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  • 1. 6TH GRADE REGISTRATION EVENING Welcome to Albion Middle School
  • 2. Introductions  Joanne Ackerman– Principal  Scott Jameson—Assistant Principal (A-K)  Camie Lloyd– Assistant Principal (L-Z)  Cathy Nelson—Counselor (A-K)  Monica Carlson—Counselor (L-Z)  Our wonderful teachers!
  • 3. The Middle School Schedule  Students will have 6 classes each day  Classes will be 60 minutes long  Students’ 2nd period class will be a little longer to include our advisory (homeroom)  All required classes are for 6th grade students only  We love having 6th grade in the middle school!
  • 4. Teaming!  We will have two 6th grade teams  Students will be randomly assigned to teams  A team consists of 4 teachers:  ELA (English Language Arts)  Social Studies  Science  Math  These 4 teachers will collaborate together and provide:  Cross-curricular activities (assemblies, guest speakers, field trips, etc.)  Coordinate schedules so students don’t have more than one big test on the same day  Discuss students who need extra support or additional rigor
  • 5. 6 Period Schedule English Language Arts 6 Mathematics 6 Science 6 (STEAM) CTE Intro PE 6 Elective Elective Social Studies 6
  • 6. 6th Grade Housing and Lockers
  • 7. About Albion -6th Grade Teacher Video
  • 8. About Albion PTSA President Dana Conway
  • 9. About Albion Opportunities at Albion • Book Club • Math Tutoring • Afterschool Enrichment • Chess Club • AND MUCH MORE!
  • 10. About Albion -School Tour video
  • 11. Registration Packet Materials  Registration Card  Elective Course Descriptions  Band and Orchestra information sheet  Homework Tips for middle school  Map of 6th grade core classes and locker areas  Opportunities Available at Albion
  • 12. Demographic Information  Please print your name, address, phone number, etc. legibly in PEN. Everything else should be completed in pencil!
  • 13. Required Classes All 6th grade students will take the following classes:  English Language Arts 6  Mathematics 6  Science 6 (STEAM)  Social Studies 6  CTE Intro (every other day)  PE 6 (every other day)
  • 14. English Language Arts 6 (ELA 6)  Students may take:  English Language Arts 6  English Language Arts 6H (Honors)  Students may choose which class they wish to take  English Language Arts 6*** (per IEP goals)
  • 15. Honors Placement  Placement into Honors English Language Arts is self select, meaning you can choose to take it if you wish. Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering taking an honors class:  Do I currently earn A or B grades in this class/or am I at mastery level?  Am I reading at or above grade level? What is my SRI level?  Do I turn assignments in on time?  Do I stay focused and on task during class time?  If you answered YES to all of the above questions then you should consider taking honors ELA next year!  Honors classes include an expectation that students will perform projects and assignments that require deeper application of literacy skills.  Keep in mind that a schedule change will NOT be an option, choose wisely
  • 16. Math  Students will take:  Mathematics 6  Mathematics 6H (Honors)  Math 6*** (Per IEP Goals)  Math placement is based on a student’s MCAP, MCOMP, and CRT scores  Your elementary teacher has these scores and will help you determine which class is right for you  If you wish to take the honors class but have not met the criteria you and your parent must sign a waiver form (your elementary teacher has this form or, you can pick one up from your Albion Middle School counselor)  All math classes require a teacher’s signature from your elementary teacher
  • 17. What if I need help in ELA or Math?  We will offer a literacy lab and a math lab course  Students will be placed in these courses according to their Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) scores and course performance  SRI & RCBM  MCAP, MCOMP, & MCBM  Each lab class will take the place of one elective class  If you need this class, your registration card reflects this placement (under elective classes)  If you need one of these courses, an additional form with an explanation of the class has also been included in your registration materials
  • 18. Science  All students will take: Science 6 (STEAM)  STEAM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math  Topics: Astronomy and robotics  Students will participate in design challenges that focus on engineering and critical thinking
  • 19. Social Studies  All students will take:  Social Studies 6 Learn about the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China Discover the Renaissance and Middle Ages Investigate explorers, revolutions, and more!!!
  • 20. PE & CTE  All students will take:  PE 6 AND  CTE Intro (Career & Technical Education)  This is an exploratory class focusing on technology and career exploration  Both classes meet all year long, every other day
  • 21. Elective Classes  Elective classes are classes you get to pick because they sound fun, interesting, and/or exciting  You will get to choose 1-2 elective classes (depends on whether you’re required to take math lab or literacy lab) next year!  ALL elective classes meet every other day for the entire school year
  • 22. Elective Classes  Band 1 Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone)  Band 1 Brass/Percussion (trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion)  Orchestra 1 (Beginning)  Band 2 (Percussion Ensemble) - Audition required  Symphonic Band- Audition required  Orchestra 2 (Adv.)- Audition required  Choir 1 Soprano/Alto (Girls)  Choir 1 Tenor/Bass (Boys)
  • 23. Elective Classes  Art Foundations 1  Spanish 1A  Taking a World Language is a rigorous elective class. Expectation is that students and teacher spend 90% in the target language  Keyboarding 1  STRONGLY recommended if you have not passed the competency test; your elementary teacher has these scores  Students should be able to type 40 WPM with 2 or fewer errors in order to waive the keyboarding requirement  Only 1-2% of current 5th grade students are at this level  Bottom line, MOST students should take keyboarding  Keyboarding is an essential skill to school and life success
  • 24. Elective YouTube Videos Wondering which electives to take next year? Check-out these YouTube clips our elective teachers have created to help you decide!
  • 25. Elective YouTube Videos
  • 26. Elective YouTube Videos
  • 27. Choose Wisely  It is important that you take time and select your classes wisely  A schedule change will NOT be an option next year due to school enrollment and staffing decisions that are made based on what students register for now.
  • 28. Alternates  It is very important that you list 3 alternate electives because…  Sometimes a class does not carry (not enough students request the class)  Sometimes classes are full  Sometimes the electives you choose are taught the same class period  Sometimes the electives you choose are taught at the same time as one of your core classes  Sometimes we are unable to make your first choices work with your schedule  What happens if I don’t select any alternates?  Your counselor will choose an elective for you   Do you want your counselor choosing your classes?
  • 29. Reminders  All classes with * require a teacher’s signature  You must sign your registration card  Your parent must sign your registration card  Registration cards are due to your elementary teacher on: FEBRUARY 13
  • 30. Additional Information  In July you will receive more information regarding:  School fees  Gym clothing required  Orientation dates (usually 1-2 days before the first official day of school in August)  Busing  If you are here on special permit (you don’t live in our school boundaries) you are responsible for providing transportation to and from school for your student. Permit students are not eligible for school busing.
  • 31. Albion Wear!
  • 32. Thank You!  You are now welcome to walk around and check out our beautiful remodeled building  Talk with teachers regarding any questions you may have about elective classes  The counselors and administrators will be available in the kiva and the commons area to answer any questions you may have