 4. Create your Form [Walk Thru Tool] Choose your Theme and TitleTeacher Names• This is important! Select the Question Type ‘Choose from a list’ for this item.• Then, enter all the email addresses for the personnel you will observe Derek McCoy
  5. 5. Create the rest of the items for your walk thru.You can be as creative as you like, choosing from anumber of Question items. Add questions using the‘Add Item’ button. Once finished, click ‘Done’For this pres, I will only have a total of three items Derek McCoy
  6. 6. Select responses from the main menuand ‘Choose a Destination’For our purposes this will be ‘NewSpreadsheet’ Derek McCoy
  7. 7. Close out this window and go back your Drive Folder. Select the ‘Responses Sheet’We’ll be doing our ‘feedback’ work from this page Derek McCoy
  8. 8. From the menu, under ‘Tools’ select the ‘Script Gallery’A new pop up field will display.Enter ‘formemailer’ in the searchfield.Select the option from‘’ and install[Authorize permission of the scripon the next page] Derek McCoy
  9. 9. Close the following two screensOn the next screen, select the‘Formemailer’ tab and install Derek McCoy
  10. 10. A new windowwill appear.This is wherethe script ishoused.Under the‘Formemailer’tab, select‘Settings’ Derek McCoy
  11. 11. You are able to edit information in this settings field.Key points/Suggestions:• Rename the ‘Sender’ to something generic and descriptive for your school• Steps to determine where the email is delivered • Empty the ‘To:’ field • From the ‘Answers Placeholders’ field, select ‘Teacher Email’ and insert into the ‘To:’ field• Provide a title for the ‘Subject’ field• Delete any fields in the ‘Body’ you want to change Derek McCoy
  12. 12. Sample Entries Derek McCoy
  13. 13. From the main menu, under ‘Tools’ select ‘Script Editor’ In the newwindow, under‘Resources, sel ect ‘Current Project Triggers’ Derek McCoy
  14. 14. In this new window:- Select ‘Add a new trigger’- In the following fields choose ‘timeDriven’, ‘Time-Driven’, ‘Minutes Timer’, ‘Every Minute’- Click SaveYou are done with this tab and can close it Derek McCoy
  15. 15. That’s all for the set up! Now you can go to Drive, choose ‘Go tolive form’ and begin using your walk thru Derek McCoy
  16. 16. Here are my entries And here’s my email confirmation Derek McCoy
  17. 17. Pat yourself on the back! This good work is worth it! You’ll get the data your need for planning! Teachers get the feedback they need for reflection Derek McCoy
  18. 18. Derek