Metal Panel Roofing


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From its light weight, durability and long-life to the many new styles available, metal panel roofing has many benefits.

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Metal Panel Roofing

  1. 1. The Many Benefits Of Metal Panel Roofing by Ryan McCall - Metal panel roofing has become more and more popular, especially now that it is available in so many different styles and finishes. No longer the 'barn roof' style of the past, metal roofing is flexible and attractive. But metal panel roofing also has a number of benefits over traditional roofing materials. Namely, it is safer and more durable that any other roofing material out there. And in this age of increased environmental awareness, metal roofing has proven itself to be more energy efficient, which is not only good for the planet but for your utility bill as well. 1. Life Expectancy A properly installed metal roof will last as long as your house does... and maybe even longer! Metal resists weather and other elements that can cause severe damage to a conventional roof. When you install a metal roof, you are sealing out rain, snow and standing water. And of course, metal does not rot, and resists mildew, fire, and insects. Metal roofs have a Class A fire resistance rating because they are non-combustible. However, if you install a metal roof overtop wood shingles or other combustible material, the rating may be lower. 2. Installation Metal roofing panels are quick and easy to install, and generally take one or two days less time to install than traditional roofing materials do. Not only will this save you time and money on labor, it is a huge benefit if you live in an area that experiences a lot of inclement weather. If you've got your roof off and a storm is brewing on the horizon, you'll be able to get your new metal roof on in time to beat the storm. The Many Benefits Of Metal Panel Roofing by Ryan McCall -
  2. 2. 3. Weight Metal panel roofing is much lighter than traditional roofing materials. Concrete tile, for example, tips the scales at around 900 lbs per every 100 foot square, and regular tile weighs in around 750 lbs per 100 foot square. Metal roofing, on the other hand, generally weighs anywhere from 50 lbs to 150 lbs per 100 foot square. Some kinds of metal roofing can be installed right overtop of your existing roof, without needing any additional structural support or any tear-off. If you are adding on to your home, or building your own home, a using metal roofing panels often means you can use fewer roof support members. 4. Roof Pitch If you have a roof with a gentle pitch, you can use metal roofing panels and not have to worry about any leakage. The general rule of thumb is that the minimum pitch for metal roofing is a three inch rise for each horizontal foot (3-in-12 pitch). 5. Energy Efficiency If you're trying to cut down on your utility costs, metal panel roofing will help. Why? Because metal will reflect the radiant heat from the sun, and keep heat gain to a minimum... and keep your home cooler. If you use a dead-air space between the metal and the roof deck, you can further this effect and increase the energy efficiency from your roof. The Many Benefits Of Metal Panel Roofing by Ryan McCall -