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Shumaker International-We Think Global

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  5. 5. HOW SHUMAKER CAN HELP YOU AND YOURBUSINESS GLOBALLY OBTAIN MAXIMUM BENEFIT AND EFFICIENCY WITH MINIMAL LIABILITY: Create, structure and finance entities and their people Document business transactions, whether buying, selling or merging with an entire business or buying or selling parts of a business, products or services Provide maximum tax savings Ensure that you and your employees and agents live and work legally Protect your intellectual property before and after entry into the market Assist in obtaining superior technology Resolve business disputes Protect against customer non-payment and creditor collection Provide best practices for corruption avoidance and resolution zvz 5
  6. 6. Global reach with local depth6
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  8. 8. // GLOBAL PRACTICE AREAS Shumaker’s 50 practice areas span many countries. In a constantly evolving business world, our lawyers are not only familiar with the latest developments in the law where our clients conduct, or intend to conduct, their businesses, but are also able to work cohesively with our clients to allow their businesses to operate and grow in the most efficient and flexible manner possible. If you are expanding your operations to new jurisdictions or if your business operates in multiple jurisdictions, our lawyers are available to assist your multi-jurisdictional business operations, growth and financing needs. Our lawyers provide clients with a high-quality, seamless and cost-effective way to deal with the range of legal issues that arise when conducting business in the United States, abroad or both. Our clients’ success is our first priority. When clients require specific expertise on a project or transaction involving a domestic or foreign jurisdiction, we assemble a team of lawyers with extensive local knowledge and experience tailored to that client and project or transaction. You can be confident that our lawyers will provide you consistent, reliable and excellent legal services. // A GLOBAL NETWORK As a result of its global representation of clients, Shumaker has developed relationships with many foreign professionals (accountants, lawyers, investment bankers, regulatory experts and others) who we utilize to assist our clients with matters requiring “on the ground” expertise in a diverse range of cross-border matters. This network provides our clients access to local lawyers and other professionals who have the knowledge of, and experience with local laws, governmental agencies and necessary documents to navigate the complexities of multi-jurisdictional matters. Internationally experienced, locally connected and business- minded, Shumaker’s network of lawyers and professionals provide our clients the best possible advice and support, wherever they do business around the globe.8
  9. 9. // OUR PRACTICE AREAS INCLUDE Administrative Law Franchise and Distribution Law Agribusiness and Cooperatives Government Contracts Alternative Dispute Resolution Health Law Antitrust and Trade Regulation Immigration Law Appeals Information Systems Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights Intellectual Property Bonds and Public Law International Transactions Broker-Dealer Litigation and Arbitration Media and Communications Law Commercial Leasing Mergers and Acquisition/Divestitures Commercial Litigation Nonprofit Organizations Commercial Transactions Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights Construction Law Products Liability Construction Litigation Professional LiabilityCorporate Compliance and Business Crimes Defense Public Companies Corporate Law/Business Organizations Public/Private Joint Venture Educational and Religious Organizations Public Utilities Practice Employee Compensation and Benefits Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) Employment and Labor Law Real Estate Law Environmental Law Securities Estate Planning Sports and Entertainment Family Law Taxation Federal Court Litigation Telecommunications Fidelity, Surety and Specialty Bonds Trust and Estate Administration Financial Institutions Workers’ Compensation Financing Transactions Zoning and Land Use Planning SLK-LAW.COM 9
  10. 10. // INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE LAW Many of Shumaker’s lawyers have valuable experience working on international corporate matters, either on behalf of a domestic company conducting business overseas or a foreign entity entering into or already conducting business in the United States. We are familiar with corporate matters and completing corporate transactions around the world and, more importantly, are prepared for the jurisdictional issues that arise in connection with these matters. Our clients benefit from our ability to flag potential pitfalls in each country, advise on cultural differences and nuances, offer invaluable ancillary advice in such areas as intellectual property, tax, employment and competition law and manage even the most demanding due diligence exercises. // Corporate Organizations and Securities Shumaker understands that it is essential to get the structure of any business organization right in terms of governance, fiscal efficiency, minimization of potential liabilities and compliance with legal obligations. Our attorneys do this while taking into account the client’s relevant tax, finance and other considerations, particularly as the organization grows and raises capital, undertakes