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  • If 50% of the 500K calls are actually level one calls and don’t need to be escalated, and those calls last an average of two minutes, that gives 8,333 hours back to the campuses per year to focus on other tasks that require more attention.
  • Information Center Introduction

    1. 1. MCC –Information Center<br />Information Session<br />
    2. 2. What will the MCC - Information Center Do?<br /><ul><li>In essence, the Information Center will be the “Drive Through Window” for the district, providing quick, concise answers and getting students on their way.
    3. 3. The main phone lines from each campus and the AC will be answered by the Information Center. Student services lines from the following areas will be answered by the Information Center:
    4. 4. Admissions / Records
    5. 5. Financial Aid
    6. 6. Testing
    7. 7. Advising / Counseling
    8. 8. Registration / Enrollment
    9. 9. Business Office
    10. 10. Bookstores
    11. 11. Continuing Education / IWI
    12. 12. IT Helpdesk</li></li></ul><li>Phone <br /><ul><li>It is estimated that the Information Center will receive 500,000 phone calls per year.
    13. 13. The goal is to relieve the campuses of 60% of those calls and transfer only 40%.
    14. 14. We ultimately want to direct individuals to use the website as their primary source of information.
    15. 15. Events specific to a campus will still provide a direct number on marketing materials.</li></li></ul><li>The Team<br />A college wide team of 20 campus student service professionals has been meeting since November 2010 to plan the implementation of the Information Center. <br />These team individuals welcome feedback from the campuses and will bring suggestions back to the overall team.<br />Blue River<br />Gabby DeMoss<br />Bob Florence<br />BTC<br />Pamela Yeager<br />Chris VanDell<br />Longview<br />Lisa Fannan<br />Jill Lomonte<br />Francine Roberts<br />Maple Woods<br />Rosemary Asta <br />Missy Leuken<br />Dusty Mills<br />Penn Valley<br />Muna Dempsey<br />SelinGaona<br />Mindy Johnson<br />Richard Lara<br />AC<br />Brenda Wagner <br />Dena Norris<br />Dana Nay<br />Project Leadership<br />Kathy Hale<br />Jen Sacks<br />Jonne Long<br />IWI<br />Michelle Sprague<br />
    16. 16. Campus Communications Representatives<br />Each campus has a communications representative from the Information Center that will attend Staff and Faculty Association meetings to keep the campuses informed of developments. <br />BR: Bob Florence<br />BTC: Chris VanDell<br />LV: Francine Roberts<br />MW: Dusty Mills<br />PV: Mindy Johnson<br />
    17. 17. Location – Location – Location<br />The Information Center will be located on the MCC-Penn Valley campus, adjacent to the new location of the Penn Valley Student Center.<br />Money for the construction of the Information Center is coming from bond money and coincides with the building out of the Penn Valley Student Center.<br />
    18. 18.
    19. 19. MCC - Information Center Staffing<br /><ul><li>The Information Center will open with twelve employees.
    20. 20. One full time Information Center manager that reports to the Director of Enrollment Services.
    21. 21. Five full time Student Services Specialists.
    22. 22. Six part time Student Services Specialists.
    23. 23. The MCC Techline will be incorporated into the Information Center.
    24. 24. The positions will be Level 5 Student Services Specialists. Estimated post date for the manager position is June 2011. Estimated post date for all other positions is September 2011.
    25. 25. Some of the funding for positions comes from incorporating the IT Help Desk into the Information Center.</li></li></ul><li>When?<br /><ul><li>The anticipated opening date for the Information Center is February 2012.
    26. 26. The back-up date is October 2012.</li></ul>Phone Number<br /><ul><li>The phone number will be 816-604-1000. This is the number that will appear on district marketing materials.
    27. 27. If a caller has to wait for an agent to answer, they will hear a greeting, important announcements, their number in the queue and given the option to ask questions via email.</li></li></ul><li>Hours of Operation<br /><ul><li>Information Center hours will be 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    28. 28. During closed hours, the caller will be offered several options including visiting the website, sending questions via email or calling back during open hours.</li></ul>Software<br /><ul><li>Numara Footprints will be used and has been purchased by MCC’s Technology budget.</li></li></ul><li>Additional Communication Methods<br /><ul><li>Live chat, email and web access are all being researched as additional ways the Information Center can serve students. </li></ul>Training<br />The Information Center Team has a Training Sub-Team, which will help determine depth of information the Information Center will handle and when calls should be transferred to specific departments. This sub-team will assemble the information into a training resource guide and knowledge base and help determine the training schedule.<br /> <br />Information is being gathered from various student services departments to get information for training. All info will have to be verified. Customer Service training will also be provided.<br />
    29. 29. Benefits<br /><ul><li>The Information Center allows for increased customer service for current and prospective students.
    30. 30. Relieves workload for staff in enrollment services offices.
    31. 31. Information Center simplifies complex processes with one point of contact
    32. 32. Campuses maintain their identity through the high touch student success activities and instructional activities.
    33. 33. Callers receive accurate, consistent and just-in-time information.
    34. 34. Campus personnel can focus more on specific departmental priorities.
    35. 35. The Information Center will be able to track specific information, which will help marketing and the web site more effectively target communications efforts.</li></li></ul><li>Questions?<br />
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