Kill Brand Social Media Campaign


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Kill Brand Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. Kill Brand By Brittany McCormickKill Brand aims to promote… – Freedom of expression through clothes, music, and art – Creativity and spontaneity – Their motto of infusing love and enthusiasm to create a clothing line that reflects the style in us all … all while promoting their brand of clothing
  2. 2. Kill BrandAbout Kill Brand• Kill Brand apparel sells clothes that tailor to both men and women – Their clothes target men and women who enjoy creativity and have interests that range from graffiti artists to garage bands to skateboarders to surfers• The brand can be found in stores such as Karmaloop, D-tox, Zumiez, Hot Topic, and in over 400 retail stores worldwide• Kill Brand has also received attention from popular magazines such as Maxim and GQChallenges• Kill Brand has to compete with established brand names like Volcom, Burton, and Roxy that sell the same type of clothing• The name ‘Kill’ has negative connotations which may make customers not want to buy their products – Could prevent consumers to boycott their products because of the violent nature of the word ‘kill’
  3. 3. Kill Brand’s Theme » Much of Kill Brand’s social media revolves their blog and more of the creative side of their company » Not much of the actual clothing is promoted through their blog, Twitter account or Facebook page » This new theme of combining art and clothing will incorporate the art Kill Brand shares with their audiences with promoting their clothing and encouraging two-way communication with their audienceFor example, letting consumers submit pictures like Kill Brands posts on their blog keeps with the theme of art while allowing them to have a hand in putting up content. To incorporate the clothing side of the theme, the pictures must include some article of Kill Brand clothing or their logo.
  4. 4. Kill Brand – Social MediaBuilding upon existing platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Blog• Twitter: @killbrand – Keep: Currently is more of a personal twitter page of the original creator (Jonny Smith) of Kill Brand – Additions: Tweets would be sent out promoting new clothes or different events that the company would put on such as contests that include tweeting pictures of consumers wearing Kill Brand clothes• Facebook: /killbrandapparel – Keep: Kill Brand allows its fans to post comments on the wall – Additions: Answering consumers’ questions and posting different questions and polls will be a strategy that will be added to the Facebook page so consumer interaction will increase and benefit the company• Blog: – Keep: The blog that is in place on Kill Brand’s web site posts a lot of pictures and captures the art side of the company – Additions: Consumers will be allowed to post their own pictures to the blog
  5. 5. Kill Brand – Social MediaAdding new platforms: YouTube and Pinterest• Youtube – Videos will be created that focus on art and action sports, two areas that the company focuses strongly on – In these videos, Kill Brand clothes will be featured in the videos, promoting the company – Kill Brand can sponsor a contest in which consumers can submit their homemade videos and have a chance for them to be posted on their page• Pinterest – The Pinterest page would feature boards of the clothes and different pieces of art mixed together – The different pictures and art that are featured on the blog can be repinned now and they can post magazine spreads when they are featured in magazines on this page
  6. 6. Kill Brand – Internet MarketingGoogle AdWords• It is important for Google AdWords to be utilized because Kill Brand is not as popular as some other skating and surfing brands so this will help the company show up in searches more often – Sample AdWords: Surfing UniqueKill Brand Zumiez Skateboarding Graffiti Clothing Clothing• Purchased advertisements would be placed on Google’s web site, promoting the company even more – Sample Google Advertisement: · Kill Brand – Kid’s Into Living Life | 8345 seller reviews Unique clothes and expressive products for your no limits lifestyle. Kill Brand – Kill Brand Blog – Find Kill Brand Near You
  7. 7. Kill Brand – Mobile StrategyFoursquare• Since Kill Brand doesn’t have its own store, consumers will be able to check into stores that do carry their clothing• Deals and advertisements for Kill Brand will then be placed on these stores’ check-ins, promoting the brand• In addition, if people check-in somewhere like a skate park or a concert, and are wearing a piece of Kill Brand clothing, they will be able to tag the brand as well
  8. 8. Evaluation of the Digital Marketing StrategyEvaluation of Social Media• Take quantitative measurements of increased followers on Twitter, likes on Facebook, and visits and comments on the Blog• Track views and ‘repins’ on the YouTube and Pinterest account• Analyze the feedback on implementing the two-way communication planEvaluation of Internet Marketing• Use Google Analytics to examine how many times Kill Brand is searched for, as well as how many times their links and ads are clicked onEvaluation of Mobile Strategy• Track the amount of check-ins that are registered on Foursquare• See where they are happening and how frequently they are occurring as well as if people are utilizing the deals that are being promotedAll of these strategies combined should show a sales increase which also needs to be evaluated.
  9. 9. Kill Brand – Timeline• April : Launch YouTube and Pinterest accounts prior to releasing the summer clothing line• May: Release the summer clothing line• May/June: Revamp the Twitter and Facebook page, as well as the blog• June: Start the Foursquare initiative, just in time for when skateboarding and surfing contests begin• July: Run a YouTube inspired contest that includes showcasing talents as well as the Kill Brand• August: Release the fall clothing line• September: Evaluate the success of the summer’s digital strategy• October: If needed, make changes and begin a fall digital campaign
  10. 10. Kill Brand – Digital Strategy Budget Overall Budget of $100,000 Hire Social Media Coordinator ($60,000)Social Media Internet Marketing Mobile Strategy Costs Costs Costs ($2,000) ($10,000) ($8,000)