transactions and expands globally. We provide advice on the formation and structuring of corporate organizations, the structure and jurisdiction for particular transactions, issues of corporate governance and fiduciary compliance and related matters. We also advise clients on securities law issues ranging from the raising of capital privately to accessing public equity and debt capital markets for securities offerings, securities registration and related matters. // Corporate Transactions Our lawyers have years of experience in assisting their clients in international corporate transactions, including both “outbound” and “inbound” transactions. In this increasingly global economy that includes global corporate transactions, companies must continually position themselves to access markets and technology, improve margins and reduce their exposure to risk. Our corporate practice group advises many clients regarding global mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, public and private equity and debt offerings, venture capital and private equity investments and other transactional matters.  The lawyers in our corporate practice group are augmented by specialists in such areas of law as intellectual property, tax, employment (including compensation, benefits and ERISA), litigation, real estate and environmental. We also have numerous contacts and familiarity with investment bankers, banking institutions, other private financial sources and capital markets to provide clients with additional professional services with respect to these corporate transactions.10
  11. 11. A Summary of Shumaker’s International Corporate Law Expertise: Acquisitions, Divestitures and Mergers Capital Markets Corporate Governance Debt, Equity and Mezzanine Financings Employment Plans and Issues Equipment, Project and Trade Finance Joint Ventures and Alliances Organization of Entities Private Capital Fundraising Public Offerings SLK-LAW.COM 11
  12. 12. // GLOBAL TRADE Shumaker assists clients in managing the risks and maximizing the opportunities associated with the increasing regulation of international trade in goods and services. Our international trade practice provides a range of services designed to match the scope of global trade regulation and to answer the needs of our clients wherever and whenever they arise. Our lawyers provide commercial contract support for in-house legal teams and also handle major projects and business-critical contracts for companies across sectors. Our team of commercial lawyers works on deals ranging from simple agreements to complex multi-party projects spanning multiple jurisdictions. Our lawyers work with clients to structure and document relationships with suppliers, customers or strategic partners to exploit markets and assets. Our lawyers can draft the wide range of documents necessary to create and preserve these relationships, protect our clients’ rights and enhance the value of our clients’ businesses. Our lawyers not only advise our clients in legal matters, but also in business and cultural matters. Shumaker also monitors legislative proposals worldwide and advises clients on the effects of legislation under multilateral agreements and bilateral agreements. As new trade agreements are implemented, we keep on top of the process and develop effective negotiating positions and strategies. Often these agreements affect business operations and structures and our team shows clients what changes are necessary. Because we are on top of the ever-shifting trade schemes around the world, our clients can stay out in front of their markets. A Summary of Shumaker’s Global Trade Law Expertise: Application of the Incoterms® 2010 Application of NAFTA and Other Multilateral and Bilateral Trade Agreements Application of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600) Application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods Application of WTO Agreements Customs Law and Regulation Distribution, Supply, Partnering, Agency, Franchise, Logistics and Warehousing Agreements Dumping, Countervailing Duties, Safeguards and Other National Trade Remedies Export Controls and Sanctions Letters of Credit Market Access, Strategic Counseling, Trade Negotiations and Trade Policy National Security Restrictions on Investment Preferential Trade Regimes Regulatory Issues Affecting Corporate Transactions Section 337 Investigations in the United States12
  13. 13. SLK-LAW.COM Relationship Driven 13 13
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  15. 15. // INTERNATIONAL TAX Internationally, governments are aggressively pursuing additional revenue and crises-related restructurings pose new and difficult challenges for tax planning and dispute resolution. Shumaker’s tax lawyers understand the business and legal intricacies of international taxation and have the capability to design, implement and defend international tax planning structures. They are in touch with changing tax laws, practices and dispute resolution techniques and can help design, implement and defend tax strategies for international operations and transactions. Shumaker has experienced tax litigators who can represent clients in all phases of tax dispute resolution. We have handled large tax controversies at the audit, appeals and trial court levels in many countries and have successfully litigated complex tax disputes.A Summary of Shumaker’s International Tax Law Expertise: Dispute Resolution Restructurings Sales, Use and Other Tax Application Tax Strategy and Planning SLK-LAW.COM 15
