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  • 1. Collaborating with CorrectionalSystem on Discharge Planning Athena Morrow, LCPC Wendy Miller-Cochran, LCSW-C
  • 2. A Walk through the Jail Process
  • 3. Getting Arrested CPU / Commissioner – Released on bond Or – Get booked (Suicide Screening by CPU officer, booking officer and medical staff)
  • 4. If Booked… (Bond Hearing at 1:00 pm) Assessments/Screenings – Pre-Trial Services Unit (PTSU) – CATS – Public Defender – Medical Is inmate a good candidate for Diversion ? Is inmate risk free and okay for general population? What services does the inmate need - referrals
  • 5. Diversion to the Community  Pre-Booking (street/CPU)  Post-Booking – At bond Hearing – At Trial – At Sentencing  MH Diversion Pilot (small scale) – Primary MH diagnosis – MC resident/homeless – Recidivist – Non Violent Misdemeanor
  • 6. Diversion Example (they are all different) Chronically/severely mentally ill consumer, stable, RRP resident Highly compliant with complicated prescription combination Quickly decompensates without meds While on weekend pass at home assaults family member and gets charged with a felony assault– on a Saturday night !!! Provider was aware of our services & contacted us and jail staff Communication was facilitated Meds were smoothly prescribed & administered Inmate was sent to CIU for safe housing over the weekend Monday morning – CATS & Pre-Trial collaborated – Provider was contacted to secure bed space & transport – Arrangements we made for bed to bed transfer – The bench was presented with a diversion recommendation – The release order was signed in a way that facilitated his release directly to the provider CATS coordinated all aspects of discharge within the institution
  • 7. Everybody Goes Sooner or Later Crisis Intervention Unit (C.I.U) Jail Addiction Services (J.A.S) Choices for Change (CFC) –Previously known as MRT G.E.D + High School Work etc
  • 8. Re-Entry Partners (the dream team) DOCR CATS PATH
  • 9. Why Re-Entry??? Typical Re-Entry Client Needs: Discharge medications (physical and psychotropic) Ongoing Mental Health Treatment Substance Abuse Treatment Domestic Violence Programs Shelter / Housing Referrals Food Stamps and Food Bank Access to Medical Care Employment and educational programs Supportive Services for Family Benefits ID cards Etc……
  • 10. Criteria Pending release (30-60 days) No Barriers to Release (i.e. detainers, state prison sentences, Pre-Release Center placement, other pending legal matters, etc) No other case managers actively involved (PEP, Drug Court, etc) Internal tracking and assignment decision tree (just FYI) – DOCR Re-Entry – Sentenced, voluntary participation (can be resident of other jurisdictions) – PATH – MC homeless & Primary MH diagnosis – CATS – MC residents, receiving BH services while incarcerated
  • 11. Important Contacts DOCR Arrest/ Discharge Distribution List Commissioner (301) 610-7217 CATS (240) 777-9846 Athena Morrow (240) 777-9847 Travis Brown (240) 777-1518 PATH (currently vacant) (240) 777-3353 DOCR Re-Entry Wendy Miller-Cochran (240) 773-9982 Records Dept (240) 777- 9732 Medical MCDC –Rockville (240) 777-9774 Medical MCCF - Boyds (240) 773-9814 CIU Officer Station (240) 777-9760 Pre-Trial Unit (240) 777-9830 JAS - Larry Wilson (240) 773-9732