Acidophilus plus & aloe vera plus july 17, 2012 - nada st. germain


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Acidophilus plus & aloe vera plus july 17, 2012 - nada st. germain

  2. 2. ACIDOPHILUS PLUS WHY YOU MAY NEED THIS PRODUCT:- Antibiotic treatment- Excess alcohol intake- Food poisoning- Traveler’s diarrhea- Good bacteria is wiped out from preservatives in foods, stress & from drinking chlorinated water.- Candida problems
  3. 3. ACIDOPHILUS PLUS BENEFITS:- Regulates intestinal function- Aids in digestion – prevents bloating for a flat stomach- Improves lactose intolerance- Inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria- Aids in the absorption of minerals- Prevents diarrhea- Promotes colon health- Detoxification- Supports healthy colon cells- Supports Immunity- Naturally prevents infection- Alleviates food allergies in infants
  4. 4. Acidophilus Plus*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  5. 5. ACIPHOPHILUS PLUS WHY GNLD ACIDOPHILUS?- 5 billion live microorganisms.- Gel-Gard protects bacteria until they reach the intestines.- Protects live micro flora so it can pass stomach acid & get into colon where needed (proven to be 99.9% target delivered).- Gently releases high potency of active cultures in the lower intestine where they provide benefits.
  6. 6. Acidophilus Plus  Concentrated active cultures  5 types of beneficial bacteria  Whole food-derived  Gel-Gard Technology  Great value One Acidophilus Plus capsule equals: 10 servings Probiotics for healthy and of yogurt harmonious gastro- OR intestinal balance 5 servings of acidophilus Milk*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  7. 7. ACIDOPHILUS PLUS HOW TO TAKE:- Take 1 – 2 capsules before breakfast.- If you are doing a yeast cleanse, you take 5 acidophilus for 30 days and at the same time, take 6 garlic for 10 days.- For children, you can open the capsule and put it in yogurt or juice. Just make sure its in a small area so they get it all.
  8. 8. TESTIMONIES:My 4 year old son suffered from severe constipationproblems for many years. We had taken him to twopediatricians with no success. The first doctor had put himon mineral oil for 6 months. It caused him to have diarrheaand as soon as we stopped the mineral oil, his constipationreturned. The second doctor told me that we could not doanything as that was just how his system worked. I wasvery frustrated and tired of seeing my son with constantstomach cramps, and sitting on the toilet silently crying inpain. He was not growing like my other son and had a veryextended stomach.
  9. 9. TESTIMONY –CONTINUED I had even tried going to a Naturopath, but with no success. In the summer of 2002, I was telling my story to an old school friend, Maryellen, and she suggested that I try the GNLD products. The ironic thing was many of the products she suggested were the same name of product that the Naturopath had prescribed which had not worked. I started my son on the aloe, acidophilus, vita squares, nourishake and fibre. After three weeks to the day of starting the products, my son started having regular bowel movements. I took my son to a Gastroenterologist five weeks after he started the products and he commented on how my son was doing better than most of his patients. It is a pleasure to see my son pain free and looking so healthy. He is even doing better in school now that he doesn’t have stomach pain. His stomach is no longer distended; he is growing, gaining weight, and a happy healthy boy.
  10. 10. Stress Sleeping problemsUlcers, colitis, crohns disease Cankers Constipation High blood sugar
  11. 11. BENEFITS Scientific studies support healthful roles for aloe vera consumed internally in constipation, peptic ulcers, immune system enhancement, diabetes, asthma, allergy & inflammation, bacterial, fungal and vital infections, intestinal worms, pain, detoxification, wound healing and other conditions.
  12. 12. WHY GNLD ALOE VERA PLUS? Fine aloe vera juice. GNLD’s Aloe Vera Plus meets all requirements of the International Aloe Science Council, a voluntary industry group that establishes standards for aloe vera products. 50% finest aloe vera juice. Harvested with the base of leaves intact and sealed, then processed right at the farm, GNLD aloe vera maximizes purity and retention of natural botanical health promoting properties. “Gel only” filleting process avoids undesirables found in whole-leaf aloe. 50% GNLD’s Special 3x Herbal Tea Blend. Includes ginseng/Eleuthero, plus chamomile and passion flower to calm and relax
  13. 13. ALOE VERA PLUS Important electrolytes. Potassium and magnesium for metabolic support of the body, especially the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Vitamin C. Each serving provides 170% of the Daily Value for vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports immunity, cardiovascular health, skin tone, and more. “Glycemic edge” beverage. Sweetened with fructose for quick and sustained energy. Great natural flavor. Pleasant-tasting aloe gel, delicious herbal tea blend, natural lemon flavor, and natural sweeteners add up to great taste. Only 16 calories per 2-ounce serving.
  14. 14. HOW TO TAKE: 2 – 4 ounces a day is all it takes! *if trouble sleeping take at bedtime If you have severe conditions can take more in - between meals as needed New born babies, you can use a siringe