  16. 16. // GLOBAL ANTI-TRUST AND COMPETITION Shumaker has the depth of experience to effectively assist clients with their anti-trust and competition needs. We represent clients in merger and cartel investigations in the United States before the Anti-trust Division of the Justice Department, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the US Congress and in the European Union before the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition (DG Comp). As competition law enforcement has spread around the globe, so has our experience in advising clients on merger and cartel matters in various other jurisdictions, including EU member states, China, Japan and Korea. Our anti-trust lawyers have substantial experience managing the many complexities of parallel premerger proceedings and business-practice investigations by foreign competition authorities. We have prepared premerger filings, defended investigations and supervised teams of local counsel in all major countries with active anti-trust regimes. With the support of the firm’s strong regulatory practices, we represent clients in many industries that are regulated or have been deregulated in recent decades. We represent clients as defendants in private class actions, other complex treble-damage litigation and parens patriae cases brought by state attorneys general. We are also experienced with handling state court class actions based on the unfair trade practice and consumer protection theories that plaintiffs often use to avoid federal court. A Summary of Shumaker’s Global Anti-trust Practice: Anti-trust Compliance Counseling Cartels and Monopolies Complaints and Sector Inquiries Complex Anti-trust Litigation and Class Actions Government Civil Investigations and Litigation Grand Juries and Criminal Prosecutions Mergers and Acquisitions16
  17. 17. // INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Shumaker lawyers are able to represent clients in all of their intellectual property needs, including their most challenging and complex intellectual property needs, all of which, like our clients’ interests, transcend geographic boundaries. With Shumaker, clients receive the in-depth intellectual property knowledge more commonly associated with boutique intellectual property firms, along with the global resources and wider commercial perspective of our international practice, both of which are essential for keeping our clients ahead of their markets. Shumaker’s lawyers develop asset management and protection strategies designed to help clients manage risk, continue growth and protect market share around the globe. We understand the commercial issues and pressures which arise from intellectual property disputes or related negotiations and provide innovative and strategic solutions to deal with such issues and pressures. We provide strong cross-jurisdictional intellectual property support, managed either locally, centrally or through a series of networking arrangements. Often, intellectual property issues do not arise in a vacuum—they transcend other practice areas such as other commercial transactions and anti-trust. Using cross-disciplinary global teams, our lawyers routinely guide our clients through the intellectual property aspects associated with other commercial transactions and other complex, cross-practice matters. A Summary of Shumaker’s International Intellectual Property Law Expertise: Analysis and Management Non-disclosure, Confidentiality Audits and Employment Agreements Compliance Patents Copyrights Privacy and Data Protection Due Diligence Proceedings Licensing Section 337 International Trade Proceedings Litigation Trademarks Merchandising Trade Secrets SLK-LAW.COM 17
  18. 18. // INT ERNATIONAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION Cross-border disputes are increasingly common, involving different cultures, legal systems and business concepts. Shumaker’s lawyers advise clients operating under virtually any legal system, both common and civil law, on every step of the dispute resolution process from the drafting of dispute resolution clauses to the conduct of the proceedings and to the enforcement of the arbitral awards. We can recommend suitably qualified arbitrators and expert witnesses. We also advise on alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and can provide guidance on the best dispute resolution options in any given situation. // Arbitration International arbitration procedures have been designed to overcome these difficulties. Many businesses adopt arbitration provisions in their commercial agreements so that any disputes may be resolved efficiently. Our international arbitration practice has handled complex cross-border disputes in international jurisdictions under a wide range of arbitral bodies. We have helped clients worldwide reap the benefits of international arbitration procedures, including: flexibility in procedures and rules of evidence; flexibility as to who will determine the dispute; greater ease of worldwide enforcement under international conventions; greater levels of confidentiality; and greater neutrality.18
  19. 19. Our firm has extensive experience working with all major arbitral institutions and rules including: American Arbitration Association/International Centre for Dispute Resolution (AAA/ICDR) International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules Shumaker’s lawyers understand the five key elements of any arbitration: Drafting a proper arbitration agreement Full knowledge of the arbitration rules promulgated by various international institutionsComprehensive understanding of the regional and global treaties that various countries have entered into relating to arbitration Familiarity with the national procedural laws applicable to a given dispute Ability to enforce an arbitration agreement and arbitral award through knowledge of the national courts 19
