Advanced Blogging Strategies for Better Buyer Leads


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Advanced Blogging Strategies for Better Buyer Leads. From REBCRDU presentation. Sorry I didn't have time to finish! Check out the full presentation here.

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Advanced Blogging Strategies for Better Buyer Leads

  1. 1. Advanced Blogging Strategies For Better Buyer Leads
  2. 2. My background• NC State & ECU alum• Helping businesses blog effectively > 10 years; social media, SEO, paid search & analytics geek as well.• Developed/led the social media & video departments at a local PR firm How to reach me:• Consulting for the past year+; the Bobby McDonald grass really IS greener  C: 704-351-0987• Love: live music, bacon, outdoor activities, a good craft beer & seafood.• Dislike: Injustice, Creed, Nickelback, vuvuzelas & following the “rules”.
  3. 3. Why Content Marketing?• Answers the right questions• Establishes expertise• Allows for two way communication• Website remains fresh• SEO gold• Dovetails nicely with social marketing• Garners quality buyer leads
  4. 4. Where do I start?• Start by looking at your website. – Is there a way to search homes easily? – Is there a way to capture visitors’ info? – Are you using analytics?• Do you have an active blog? – Is it on-site? (ex: OR – Is the content interesting, informative or entertaining? – Do you update the blog frequently?
  5. 5. Why do I need a strong website/blog?
  6. 6. Which CMS/blog should I use?• WordPress• Joomla• Drupal• Expression Engine• Many additional options
  7. 7. Steps to Effective RE Blogging1. Keyword research2. Keyword buckets3. Stay regular , but quality over quantity4. Capture forms/landing pages5. Use social & other online marketing channels6. Measurement & testing7. Treat each lead like they’re going to buy8. Follow up email campaigns
  8. 8. Keyword Research• Long-tail vs most common phrases• Keyword traffic vs competition• Tip: Don’t keyword stuff• Keyword Research Tools – – Google AdWords Keyword Tool – WordTracker – SEOBook Tools
  9. 9. Keyword Buckets• Effectively organizing your site around key concepts• Examples of possible buckets – Buyers – Sellers – Distressed Properties – Community Information• Search engines crawl websites using text, keyword organization is a must.
  10. 10. Quality Quantity• How often should I post?• Lots of noise online, signal to noise ratio is at an all time low• How do you produce quality content? – Informative – Passionate – Entertaining – Story telling
  11. 11. Capture Forms & Landing Pages• Capture Forms – Each additional field greatly increases the percentage of leads who will NOT sign up. – Consider software that scrapes info instead of asking for it (ex: price points, homes searched) – TEST your forms, which one gets more/better signups? – If capture form is on a 3rd party site, use link tagging with analytics to make informed decisions.
  12. 12. Capture Forms & Landing Pages• Landing Pages – Develop a landing pages designed specifically for segments of your target audience (first-time buyer, distressed property buyer, luxury buyer, etc.) – These landing pages should have an image or video in top left, a sentence or two of copy, 3 – 5 bullet points and a capture form. – TEST your landing pages, which pages get better results. Constantly improve.
  13. 13. Social Media & Other Lead Sources• Think of your website/blog as your content hub/home-base.• Social media channels are the spokes of the hub & can be used to draw people into your website, or into a social platform.• Include signup forms (email list & leads) on your social platforms where possible.• Do NOT blast your listings via social media.
  14. 14. Social Media & Other Lead Sources• Sites not to forget about – Scribd (for documents) – Slideshare (for presentations) – StumbleUpon• Craigslist – Best source I know of for buyer leads – Often used incorrectly – LAB: Let’s build an effective CL ad
  15. 15. Measurement• Google Analytics (website)• Social analytics – Argyle Social (local, affordable, awesome) – Radian Six (everything but the kitchen sink) – Raven – Many more• Use Google URL Builder for tagging your email & social campaigns
  16. 16. Testing• “Just keep testing, testing, testing. What do we do? We test, test.” – Dora (a slightly edited quote from Finding Nemo)• Start with A/B testing – Google Website Optomizer (if lead conversion happens on site) – Test 1 change per page at a time – Start with your most trafficked pages• Consider using ClickTale for additional info
  17. 17. How to Qualify Buyer Leads• It’s pretty simple, you don’t have to qualify buyer leads.• There will always be exceptions, but most people willing to go out and look out houses at least think they can afford them.• Treat each lead like they’re buying a $1M home because the truth is, you have no idea if they are or not.• Setup stock emails to save time.
  18. 18. Email Campaigns for Leads• Test your email campaigns too, remember, 1 change at a time• Short emails are best (2 – 3 sentences).• End with a question (goal is two-way conversation, or better yet, a phone call!)• Do NOT send them an email every day, once or twice a week seems to work best.• Eventually ask via email if they’d like to stop receiving these emails (usually about a month in)
  19. 19. Conclusions?• There are many moving pieces to receiving quality buyer leads online & turning those leads into business.• Don’t get frustrated, you could be doing 7 out of 8 things right but not be getting results.• That’s why testing/measurement is SO important, so you can see what needs to be fixed.• Buyer leads are the way to go. Listing homes is expensive & if you’re listing a crappy home, or just a home at the wrong price point, it’s a never ending money pit.
  20. 20. Final Piece• Need some help getting setup or finding that last moving piece to see results?• Please feel free to talk to me & we can discuss your particular issues until I have to go.• Or (#shamelessplug) email me at for some additional help 