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Media Research

  1. 1. Media Studies Resources
  2. 2. What we need to know is how to ask the questions. Most of us are surrounded by answers and solutions in our lives. Our adeptness at asking questions will determine how we reach the solutions." (R.S.Wurman, Information Anxiety. 1989, p.152)
  3. 3. For the A2 Critical Investigation Once you have your topic area begin with a literature review. This shows that you can..... • Understand and critically analyse the background research • Select and source the information that is necessary to develop a context for your research It also: • Shows how your investigation relates to previous research • Reveals the contribution that your investigation makes to this field (fills a gap, or builds on existing research, for instance) • Provides evidence that may help explain your findings later
  4. 4. Record your findings • Keep a journal on paper or electronically. • Jot down all examples, ideas, articles you come across. • Note source, date, author, main point or view, your feeling (gut response) & how it fits in with your investigation. • Colour code when you can for quick access to information.
  5. 5. There are many General Media Studies sites – some are linked here... • • • •
  6. 6. Exam Board Links • BTEC Creative Media Production Level 2 Extended Certificate ges/default.aspx • AQA GCSE Media Studies -studies.php • AQA A Level AS and A2 Media Studies
  7. 7. Contemporary Media News • • • •
  8. 8. Audience Ratings • (for TV viewing figures) • (for radio listening figures) • (for news & magazines) 9 (for news and magazines) • (for UK Box office figures) • (for audience reviews of films)
  9. 9. • Media Awareness network has some good articles on media issues such as Media Violence, Stereotyping, Privacy etc. •
  10. 10. Academic Articles • Type your subject area in Amazon Find what academic theory books have been published on your subject area Use the Look Inside function to check contents
  11. 11. • Once you know the chapter title try typing it into Google • The full chapter or an extract from it may come up in Google Scholar or Google Books
  12. 12. University Media Departments • Theoretical articles and links • glossary of key terms ation.htm • Dan Laughey has a site for his university students with theory, key theorists, opinion and debate
  13. 13. Advertising • Advertising Education Foundation • Creative Advertising examples • Ads of the world – Global ad examples comprehensive site • Thinkbox – on British Television and advertising
  14. 14. Photography • Magnum Photographers • Life and Time Magazine Photographers • National Geographic photography hotography/?source=NavPhoHome
  15. 15. Film • Internet Movie Database IMDB • Analysing Moving Image Texts PDF ysis.pdf • Research into Film • Some great examples of types of shots from real cinema examples eos#p/u
  16. 16. Television • Thinkbox UK based site with research into television •
  17. 17. Other resources for Media • Slideshare and Prezi for presentations on just about anything • Scribd for articles and extracts • Youtube for how to info on practical productions as well as loads of examples of real texts and student produced texts • Vimeo as another video sharing site • Media magazine in library or sign up online
  18. 18. Not to mention.... • Your local University library may have a Media section – they may need a letter that you are an A level student but are often very helpful and you can copy single articles that are useful. • Our very own department site media-radar • PLUS the articles, books and resources in the MEDIA ROOM K McCabe 2012