  20. 20. // International Litigation Increasingly, on a daily basis, companies must manage the myriad risks inherent in doing business internationally or locally. When disputes arise, Shumaker’s team of experienced litigators are prepared to represent our clients’ interests. Our lawyers understand the legal, business and procedural developments in jurisdictions throughout the world. Whatever problems our clients face, wherever they occur, our attorneys are well-equipped to assist. Our lawyers collaborate with clients and counterparts to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation or through alternative methods, such as mediation. We maintain state-of-the-art technology that streamlines our case and cost management and enhances efficiencies across our operations and provides a communications platform for sharing information and documents with our clients. Litigating across national borders is often legally complex and difficult to predict. Shumaker has the experience and legal training required to coordinate and implement an effective litigation strategy. A Summary of Shumaker’s International Dispute Resolution Expertise: Ability to Determine the Most Favorable Applicable Law in Multi-jurisdictional Disputes Ability to Draft Arbitration Agreements and Provisions Comprehensive Understanding of Regional and Global Treaties Dismissal of Cases for Inconvenient or Improper Forums Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Engagement of Effective Industry and Foreign Law Experts Familiarity with the National Procedural Laws and Courts Filing and Litigating Anti-Suit Injunctions Full Knowledge of Arbitration Rules Multi-jurisdictional Conflict Resolution Multi-jurisdictional Litigation Coordination, Management and Supervision Obtaining Evidence in Foreign Jurisdictions Securing Injunctive and Other Interim Relief Foreign Jurisdictions Selection of Effective and Capable Foreign Local Counsel20
  21. 21. // GLOBAL BANKRUPTCY AND INSOLVENCY Shumaker’s global bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers have substantial experience in representing parties in complex, global insolvency matters. Our bankruptcy and insolvency practice group is able to take advantage of the resources of our firm and network and its broad experience to provide national and international transaction and litigation experience. Shumaker’s bankruptcy and insolvency practice group has extensive experience in handling cross-border and international insolvencies. Members of our bankruptcy practice are also actively involved in lecturing and writing on international bankruptcy topics and have authored numerous articles and other materials relating to debtors’ and creditors’ rights. Shumaker’s global bankruptcy and insolvency practice group can rapidly assemble and deliver the right team of lawyers and other professionals to deliver a skillful, comprehensive and value-added solution to global insolvency-related issues. Our bankruptcy and insolvency practice group represents secured and unsecured creditors, committees (both official and ad hoc), bondholders, asset purchasers, equity sponsors, debtors, trustees and other parties involved in financial restructuring transactions and cases, both in and out of court. A Summary of Shumaker’s Global Insolvency Expertise:Bankruptcy Litigation, such as Preferential Transfers, Fraudulent Transfers and Equitable Subordination Complex Loan Restructurings and Debtor-in-Possession and Exit FinancingsExecutory Contracts, Leases, Intellectual Property Licenses and Forward, Swap and Trading Contracts International Bankruptcy Cases, International Insolvency Arbitrations and Chapter 15 Proceedings Valuation and Solvency Proceedings UNCITRAL and European Union Regulation Matters Lender Liability Controversies Mediation of Bankruptcy Disputes Prepackaged, Pre-Negotiated and Traditional Chapter 11 Plans Substantive Consolidation, Recharacterization and Officer and Director Liability SLK-LAW.COM 21
  22. 22. FCPA AND // INTERNATION AL ANTI-CORRUPTION Shumaker’s FCPA and International Anti-Corruption practice group offers comprehensive and practical compliance advice from lawyers who have conducted numerous investigations and advised clients on global compliance issues. Clients can take advantage of this knowledgeable advice and counsel before and after compliance issues arise. Shumaker’s FCPA and International Anti-Corruption practice group includes experienced trial lawyers who have run many FCPA and related international anti-corruption investigations. Our attorneys know how to respond to law enforcement authorities both in the United States and abroad. Our group has represented clients before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other U.S. regulators, as well as their international counterparts. In addition to these extensive investigative and litigation backgrounds, the Shumaker FCPA and Internation- al Anti-Corruption practice group includes lawyers with a wealth of experience in corporate compliance, commodities and securities litigation and regulatory enforcement. Wherever FCPA, international anti-corruption or related parallel investigations arise, our lawyers can respond immediately with a cross-border, integrated defense team. A Summary of Shumaker’s FCPA and International Anti-Corruption Expertise: Appearance before Government Departments and Agencies Compliance Audits, Counseling and Training Development of Compliance Policies and Procedures Global Settlements Government Investigations Internal Investigations Merger/Acquisition/Joint Venture Due Diligence Risk Assessment Screening of Foreign Agents22
  23. 23. // IMMIGRATIONImmigration managment is essential to a clients’ ability to establish a stable workforce.Shumaker lawyers understand this and have solid expertise and experience in this field ofpractice, gained over years of professional practice.Shumaker’s immigration practice group provides comprehensive legal support to assistdomestic, foreign and global companies in the transfer of personnel into the United States forwork-related reasons.We also assist clients in the transfer of personnel abroad by ensuring issuance of the properimmigration documents in foreign jurisdictions. Our immigration practice group is particularlyeffective in representing our immigration clients, as members of our group come from culturallydiverse backgrounds and are able to communicate effectively in many languages.Shumaker’s substantial expertise in immigration law includes applying for and obtaining(1) nonimmigrant visas, such as B-1 business, E-1 and E-2 treaty trader and treaty investor, J-1exchange visitor, L-1 intracompany transferee, H, Ev and TN visas; and (2) permanent residentstatus and U.S. citizenship. A Summary of Shumaker’s Immigration Law Expertise: Nonimmigrant United States Visas Permanent Resident Status in the United States and United States Citizenship Applicable Visas and Documents in Foreign Jurisdictions 23
  24. 24. // LANGUAGES German English French Spanish Amharic Portuguese24
  25. 25. Because international clients have needs that are different from our domestic clients, our knowledge offoreign languages and cultures repeatedly helps us to structure and close culturally sensitive transactionsand projects. We have lawyers fluent in American Sign Language, Amharic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian,Greek, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Serbian and Spanish. Bosnian Croatian Italian Serbian Greek Chinese Korean SLK-LAW.COM 25
  26. 26. // COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY “Promoting diversity is an integral component of our continuing quest for excellence.” – David Waterman, Chairman At Shumaker, we are committed to attracting, retaining and promoting a diversified workforce. We believe that such a workforce, with its varied perspectives and experiences, is a significant benefit to our clients and the communities we serve. Among other things, diversity makes for a broader, richer environment, which produces more creative thinking and solutions. Further, our commitment to equal opportunity and a culture of inclusiveness and mutual respect helps us retain individuals with exceptional talents and abilities, which only further ensures the delivery of the highest level of services. We actively promote diversity both through our recruiting activities and our emphasis on acceptance of diversity in the workplace. With regard to recruiting, we participate in recruiting through minority hiring programs offered by law schools in our communities. With regard to our workplace, we emphasize an unbiased culture based on three principles: respect, inclusion and teamwork. To further promote our efforts, we appointed partner Jenifer Belt as co-chair of our Professional Development Committee and Julio Esquivel as our Diversity Partner. Our Professional Development Committee oversees the hiring, retention, training and promotion to partnership of our associate attorneys. Under the Direction of Ms. Belt, our Professional Development Committee is setting and updating diversity goals, designing initiatives to help us achieve our goals and assisting our minority lawyers to reach their full professional potential. We also believe that good mentoring and networking occur outside of the law firm, and we pay dues for minority bar association memberships, including the Tampa Bay Hispanic Bar Association and the George Edgecomb Bar Association. We also support various minority business associations, such as Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Asian American Chambers and the Network of Executive Women. Our attempts to find, recruit and encourage promotion of minorities, including women, have rewarded the firm and the individuals involved. Minorities have served on our management committee and currently lead our Professional Development Committee and Employment Law Practice Group. Minority attorneys in the firm serve on various committees, including our finance and marketing committees. Minorities are also leaders in firm administration. Senior admin- istrative positions held by minorities include Director of Administration (Tampa), Director of Human Resources (Toledo), Director of Marketing and Communications - Florida (Tampa), and the Manager of Business Development – Florida (Sarasota). Shumaker paralegals, managers and staff represent a diverse group of dedicated professionals; more than half are minorities. Shumaker is dedicated to offering equal and fair employment opportunities, where all individuals are recruited, hired and promoted for all positions without regard to race, religion, age, gender, national origin, genetic information, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or ancestry. We work hard to ensure the well-being of our most valued resource26 – our people.
  27. 27. // CULTURE MISSION AND VALUES Shumaker’s size, internal management and firm culture allow it to offer each client legal services tailored to the client’s particular needs and changing requirements over time. Shumaker’s high quality legal services are provided at highly competitive billing rates by deploying the appropriate team of attorneys and staff to handle each matter as it arises. Our size also allows us to handle significant matters with the highest level of expertise, without stifling individual innovation. Shumaker enjoys a management structure that minimizes rigid processes and allows it to quickly and flexibly respond to client needs. In everything we do, the attorneys and staff of Shumaker strive to obtain and retain enduring client relationships. Our attorneys and staff are enthusiastic about the firm, its clients and the practice of law. The attorneys and staff of Shumaker earn the loyalty of clients through superior service, value, hard work, collaboration and respect for others. Shumaker’s values demonstrate the following: // Clients are First In all we do, the client’s interests are our focus. Client satisfaction with the service and value we deliver is our first priority. // Respect Shumaker believes every person can add value and perspective to a situation. Respect for individuals and the contributions they make are an important part of the culture of the firm. // Partners are OwnersThe firm’s partners are owners of the firm and act like owners by working in ways that support their responsibility to their partners and perpetuate the firm beyond their respective tenure. // Community Involvement and Service Shumaker is a strong supporter of nonprofit organizations in each of its five locations and firmlybelieves in giving back to the communities it serves through the donation of talent, time and financial resources. In addition to supporting national organizations, Shumaker offices actively support many local organizations, including Thompson Children’s Home, Second Harvest Food Bank and United Family Services in Charlotte. 27
  28. 28. Wesley Thaddeus Adams, IIIOur Team Par t ner Copyright Prosecution Intellectual Property Law Mediation and Litigation Counseling Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law M. Scott Aubry Par t ner Antitrust and Trade Regulation Corporate Law/ Business Organizations International Transactions Mergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures Securities Law Michael M. Briley Par t ner Antitrust and Trade Regulation Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Corporate Compliance and Business Crimes Defense David H. Conaway Par t ne r Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights INVOLVED Commercial TransactionsCorporate Law/ Business Organizations Financial Institutions 28 International Transactions
  29. 29. Thomas A. Cotter Par t ner SLK-LAW.COM Agribusiness and Cooperatives Employee Compensation and Benefits Estate Planning Nonprofit Organizations Taxation Juilo C. Esquivel Par t ne rCorporate Law/ Business OrganizationsMergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures Securities Law Franchise and Distribution Law Steven S. Grieco Par t ner Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Financing Transactions Health Law Mergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures Securities Law Daryl L. Hollnagel Par t ner Commercial Transactions Corporate Law/ Business Organizations International Law Mergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures 29
  30. 30. William Kent Ihrig Par t nerOur Team Financing Transactions Financial Institutions Real Estate Law Commercial Transactions Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights Corporate Law/ Business Organizations H.S. Stephen Lee Ass o ci ate Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights Commercial Litigation Federal Court Litigation Financial Institutions Brandy B. Milazzo Par t ner Commercial and Business Transactions SLK-LAW.COM Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Mergers and Acquisitions Private Equity and Venture Capital Transactions Technology, Supply-Chain and Outsourcing Richard D. Rogovin Of Counsel Alternative Dispute Resolution Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Commercial Litigation International Transactions30
  31. 31. James I. Rothschild Par t nerBankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights Corporate Compliance and Business Crimes Defense Commercial Transactions Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Franchise and Distribution Law Mergers and Acquisitions Divestitures Darrell C. Smith Partner Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Financing Transactions Mergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures Securities Law Venture Capital International Transactions David F. Waterman Par t ner Bonds and Public Law Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Estate Planning Mergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures Taxation Thomas I. Webb, Jr. Par t ner Bonds and Public Law Corporate Law/ Business Organizations Financial Institutions International Transactions Mergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures Securities Law 31
  32. 32. David W. Wicklund Par t nerOur Team Antitrust and Trade Regulation Appellate Law Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights Commercial Litigation Federal Court Litigation Intellectual Property Gregory C. Yadley Par t ne rCorporate Law/ Business Organizations Financial InstitutionsMergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures Securities Law Mechelle Zarou Par t ner Employment and Labor Law Immigration Law Workers’ CompensationINVOLVED 32
  33. 33. SLK-LAW.COM 33
  34. 34. // LOCATIONS LOCATIONS First Citizens Bank Plaza 128 South Tryon Street, Suite 1800 Charlotte, NC 28202 Huntington Center 41 South High Street, Suite 2400 Columbus, OH 43215 240 South Pineapple Avenue, 10th Floor Sarasota, FL 34236 Bank of America Plaza 101 East Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 2800 Tampa, FL 33602 1000 Jackson Street Toledo, OH 43604 SLK-LAW.COM34
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. CHARLOTTE 704.375.0057 COLUMBUS 614.463.9441 SARASOTA 941.366.6660 TAMPA 813.229.7600 TOLEDO 419.241.9000 SLK-LAW.COM36